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Steal my car, I'll wreck your life.

Back story, i am apart of a small family-owned type used car dealership (cue used car salesman joke here) we have maybe 50 cars on the lot at any time and our main business is sub-prime or people with less than perfect credit. We truly want to help the people that can’t afford/have the credit to buy from a new car dealership. We’re actually very liked in our small community.

So recently I had these customers, lets call her wife and him husband (They’re early 20’s). They come into my store and I like them, they seem like a nice young couple trying to start their lives out, they have two very sweet little girls, and could just use a break. They have made some mistakes in their early lives and have less than perfect credit. I coach them on how to improve their credit and they seem sincerely interested in fixing it so I bust my ass to get them a loan with the wifes mother cosigning on a nice third row SUV. Wife is literally crying hugging me because every other dealer turned them down. Now they are a little short on the down payment so i take a check for the balance and we agree i’ll cash it on his next payday (Mistake number one) but pretty common in this line of work.

I forget about them until the next week when I drop the check at the bank along with other deposits. The next thing i know i receive a notice that the check has bounced. Along with a couple NSF fees attached for me, and the check comes back. It’s a dollar amount that is considered a first degree misdemeanor in our state, just under a felony. I reach out to wife to see what happened and how we can make arrangements to get this taken care of. The last thing I want to do is go after a young couple with two small kids. At first wife is a little shocked and insists the funds were pulled from their account and I show them the picture of the NSF check. She understands and says they can pay half in 2 weeks when she’s paid again and in another 2 weeks pay the other half. I agree to this and just take them on their word (mistake 2).

A couple weeks rolls around and I don’t hear from wife or husband and am now thinking i’ve been taken for a ride Ignoring my calls/texts/etc you get the point. I get a call from the bank and come to find out they haven’t made their first payment either.

Now with this particular bank if the customer does not make their first payment we have to “Buy Back” the deal. Basically we have to give the bank the money they sent us for the loan. After blowing up their phones and facebook they finally call me back. I get the sob story he got let go from his job and he just started a new one and mom is going to help them get back on their feet. I go through hell and high water with the bank to make a deal that if they make their payment they’ll keep the loan but i’m still on the hook if they miss any of the next 3 payments. Wife also tells me they’ll make payments to me on the bounced check once he starts getting paychecks. So i agree, they make their payment to the bank and i go about my life….Until the next month comes around.

I get an email from the bank saying wife didn’t make the next months payment and won’t answer their calls. At this point i’m furious and ready to just go get their vehicle. They won’t answer any of my calls and call mom, mom scrounges everything in her social security paycheck to help try to make the payment for them and is short. Wife and husband tells her they’ll cover the balance and of course don’t pay. Bank says deal is a buyback we need our money back for the loan within 7 days. Now the only way I can payback their loan is if my floor plan (Basically giant credit card we buy cars on) gets pictures of the car in my possession.

I try to call/text/email/message on facebook to get ahold of both wife and husband and they block me on everything. They’re basically just stealing the vehicle without paying. They even blocked mom who has been trying to help them get this handled, yes they screwed over their own mother in this ordeal. I just want the vehicle back and move on with life. So this is where i go @prorevenge on them.

I begin by dropping the check off at the local prosecutor, and they’re delighted to file charges against them. I do some skip tracing calling family members, all of which are more than happy to help because come to find out husband has had 7 jobs in 4 months and has burned every single family member with money they’ve borrowed. I find wifes Father on Facebook, Father has been trying to take custody of deadbeat wife and husbands 2 kids because of how they treat them. He informs me they are staying in sisters house right over the border (we are on the state line of 2 states remember this) I call up a repo company and even myself drive the hour to go get the vehicle. They’ve been hiding it in the garage (according to neighbors and repo company). I do some searching and find out they’re both on probation for stealing a bunch of stuff from multiple stores. So I of course find and call up Mrs. Probation officer to see if she has a last known address. I then mention to her they’re staying above the state line and bounced a very large check to me, and they’re facing fresh charges in my town, she appreciates the knowledge.

Now while I was up at their house one evening I talk to one of the neighbors (Who also hate them they’re always yelling at their kids and eachother) and convince neighbor to call me if they see the vehicle outside. It took one day, I get the call, I send a very large friend who lives nearby them to go get the vehicle. After many expletives, berating my friend, they hand over the vehicle. But not before finally calling me while he was there and tell me how they’re going to sue and blah blah.

I’m out quite a bit of money from the ordeal, but here’s the best part. I just found out by living out of state they violated probation and just got sentenced to 30 days in jail from that, and they also just had their “video court date”(because they’re currently in jail with the probation violation) with the local judge on the new charges of the bounced check. I got my vehicle back and guess what? Deadbeat wife’s Father got custody of the 2 kids.

SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader

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A/N: Okay ya’ll there is at least going to have to be a part 2 to this because it’s getting so long. I’ve had this idea brewing for a while, so let me know what you think! (And watch for part 2 later this week)

You stepped out of the elevator, your bright lapis blue suede high heels clicking softly with each step. You were wearing the usual on top – a fitted black dress, as was dress code. Today, your dress had triangular shaped mesh cut outs. Might as well go out with a bang, you thought whilst dressing yourself this morning. Your gold necklace continued to bounce with each step you took as you approached the corner that would take you directly past the boss’s office.

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#kdramawomensweek day 2: rent’s due

kang hye soo & the things she does for her daughter

That one time I spent over $5k on nothing

Back in my naive days, I thought I was too good for community college and college in general. I moved into my first apartment, feeling like a badass young kid and dropped out of community college just to apply back into what I believed was a “better” college. I was so blinded about what “good” this school could do for me. I didn’t realize that this school has almost no credibility. 

I attended this school for 1.5 years just to, yes, drop out again. When I decided to go back to my first community college the next year, NONE of my credits transferred. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Ziltch. It was like I never went to this stupid school at all. Now, 1.5 years doesn’t seem long. Until you have felt what it’s like to wake up early every day for 1.5 years and work hard, for absolutely nothing. “Frustrating” is an understatement. I felt so broken, where I almost felt like I didn’t even want to finish school. 

The silver-lining in all of this was that I had enough scholarships and grants to pay for most of this stupid school. But I still had to take out a loan for over $5,000. I understand that there is most of America who have over $100k in school loans. But I literally just spent $5,000+ on nothing. Believe it or not, it actually feels worse than if I were to give $5k away to some random person. 

I sucked it up and took my fate as it was. Yeah, I was upset and disappointed. But I knew that dwelling on feeling bad for myself wouldn’t do me any good. So I paid off $20 here and there when I could until I was able to afford to pay a couple hundred dollars at a time. The great thing about this loan was that I didn’t have to officially start making re-payments on it until I was done with school in general. I paid off the unsubsidized loan first because it accrues interest from the minute you take the loan out. The subsidized loan accrues interest once I’m out of school and repayment beings. There was no way in hell I was giving another cent more to this loan. 

After this naive mistake, today is officially the day I have repaid the entire loan completely. I didn’t have to make payments on this loan until 2019, which would’ve estimated my repayment date to end in 2025. And every single penny is paid off before any payments were due. It’s done and over with. It’s officially in the past, in the books, and never to be worried about again. 

Disciplining yourself to do something you just do not want to do, is all mental. Because you’re not doing it for anyone else except yourself. I could’ve waited until 2019 but I was looking out for my future self. You wouldn’t want to put any burden on your family/friends, so don’t do it yourself. You owe it to yourself to pay yourself first!! 

Borrowed Books and Long Showers | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yep!

67. “You’re strong, baby. You have to be.”
70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”
98. “Don’t shut me out.”

Requests: Open!

Summary: You and Draco meet again after the war and things become serious. You struggle with your mental health because of PTSD from the war, he helps. Super fluffy ending. This is a roller coaster ride tbh I am so sorry. Angst, fluffy fluff.

Warnings: PTSD, mentions of Cruciatus Curse, swearing

Words: 2807

A/N: I’m posting this with less than an hour left of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter!! As stated before, this is a roller coaster ride so I apologize. I hope you all find it at least somewhat cute. I have written a lot of the reader comforting Draco lately so I decided to switch it up a bit for this one! Feel free to reblog and feedback is greatly appreciated!!

             The magical healers were unparalleled in their abilities to heal the wounded body. Magic could regrow bones, seal gaping wounds, and create fully functional prosthetics. But what magic couldn’t do is heal the wounded mind, and you knew that fact all too well. You had been a Gryffindor while you were at Hogwarts, a part of Dumbledore’s Army, and a muggle born at that, so when the war rolled around, the new management did not take too kindly to you. You also had been involved when the DA was ambushed at the Department of Mysteries, as well had been harshly interrogated during your seventh year under the death eater reign on the school because you were believed to know where the Golden Trio was hiding. After the Carrow Siblings were appointed as professors and they began using, and making other students use, the Cruciatus Curse in detentions, where you found yourself often because of your resistance, you fought alongside Neville and Ginny to reestablish the DA and push back against the strong fist in which Voldemort held the school with. Because of all this, you often found yourself waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, a scream tearing your throat, and days where the flashbacks were so bad you could barely get out of bed. Potions and charms could fix the deep cuts and dark bruises you earned in the battles, but they couldn’t soothe the wounds of the PTSD you were left with.

             It was because of this that everyone was shocked when they heard the news that you and Draco Malfoy had started seeing each other. Though, you couldn’t blame them, you were a bit surprised as well. You had been in a book store in Diagon Alley, two days before your paycheck would be in, and looking at the newest book in your favorite series. As you reached up to grab the book on a shelf you realized you were too short, and while you were looking around for a foot stool, you had seen him seated across the store at a table. When you made eye contact with him you found yourself smiling at him softly, and you were a bit astonished when the corners of his mouth twitched up with a small smile. After reaching the book you had your eye on, you checked the price and the number of galleons in your pocket, realizing you didn’t have enough you pursed your lips and placed the book back where you had found it before exiting the store with the intention to return in a couple days. But when you returned home to your small apartment after work the next day, you found that an owl sitting on your window sill. When you opened the glass it dropped by a small rectangular package wrapped in brown paper, a note attached. Upon opening it you found it was the latest book in your favorite series. Grinning, you opening the note and read it,

          ‘I wanted to apologize, but didn’t know how. I hoped that this would be a good start. I can’t put into words how much I want to thank you for your smile.


             It was simple, but it carried massive weight. You quickly scrambled to get paper and a pen, checking to see if the owl was still there. When it was, you scrawled out a letter in response.

             ‘Thank you for the book, I really appreciate it. There is no need to thank me for a smile, I believe strongly in second chances and redemption.

             -Y/F/A. Y/L/A.’

             After that you attached it to the owl and sent it off then sat down with your new book. You were a couple pages in when you idly wondered if you would be receiving a letter back. You didn’t.

             It was later that week, after you got paid, that you decided to go to a new café in Diagon Alley to read more. When you got there and waited for your coffee, booked tucked under your arm, you surveyed the large room. It was quaint and cozy, not many people were talking and there was a fireplace in the corner. And, to your surprise, you saw the same familiar face as you did before in the book shop. You bit your lip, wondering if you should ask to sit with him or to find somewhere else to make yourself cozy. Moments later your name was called to pick up your order, causing Draco to look up from the paper he was reading. Grabbing your drink, you glanced over to where he was sitting and found that he was still looking in your direction. You smiled warmly and waved, and he gave you the same small smile he did the day before, lifting a hand slightly for a subtle and hesitant wave back, before he returned to the paper. With a spark of courage, you were a Gryffindor after all, you made your way over to the table by the fireplace and plopped down in the seat in front of him. Startled, he looked up.

             “This is a wonderful little place, isn’t it? I’m so glad it opened up.” You said with a grin, looking around the place again, “What do you think?”

             “Yes, I agree,” He responded, surprise was still evident on his face.

             “Thank you again for the book. I was wondering if you were going to respond to my letter but you never did.” You couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice as you took a sip of your coffee.

             Draco took a moment to reply, as if he was carefully formulating what he was going to say. “I didn’t want to overstep my bounds.”

             “Nonsense,” You said with a smile and a dismissive wave of your hand. “Speaking of overstepping bounds, is it alright that I sit here with you?” You hoped he would say it was. You didn’t know exactly why you were sitting across from someone who a year earlier would have called you a slur and cursed you, but he was making an effort to change. Word had it that he had cut ties with his family and was training to become a healer. Some said it was selfish reasons, that they were holding his image back and if he cut ties it would help him seem more progressive, but most everyone knew the amount of pressure that was put on him by his family to do what he did, so most left it alone. Though leaving it alone is far from acceptance.

             “Yes,” He said with that smile that you were growing fond of, “It’s alright.”

             You grinned before opening your book and began reading. It was a while before either of you spoke up, this time it was Draco who broke the silence. “What is it about?” He asked, nodding to your book.

             That then caused you to go on a long winded and excited explanation of the series, your eyes lighting up as you talked about the depth of the protagonist, your hands gesturing wildly as you went on and on about character development and different plot arcs. Draco listened intently, his eyes rarely leaving your form as you talked. He frowned when an apologetic look found its way onto your face and you apologized, saying that was probably more than what he wanted to know and your friends always tell you that you had a habit of getting a bit overzealous at times.

             “No, I enjoyed listening, if you like them that much I may have to read them.” He smiled encouragingly, a genuine smile. Not the small reserved one you had seen previously. There was a faint pull in his chest when he realized that your friends had censored your excitement so much that it made you apologize for something you were talking passionately about.

             “I own all of them, you can borrow them if you’d like.” You offered before finishing the last of your coffee.

             “I’d like that.” He nodded, though he was unsure if he liked the fact that you’d be loaning him the books or the fact that this meant that there were going to be future interactions with you.

             After that you had loaned him all the books. It was a mildly long series too so it meant that you’d keep having to converse frequently to exchange the books as well as you could discuss what he thought of them and different theories about the plot. It was at a few books in when you told him you were too busy to meet at the coffee shop to give him the next book in the series and that he could stop by your flat to exchange the old one for the next. He said he could just send his owl but you insisted he stop by. When he knocked on your door and heard a ‘Come on in,’ he opened the door a bit cautiously, as if the second he stepped over the threshold you would kick him out, but instead he found you at the stove, wand tucked behind your ear, various pots being stirred by enchanted spoons.

             “The books are over on the bookcase on the left, you’re welcome to stay for dinner as well, I accidentally made a bit too much for just myself.” You nodded toward one of the bookcases in your living room.

             “Accidentally?” He asked, an amused smirk on his lips as he realized the real reason you insisted on him coming in person.

             “Accidentally.” You winked before returning to the food.

             You two somehow made it a weekly event, one night a week one of you would go to the other’s house for dinner, staying after to talk or just enjoy each other’s presence while you read or caught up on work. Then it moved to two nights a week, then three, then almost every night together. You don’t exactly know how it happened but one moment you were sitting on the couch discussing the series, as he had just finished the latest book, and the next your lips were on his, his fingers tanged in your hair and both of you breathless. You started dating soon after, much to everyone’s surprise. Hermione shrieked and Ginny knocked over a glass of water when you told them at your weekly girls’ brunch. They soon accepted it though, they figured if you trusted him and Harry testified to Draco’s innocence at the trials, they could accept him into their lives by proxy. You began living together after a year, and had now been dating for three years.

             You kept your nightmares from him as long as possible. When he woke up alone and knocked on the bathroom door asking if you were alright you explained it was just that you probably ate something bad and were extremely nauseous, you didn’t know he didn’t believe you. It was when you work up screaming one night that you finally told him. You didn’t want him to feel guilty, because it wasn’t his fault. Draco held you close to his chest, drawing soothing circles with his hand across your back and telling you to breathe with him. When he asked why you hadn’t told him before you hesitated before telling him the reason.

             “Darling, please tell me when you have these nightmares, I know what you’ve been through, I’m here for you. I can’t stand seeing you like this. Please, let me help.” And so, you did. When you had nightmares that hit too close to home, times when you spent hours in the shower, the heavy water beating down on your back in an attempt to ground you back into reality, and the days when you went nights without sleeping because you couldn’t stand the vivid scenes from your memory flashing behind your eyelids, he’d do whatever he could to help you.

             “My love, I’m home!” Draco called as he walked into your now shared flat from returning from St. Mungo’s. He frowned when he got no reply, setting down his bag and quickly walking through the rooms until he heard the shower running in the bathroom. He cursed to himself, you were just about to get in the shower when he was leaving that morning to go to work. Carefully opening up the as to not startle you he said your name quietly. Upon entering and pulling back the shower curtain he found you sitting on the floor, half clothed, only in your underwear, the spray raining down on your neck and back.

             Quickly Draco stripped down as well until he was just in his boxers and got in alongside you, as he has done before when he would find you like this, caught in the painful world of the past. He sat down behind you so that you fit between his legs and wrapped his arms around your waist, and put his chin on your shoulder. Immediately you stiffened, your eyes glassy, still not responding to the soft words he spoke. You were far away. A place where your friends were forced to use unforgivable curses on you, and you on them. Where searing pain of a thousand knives’ blades permeated your senses.

             “Don’t shut me out. Listen to my voice, follow the sound of it, come back to me.” He whispered, holding you tight, as you slowly relaxed into his chest, “You’re strong, baby. You have to be. Please listen, come back to me, I’m here.”

             When you finally came back from the memories that still held you like an iron fist, you thanked Draco softly, only for him to reply that you didn’t need to thank him. He helped you up out of the shower, drying you off and getting your new clothes from your closet, before picking you up and carrying you into bed. After he got into bed with you, you quickly snuggled into his side.

             “Y/N, my love,” He said after a moment and you knew what was coming, “Please, come with me to work tomorrow so you can see someone. I think it would be really beneficial for you to talk to someone. St. Mungo’s doesn’t just have departments for bodily health. Please?” His voice was tender has he stroked your face with is thumb, planting a soft kiss to your forehead.  

             You nodded, sighing. You both stayed quiet for a moment, savoring each other’s touch.

             “Would you like me to read to you?” Draco asked after a moment, smiling down at you.

             “I’d love that.”

             He got up, leaving the bedroom briefly and returning with the first book of your favorite series. You laid your head on his lap as he started at page one. Looking up at him, watching the way his mouth moved as he spoke and his beautiful eyes shifted along the words, you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him.

You two had long since said ‘I love you’ to each other. Draco was the one who said it first. It was after your sixth month anniversary and you had just gotten back from your special celebratory date. You were kissing each other, hard and breathless, when he had suddenly pulled back, looking at you as if in awe, only to whisper those fateful three words. You said it back immediately, of course, you knew almost a week in that you loved him. But it was now, looking up at him, your rock, that you knew that you wanted to grow old with him.

“Draco, will you marry me?” The words left your mouth before you knew what you were saying.

He stopped reading mid-sentence, and your face went red as you realized the weight of what you just asked him. “I don’t have a ring though,” You laughed, trying to ease atmosphere.

He laughed quietly as well, his grey eyes shining “I do.”

“What?” You asked, sitting up.

“I have a ring. I was going to ask you next week but of course you jumped the gun and asked me first.” Draco got up, walking over to his sock drawer and pulling out a small velvet box. “I should have known my Gryffindor girlfriend would have the guts to ask me first.”

You gasped, jumping up and quickly running over to him. He got down on one knee in front of you, taking your hand in his.

“Y/F/N Y/L/M, will you m—” Was as far as he got before you sprang forward and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Yes!” You yelled as his hands went around your waist, pulling back after a moment to shakily put the ring on your left hand. Pulling you in for a kiss, you both knew that this was the start of a perfect forever.

A/N: A short Ace! Tony fic filled with cuddles since @beir was looking for inspiration.

“Okay, I’m ace and I could do a better job of acting in this scene than she does.”

Bucky glanced up from the Jughead Comic Tony had loaned him after insisting that Bucky needed to read it. Bucky stared up at the TV screen where Tony was watching a movie as he waited for his “break” to end.

Tony had been on a working binge the last two days and Bucky had finally convinced Tony to take a two hour break and relax with him. Bucky was sure the only reason Tony had agreed was because Bucky had promised to cuddle him the whole time.

Tony had switched out of his jeans to join Bucky in soft sweats that pooled around his legs. He wore one of Bucky’s long-sleeves henleys. The collar was too large for Tony and showed off his a hint of his chest and shoulders.

Bucky sat up, adjusting his back against the couch. Tony and him had taken to sitting on the floor, with the couch propping Bucky up while Tony sprawled between Bucky’s legs. Bucky had draped one arm lazily across Tony’s abdomen as they relaxed together.

Bucky set the comic book down so he could wrap both arms around Tony. He hooked his chin over Tony’s shoulder, and pressed a light kiss to Tony’s cheek. He smiled when the corner of his mouth grazed against Tony’s facial hair. “Yeah?”

Tony sighed and sank back against Bucky. Tony twisted in Bucky’s arms until he could kiss Bucky on the cheek. His fingers bunched the fabric of Bucky’s over-sized hoodie. “Yeah.” His lips curved into a smile against Bucky’s cheek.

Tony gestured at the TV screen. “Look at her. I get that this isn’t porn–it’s barely an R-rated film–but still, I have a hard time believing she’s really interested in her partner when all she’s doing is lying there and moaning. She could at least put her hands on the guy’s back.”

Bucky chuckled. “I think you’re over-analyzing the scene.”

“But it’s bad acting.” Tony wrinkled his nose. “That, or maybe she’s just bad in real life.”

Bucky snorted in amusement. He shook his head. “Whatever makes you happy, doll.”

Tony grinned up at Bucky. He cupped Bucky’s cheek and turned Bucky’s face toward him. “What would make me happy would be to spend the rest of my break kissing you instead of watching this trash piece of a movie.”

“I don’t know.” Bucky feigned indecision. He glanced at the Jughead comic. “You were pretty adamant about me reading Jughead. I’d hate to disappoint you.”

Tony huffed. He shifted to his knees and hugged Bucky’s neck. “You listen to me, Mr. Barnes. You’re going to stop teasing me and you’re going to kiss me like I’m the best damn thing to ever happen to you. Do you understand?”

Bucky’s smile reached from ear to ear. The arms he had around Tony’s waist drew Tony impossibly closer. “Yes, and unlike our actress, I’m not going to have to pretend. You are the best damn thing.”

Tony’s cheeks pinked. He huffed and played with Bucky’s hair. “Sap.”

“Only for you.”


Abby Dahlkemper for Adelaide United, 2015-2016 (on loan)

After her rookie season in the NWSL, Dahlkemper joined Adelaide United of the Westfield W-League in Australia, and was named Player of the Year and Players’ Player.

Dahlkemper instantly became a pivotal acquisition for the Lady Reds, playing every minute of the W-League season. The defender totaled five goals, ending the season with a four-game scoring streak including a two-goal performance on December 18, 2015.

Bayern Munich summer 17/18 transfers

Retired Phillipp Lahm , Xabi Alonso , Tom Starke

Didn’t extend with Holger Badstuber ( now plays for Stuttgart)

Sold Medhi Benatia (Juventus) (after 1 year loan) , Gianluca Gaudino (Chievo Verona)

Loan out Douglas Costa (Juventus) (1 year) , Renato Sanches (Swansea City) (1 year) , Serge Gnabry (Hoffenheim) (bought then loaned for 1 year) 

U19 → Pro Marco Friedl , Felix Gotze, Christian Fruchtl 

Loan in James Rodriguez (for 2 years)

Bought Corentin Tolisso , Niklas Sule, Sebastian Rudy and Kingsley Coman (after 2 years loan)

What He Never Had - Part 1

Title: What He Never Had

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 3,083

Warnings: Mentions of heavy drinking

Summary: Sam Winchester has a history of his relationships ending poorly, something you didn’t know when you hooked up with him the next morning. After something goes very wrong the next morning, he has the option to right the wrong and let you go, or hope that you can still reciprocate the feelings he has for you when all is the way it’s supposed to be. Your time together would change both of your lives forever, but it’s up to Sam as to whether the change would happen at all.

A/N: Most of this is told from Sam’s POV, but some is from the reader’s perspective. It takes place in Season 12; however, this story diverges from canon. For the sake of this fic, please ignore the season’s timeline and major plot.

What He Never Had Masterlist

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It only took you a moment after waking up to realize that you weren’t in your own motel room. After another moment, you remembered why. A heavy arm was draped over your stomach—your bare stomach. Slowly, you moved just enough to see the person’s face. He was attractive, you had to admit, but you still wondered why you had gone back to his room instead of your own. It had been years since you’d been in a relationship, let alone hooked up with anyone, and you were perfectly okay with that.

You slipped out of the bed, being careful not to make too much noise. It was difficult to slip out of the man’s tight grasp, and once you were standing you could see that he was bigger than you’d originally thought. He was large enough to be a significant threat to you, and if he was dangerous, you wanted to be as far away from his hulking frame as you could. Sneaking around the motel room, you began collecting your various items of clothing. You winced when you realized just how wild your night must have been, considering the distance the clothes had been flung from the bed and the soreness of your muscles. While your body seemed to remember all it had gone through, you didn’t have much in terms of memory on how you’d met the strange man, nor what had happened after you’d gotten back to the motel. It took all your willpower to not make a sound when you thought of just how drunk you’d had to have gotten to not remember anything.

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So I started making some really big payments on my student loans, so much so that I should have them paid off by Christmas.  Suddenly the people with Fed Loans have appeared with an offer that they will forgive my loan after ten years because I qualify as a public employee, which I don’t understand because technically I work in the private sector.

So if I paid minimum payments for ten years, I will have paid the entire principal plus some interest, and still be left with a large balance.  Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a deal. It’s a loan, not a pet. I decline the offer.

I can’t help but think that it’s no coincidence that I paid off my credit cards, and now that I’ve started making big payments on my student loans that they suddenly appear out of nowhere with this offer. Makes me wonder if the Federal Government is no less a loanshark than payday lenders and car title pawns.

you have to really care about someone’s love life if you’re willing to kidnap a tiny angry bisexual army doctor approximately 32 hours after he loans his alcoholic lesbian sister’s phone to your nerdy sad gay little brother so he can send a text about green ladders to a silver fox copper whom you’ve resolutely decided is not a goldfish

Cam-Boy (Exo Drabble Series) 01. Kyungsoo

Originally posted by overdyosed

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 609

Summary: Four college friends without a dime and school fees biting at their feet decide to take an Interesting part time job.

01. || 02. || 03. ||04.||05. || 06.

01. takes a look at a normal night shift for Kyungsoo.

A/N: Hey there, long time. This is a series I wanted to start for fun. I’m still working on my requests, but my life issues have taken a turn for the better so I started writing again. I missed it. :’) this isn’t reader insert, but I’m going to try and update this once or twice a week. It’ll be drabbles, so they will be short, unless specified otherwise. Enjoy <3

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There are two little details here when Solas presents Skyhold to the Inquisitor.

When he comes in the shot from behind the Inquisitor, his expression changes swiftly to a smile as he makes eye contact with them. Because it changes so quickly, I was under the assumption that he was smirking, like a right bastard. Instead, it’s actually a grimace, and I was actually more interested in that look than the one I initially perceived.

When I thought he was smirking, I thought it was just another mark of arrogance. “You are welcome for the castle Inquisitor. See that you look after it; I’m giving it to you on loan after all.” I didn’t count for the irritated look when it finally came into view. It could be from the steep climb up the mountain to get to see it, so he could be winded, but it also looks…pensive, like he doesn’t want to go there again, like he’d really rather not let the Inquisition stay there or by extension return to the fortress.

By extension, watching his friendly smile melt back into his focused, normal expression probably doesn’t hold much wait. He’s smiling to put on a show, of course, though it’s interesting that he bothers with looking pleasant at all. He isn’t scowling after them, or upset, that’s simply his neutral expression. It’s interesting that he would bother being the happy helper in this case when, honestly, I’m not convinced it was necessary.

Either way, giving and old fortress you’ve been in before to a new order would be nerve-wracking to anyone.

Solas Gifset Masterpost

AOS Fic - Carry Your Heart

No warnings, just notes at the bottom. Unbeta’d. Jocelyn x Len pairing.

Directly follows this little drabble, though can absolutely be read as a stand alone. Absolutely fits into The Theory of Joanna McCoy, too.

Leonard finishes his case and hastily shuffles the schedule, only half-aware of the ‘family-emergency’ excuse he’d offered his program director.

He owes Mike a favor, dammit.

hCG level.

He remembers, now. Jocelyn, pale-faced and sweating, spending much too long in the toilet every morning, her flat refusal to eat any red meat, her sudden aversion to Montoya Cabernet - her absolute favorite. 

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At the End of the Day

Patient Hype Ch. 1

Ardyn x Fem!Reader

This Ardyn fanfic came about from my love for Ardyn and daydreaming about him as a patient. ;-) A little insight to what your friendly neighborhood dental hygienist could be thinking about, while you’re getting your teeth cleaned. SMUT  

Word count: 6,475

Headcanon: Ardyn has beautiful teeth, well managed. 


 The work day has been long for you, actually, the whole week has been tiresome. For some reason, this week was full of difficult patients. Either they had difficult personalities or difficult mouths to clean. Mentally and physically you are tired.  More than ready for the weekend break.  You roll your sore neck and shoulders out as you finish typing your last patient note. Looking at the clock you see that you have ten minutes before your next and last patient for the week arrives.

  Excitement and anxiety race through you just thinking about your next patient. He is an outrageously handsome man, too charming for his own good, and is the chancellor of Niflheim. Upon his request, you never call him by his title, not since his first visit. He prefers you to call him by his first name, Ardyn.

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My mom was reading Trevor Noah’s book after I loaned it to her and she called me and was like, “You need to meet him. Your lives are so parallel, you have so much in common.” Ok I’ll get right on that

feuer-fight  asked:

“I don’t need to be the hero tonight.” Jupeter

eighty years later! a prompt is finished. the italics is (slightly modified) poetry from dirty valentine on page 5. angsty lady and his boyf ahead. set vaguely in between murderous mask and midnight fox. also featuring: me messing around a lot with style because uhhhhhhh it’s two am and I’ve been reading a bunch of really stylistic prose lately. 

the devastated sky

We’re filming the movie called Planet of Love-

There’s an opening shot of Phobos and Deimos looming full in the Martian night sky. Deimos is tiny in comparison to his brother, and the sky isn’t often clear enough to see both moons. Especially in Hyperion City, where smog fills the blocks faster than loan sharks after an unlucky gambler.

Our anti-hero stands on a street corner, something that might be blood staining the ragged edges of his trench coat. We’ll tell people it’s prop blood, bought and made for this production, but the smear on his hand when he rubs it under his nose says something dark and wet and real.

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Hi!! I just adore your work and the way you write!! In your own time would you mind writing a Spencer Reid/OC where Spencer is in the bullpen and just LOSES it. I mean out of this world angry (I would like to leave the prompt a little open for you, so I can see the awesomeness of your imagination (which is completely awesome in my opinion)). And the OC is the only one who can calm him down and everyone is just likthe baby just threw his first fit and they’re all just dumbfounded and at a loss…

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the compliment!  Heh, I can do this!  I don’t know how long it will be, but I hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You felt it coming.  You felt it on the plane, you felt it in the air, and you felt when you landed.

The line his life was approaching was coming.

When you had walked into the bullpen for your first day of work, you had been incredibly nervous.  Your eyes were dodgy, your palms were clammy, and your knees were clacking whenever you went to stand.

And it made everyone very hesitant to trust you.

What they didn’t understand was that it wasn’t the job that made you nervous.

It was being in such close proximity to your family.

You hadn’t spoken to your family in over 7 years.  Ever since you had decided to pursue a career in some sort of law enforcement and had broken off your engagement to the prestigious Dunkenheim clan, your mother had disowned you from the family, stating that “the Y/L/N’s conduct themselves with much more dignity than that of a mere adult.”

You still don’t know what she meant by “mere adult.”

So when you went off to school and your trust fund was cashed out, you took on loan after loan to keep yourself afloat, got a job waitressing and nannying on the weekends, and ended up taking a job with the BAU, who had made a name for themselves after the infamous catch of a man by the name of Foyet.

And when an unsub started tackling the upper echelon of the area, your heart began to race.

Not because you thought your family was in danger…

…but because you knew the team would have to deal with them.

“Y/N,” Hotch says, beckoning you to the hallway.

“Yes boss?” you respond, trotting his way as lines of people with whom you’d grown up with file into the station.

“Your family is on their way, I figured you would want to know they are safe,” he says.

“What makes you think that?” you ask.

And with that, you turn your back on your boss and help Spencer and Derek shuffle everyone into the station.

“What is that smell?” one of them asks.

“Is there any water that isn’t tap?” someone else bites.

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?” you hear someone whisper.

Sighing as you pinch the bridge of your nose, you feel a hand come down onto your back as it begins to rub lightly.

“It’s gonna be alright, I’ll see if I can keep them-”


Feeling your eyes fly open as Spencer feels your muscles under his hand tense, you slowly turn your gaze as your mother, no worse for wear, comes into view along with your father, your sister, her husband, and her four children.

“There’s my beautiful daughter,” your father says, holding out his arm for you.

But all you do is step backwards.

You hear the room go silent as everyone in your parent’s circle of friends turns their eyes towards your reaction.

“Come on, Y/N…” your mother mutters between clenched teeth, “don’t embarrass us.”

But all you do is stare.

“Y/L/N?” Rossi calls as you turn your head.

“Coming!” you ring out, turning your back on your family and walking away.

As the team begins their ascent up to the office, you shuffle from foot to foot as everyone tries to keep their eyes on anything else but you.

But the anger radiating from Spencer was enough to keep anyone from being less than obvious.

Closing your eyes as you take a deep breath, you hear the elevator doors open as you start for your desk, keeping your head down as you try to blink back your tears.

“Y/N?” your sister asks.

Huffing as she approaches you, you analyze her gait, her petite frame getting closer to you as you shake your head.

Despite the last child almost killing here, she was pregnant.

“I guess a ‘congrats’ is in order,” you sigh.

“Yeah,” she smiles lightly, rubbing her lightly protruding stomach, “yeah, we’re real excited.”

But all you did was nod.

“Y/N…you really need to talk to them,” she urges.

“Sis…don’t,” you say, holding up your hand.

“Look, I never had the fights with them that you did-”

“No,” you spin around, your voice raising, “you didn’t.  Because you were exactly what they wanted in a daughter.  You were the pageant queen, the petite little red head with the cute facial freckles and the big broad smile.  The head turner.  The one who is content with popping out children until it kills her-”

“That is enough!” you hear your father roar, his body striding towards yours as he grabs your arm, thrusting you into a wall.

“Just because you don’t want to lose weight and take care of yourself or know your place in this family doesn’t mean you get to demean your sister for it!” he yells, slamming you into the wall.

“Hey!” Hotch yells, grabbing your father as you close your eyes, slinking around the corner and taking off running as Hotch berates your father in the background.

Maybe your father’s show of “affection” would show your sister why you had left and never looked back.

Feeling your jaw begin to tremble, you bring your hand to your eyes, sighing heavily as you feel a hand lightly descend upon your shoulder.

And then?  The elevator doors dinged.

You knew who it was.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks.

Taking a deep breath as you turn around, Spencer finds his way behind you as he glares at his boss, your eyes slowly panning over, reddened from crying and tired from the exhaustion as your dead stare settles onto his.

“They have something they want to say,” he says as he steps off to the side, revealing your father and your mother, holding presents.

You hadn’t even realized it was your birthday.


As your father clears his throat, he walks over and hands the little present to you, your hands outstretched to receive it as he leans over and kisses your forehead.

“Happy Birthday, sweetheart,” he whispers.

Your mother just walked over and chucked the present onto your desk.

Looking down at the bright wrapping paper, the corners neatly folded and the bow hand-tied, you slowly look up at him with a furrowed brow as Morgan steps in.

“Your daughter was integral in saving your life, the least you could do is smile at her,” he bites.

As you begin to open the bow, you watch as your mother tugs on your father’s arm, forcefully turning him and heading for the elevators.

You knew it was too good to be true.

Ripping the paper open before they can get to the elevator doors, desperate to prove your point to your entire team, you feel the tears streak down your face as your father’s present bares two DVD’s, one of them a home-based Zumba class and the other a biased documentary on the effects of food in our bodies.

You didn’t even attempt to hold the tears back this time.

You heard someone behind you forcefully unwrapping the paper of the present on the desk behind you as Hotch’s eyes widen, the DVD’s falling from your hand as you hear something being thrown at the wall.

You looked over and saw a make-up kit, its contents splattered all over the wall and the floor.

“That is enough!” Spencer roars, striding towards your parents as you sink to the floor.

“Your daughter is one of the finest agents to ever step foot through these doors!” he yells as he thrusts his finger into your father’s face, “And to stride into her life after years of not speaking only in an attempt to get her to be something that you want her to be is absolutely ridiculous!”

“She pursued us!” your mother raises her voice.

“To save your life!” Spencer roars back.

“We never asked for that,” your father mumbles as your mother grasps onto his arm.

“Then maybe she should have left you all to DIE!” Spencer shrieks, taking a step towards them as everyone’s jaw goes slack.

“Just because your other daughter is petite and smiling, doesn’t mean she’s happy.  And just because she’s pregnant even though the last child almost killed her doesn’t mean she wants it.  And just because Y/N doesn’t want to lose weight to fit a certain stereotype with your family or waste her time with face-paint doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful!  Your daughter is wild, and free, and independent, and intelligent and selfless and courageous…to a fault.  She’s taken bullets for both myself, J.J., AND Morgan, she’s given herself up for our boss’s son when he was kidnapped, she’s opened her doors to us at 3 am when none of us can sleep, and she’s one of the kindest, wisest people I’ve ever come across!”

Even you didn’t realize you were standing to your feet at this point.

“She-…she’s been shot?” your father asks breathlessly.

“Do you even care at this point!?” Spencer shrieks, his voice hoarse as his arms flail.

“That woman,” he says as he points to you, “…that beautiful, incredible, humorous woman…right over there…”

Watching him look over at you as his trembling finger remains outstretched, you slowly stride over to him as you wrap your small hand around it, slowly walking over to him as you lower his trembling arm against his shaking body.

“This woman…” he says, his voice settling as his arm slips around you, your face craning up to him as you smile lightly.

“…is the anchor of this team.  And if it wasn’t for your daughter, we would all be dead,” he finishes.

Kneading his tense muscles under your touch, you feel everyone’s eyes on you as your stare locks with Spencer’s your lips puckering as you walk him through several breathing techniques to get him to settle down.

You were familiar with this side of Spencer.

Just…not in public.

“Ssshhh…” you coo, his body relaxing into yours as your hands continue to massage him, his heart-rate evening out as you lean in and lightly kiss Spencer’s shoulder.

“You alright?” you mutter.

And you felt Spencer nod into the top of your head.

“Son?” your father asks, stepping forward, “Are you dating out daughter?”

“No,” he whispers as he shakes his head, “No…but if I ever do…”

Feeling him let go of you as he takes a step towards your father, the two of them standing toe to toe as you hold your breath, you feel your body grow taut as you watch Spencer’s lips part to speak.

“…I’ll make sure to ask Rossi if it’s alright.  After all, he’s been more of a father to her than you will ever be.”

And with that, Spencer turns on his heels and returns to his desk, with everyone in the bullpen standing agape as their eyes trail after him.

“Come on, sweetheart,” your mother coos, shooting you a death stare as your father’s red-faced glare follows after Spencer, “they aren’t worth it.”

“Yes,” you pipe up, your voice strong as you turn, watching your parents step into the elevator.

“Yes, they are,” you say as you watch the doors close on them, their noses in the air as their haughty attitudes follow them out the door.

Turning on your heels as you make your way for Spencer, you put your hand on his shoulder as you force him to sit down, scooting a chair up under him as you make him lean back, his head resting on your stomach as your fingers begin to massage his scalp, his lips parting for a delicious moan before slowly working your way down his face.

“Breeeeeeathe…” you coach, watching the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest.

“Holy…shit…” Morgan says, letting out the breath he was holding as J.J. slowly pans her open mouth towards him.

“What the hell just happened?” she breathlessly asks.

“I’ll tell you what just happened,” Hotch murmurs as he comes to stand in between the two of them.

“Our little toddler just threw his first tantrum,” Rossi jokes, wiggling his eyebrows as you shake your head.

You knew how the team perceived Spencer, being the youngest of them all.

But Spencer, in some respects, was more of a man then the ones on the team.

And?…that was a secret meant only for the two of you.

Help an awesome kid get school supplies

Hi folks. 

My roommate’s daughter Max, a fantastically bright fancreature who is my buddy in all matters pertaining to feels and flailing about our respective fandoms (she explains the intricacies of Voltron and Camp Camp to me, I rant about Game of Thrones to her) is about to start 7th grade in a new school in a few days.

Her mom, who’s a single parent, is in a serious financial crunch at the moment, and has literally a dollar and some change to her name until her next payday, which won’t be until next week. (And even then, she won’t have much left over after rent and loans and stuff.) SO: Max needs school supplies. She’s got clothes and bookbag, but all the other stuff–notebooks, binders, Kleenex, post-it notes, pens and pencils, etc–need to be obtained by September 5th.

I myself am close enough to being broke that I can’t help as much as I would like. So I thought I would ask you guys if you would be willing to chip in. Any amount would help–$5 is enough for a couple of cheap binders or notebooks or a box of Kleenex. Max and her mom don’t have Paypal, so if you’d like to donate, please do so at and make a note that it’s for school supplies. If anyone wants receipts to prove that I didn’t just squander the money on tea and chocolate for myself, I’m happy to provide them. 

If you happen to enjoy my writing, and you’re willing to donate $25 or more, I will be happy to write fic of 1k or more about whatever you like.

If you can’t afford to donate but would like to help, please feel free to reblog. 

Thank you!