after making this i don't have feelings anymore


PFL era mainewash, with Wash being such a needy worry wart that he sneaks into Maine’s medbay room at night to sleep with him. After the fourth or fifth morning they’re found cuddling on the bed obviously too small for both, the staff just let him right in, completely disregarding the ‘no late night visitors’ rule and providing him liberal access to the linens closet. If having Agent Washington curled up close and small and drooling on his shoulder makes it easier to administer treatment to Agent Maine then so be it.

Tangled Warrior AU: In which Mulan is the one who stumbles upon Rapunzel’s tower and helps Rapunzel to find the courage to fight back against the thing that holds her captive. After Rapunzel defeats her own fears she leaves the tower together with Mulan who swears to protect her on the way back to Rapunzel’s parents. On their journey back to Rapunzel’s family they fall in love.


this boy is bringing back ALL MY FEELS

– why did he make this joke? What is the story?

 – why did Darren knowingly open up the crisscolfer vault after it seemed like they would never so much as publicly agknowledge each other anymore and many people including myself have given up hope and moved on?

 – After finding out that the fandom caught fire from the joke, why did he brush it off when questioned only to continue that joke from that show forward?

– Why is he evolving the joke into something that can insinuate many things and give the fandom a lot of questions?

– WTF does Ricky think about this?

– WTF does Chris think about this?

– What is Darren’s angle? What’s his point? What is he saying?

– Why is he refueling the crisscolfer fire when he knows it’s a PR nightmare?

– is this joke getting him in trouble or are they just like “whatever dude”