after midnight

After Midnight: Chapter 3

A/N:  This chapter was a pain to write, I thought I would never get past the first few paragraphs!  But I made myself stay up last night until I finally figured out what needed to happen next, and from there it pretty much wrote itself!

Chapter Three

It was starting to get cold outside, but the interior of the car was warm and smelled like leather and whatever cologne Seungri was wearing.  It wasn’t a large car, which meant the two of you were sitting very close, and his arm brushed against yours every time he changed gears.  At first he tried to avoid it but that put his arm at an awkward angle and after two blocks he gave up and let the slight touch happen.

You studied his face in the glow of the dashboard lights.  He was still scowling, but maybe that was just his normal expression.  You hadn’t seen him look anything but irritated in the short time you’d known him.  Despite that he was absurdly handsome, even compared to Seunghyun who could probably walk into Dior and be offered a modeling job on the spot, and his profile silhouetted against the darkness outside was enough of a distraction that you almost didn’t notice the ride was taking longer than it should.  Almost.

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