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“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.


So after about a month of work, I finally finished the rough-draft of my 5e Chronomancer class. Unfortunately, tumblr will not let me upload the final page, which contains all the credits for artwork.

Let me know what you think, as this is still a WIP. It will be going through It’s first round of playtesting next week. Thanks and I hope you Enjoy!


Updated/alternate version here:

if you are interested in Playtesting, shoot me a PM!


Emmerdale Big Bang | Asking The Moon To Stay by @softrobertsugden

“All his life Prince Robert had known that one day he would have to follow in his father’s footsteps and become King of Emmerdale. What he never expected was that he would have a secret love affair with the court’s mechanic Aaron Dingle.”

office hours.

Professor!Spencer. You were a good student. And good students don’t have crushes on their professors and do not go home after class and think about doing unspeakable things with them.

the long awaited prequel to what I go to school for. y’all can thank @wheresthewater​ because I would have never written more Professor!Reid fics without Cori !!!

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When you decided to take Criminological Theory, you did so under the impression that it would be a breeze. After all, the material seemed easy enough and you’ve heard raving reviews about how easy Professor Hansen’s syllabus was. It didn’t help that he was also held in very high regards in the field and a glowing recommendation from him would take you place.

This was probably going to be of your favorite classes of the semester.

What you hadn’t expected was for him to take a sudden sabbatical, leaving you professor-less until an unknown just-graduated Professor Reid (who, despite your best efforts, absolutely cannot be found anywhere online except for a lengthy list of his credentials from MIT and CalTech) filled his spot at the last minute. The actual last minute, as in through email five minutes before you walked through the doors of the lecture hall.

Inwardly groaning, you chose a seat somewhere in the middle of the lecture hall for anonymity. The last thing you needed was an excited first-time professor calling on you to participate on the first day of class, after all. Your dreams of sailing through the semester and kissing up to a professor for that coveted recommendation had been dashed and now all you expected was to be bored out of your mind. That is, of course, until the new, absolutely gorgeous, professor walked in with his hair disheveled from the autumn wind and his tie, navy to match the cardigan he wore, crooked and a cup of coffee clutched in his hand like it was his lifeline.

Needless to say, you were suddenly determined to actually enjoy yourself.

“Good morning everyone,” he began, turning to the board to write some information down. “My name is Dr. Spencer Reid and welcome to Criminological Theory, CCJ 4014. I will be temporarily replacing Professor Hansen for the first half of this semester as he completes his sabbatical.”

You could spend hours listening to his voice, you decided.

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♬ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" ♬

ft @doddleoddle​, @danisnotonfire​, @amazingphil​ and @evanedinger

ok so this idea has been on my mind for MONTHS and after finally drafting it out i managed to finish it properly so I hope it was worth the wait!!!

inspired by:

  • rambles with the lovely Madison / @showbizhowell ♡ who actually suggested the song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by the Beatles
  • as well as certain moments during the TATINOF performance which i talk about here (contains spoilers obvi)

also special thanks to the wonderful Kips / @dostmotherknowyou​ ♡ who sparked me to create this drawing as part of an art collab a while back… which amazingly enough dodie & evan noticed on twitter x and subsequently motivated me to create the comic you see above!

dedicated to Izzy / @thedepressiveoptimist​ ♡
 and of course, the (now) memory of Dovan Flat :( ♡

can you imagine what a singapore day in the life would look like?

i think they’d do it on the aquarium day. similar to the japan ditl, they’d just start it in the hotel room, no “waking up” scene. the camera wouldn’t ever focus on the bed, but there’s no denying the single giant bed in the room. discussions about their trip so far and their agenda for the day would follow. possibly jumpcut to a travel scene with the trademark bants, then finally arriving at the aquarium.

they’d marvel at the fish, of course, giving us the standard footage of their interactions with the animals, but something would be different this time. 

they’d be so much closer, like we’ve been seeing in the gaming videos, and incredibly relaxed. dan wouldn’t complain about the humidity on his hair since curly dan is here to stay and all, and phil would probably even compliment it in his own way. everything about the video would be soft and sweet, yet again making us feel like we’re intruding in the best way possible. we might even get to see behind the scenes of their photos of each other.

once they’re finished, they may show us the rest of the day, perhaps buying snacks or just sightseeing and showing us all the beautiful scenery–but we would know that they both believe the most beautiful sight of all is right beside them. 

ending back in the hotel, they may show us bits of their domestic night in, like the australia ditl, maybe getting room service and catching up on whatever show they’re watching. they’d end it in their usual silly way, but one thing would be different this time: we’d be left feeling warm and soft and without a shred of denial about their love for each other, with the only words on our mind being, ‘god bless 2017 phan.’

I’ve been hoarding some underused labels for a long time, and I think it’s time to release them. Under the cut are labels that I would consider “underused” since I haven’t seen them or barely seen them. There are definitions attached, written by yours truly, to help you out if you don’t completely understand them. Please like or reblog this if it helped you out or you use one of them! I’d really appreciate that. Otherwise, have fun using them! No credit is needed to be given to me if you use a label from this.

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Little Lies to Get Me By - [x]

“If you walk behind me, I’ll slow down to let you catch up. 

If you walk in front of me, I will always follow.” 


Fear: “Tell me, heretic. How does it feel to have your hands stained red? Do you believe that saving Thedas will wash away your sins? Your maker has forsaken you. Your family has disowned you. You are unloved and forgotten. Your life is for naught.”

Cathrin: “Should you seek to break me, demon, may I suggest a more persuasive route? I was expecting offers of virgins and riches. You know… I’ve always thought I would look spectacular astride a griffon - you have any of those?”

Don’t Leave

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Genre: Angst, Vampire!AU, Oneshot

Word Count: 1,248


A/N: I wanted to try writing angst for once instead of my usual fluff but even this ending kind of….nice?? Nicer than I originally planned but oh well. I hope you enjoy, it was inspired by my Vamp!Tae story that I’m working on redoing…..revamping lol. 

Ten years ago today was the worst day of [Y/N]’s life.

Ten years ago today she had been bitten by her then boyfriend and turned into a vampire.

She remembered waking up in indescribable pain as her body changed and looking up to see her boyfriend crying and apologizing. At first she had no memory of what happened and was confused as to what was happening but as she saw the dried blood that stained his shirt it all came back: how odd he was the night he came to see her, with his eyes wide and and bloodshot, his hands jittery. Then there was the pain. He wasted no time in pushing her back into her home and sinking his teeth into the flesh of her neck.

She remembers the pain being unbearable before she passed out.

When she woke to him sobbing over her pain riddled body she felt nothing but pain and rage.

Now that she thought about it ten years later, she felt the same.

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