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RFA + MC: Panic Attacks

This also wasn’t requested. But I would like to point out that I struggle greatly with anxiety, panic attacks and low self esteem. That being said, everyone experiences anxiety differently. The accounts described are how I deal with them.

  • Yoosung

- It’s a shame. Rika wouldn’t do something like that
- If only Rika was here with us still, I miss her

- You and Yoosung were in a relationship for the past year and it was slowly blossoming. You two loved each other a lot and often told each other how you felt or if something was bothering you. You two vowed to be there for each other after all.
- Yet at times, you always felt that he still held Rika closer to him than you. Which was fine, Rika was like family to Yoosung. Her death was very traumatic for him, seeing that it was his first time coping with grief. You understood that much and were fine with that part.
- Yet you always felt at competition against her. And she wasn’t even alive anymore…
- He doesn’t love me
- He doesn’t appreciate me…
- I’m not doing enough for this party
- After all, I’m not Rika…

- Thoughts played on a loop. Your chest started to tighten and you awoke with a gasp. It was the middle of the summer and you were wearing your vest and shorts, yet your body was drenched in a layer of sweat. You started to lose sensation in your hands and feed and your breathing became faster and laboured.
- Tears streamed down your face as you croaked to Yoosung for help, unable to speak. You patted for him desperately.
- “MC..? It’s the middle of the night…” he said, groggily. He leaned over and turned on the lamp, wincing at the sudden brightness. He leaned over and froze when he saw you in your panicked state. He knew you got panic attacks regularly and he was there all the time for them, but he never knew the reason. “MC…”
- He never knew that you felt that you were being compared to Rika, and in turn, started to compared yourself to Rika.
- He pulled you close to him and tried to get through to you. “Shh, everything’s fine. You’re okay, it’s only panic. I want you to take deep breaths with me, okay?”
- You began to follow him and he rubbed your back up and down. He looked up to you so much yet you suffered with these debilitating attacks. Once you calmed down he asked what was on your mind. The stress of the party, feeling totally inadequate and comparing yourself to Rika, everything.
- He kissed your forehead and pulled you towards his chest now.
- “You’re so silly. Is that what triggered this? MC, love, there is no need go compare yourself to Rika and I’m sorry I come across as if I do that. I’ll change. But you’re you. Give yourself some credit. This is your second  party, give yourself some credit. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

  • Zen:

- There he was, looking as dazzling as ever. He was where he belonged on stage. He was so gifted and handsome and chivalrous.
- It was so packed and hot and you couldn’t hear yourself think. Or breathe. You felt really unwell.
- The intermission was approaching. Good, I have survived an hour, I can do one more and then Zen will be finished and we can go home, you told yourself.
- But you now had to deal with Zen’s fans outside. The majority of his fans were lovely and they were happy with the two of you being in a relationship and later married. You neglected to tell Zen this, but some of them had been targeting you on social media platforms. This wasn’t the root source of your issues with a anxiety and panic, but it’s undeniably true that it has been making your anxiety worse.
- “Oh look, it’s MC.”
- “I wonder what she did to become Zen’s wife.”
- “Oh, you mean it’s not obvious yet? Look at her!” The insults came one after the other.
- And you ran. You couldn’t take it, those comments tipped it over the edge. You ran backstage, despite what security said. You called out for your husband, your panic attack reducing you to the floor.
- “Miss, are you okay?” A backstage worker asked
- You shook your head, trying to catch your breath, but failing. You grasped at the air before you, croaking for Zen again. And thankfully, he spotted you and ran over to you.
- “Oh, mc, hey, hey… are you okay?” Your chest screamed for oxygen but you shook your head. He pulled you towards his chest for a few moments.
- “That’s okay, let it out. You’ve done well to last this long, okay?”
- He lifted you up and took you into the restroom. Zen always kept one of your beta-blockers with him, as well as a bottle of water. He gently pressed a tablet against your lips and opened up the bottle of water. You took a drink and you chest slowly began to loosen.
- He informed the director he had to leave to tend to some personal issues of his own and have his understudy take over, against the director’s and your own wishes. But he insisted. He needed to make you feel happy.
- He drove you home, removed your clothes drenched in sweat and gave you some looser clothes. He pulled back the covers and wrapped his arms around you, whispering sweet nothings until you relaxed and fell asleep in his arms.

  • Jaehee:

- Jaehee knew that you suffered from GAD and panic attacks. You had been for years now and it took a while, but you have come to grips with it for the most part that you were just an anxious person. It took time, but you gradually began to get your life back.
- However, you still had bad days and today was one of those days.
- Maybe it was the heat or because the cafe was packed today. But you couldn’t concentrate and usually that was a sign that a panic attack could overtake you. Everything seemed ‘fuzzy’, as if you were having an outer body experience.
- Jaehee called you over to serve two customers. It took you a few moments to register her request, but you walked over and took the tray to the table.
- Jaehee noted that you looked very pale, as did the customers at the table. You were now shaking and your chest tightened.
- “Are you okay?” They asked.
- You didn’t answer as you ran into the supply room, Jaehee coming in a few minutes later.
- Needless to say, you were a mess. You were hyperventilating, tears leaving tracks down your face, shaking. The familiar feeling of dread lingering in the back of your mind. You needed to get out, you needed to–!
- “Mc.” Jaehee said, kneeling down on the ground before you. She had your sweaty, clammy hands in hers. “Remember, you’re okay.” You began to whimper again and she brought a tissue to wipe your face. “Shh, shh. You’re okay, you’re okay.”
- She placed a glass of water up to your lips, encouraging you to take a drink.
- “Take as long as you need. I hunted everyone out, saying we were taking a break for an hour for lunch or something. You know, maybe that’s what you need. But for now, sit here, compose yourself, and I’ll be out in the kitchen and we can talk then, yeah?”

  • Jumin:

- “Dear, you look unwell, are you okay?”
- You nodded your head, but you could feel the butterflies in your stomach. The tingling sensations spread down your legs and arms. Jumin took a hold of your hand, squeezed it as a way of saying, “It’ll be okay.”
- And he was right. It was proven that a panic attack can, generally, last only ten minutes. But those ten minutes were utterly horrifying and the panic attack could easily come back.
- Currently, Jumin, you and his employees were in a meeting about business related crap, you honestly couldn’t pay attention at this stage. And then, an employee asked you to speak.
- No, no, please, you said to yourself.
- You stood up and slowly walked over towards the whiteboard that had various diagrams on it. You had a sheet of paper in your hands of the points you wanted to make. You then felt the employees’ eyes piercing into your very soul.
- You blinked away the tears, trying to compose yourself. Your chest was so tight and there was a sharp pain there too. The room began to spin. Thankfully, Jumin came to your rescue by saying, “let’s take a ten minute break.”
- You dropped the documents in your hands in a hurry and ran out of the conference room. Jumin came out and he held your hand as he took you to his office. You burst into tears as soon as he shut the doors to his office. He sat you down in his office chair as he kneeled down. Tears dripped down, landing on your pencil skirt. Jumin had his hand in yours and was rubbing circles into your palms.
- “It’s okay. Just follow my breathing. Just concentrate on your breath coming in-” he paused to inhale, “-and out.” And exhaled.
- You shook your head, hyperventilating still. You looked into those familiar eyes of liquid mercury, a comforting glaze in his look. You told him you can’t but he was there to shake away those thoughts.
- “You can, you absolutely can. Keep your eyes on me and focus on your breath,” he cooed, his voice turning to a whisper. “I am not going anywhere. I know you can do it.”
- In, out
- In, out
- You kept your gaze locked on his hypnotic eyes. He was there every step of the way. A warmth filled your heart and he gently pressed his lips to yours.


- “I don’t care about your feelings, alright?!”
- “Don’t be nice to me if you don’t know anything..
- “Keep your distance.”
- You had been nothing but kind and patient towards Saeyoung. You tried to be understanding, but he kept pushing you away. You tried to get through to him, but he wouldn’t have any of it. Today he reached his limits, and he snapped at you. And it was much harsher than normal.
- You slid down the edge of the island unit in Rika’s apartment. You buried your head between your hands and shook.
- You felt so stupid. I am such an idiot, he doesn’t like me at all… I just keep annoying him. Oh god, I must have gone overboard this time, you said to yourself.
- But you tried your best to help him; you gave him space, left him food, etc.
- Your chest grew tighter and tighter until you couldn’t breathe. You gasped in heavy strokes, trying to remain as quiet as possibly so that you wouldn’t disturb Saeyoung. You clamped a hand over your mouth, which echoed with a slap. Saeyoung must have heard it. He ran out and saw you in this state and. His heart split into two pieces.
- Oh god, are they okay?!
- He crouched down, shook them and took a hold of your hands. “Mc, mc… hey, mc! Can you hear me?”
- You responded with choked whimpers and laboured breaths. He sat down beside you, squeezing your hands.
- “You…” you whimpered, “you’re so mean to me… I am trying to understand you, but you’re so cruel to me…”
- I caused this… I caused them to panic like this, he said to himself, bringing you to his chest.
- “I am sorry, I am so sorry, Mc. I am doing this for your own good. I’m dangerous and you can’t get close to–”
- “I don’t care!! I don’t care that you’re dangerous. It makes no difference, because I love you… a-and you keep pushing me away!” you wailed. “But it just fucking hurts!” You choked. Your breathing quickened and the room started to spin and Saeyoung cupped your tear-streaked cheeks.
- Everything she said was a stab to the chest.
- “It’s like you don’t care… but I know you do, I know it!”
- “Deep breaths, Mc. Try to calm yourself before we talk about this…”
- He sat with you, taking deep breaths. There was bomb in this apartment, but this was more important. You were upset and he was partially to blame. As you stopped crying, he rubbed your back. He tried to explain his feelings to you.
- “I am sorry, mc… I am sorry I said those things. But… I do feel the same way. I just don’t want to hurt you… I want to cherish you. But look at what I have done to you… I will not yell at you anymore. All I ask is that you wait for me to deal with this bomb crap and we’ll talk more about this then.”
- You nodded.
- He guided to your bed and suggested to taking a nap. He left a drink of water in your bedside locker and stayed with you until you fell asleep.

“we broke up after i left and moved away and months later i find out you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late” x jimin

“There’s no way in hell you’re leaving without seeing him. You’ve waited two years for this,” The hands rooting you down is what’s physically keeping you grounded but what’s really is his smile past the transparency of the window, the seemingly effortless effort of him walking around like nothing bothers him when deep down you’re positive there has to be shipwrecks upon disasters - you’re amazed. He looks fine without you.

“…his boss won’t get him fired?”

“If you think Namjoon’s an asshole, then maybe. But in this case, I’ve got things covered so just,” Seokjin’s giving you a light boost but the want to see his smile up close is what gets you to open the door. The bells jingle your arrival and you look over your shoulder because Seokjin did not tell you that. But like the wind, he’s gone, and that leaves you alone in this cafe with none other than…


You see his hand gripping onto the rag loosening, until his fingers can’t hold onto the material of a worn out cloth, falling to the floor like his breath as he stares at you. Eyes dilated with disbelief, his breathing stuttering with no words coming through to fill in the gap between, his throat feeling constricted with a barrier that prevents him to say anything in case he says something wrong.

Jimin doesn’t know where to begin with you, he really doesn’t. Right when he was starting to try to forget about you, to erase every crevice he’s traced with his hands, mapped out with his lips, engraved in his mind with eyes memorizing feature upon feature upon more details to perfect the image he has of you, it all comes flooding in like the tears gathering in his eyes - he can’t stop himself. 

His chest tightens, unsure if it’s the fact that you still look exactly how he remembers (or much, much more beautiful than he remembered) or… that look in your eyes that screams you know. You know of how he ran across the airport, terminal after another in desperation to tell you to stay. How the tears streamed down his cheeks but he didn’t give up on finding until he finds out in the pool of loneliness that you had long left, sinking him to his knees, eating him alive until he can’t breathe - Jimin never stopped loving you.

And now standing here in front of him, he finds that it’s even more impossible, as if it wasn’t before.

The first thing Jimin says is: “I-If you don’t get out of here in five seconds, I’m never letting you go,”

With a small smile and a shaky hand lifting up with five fingers opened, as each finger folds down, your heart pounds harder. Just as your pinky returns to your palm, the gush of wind brushes on your skin before it’s replaced with Jimin’s arms and your mind, flooded with memories of the days you once spent with Jimin coming back like a hurricane with no leash - Jimin could preach the same. He squeezes tight, his grip iron-like, as if he’s afraid you’d disappear if he loosens so he continues holding you like this.

His breathing stops trembling when he feels your arms around him, a gentle reminder that you’re not going anywhere: not a step away, not ten thousand miles… nowhere. You’re here to stay.

“…You okay there, Jiminie?”

“I haven’t seen you in two years. I need more time than this,” Jimin mumbles against your neck, arms shifting over your waist tighter, “Just a little while more.”

For You, I’ve Got All the Time in the World

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Can you do a Teen Wolf imagine where the reader is Issac’s sister and after suffering from so many years of abuse from their father along with her bother she is scared of males, (excluding Issac) because of it. -Thank you😊”
Warnings: Mentions of abuse
Author’s note: I changed this just a teeny bit.

                                                       Y/N’s P.O.V 

       "Hey, Princess.“ My brother, Issac, greeted as he walked into the class that the two of us had together.
       I smiled, "Hi, Issac!”
       My brother sat beside me. “How are you feeling. Like, you know…” I knew he was talking about the beating I had suffered the previous night from our dad.
       I winced at the thought of it. My hand drifted to the right side of my rib cage. It was covered in bruises and shallow cuts. It was a sad metaphor of how I felt on the inside. “I’m okay. Nothing we haven’t dealt with before, right?” I laughed at the cruel humor of mine and Issac’s life.
       "Hey, Y/N. Hey, Issac.“ Scott greeted with a crooked smile.
        I sank down in my seat and mumbled a "hello”. I saw the way Scott’s face dropped after our interaction. I know that Scott has feelings for me, and of course I have feelings for him, but I can’t trust any man because of my dad. Well, other than Issac. But you build trust for someone fast when you grow accustomed to eachothers screams and cries in pain.

                                                      Scott’s P.O.V

     I swear I could feel my heart break into pieces. I know what Y/N is going through at home. Well, not personally, but I could feel her pain. No girl like her deserves to be treated like that. Honestly, neither of them do.
       Issac pulled me to the side. “Hey, man, don’t take that to heart. It’s nothing you did, it’s our dad. She has this mental block when it comes to trusting men. She’s alway afraid of getting hurt. Emotionally and physically.”
       I rubbed the back of my neck. “But, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, Issac. She has to know that…”
       He put his hand on my shoulder. “She’s trying, believe me. But, she flinches everytime a man raises his hand around her. I mean, she had a panic attack when Derek tried to highfive her. And Derek couldn’t lay a hand on Y/N if his life depended on int.”
       The bell rang and Issac and I went to our seats.
       I looked over to Y/N’s seat and met her gaze. I saw her cheeks get red and heard her heartbeat speed up. She smiled a small smile and then waved at me. Dumbstruck, I waved back and smiled at her.

                                                           Y/N’s P.O.V

       As soon as Scott and I locked eyes, I didn’t think I would ever have the amount of courage it took for me to have any sort of interaction with a man other than my brother. But I waved and smiled at him anyway.
       Issac saw what happened and smiled at me so wide that I thougnt he was going to break his cheeks. “Look at you!” He whispered and put his arm around my shoulders like he always does. “It’s all about progress and taking baby steps, Princess. You got this.”

                                            X    X    X   X   X    X    X   X   X   X

       The bell rang and we all packed up our stuff. “Y/N?” Scott said from behind me. Issac nodded encouragingly at me when I looked at him.
       I smiled at Scott. “Yes?”
       I never thought I would ever see anyone but my brother smile at me the way Scott did. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever smiled at me the way he did. Issac smiles at me, but it’s always a sibling love behind his eyes, but there was something different about Scott’s.
       "Do-uh-do you mind if I walk with you to your locker?“ It took me a second to gather my thoughts. All I’ve ever known is the pain and abuse from men. I don’t know if I can trust Scott. I don’t know if I can trust anyone but Issac…
       A voice in the back of my head telling me that I should try to trust Scott. Maybe it’s the way he looks at me the same way people look at the stars in the midnight sky or fireworks on the Fourth of July. Or maybe it was the fact that I can see in his eyes that there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for me. I can see a fire behind his eyes, and I have a feeling that I was the fuel that made those flames erupt. "Not at all.” I smiled.
       As we walked out of the classroom, Issac asked me if I needed him to walk with Scott and I.
        I shook my head at my brother with sincerity. “No. It’s okay, Issac. I’m okay with walking with Scott.”
                                                             Scott’s P.O.V

       "…I’m okay with walking with Scott.“ Y/N’s words echoed through my head on a loop. I don’t know what to say or what to feel. The fact that Y/N trusts me makes me feel like my life was finally complete.
       She’s gone through so much when it comes to men, and choosing to place something as fragile as her trust in my hands, made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t do. And I would do anything for Y/N Lahey, anything at all.
       "Scott? Hellooooo? Earth to McCall!” Y/N waved her hand in front of my face.
        I blinked away my thoughts and gave her a small smile. “Sorry, love. Let’s go.”

                                                             Y/N’s P.O.V
       Scott and I walked down the hall a few dozen feet to my locker. I out in my combo and popped open my locker. The inside door was littered with pictures of my brother and I.
      Scott looked them over. “You guys really are close, huh?”
      I pulled a picture down and held it. The picture was of me and Issac during my softball tournament. My bat was slung over my left shoulder, my uniform was covered in dirt and chalk, my eye-black was streaked down my face, but my smile was so effortly displayed on my face. Issac wasn’t looking at the camera, but he was looking at me with so much love in his eyes and in his smile. I couldn’t help but grin a little. “Yeah. But with a life like ours, we’ve gotta be.”
       "Y/N, can I tell you something?“ Scott asked me warily.
       I nodded. "Of course, Scott.”
       "I just-I want you to know that I would never, not in a million years, do anything to hurt you. I know why you have trouble trusting men. I know why you and your brother both do. And I just want to reassure you that; you can let your guard down around me. I-I know I’m not perfect, but for you, I would try my damnedest to be. I would sacrifice all I had just so that I could keep you safe. And,Y/N, I know you only really trust Issac, but I want you to try and trust me. I want you to let me in. It makes me physically sick to know that you don’t love yourself the way you should. And if you let me in, I would treat you the way a real man should. Now, I’m not asking you to trust every man, I’m just asking that you trust me the same way you trust your brother.“
       I couldn’t think of how to react. All my life my brother and I have been our dad’s punching bags. And now, Scott McCall is standing in front of me, begging me to let him in. And maybe I should. Maybe I can find some comfort from everything my dad has ever done to me in him. Maybe Scott can help me feel everything in my life that has been broken or hurt. Maybe Scott McCall is my safe heaven.
       I took a deep breath. "Okay, Scott. I will let you in. But just-just don’t try to rush the healing, alright? I know it’s going to take some time to learn to trust another man that isn’t Issac.”
       Scott lifted my head up with his hand, making me flinch ever so slightly. “Y/N, I don’t care if it takes forever. I will be here for you through hell and back, and nothing and no one will ever change that. Not in this life or the next.”
       "You promise?“ I ask in a whisper.
       "I promise.” He said.

anonymous asked:

Soooo in your headcanon, how many kids do you think Zuko and Katara have? How many boys and girls? Names? And who's a fire bender and water bender and maybe a non bender?

So, I’ve done these two posts (Post 1, Post 2) about the steam babies, but now I have a slightly altered headcanon forming, so I’m gonna do it again:

Their first little bundle of joy came two years into their marriage, when Zuko was 23 and Katara was 21. It wasn’t something they exactly planned for, they just never bothered with protection and they promptly fell asleep after the act, so the usual round of contraceptive measures went forgotten. When Katara woke up the next morning, with Zuko still on top of her, dead to the world, she shoved him off and rushed to the kitchen. The stewardess who always prepared that perfect blend of tea had a cup ready for her, but said it was likely too late. 

Sure enough, Katara’s next cycle never came and eight months later, a little bundle of joy enters the world. They name her Kya. 

  • She looks very much like Zuko: golden eyes, raven hair, sharp, angular features as she ages—  though her skin is slightly darker like her mother’s and she also has Katara’s signature waves. 
  • She has her mother’s softness and smile about her.
  • Personality wise, Kya behaves quite a bit like Zuko. She’s wry, a little hot headed, and of course, easily flustered. Like her mother, she has a very strong affinity for helping those in need. 
  • She spends her summers (when school is out of session) helping Katara at the local hospitals and she volunteers with Zuko at animal shelters.
  • She is a firebender, with every bit of her father’s talent and dry wit, and she also takes up hand-to-hand combat. 
  • She never really had a taste for swordsmanship, but she does have a knack with fans, thanks to her Aunt Suki. 
  • Additionally, Kya learned medicinal healing from her mother and learned to read people’s energies with her firebending.
  • On top of all that, Kya excels in history and social justice courses, which shapes her into quite the inspiring heir and future Fire Lord. Her intelligence and passion are what eventually catch the eye of a young earthbender, who she is introduced to by Grandpa Iroh (always the meddler) during a visit to the Jasmine Dragon. 
  • Just a year later, the two marry in the Earth Kingdom when Kya is twenty five (’Very, very young,’ Zuko said, until she sassed him about getting married when he was twenty)
  • Finally, when Kya is thirty five, Zuko abdicates the throne and she becomes the greatest Fire Lord in the history of Fire Lords and has two lavababies (that’s what I’m calling the fire and earth babies) that Zuko and Katara love as much as they love her. 

Just two years after Kya, comes a boy. This time they were actually trying, and Zuko was desperately hoping for another girl, but was super thrilled when he had a son because ‘maybe this one will like swords and stuff.’ They name him Ezra.

  • He’s a sweet-natured little kid, with a whole lot of Katara, Sokka, and Hakoda in his features. Dark skin, blue eyes, wildly wavy hair. They literally refer to him as Sokka’s Mini Me because he looks just like him.
  • Ezra is a nonbender, though neither parent is disappointed by this. Instead they each take time to teach him some of their skills outside of bending. 
  • Zuko trains him with dual swords, broad swords, and even small knives until the kid is basically a deadly weapon himself. Katara teaches him about healing, like she did with Kya, but she also shows him some hand-to-hand combat that is adapted from waterbending.
  • Like I said before, his personality is very sweet and quiet. He’s a bit softspoken, though not afraid to speak his mind when he feels someone has been wronged. 
  • And he’s an actual genius - very, very skilled with mathematics and science… which Sokka just dies over. 
  • Ezra spends much of his teenage years with Sokka in Republic City, and eventually designs the entire rail system for the city. He also establishes greener energy initiatives in the Fire Nation and other parts of the world.
  • It’s actually in Republic City that Ezra grows very close to one of Aang’s daughters, and he proposes to her by blurting out that he’s going to marry her (much like his father did with his mother). 
  • When Kya is crowned as the official heir (probably when Ezra is around 20 and Kya is 22), he marries his fiancee. They take up a semi-nomadic life style, with their home base being Republic City. Though, they spend their winters in the Fire Nation. 
  • Also, he has three children - two firebenders and an airbender.

Finally… after Kya and Ezra and much swearing that they are done with babies (but obviously not done having lots of sex)… Katara learns she’s pregnant again. Only, this time, she’s growing a lot faster and a lot larger than her previous pregnancies, and Zuko, with a look of horror, asks the doctor if it could be twins. The doctor does an exam, and sure enough, Katara’s carrying two little steambabies and Zuko promptly faints. 

He does not, however, faint when the two princes come along: First up, is Lee. 

  • He is born exactly three minutes before his brother and six years five months after Ezra, leaving his thirty-two year old father in disbelief that he has to do the whole newborn thing again after all this time. 
  • What makes it all worth it thought, is Lee looks exactly like Katara, and Zuko loves this because he thinks his wife is much prettier than himself. 
  • Lee is a waterbender. Katara is over the moon (lol) about that. She rubs it in Zuko’s face (playfully) that her element finally won out and she literally hogs Lee during the afternoons and evenings to train him. 
  • Of course, Zuko steals him away when he has breaks between meetings and helps him master dual swords.
  • For his personality… Sweet Agni, Lee is a firecracker. He is their biggest troublemaker, but because he’s one of the babies, he gets away with it all. This makes his siblings very annoyed even though they are frequently getting into trouble with him. 
  • And true to his troublemaker personality, Lee finds Zuko’s Blue Spirit mask (when he’s a teenager) and takes up that disguise to run around Caldera City busting criminals. 
  • When Zuko finds out, they agree to keep it a secret, though Zuko makes a decree that any and all Blue Spirit activity has his stamp of approval.
  • And finally, Lee comes out to his parents as gay in his late teens. Katara smiles knowingly and Zuko immediately declares gay marriage as legal across the Fire Nation. 
  • Lee ends up falling for a young man in the Fire Nation army in his late twenties. And with his parents’ blessing, the two marry and adopt two girls from an Earth Kingdom orphanage and Fire Nation orphanage, respectively. They live together on Ember Island and Lee never gives up his nights as the Blue Spirit.

And lastly, the final twin, named for his departed Uncle, Lu Ten.

  • He looks just like Lee; they are identical twins, after all. The only stark difference is Lu Ten’s gold eyes and his fire bending. 
  • He struggles with the element quite a bit, and because of this, Lu Ten lacks the confidence of his other siblings. 
  • At first, Zuko is a fearful that by training him, he’ll come across as harsh or disapproving like his own father, but Katara gives him the soft encouragements that he needs. 
  • When he turns thirteen, Zuko repeats the journey to the Sun Warriors, taking Lu Ten with him and introducing him to the Dragon Masters. While Lu Ten already knew the truth behind firebending, meeting the dragons provides him with the inspiration he needs to keep at his training and try a few different approaches. 
  • Lu Ten begins working with Katara, learning waterbending forms to use with his firebending, and he finds this style to be much more for him. He ends up being very adept with a rare form of firebending, one that only comes from mixed lineage (*cough* Roku *cough*)— lavabending! 
  • He finds it quite fun to put a literal spin on the “Don’t touch the ground, it’s lava” game that he plays with Lee and Ezra. 
  • As Lu Ten grows up, he realizes his calling isn’t to follow in his siblings’ footsteps of getting married and having children, but to join the United Forces and help keep peace around the world. Plus, he’s a total lady’s man, and thinks it would be unfair to women everywhere if he were to put himself on lockdown. 
  • In the United Forces, Lu Ten rises quickly throw the ranks, until he reaches the position of General. He only steps down when his nephew, Iroh II, is offered the position. 


Prompt: During the reader’s wedding, Matthew stands up and tell her something.


You were going to marry William. He was a sweet guy, who really loved you. It was about two years you were together.
He asked you to marry him some months ago and the first person you told it was Matthew: he was your best friend since high school.
He told you just a thing that day, and it was “congrats”. He was not to much happy about your relationship with William, and he never hid it. Of course it bothered you, but after all you didn’t want to left your boyfriend just because your best friend didn’t like him.

To say the truth, you liked William, he was a good person, but you were in love with Matthew. You always wanted to tell him that, but you did not want to ruin your friendship. Then, you thought not to be his type of girl: he always went out with famous girls, who were beautiful and thin. That is why you decided to find another love, but it was impossible. Matthew was your first love.

So, now you were sitting in front of the mirror, judging yourself, deciding if you were beautiful or just cute.
You were lost in your mind when the door of the room you were opened slowly.

“Matt!” you said full of joy.

“Wow… you look wonderful. But I have to tell you: I prefer you in jeans and T-shirt. That is my (y/n).”

“Don’t say it in front of your girlfriend. I have a feeling that she wants to kill me.”

Matthew’s girlfriend was jealous of you and your friendship with him as you were jealous of her relationship with him.

“I have this feeling too. But don’t worry, she has a thing for every girl I meet.”

Suddenly, your face turned sad.

“Hey, what is happening? You seem sad.”

“I don’t know, it is just… nothing. We have to go, our people are waiting for us, then I bet your lady is thinking that we are making out right here.”

“Ahahah, yes, I bet it too. So, are you ready?”

After a minute, your reply arrived.

“I think so. Let’s go.“

When everyone saw you arriving, they stood up and looked at you.
Matthew was holding your hand and he decided to walk you to your groom.
When you arrived at the end of the aisle and Matthew gave your hand to William, your heart cried for a while. You were happy to marry him, but you imagined your wadding with Matthew. You were crazy about him.

“Will you promise to love and support their marriage in all the days to come? If so, please, respond ‘we will’.” said the priest.

Everyone responded in that way, but not Matthew. His voice could not left his mouth. He could not let you go.

“What happened?” his girlfriend asked.

He looked at her, mouthing a “I am sorry”
Then, he found the courage to do it, to stand up.

“I love you, (y/n).”

There was a collettive “ahh” in the church.

“I love you and it is why I don’t like William. I envy him because he has you. I didn’t say anything for a long time, but now I can’t see you go away from me in this way.”

You looked at him. You could not believe what your ears heard.
You went over him, leaving Will alone, and you said crying: “Have I had to marry someone to hear these words?”

And so, in front of everyone, he kissed you for the first time, making it the best day of your life.

After KH2
  • Sora: Mom... I'm sorry I didn't come down for dinner.
  • Sora's Mom: Wait. Where is my son-in-law?
  • Sora: Your what...?
  • Sora's Mom: I can't believe you come home after running away two years ago to elope with that Riku boy and don't even bother to invite him over.
  • Sora: ...
  • Sora: *too stunned to respond*
  • Sora's Mom: Did you think I wouldn't approve? You know I don't care about your sexual orientation!
  • Sora's Mom: Sora, it's not nice to lie to your mother. Now sit down and eat this broccoli.
YoI Headcanon:

Christophe and Victor have always been gay bros and flirt with each other really openly without even thinking about it.

Others in the skating world thought they might be dating, and a rumor about them went viral a couple years ago. Both of them responded with ‘what? No he’s my best friend?’ and honestly thought people were crazy for thinking that because Chris has a boyfriend, and besides it’s Chris or it’s Victor. C'mon. Victor thinks Chris is a little brother and Chris thinks Victor is old enough to be his dad (even though they’re only two years apart), don’t do this to them.

After Victor gets engaged to Yuuri, people wonder if it bothers him that Victor still flirts with Chris, and Yuuri is like ‘what? that’s not Victor flirting, Victor flirting is showing up in your hot spring naked and then forcing you to skate about your sexuality. they’re just friends, omg.’ He thinks it’s hilarious.

Chris flirts with Yuuri, too, since he is a gay bro by proxy now. At first Yuuri doesn’t know how to handle it and isn’t really confident enough to reciprocate, but pretty soon he’s dropping sexual advances without batting an eye (except he actually does bat his eyelashes at Chris once or twice with a wink) whenever Chris is around. Victor is so proud.


“Suga Wants to Know!” aka “Hinata Underestimates His Senpai’s Observation Skills”

or, as i call it, my interpretation of what would happen if these two started dating after the third years graduated. (with suga, who can’t help but be curious about his babies growing up and who couldn’t possibly receive a less surprising news, smh u tried hinata, u tried)

anonymous asked:

Hey could you make a drabble about stiles and malia reunited in some christmas break when they are still in college and he is like i miss you so much!!!

Christmas With You

Stalia is still canon in this world.

Christmas in Beacon Hills wasn’t always the best.

They didn’t get snow. They didn’t get much time of school. They didn’t have Christmas decorations up on the main high street. It was like it was never really Christmas.

For years, Christmas haven’t been a happy time for Stiles Stilinski.

December 2004 was only two months after his Mother passed, so his Dad didn’t really bother with Christmas as he was too caught up in his grief that he totally forgot; this was the year eleven year old Stiles Stilinski discovered that Father Christmas did not actually exist. He kept this information back from his best friend, who believed up until his twelfth birthday.

December 2005 up to 2010, Sheriff Stilinski always had a work day, meaning Stiles either spent Christmas in his own company until his Dad returned at eleven in the evening, where they would open presents and fall asleep in front of the TV; sometimes Stiles spent it with Scott and Melissa, but to him, it just wasn’t the same.

December 2011 followed Allison Argent’s death, no one really celebrated at all.

December 2012 was silent, as the pack was still recovering the fallout of the Dread Doctors and Theo.

After that, Stiles Stilinski flew off the Washington DC, leaving everything he knew behind; that Christmas he did get snow. His college gave him loads of time off. And they had millions of Christmas decoration hung up on every street.  It was Christmas.

But for Stiles, it still wasn’t. He didn’t have enough money for the trip home, so he had to remain on campus. All his college friends had gone home for the break, so he was left alone. All his presents he’d brought for his friends and family were stored in the cupboard, ready to either be sent over or given to them when he saw them. Scott was coming up in February; he wasn’t sure about anyone else.

On Christmas morning, he was woke by his phone ringing, “Hiya Scott.”

“Merry Christmas!” Scott shouted, “You doing okay?”

“Well…I was going to lie in, but I’m up now.” Stiles said slipping his slippers on and walking into the living area, turning the TV on, “You’ve been up since?”

“Six, Lydia and I are already done opening ours…” Scott shouted, overly excited.

“What about Mal?” Stiles quizzed.

“She didn’t go to bed until late, we’re letting her sleep.” Scott giggled, “Can’t wait to see what you got me.”

“I’m not telling you.” Stiles walked to his cupboard, taking out his cereal.

“It’s Christmas now, it’s doesn’t matter.” Scott moaned.

“I’m not telling you,” Stiles turned to the TV, “Okay Home Alone is on, makes sense in my situation, have a good day Scott.”

“Love ya bro.”

“Love ya too.” With that Stiles hung up, walking over to the sofa to sit down. He was enjoying his breakfast when a large knock at the door scared him out of his skin; he hopped up, “If this is early morning carol–” he froze as he opened the door, “Malia?”

“Hey.” In front of him was Malia Tate, wearing a thick winter coat and her blue beanie, she was coated in a thin layer of snow; she was dragging a large bag of presents behind her, including a suitcase, “Merry Christmas babe.”

Stiles laughed like a little kid, leaning forward to take her into a kiss, “Oh my god, I love you so much,” he said, taking time to look at her face, he stroked her cheek with the side of his thumb.

“Surprise,” she handed up her suitcase as she dragged the gifts in, “I got an early Christmas present from Peter yesterday, I think he’s trying to make me love him.”

“Which was?” Stiles asked.

“A plane ticket here.” She beamed, “To spent time with you, finally give us both the Christmas we deserve.”

“Yeah…this is the best Christmas ever…just amazing…you’re amazing.” Stiles grinned.

“Come on, Scott said you have open his present first or he’ll hunt you down,” she told him as they both jumped on the sofa.

“Okay, I’ll leave it till last then.”

Body Count (2/?)

Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1,230
Warnings: Mentions of anxiety
A/N: Back by popular demand is Body Count. Hope y’all love it. Requests are open
Part 1

~4 years later~

You were finally back in the city you had loved with every fiber of your being, yet everything felt different. It no longer felt like home or reminded you of your family that you had lost so many years ago. You had grown and changed, and so had your now 3 year-old daughter. You had found out you were pregnant two weeks after leaving the city, you never even bothered to tell Steve. You had done well as a single parent and you were still doing great. You switched back to a desk job and when that desk job transferred you to New York you, begrudgingly, complied. You had just finished setting up your apartment when you decided to take Sarah, named after Steve’s mother because even if you weren’t with him you still felt she fit that name best, to go get some ice cream. After tying the front section of her blonde hair into a ponytail on the top of her head you helped Sarah put on her shoes and left your apartment. After walking about a block and a half you landed in a very familiar area of town and smiled as you walked past shops filled with memories. You walked into the ice cream parlor that you had visited for the first time on a date with Steve and found yourself smiling at all the good memories floating around in the place.

In the booth in the back corner was where you had sat on your first date, Steve had gotten ice cream on his nose and you waited a good half an hour to tell him trying to see how long it would take until he noticed, he didn’t. At the bar was where you sat drinking shakes when you had snuck away from one of Tony’s parties with him, it was there you had shared the first of many kisses in that relationship. On your one year anniversary, you had sat at a table outside eating ice cream, it was there that you finally told Steve you loved him back after months of not being sure how you felt and him saying it to you anyway because he knew he meant it. Those among many memories are why this was one of your favorite places to go to when you were still with the Avengers and with Steve. You were hoping this would be a place of good memories for your daughter also.

After getting your ice creams Sarah and yourself sat in a booth by the windows and you told her about all the good memories you had with her father there. You had never kept Steve a secret from your daughter, you just never told her Steve was the hero he was. She knew her daddy had been in the army and he saved the country, she just didn’t know that when he saved it he had been a superhero. She was three so she hadn’t yet realized it wasn’t normal to not have a dad around and wouldn’t for another few years so you hadn’t had to come up with a reason why her daddy wasn’t there but you dreaded the day you did. She looked so much like Steve; she had his blue eyes, his blonde hair, and his smile, and sometimes you thought that just maybe if you had stayed she would’ve been happier but you hadn’t known at the time that she even would exist and by the time you found out it was too late, you had already burned your bridges.

“Mama?” Sarah asked pulling you out of the dark place your mind was starting to wander.

“Yes, baby?” You asked, a smile spreading across you face when you noticed the mess Sarah had made of her face.

“Um, can we go park?” Sarah asked and you nodded, grabbing a napkin and cleaning off her face, much to her dismay.

“Of course, we can go to the park,” you said smiling, picking up both your and Sarah’s empty ice cream cups and throwing them away before using a baby whip to clean off her hands so they weren’t sticky. Afterward, you walk the remaining block to the small park you would escape to periodically to sit on the swing and just think before everything that happened. Sarah immediately ran for the slides and you chuckled as she ran up to the play set. You sat off you the side on your swing that you could watch the playset from.

You noticed her talking to a boy a year or so older than her and smiled because she was making friends. You watched them playing for a while and then noticed the boy talking to an older guy, probably his father but you kept a close eye on them just in case. You noticed Sarah running up to you alone

“Mommy! Mommy!”  Sarah yelled as she ran up to your lap and grabbed your hand to drag you back to the playset. “I made a friend,” she said with a big smile on her face and you smiled too as you got dragged to meet her new friend. That is until you recognized the man he was talking to. You felt your heart beating faster and your anxiety building in your chest. You gulped and plastered on a big smile as you neared the boy and the man.

“(Y/n)?” you heard the man whisper under his breath but you chose to ignore him.

“Who’s your new friend?” you ask, looking at the little boy and smiling a fake smile.

“My name’s Nathan. My dad is Hawkeye and that’s my uncle! He is Captain America!” he said and you smiled and nodded.

“I met you before Nathaniel, I held you when you were a little baby. I used to be one of your Daddy’s friends,” you said smiling, “Why don’t you two go and play some more while the grown up’s talk?” You suggested and they ran back to the play set.

“(Y/n) is she…” Steve said trailing off and you sighed and turned to him.

“I found out after I left, I named her Sarah, after your mom,” you said looking at your feet. “She looks just like you too.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?”  He asked and you honestly didn’t know, you always told yourself you would call him the next day and tell him and when that day came you’d put it off for the next day and one day turned into a week, turned into a month, into a year, into two, turned to today and here you were standing in front of him and all you wanted to do was hug him and cry and tell him how much you missed him and wanted to tell him but you were scared. Scared you’d get hurt again. Scared he’d hurt Sarah. Scared he wouldn’t even care.

“Can we sit down and I’ll tell you everything,” you said and he nodded and you both walked back over to the swings and you did what you had wanted to do for four years. For the first time since you left New York, you actually cried.

An old man and his wife sat down next to me on the small bench. They sat there quietly, not talking, not even touching, just sitting. I thought they might be the best couple I’d ever seen. They’d probably been married about a hundred years, and only ever got in fights on Saturdays, when it was convenient, about things like who had finished off the last of the orange juice, without bothering to pick up any more at the supermarket. I guessed it had been the woman, who finished it. I don’t know why. I saw him, showing her the empty container, and her, patting him on the hand, or maybe kissing him on the head, and then driving off to buy two cartons of orange juice, and the both of them always buying two cartons of orange juice every week after that so they never had that argument again. They probably haven’t had a fight in ninety-nine years. Now he’s holding her hand, and I’m thinking I was wrong about the whole thing. Maybe they hate each other. People really interest me. They’re fascinating once you start making things up about them.  

Appropriate phases

Request: Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy! Could you do a Mordo X Reader? Where Mordo and the reader have big crushs on each other and Strange plus Wong try to play matchmaker to get them together! I really liked Mordo in the movie and have never seen an x reader on tumblr!

If there was something beside the condition of his hands, that Stephen Strange wasn’t able to bear, it was the sick game of passive-flirting that Mordo and (y/n) played. As Wong told him, the situation between those two was like this for three years already, none of them being brave enough to ask the other out, or at least confess his feelings.

At first it didn’t bothered him that much, yet after the two months of their ridiculous behavior and sending each other longing looks while they thought no one was watching them, made the Doctor sick enough for him to start doing something about that, he even included Wong in his plan of putting those two together at which the master librarian agreed instantly.
And so it went, their plan, divided into appropriate phases:

1. Show the individual what he doesn’t have:
“(y/n)!” The (h/c) haired girl looked up from her spot at which she was organizing books, at Wong, who seemed quite annoyed. Girl instantly got up from her spot and walked to him, afraid that she was the reason of his current condition. “Strange again stole some books. Be so kind and go get them back.” Nodding with slight relief in her (e/c) eyes, girl quickly run in direction of training grounds where she supposed the newest student was.
And she wasn’t wrong. There he were, training with no one other than Mordo, at whose sight, she stopped rapidly, fixing her clothing and hair quickly before they noticed her. When she assumed she looked presentable, (y/n) took a deep breath and walked to them, frowning her brow, so she wouldn’t look too happy about being around them.
Stephen was the first to notice her. He stood straight and smiled in her direction, which made Mordo turn around, searching with his eyes what made him stop the training. When he spotted (y/n) walking in their direction, he didn’t even noticed the frown on her face, he was too mesmerized with the way her hips swing when she walked, and the way her hair shone in the light of the noon sun. She was pale, not sickly, she probably wasn’t out of the library for a longer while, at least not at daytime. When girl stopped near him, Mordo quickly got out of his trance, looking at her questioningly, at which she smiled, pointing at Stephen with her thumb.
“Can I borrow Stephen for a while? Wong wants to rip his head off.” She had slightly hoarseness in her voice, like always, yet sorcerer smiled at that.
“OF course, send him my regards.”
“I surely will. Strange, where are the books you… borrowed yesterday?” Doctor smiled politely and let her drag himself back to the building, all the way, sending his friend a knowing look, waving at her body with his free hand, which made the sorcerer blush slightly.

2. Show the other individual that the first one wouldn’t always be available:
(y/n) almost felt her eyelid twitching at the sight of the list of the things she should do at the day. That was too much for only her, but apparently Wong doesn’t care, taking care of his own task at hand. Girl sighed and got to work, trying not to murmur under her nose curses at the master librarian, she did that the other day and where it lead her? Exactly where she was right now.

(y/n) was good at her job, that she was sure of, when she almost finished her list for today. She was so proud of herself that she would pat herself on the back, if she weren’t holding herself up on a simple, old-fashioned, wooden ladder, while she tried to clean the top of the last shelve that stayed for her to clean. She had smile on her face, and despite the dust, was happy of the amount of work she managed to do today. And it would staid like that if it weren’t for the sound of footsteps that made her look over her shoulder, in direction of entrance, where she noticed two personas. One of them was Mordo, at whose sight she smiled. Next to him was Lily, sorceress of the London Sanctuary who came to Kamar-Taj few days ago at the invitation of the Ancient One. (y/n) didn’t knew her well, but was aware of how polite and easygoing the woman was.
Sliding off the ladder, girl dusted herself off a little and walked to the two, eager to help with whatever they needed. Lilly smiled at the sight of her, the vibrant green eyes gleaming with kindness.
“Actually I searched for a quiet place to talk with Mordo, if you don’t mind.” Slightly raising her eyebrow (y/n) only nodded and walked to the back of the big library, not wanting to interrupt. Yet before she was out of the earshot she caught the sentence that the sorceress said. In that exact moment girl thought that she would faint. There she was, asking Mordo out.
(y/n) didn’t heard what his answer was, because she run away, not wanting to know what the man she admired and cared for would say to such gorgeous, intelligent woman.

3. Fix the stupid mistake you made in phase two of your plan.
Mordo tried to meditate, yet it wasn’t easy when his every thought was occupied with the (h/c) haired girl who for some reason didn’t spoke with him for over a week now, always finding some sorry excuse to avoid him. Sighing, he got up, completely abandoning his attempts of meditating and get out of his room, taking in a deep breath.

(y/n) was organizing books with empty expression, the visions of Mordo and Lilly in various situations playing in her head, making her more and more depressed with every passing second. That was, until she felt someone’s hand taking hold of her arm and turning her around. Girl looked up and stared tight into Mordo’s deep brown eyes with her (e/c) ones. She took a sharp breath. She didn’t expect him to be there, nor too hold her by arms, so close to himself that she was able to smell the aroma of his soap.
“Why are you avoiding me (y/n)? Is it because of what happened with Lilly? I’m sorry you had to hear that, I didn’t expect you to be there. You are my friend and I don’t want to lose that friendship.” Girl looked away from his eyes and sighed.
“I know you may want to date someone like Lilly, it’s just that I was… scared… you would leave Kamar-Taj and…”
“I said no to Lilly… I’m not interested in her…” He let go of her and cleared his throat a little. “I would never leave Kamar-Taj, not without you at least, you are my best friend.” (y/n) smiled at that, slight blush forming on her face.

4. Get impatient of the individuals lack of cooperation and take matter in your hands:
“Oh for God sake. She loves you!” Both (y/n) and Mordo looked in direction of the voice, only to see Stephen and Wong, trying to hide behind one of the shelves, not quite fast enough. Mordo snapped his head in (y/n)’s direction, hope in his eyes, and heart hammering in his chest.
“You… is it true?”
“I…” She cleared her throat, blush only growing on her face.
“He loves you too!” At Stephen’s another shout, (y/n) looked at Mordo, but before she was able to say anything, he bowed his head down, capturing her lips with his own, conforming his friend’s words.

5. Run

I’m looking at those pics and it seems like these past two years never existed. They’re today exactly how we left them in 2015: awkward, cold, annoyed. The only difference is, 2015 was the last straw of almost 4 years of spotting and faking. Now?! She signed up again after a break, after realising she was sinking. But she still dares acting like she’s bothered by it. Fuck off honestly. Karma’s gonna catch you.

anonymous asked:

Did "Mr-wants-to-be-like-mom" Alex ever try to get into a rebellious phase when he hit his teen years? (i see "Mr-Armin-clone" trying, but failing (badly!)) Or not really bothering with it? (after he witnessed Abby's scene phase (Avery certainly will NEVER forget it! XD))

I feel like he tried for maybe an hour (”You know what dad how about you clean YOUR room?!”) but tbh he’s just. Too much of a good boy it doesn’t stick. Like his scene phase lasts all of two weeks, which Armin especially is relieved about (Annie thought it was hilarious), and he just legit writes his parents a formal apology.

He’s like his dad though in the fact that he like. Will call out teachers and students and such if they’re spewing blatant lies and BS and he’s not afraid to stand up to/for people (honestly for as much as he wants to be like mom he is so Armin it hurts lmao), especially for girls since not only does he have three sisters, but Annie made sure to raise him as a good respectful feminist. BUT that’s not really rebellious, that’s just him being a decent person.

anonymous asked:

have you ever had evil roommates?

well i’ve had the same roommate for the last few years but my other two roommates this year aren’t the best. like they aren’t TERRIBLE but there are somethings i wish they wouldn’t and would do like wash their dishes more often (but i don’t think that’s fair because i wash my dishes right after they’re used and i know not a lot of people have the same habit) or help sweep up the floors more often since it’s their hair in random places anyway. they also walk really like….heavy? like almost stomping with their heels and we have wood floors so the vibration from the sound bothers my ears A LOT (i have really sensitive ears) but i also feel like it’s unfair to ask someone to change how they walk so i just wear my headphones most of the time when i’m home.

Cautionary Poly: The Lone Unicorn Hunter

My introduction to polyamory was two online friends in the late 1990s. At the time, I was a recently-married twenty-year-old and I could not for the life of me wrap my head around why they bothered getting married if they weren’t going to be monogamous. I got the open relationship aspect, but why marriage? I mean, it’s not like they’d made it sound great. There’d maybe been some sort of problem immediately after their wedding with miscommunication and a previous partner of his? It was all very vague and they didn’t want to talk about it.

Twenty is not a great age to get married, and my relationship broke up fast. Even though they lived halfway across the country, my friends offered a room when all my other options eventually faded away or blew up. I got on a plane and visited them first. They were as great as I thought, so I went home, packed up my car, and made the drive.

Had I known more about polyamory at the time, the red flags would’ve all been there: the “miscommunication” after their wedding, his lifelong dream of having two wives setting aside her lifelong dream of a monogamous marriage. But I was absolutely clueless, and was starting to see how this polyamory thing might work. Their relationship seemed so strong that his attraction to someone else—to me—didn’t appear to shake it in the least. We kept it on a friendly level, though.

A few weeks later, I realized I was not ready to live so far away from my family and everything I’d ever known. As I was making plans to go home, she shrugged and told him he could make a move if he wanted since I was leaving anyway. It was okay with her, or so I thought. It turned out it wasn’t okay, at all. She was going through incredibly difficult emotional and physical problems, and I only realized afterward that it was likely that he had worn her down until she reluctantly agreed.

The result was an absolute mess. When she was at her lowest, he focused on me, ignoring the needs—actual needs, not wants—of his primary partner. They fought, in front of me, and I felt absolutely powerless. The fight got physical. I left soon after.

Somehow, this didn’t sour me on polyamory. Instead, I felt like I had been in a bad situation, and we were all in the wrong: her for not verbalizing her needs, him for being selfish, and me for not realizing her pain and drawing my own boundaries. A few years later, all of us supposedly wiser, we decided to try it again. I’d recently gotten out of a long-term relationship and was looking for a place to heal. I had a child, they had children, and we wanted to be a big family together.

I could get into all the little incompatibilities, but that’s not why I’m writing this. The second visit to them was when I truly understood the Lone Unicorn Hunter and how damaging his mindset is. Unlike couples who are looking for unicorns together, the Lone Unicorn Hunter has a partner but he will cluelessly step over her, broken and bloody, if he thinks he’s getting close to his perfect set-up. He does nothing about the fact she’s hurting; he thinks he cares but, if he did, he’d pay attention to her instead of the possible unicorn. The unicorn’s feelings will also be ignored on this quest; when I told this Lone Unicorn Hunter that I wasn’t quite ready to move on emotionally from my recently-ended relationship, he kept arguing with me that I actually was, kept trying to push me physically and emotionally past where I was comfortable. I tapped out pretty quickly, annoyed beyond belief that he was not listening to me. I started to put a lot of things together; the way he treated her was put into a different context. It wasn’t miscommunication. It wasn’t a lack of drawing boundaries. Even when I tried to set them, he stepped over them. She and I were there to fulfill his fantasy of having two wives, not people with our own desires and needs. I was angry for myself and livid for her.

After I left the second time, she went through one more round of “ignore the wife when a possible contender for second wife came into the picture” before she, too, tapped out and left him. She was bitter about polyamory for a long time afterward, and is happily, monogamously married now. She has no interest in ever being polyamorous again.

I stayed polyamorous. Despite my truly awful introduction into polyamory, I learned a major lesson from the Lone Unicorn Hunter: there are people out there who can talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they are bad partners because they will always put a fantasy scenario ahead of the realities of the people they are in relationships with. Once I got that, they were so easy to spot: they will trash boundaries, push limits, and try to justify everything they do with words that don’t quite add up. They are to be avoided at all costs. They are the ones who say they have a primary, but they treat their primary like a second-class citizen in pursuit of that second partner. I wish I could say I never met another Lone Unicorn Hunter again, but I have. I try not to engage, but it’s tough when there’s a person being hurt for not giving up their own needs in service of someone else’s.

On my end of things, I gained experience in how to clearly state what I want or need, and I gained the self-confidence to break things off when the situation wasn’t what I was looking for. Sadly, it was the mirror of another woman being hurt that taught me to see when things weren’t good for myself, but as a result, my relationships since then have been much more healthy.

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This paints a picture in my mind

I knew a guy in college that would wrestle at 174lbs, then in the offseason quickly balloon to 215-225 pounds…he looked exactly like ___ does in those pics as well…just all around fat…he would come into season with 44% body fat and work his way down to like 12.

After two years of that though he ended up going 184 instead….all american twice.

The point is, he got like that from doing absolutely nothing in the offseason. He was so sick of training like an absolute madman in wrestling for 7 months out of the year that for the remaining 5 months he would just play Halo, eat hot dogs, and occasionally get off his ass to check the adult friendfinder…yes, he was sooo worn out from wrestling he couldn’t even be bothered to leave the house for sex.