after paddle out

Tell me about your history (SSC/Rosvolio Modern!AU)

((So I have always kinda loved the idea that Ben and Mercutio were a thing before the events of R&J/SSC. I’ve kinda sorta hinted at it in this au, and in other one-shots set in the canon universe, but this chapter is more of a direct look into that. Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think.))

(Also, this arc is now it’s own work on AO3, so any posts for it will also be tagged as Querencia from here on out.  This is set after Paddling Out.)

“Will you tell me about your history with Mercutio?” The question, innocuous as it sounded, had panic rising in Benvolio’s chest. He looked up from his sketchbook to see her watching him, face open and eyes curious.

What?” When his question came out a good octave higher than he intended, Ben cleared his throat with a flush of embarrassment.

“Anyone with eyes can see that your relationship is deeper than just friendship…there was definitely something, wasn’t there?”  He couldn’t help but be amazed by how well she could read him, and how nonchalantly she was revealing that she knew he was bisexual.  It was something he’d been afraid of addressing, unsure of how she’d respond. “I don’t think Jules or Liv know about it, and your secret is safe as long as you want it to stay secret.”

He grinned, and shook his head.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise that she’d be so accepting…he knew her heart, how kind and open she was.  She canted her head in silent question, and he could only drop his sketchbook, cross the living room, and capture her lips in a sweet kiss.  When he pulled back Rosaline grinned affectionately, caressing his face.

“It’s not that we actively try to keep it a secret, really, we just don’t really talk about it.”  He sighed and worked up the courage to tell her about it.  “When we were young, it was taboo to even breathe the word homosexual.  The idea that someone could be bisexual was absolutely unheard of…especially in my uncle’s house.  My parents died when I was young…and when he took me in, we were raised to be the ideal young gentlemen.  So the thought that my crushes on both boys and girls meant anything never even crossed my mind.  Even once I got older; if you haven’t noticed, I can be somewhat of an incessant flirt.” Rosaline snorted, which made him smirk.  “It doesn’t matter who or what someone is, I’ve always tended to be openly affectionate with people.  It wasn’t until I met Mercutio that someone made me stop and think about it.”

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