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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata and Kenma texting shortly before the game, then Hinata trying to give his phone to someone in the audience.  

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If you ever feel like you have a limitation stopping you from doing anything just remember that half of the Deaf West Spring Awakening cast was deaf, Krysta Rodriguez was battling breast cancer, Andy Mientus has a rare neurological disorder, claustrophobia, and is openly bisexual, Ali Stroker is in a wheel chair and was the first person to be on Broadway in a wheel chair, Alex Boniello has anxiety, Katie Boeck lost her dad shortly after opening night, Treshelle Edmond felt like she wasn’t suppose to be here. There was so much representation in that cast and there is so much hope that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

john’s appearance just says so much about him. he’s so buttoned up at the start, and even when he wears jumpers instead of button-downs, they’re so bulky. they keep him hidden. protected. but as early as tbb we see him in that stripey shirt–it’s still long-sleeved but it’s thinner, more relaxed. it’s john settling into being comfortable around sherlock and being comfortable with himself.

but then after sherlock jumps, it reverts, gets even worse. he starts wearing the scarf in s3, covering himself up more, protecting the vulnerability of his own bare neck. the only time we really see him in anything more relaxed is at the start of hlv when he’s in bed dreaming of sherlock, which is the only place he can allow himself to be open about his desires anymore.

so the fact that in trf, he’s lounging around the flat in his short little bath robe, bare chest and bare legs, it’s so striking. it’s such a difference from both where he started and where he ends up after the fall. he’s allowing himself to be so open, in a way we never see from him again after that, and it’s his love for sherlock that did that, that let him grow into being that comfortable as who he is. it’s heartbreaking that it’s so short-lived.

theatre au for your otp
  • they work as actors in a theatre and the theatre is putting on phantom of the opera
  • they get cast as raoul and the phantom
  • they are really good actors (and singers) so they think the other likes the girl playing christine
  • so there starts to be a thing that starts with them flirting with the girl to make the other jealous
  • but then because they’re both doing it they start to sort of fight over the girl
  • and they’re really just trying to impress the other
  • and the girl figures it out and she’s gay and has a girlfriend
  • so on the opening night she tells them both she hopes it goes well because her girlfriend is in the audience
  • and they sort of look at each other and look at her and leave blushing furiously
  • and ten minutes later they reappear and the guy playing raoul almost gets killed by hair and makeup because it’s ten minutes till the curtain goes up and his hair is a wreck and several of his shirt buttons are undone and he’s “meant to be a handsome stately count and he looks like he fell in a ditch”
  • and the guy playing the phantom gets off with a warning because he’s not on for a while but “this better not happen again or you’ll be playing joseph buquet and we won’t use a prop”
  • so they don’t make out just before performances again for fear of their lives
  • but the people on the front row can see raoul in the corner watching very intently in point of no return
  • and the phantom is surprisingly gentle with raoul when he is meant to be strangling him
  • and should christine be smirking to the side???? shouldn’t she be horrified that the phantom is trying to kill her fiancé???
  • and the producers are terrified that it’s going to flop because it was glaringly obvious that raoul and the phantom are gay for each other
  • it doesn’t but it is mentioned in every single review that there was a “certain extra tension” between them
  • and all three of them get chewed out for it so after opening night they get back into their heterosexual roles
  • and the girlfriend of the girl playing christine finds it all absolutely hilarious
sleepy mornings

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 443

Prompt: Waking up next to a loved one is the best feeling.

A/N- This is my first work! Please enjoy!

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As your eyes flutter open after a long night’s rest, you turn over and find your boyfriend, Min Yoongi lying next to you. Yoongi doesn’t like to cuddle when sleeping because it is hard to get comfortable when someone is partially laying on top of you.

Your eyes finally focus on your boyfriends face, which is glowing due to the morning sun peeking through the blinds in your bedroom. This is your favorite look of his, when he is still sleeping and his face is at rest. You can really scan his facial features when he is like this, and for that, you love looking at him during this time of day.

Your eyes begin to take in his beautifulness. His lips, his closed eyes, his cheeks, his hair, everything that you have grown to love so dearly. Yoongi doesn’t appreciate displays of affection as much as you do, so you really do try to keep it to a bare minimum. At this moment, you cannot help yourself. You reach your hand out to feel Yoongi’s lips. His lips are your favorite thing about him. There is no definite shape of his mouth, instead the color of his lips blend into the normal color of his skin so the real shape is deceiving to many. His lips are soft, and this reminds you why you like to kiss him as much as you can. He must have felt your fingertips on his skin, and because of that he grumbled and shifted onto his side not facing you. You frown as he moves away, but you follow him, wanting to feel him again. Instead, your hands move up to his hair. Years of hair-dying has made his hair coarse and rough, but you love it.

He again feels you fumbling with him and he moves his hand to meet yours, and pulls it down closer to his face. He kisses your hand and holds onto it.

“Y/N” he says with a whiny voice. He hates being woken up, but this time he’ll make an exception.

You scoot closer to him and lean on his shoulder, you towering above him. Yoongi flips onto his back and pulls your head onto his chest. Many people think that your boyfriend is cold and is all tough, but that is just a front he puts on for the camera and fans. The real Yoongi is sensitive, and soft, but only when he allows himself to be. You rest your head above his heart, and his heartbeat soothes you and makes you tired again.

As you fall back to sleep you hear your boyfriend mumble

“I love you.”