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Bellamy’s Season 5 Arc - Speculation

The 100 tends to follow a pattern with Bellamy and Clarke, and their so-called “dark arcs”. They almost seem to be on alternating schedules. For instance, Bellamy’s first dark arc was Season 1, where he was played off as the antagonist (until he got more fleshed out and started working WITH Clarke, versus against her). In Season 2 he was, for the most part, a hero. Then in Season 3 was his second downward spiral, and Season 4 we saw the return of him playing the hero.

Clarke was the opposite. Instead of Season 1, like with Bellamy, Clarke’s dark arc came in Season 2, with her becoming cold and shutting down her heart. Season 3 was her path out of the darkness, and in Season 4 we saw Clarke return to that dark place with her once more trying to justify her actions as “the only choice”. 

There’s a pattern. 

If it continues (and I think we should be prepared for it to), that would set us up for Bellamy having another dark arc in Season 5, although not in the same sense as previous seasons because he still remembers the lessons he learned then, and Clarke on the opposite schedule (like it’s been in the past). 

When we see Clarke after the six year time jump, she is full of light and hope. I have a feeling that when we see Bellamy again, it’s going to be the opposite.

Throughout Season 4, we saw Bellamy gradually starting to rely on his impulses less and start using his head more. The finale was the climax of his Season 4 arc, with all of the previous episodes leading up to the ultimate moment when he would have to close that door on Clarke, the girl he loves, in order to save his friends. 

He followed his head over his heart.

Bellamy and Clarke have often gone on parallel journeys, just in a different order. I have a feeling that Bellamy’s arc next season might not be all that different from Clarke’s in Season 2 in the sense that, after losing Clarke, he’s starting to shut down his heart and rely more on his head.

Clarke’s shift resulted from killing Finn. Bellamy’s will result from essentially “killing” Clarke by shutting that door on her. It was the right choice to make (otherwise everyone would have died) but also extremely traumatic.

I’ve seen many people being a little surprised at Bellamy’s reaction to Clarke’s “death” and how they were expecting him to cry more. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that Bellamy would try to shove those emotions down and bury them somewhere deep inside him as a coping mechanism if he believes that to honour Clarke’s memory, he has to be a more rational leader rather than an emotional one. 

The best thing to do as the leader of his people? Maybe. But the healthiest? Probably not.

Don’t misinterpret my message: it’s not that I believe Bellamy will be ALL head next season, and NO heart. I think he’s going to be a balance of both (which will make him an excellent leader) but I think that, much like Clarke in Season 2, he’s going to struggle to find his way out of the darkness as a result of some of the choices he makes leading in that way. 

We don’t know what happened in those six years yet, all we know from Jason is that it wasn’t easy for the group of seven up in space. I’m sure we’re going to see the effects of that, and the toll that it took on Bellamy as a leader (and I doubt it will be pretty).

As a somewhat related note, I wanted to talk about what this means in terms of Bellamy’s love life on the Ark, as that seems to be the topic of discussion on my dash at the moment (sans the Bellarke Extra-ness).

Everyone’s worried about Bellamy falling in love with someone else … but the finale is telling a different story. It’s telling the story of Bellamy shutting his heart down, ruling with his head (as I said before, however, I don’t think Bellamy will lead ONLY with his head - because that’s not who he is - but I believe it will be a large element of his character arc). We already saw him start to shut down his heart a bit at the end of 4x13, in the scene where he stares down at the burning Earth.

Yes, I’m sure Bellamy has grieved and “moved on” in six years. But I also think that after what has happened to him, after losing Gina, after losing Clarke - the only two girls he’s ever opened his heart to - he’s not going to be eager to jump into any relationships. Not any serious ones. 

So I’m not expecting any sort of intimate relationship between Bellamy and anyone else on the Ring that involves anything beyond sex. 

If the pattern I mentioned continues, Season 5 could very likely bring us another dark arc for Bellamy (different than previous seasons), and that would involve him closing his heart to any true romance.

(I wonder what might be a natural progression of that arc that would resolve Bellamy shutting off his heart? Hmmm … I might be able to think of one solution. ;))

Anyway, this is a super rough meta that I put together in about fifteen minutes so feel free to add. Tagging @bellamybb 


Summary: Based on this anon request-

do you think you could do a request on a character that has teleportation powers for some reason? like they were just born w them and the team/nick fury literally can’t find her until they set bucky on her, ensuing a cute lil relationship between them?? thank you if you can!!

Bucky x reader, FLUFFA LIL BIT ANGSTY, Word count: 3,636

TW: Bucky sneaks into your apartment through your window

A/N: Sorry this request took so long, anon! I tweaked it a little so the reader wasn’t exactly born with powers- it made the story flow a little better I think. I really like how this turned out though–I hope you do too!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Dammit, Natasha! Stop lying! Stuff keeps going missing off my desk and my hunch is that Fury has you stealing it, isn’t that right Nick?” said Steve, clearly irritated with the situation.

“I swear I’m not taking your shit Rogers. Just because you can’t keep track of your stuff doesn’t mean I took it. I highly doubt Nick has anything to do with it either,” hissed Natasha.

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anonymous asked:

HEY DER! I completely love your Day and Night AU! I was just wondering if they sometimes hold celebrations/events at the Sky Court or the Sun/Moon Reamls for like eclipses and such? (Cause I don't plan on writing a fic and/or draw somethin about that...)

OMG!! i read a lot of fics taking the eclipses as a gala/banquet or any form of celebration and i think that is the most wonderful thing!! i love it!!! but eclipses only last so long and for me i picture eclipses as private moments between them. like when an eclipse happens they order their council to leave so they would have those seven minutes along together. man i just picture them dancing in those seven minutes but that’s just my take on it anon!! 

i’m going to give a little bit of a back story on this too just because haha. i thought of this right after reading this fic and then making this post lmao anyway

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What can I do? (Solarpunk edition)

It warms my heart to see so much support and interest in solarpunk! I know a lot of people are wondering how they can contribute, and hopefully this answers most questions.

Firstly, I think everyone has something they can contribute–even simply listening and sharing is a HUGE help for solarpunk as a whole. Arts, design, fashion, architecture, engineering, farming, forestry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, travel/transit, fiction/nonfiction writing, industry, politics, education… whatever you work with, whatever your passions or hobbies are, you have something to contribute.

Solarpunk does not just mean solar-powered, in the same way Steampunk does not only refer to steam power.

It means looking towards a brighter future, for all of us sharing this Earth. It means seeing the options we’ve been shown for the future (post apoc trash or corporate dystopias) and saying “I refuse to accept this”.

Solarpunk is our present day -punk genre. It has the ability to spread and enact true change, if we nurture it enough.

And in that vein, to answer the question “What can I do?” We can break down solarpunk into three branches (for now):

Diversity: celebrating our differences, being empathetic, understanding and sharing multiple perspectives. Diversity in our sociopolitical lives as well as diversity for our ecosystems and economies.

Accessibility: advancement in technology cannot truly help humanity if certain classes or countries cannot access them. Disabilities (physical and mental) must be accounted for when we redesign cities for people; we must ensure everyone can get around them.

Sustainability: our current for-profit system is killing us and the beautiful creatures we share our planet with. We are wardens of Earth; we are here to protect and nurture it. Production based on need not profit, and de-industrialized agriculture. Communities should be able to function independently from the whole, in terms of necessities (food, water, power, shelter).

Along with these branches, I believe there are three other movements that will inevitably intersect with Solarpunk, if they haven’t already.

Permaculture: bringing back ancient/indigenous/sensible farming practices that we lost or considered “primitive”. Agroforestry, crop rotation, urban/vertical farming are good places to start.

Right-To-Repair: in response to companies like Apple denying our ability to maintain our own devices, there is a large movement dedicated to repairing tech in order to elongate their life cycle and prevent further waste. Why buy a phone every two years, when we could upgrade one continuously over ten?

Afrofuturism: Africa is finally beginning to get back on its feet after the imperialist Rape of Africa era. African Americans are strengthening their voices and cultural ties in this Eurocentric digital age. I cannot properly do this movement justice; it isn’t my voice that should be telling you. Supporting and uplifting the voices within this movement is crucial to not only Solarpunk, but to the wider goal of harmony and reparation.

The most important facet of Solarpunk is perspective: not everything will work for everyone, and listening to marginalized people is absolutely essential to growing our movement.

Be safe, be kind, and spread some love.

Nancy Drew Gothic
  • You drop your purse. An eyeball falls out. Then two, then nine. You hastily try to shove the eyeballs back but they are rolling away from you. They spill out of your bag; too many eyeballs to retrieve.
  • At some point in time your friends will eventually pull off their disguises. They are Dwayne Powers. All of them are Dwayne Powers.
  • Walking long distances makes you black out. You arrive at your destination with an empty stretch in your memory. How did you get there? What happened along the way? You never remember the answers.
  • You have a boyfriend but you’ve never seen or touched him. “He’s real. I’m sure he’s real,” you whisper to yourself. But the doubts never dissipate.
  • Sometimes you touch an innocuous-seeming object and you hear the distant sound of a chicken clucking. Your pockets are now filled with eggs.
  • You have impossibly tangible memories from the 1930s. A familiar voice echoes through your mind as you drift off to sleep. “Drop a nickel into the slot, please.” You dream in black and white.
  • Every morning you pick flowers until the fateful day when the bees attack.
  • “Please come to Massachusetts,” your friend pleads. You agree and book a flight. But the day never comes. “Soon,” you promise. “I’ll be there soon.”  Months go by. Then a year. You still haven’t been to Massachusetts.
  • You eat a bowl of clam chowder. You spin a wheel and the prize is a whale watching tour. You eat more clam chowder and try to remember a time when you could smell something other than fish. After your third bowl of clam chowder, you spin the wheel again but it always lands on the whale watching tour. The fog rolls in. You order another bowl of clam chowder.
The Shape of the World

Title: The Shape of the World

Author: @bixgirl1

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 48,276

Era: Post Hogwarts, EWE

Warning/Content: Memory Loss (Harry)

Summary: Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco’s life is finally getting back in order. Until, that is, he sees a familiar face that has been missing since that last awful morning of the war. When has knowing Potter done anything other than complicate his life? Although, for two people such as Potter and Malfoy, how can they fall in love except to put aside their preconceived notions about one another?

Comment: I’m not usually one for memory loss fics because they frustrate me and I like the dynamics between Harry and Draco when they both know who the other is, but damn, this fic was good. So good that it made me fall in love with a trope I never thought I could fall for in the first place. Everything about this story is fascinating, intense and poignant—from the very start when Draco and Harry meet again in California five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, at the end of which Harry mysteriously disappeared and was declared dead by the wizarding world, to the very last lines: a perfect ending to such an incredible fic. It’s gorgeously written too; I loved Draco’s voice so very much, allowing us to see first hand all the ways in which he changed himself and became a better person, with a vulnerability that he can never really hide from Harry, and most importantly, from himself. There were times when I cried, times when I laughed, times when I cried again, and times when I was so happy my face hurt. As always, I don’t want to spoil anything but basically this is the story of Draco helping Harry regain his memories, and them finding their way into each other’s life all over again. A garanteed favourite, trust me!

I’m gonna ramble about Desert Glass

-I don’t think she’s corrupted. My proof? Well, it’s mostly reasoning. Why would the Crystal Gems put a corrupted gem in an object instead of a bubble? Additionally, if they knew she can control sand, then why would they leave her in a desert? So this leads me to believe she was put in that pillow before the corruption bomb, so she should be fine.
-Sort of, because we know how fucked up a gem can be after thousands of years of imprisonment. I want her to be mad at the gems and at the same time ecstatic about her freedom. I’d like it if she used sand to battle the Crystal Gems while she happily exclames to herself “I’m free! I’m finally free!”.
-I made a design of her not so long ago and I like the idea of her having no eyes ?? Just something I thought of. So she’d be blind.
-In order to make up for her lack of vision, maybe she has the ability to sense the presence of gems (something that a few other gems have shown to possess, but not all). She can tell the difference between different “races” of gems, too. I like to think she thought Steven was some sort of defective Rose Quartz at first.
-She and Lapis could bond maybe ?? I don’t want her to get barned by any means, but I think Lapis would relate to her. Desert Glass on the other hand would be a little bitter (“How come they freed YOU and not ME?”). Though she doesn’t hate her and feels bad that she also spent millenia trapped in an object.
-So maybe she could go to live in the desert and build structures from time to time, but always making sure she doesn’t cause any trouble (this of course would only happen after her redemption arc).

Roommates Pt 1

Short series, so there will be another chapter coming up. slightly mature. A lot of drama. Justin moves in with Y/N, it causes complications.

“Yeah, its no problem!”

“Thank you Y/N, i’m sorry for asking last minute, it’s just cause you’re living close by and i really didn’t know who to ask and you were the first person that came to min-

“It’s fine Jaz” I say again.

“Ok. I love you. I promise we’ll catch up later.”

“Yeah bye Jaz.”

I hang up the phone. I let out a well deserved sigh. When your best friend of nearly 10 years calls, whines and cries like a little 5 year old, asking desperately for a favour, you just can’t say no. Jazmyn’s younger brother suddenly needs a place to stay for a while because he ‘accidentally’ got kicked out by his roommates. I mean there had to be a good reason for you to get kicked out. I just hope he isn’t a handful to look after. I hope he isn’t that messy roommate who doesn’t pay rent, eats all the food and comes home at 3 in the morning. I really liked having a small home to myself and wasn’t really looking for a roommate just yet. But I guess I can’t really do anything now. I guess Justin could stay here for a while, just until he could get back on his feet. 

I’ve known Justin for 10 years as well. Justin, Jazmyn and I use to run around their house and play together when we were young, like I was the third sibling. But I haven’t seen him since he was 15. I really no idea if he had changed or not. I just hope that he hasn’t like they say he has. Apparently he was a massive playboy, an arrogant immature ‘jerk’. 

“Knock, knock.” 

A sudden knock at the door appears. I didn’t really expect a friend today, so I’m guessing it was Justin’s arrival. I quickly walk up to open the door. Wow he really did change. He was tall, muscular and his hair was a dirty blonde. He wasn’t the little floppy haired boy i remembered. 

“Hey Y/N” he says cheerfully. 

He had a backpack on and a duffle bag along with him and not to mention a huge smile on his face. 

“Wow, you look really different Y/N” He smiles cheekily at me. 

“I could say the same about you.” 

I giggly jump at him, wrapping my arms around his structured frame, with his left arm still holding onto his luggage. He really did grow up nicely. Well what did i expect, he’s 20 years old now, we all change overtime but this boy definitely changed a lot in the 5 year span. 

“Uhh, Y/N” he slightly coughs out. 

I didn’t realise how tight I was hugging him. I quickly jump back, ripping my body away from his. He still had his white sneakers on, his backpack on and heavy luggage in his hand. 

“Oh sorry. I’ll show you your room. Follow me.” 

I lead us to the spare room which is next to mine. 


I dramatically wave my arms towards pretty empty room. I mean it had a bed, closet, side table and a clear desk for him. Jazmyn had left this room last year and i haven’t had anyone stay here since so it was pretty new beside a few decorations she left behind. 

“I hope this is ok” I clutch my hands together tightly, nervous that he wouldn’t like it or something. 

“Uhh make yourself at home. you can change it if you want to. I don’t mind. It’s just that Jazmyn left all her fake cactus plants here because she didn’t want the vase to crack while moving the-“ 

“Y/N” he speaks, knocking me out of my rambling mess. 

I look up to meet his brown pupils. He looks back at me. I didn’t even realise how light his eyes were. He had such nice eyes. The colour was a perfect honey brown. His skin was even nicer. It was a perfect light tan, it was so smooth, not a blemish in sight. 

“Uhh…Y/N. I’ll just settle in now.” 

I snap of my eye candying.

I quickly look down to hide the warmth quickly approaching my face. Gosh what was I thinking. I quickly turn around and walk out the door a bit faster than normal. I smack myself mentally. He had been here for 5 minutes and you’ve already made him feel uncomfortable. Get yourself together! I march pass his room and to my room. Frankly still mad at my past actions. This was not how you greet your guests! I needed to find my wallet and phone. I had to meet my boyfriend at 12pm and only had 5 minutes left. I quickly rip off my pj’s and change. I kneel down to my bedside table, grabbing my belongings. 

“Justin! I’m going out for a while.” 

I call out his name in a hurry, slipping on my white converse shoes. I jump up and peck my head at his door, wondering if he had heard me. He was slumped on his bed, clicking on his phone. He peers up at me. 


“Ok, see ya, don’t hesitate to call me. I have to meet someone in 5 minutes or –else we could definitely hang out.” 

I quickly smile before rushing out the door.                                                                          

“Sorry.” I quickly apologize before slipping into the opposite seat from my boyfriend. 

“Seriously, Y/N. Why are you always late.” 

He narrows his eyes at me, disappointment written all over his face. 


“Stop saying sorry, you were like freaking 1 hour late. what the fuck were you even doing.” 

“Uh, I had to-“ 

“Whatever Y/N.” 

He waves his hand in front my my face, almost like shooing a fly away and rolls his eyes. He grips his drink and sips his coffee, ignoring me completely. 

“I said I’m sorry, ok?” 

I hated when Andrew was like this. He always would hold grudges over the smallest things. 

“Whatever. Ok Y/N. Just order something and we’ll go home.” He says emotionless, eyes not leaving his phone screen. 

Not being able to stand him anymore, I stand up and pace myself out of the shop. We were suppose to finally have a date, after weeks, he finally agreed to go out with me on a ‘date’ to ‘enjoy’ each other’s company for what felt like freaking 10 years. We had been together over 1 year now. Andrew was not like his the first months of dating but now he acts so harshly towards me, almost treating me like a stupid damn dog, even a dog would get better treatment. 

“C'mon! stop being a dramatic bitch and come here Y/N!” 

I spin my body around, fire igniting all over. We were standing outside a coffee shop and were going to have an argument again. This situation was so familiar. I did not want to put up with this again. I scoff at him and think about stupid we looked as a couple. I stomp into my car and drive back home, desperately needing to shut myself in my room, blast my music so loud until the neighbours make a complaint. 

I march into my house, slamming the door before slipping off my sneakers and walk to get a cold drink of juice. I grab the whole carton and take a big gulp. The cold beverage felt so relaxing. 

“Ughh” I sigh out loud appreciation. 

I see why this juice was slightly pricier than the others. It’s promised ‘refreshing’ taste was definitely refreshing. I spot Justin walking out of his room. 


“Hey Y/N. Did you just get back?” 

He walks towards the couch, plopping himself down. I take a seat on the kitchen stool. 

“Well, have you settled in fine?” 

“Yeah, I know where everything is. I didn’t know i get my own bathroom.”

 “Yeah, you do. It’s more convenient that it’s linked to your room right?” 

He stands up and re seats himself across the marbled counter top. He plops his hands under his face. His face was only a centimeter away from mine, his breathing warm, flattering against mine. 

“You look nice today.” He says casually. 

I wore a long sleeve crop and a cute skirt, nothing really special. 

“Were you on a date or..?” He speaks again. 

Wow his face was too close for my liking. I nervously inch away from him, a little scared i make a stupid mistake, especially when i was in this state. 

“Not really.” I say, ignoring the fact i was lying, I did not call that a ‘date’. 

The door flies open, revealing a Angry Andrew. 

“What is going on Y/N.” 

He quickly eyes between you two, eyes still blazing with fire from the earlier argument. He storms in and yells at you, totally ignoring the fact their was a guest in the room. 

“He’s my roommate. Jazmyn’s brother.” 

“When the fuck did you get a roommate?!” He raises his voice, angry at the fact you didn’t tell him. 

Well I’ve been trying to tell you, idiot. 

“Why didn’t you tell me! When did Jazmyn get a brother? Why didn’t you discuss this with me first?!” He continues to fire ridiculous questions at me. 

“I’ll just go..” Justin finally speaks, his voice reminding me he was still here. 

“ok, sorry for-“ I try to apologize for Andrew’s unwelcoming outburst. 

“Y/N. Come here. Now.” 

Andrew deathly eyes out his instruction, voice loud and serious, ignoring the fact I was trying to apologise to Justin, ignoring the fact we were not alone. He made me look so weak and pathetic. I hated this feeling. I felt like crawling under a rock at this point. Andrew was always demanding, angry and controlling. But he did not need to do this in front of Justin. 

“Fucking come here!” He yells even louder, his voice rising a hundred times more. I quickly stand up and walk towards him. He yanks my arm harshly, pulling me towards him. 

“Can we do this outside.” 


I drag him into my room, away from Justin. I shut the door before spinning on my heels. I didn’t know how to start this conversation suddenly, not really having any energy to keep up with him. 


“He’s Jazmyn’s brother, he’s in college. He just moved in this afternoon.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Y/N you know I want to know what’s going on in your life!” 

He clutches my hands, bringing them together. I sigh softly, completely drained from fighting. 

“Don’t worry ok? I love you. Only you.” 

I wrap my arms around his waist, wanting to wrap this conversation up. 

“Sorry Y/N” He says as he wraps his arms around my neck. 

I mentally sigh. I prayed this wouldn’t happen again, even though i knew it would definitely happen again.

I finally reach home after a long day at work. Gosh my ankles hurt. I couldn’t wait till I take a warm shower and freaking sleep! I needed sleep! I open the door, slinging my bag onto the couch. I groan at the comfy couch beneath me. Maybe I shouldn’t have a shower and should just fall asleep now. 

Justin suddenly walks out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He casually walks into the kitchen, completely unaware of Y/N coming home. 

I hear sudden footsteps. I see Justin freaking half naked, his bare structured torso glistening. He was too much. This was too much. Before I could escape, he spots me. 

“Oh hey Y/N.” 

I smile briefly at him. 

Keep your eyes up. Keep your eyes up. Be normal. I mean I’ve seen many guys half naked, i didn’t know why this was any different. 

“I just came back from the gym and decide to take a shower.” 

He lightly chuckles, reaching up to run his fingers through his damp hair. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stand up completely. 

“Uhhh- I’ll just take a quick shower too.” 

I keep my head down, unable to look anywhere but the ground. I didn’t trust myself. I quickly pace myself to the shower.

“Can we catch a movie today?” 

“Y/N I’m busy today, how about tomorrow?” 

“You always say that.” 

“C’mon babe dont be like that. You know i’m busy at work. I promise tomorrow ok?” 


I hang up before mumbling a bye. I put on a random movie. After a while i was starting to get bored and cold. 

“Justin!” I yell for him from the living room. 

After a moment he stumbles out of his room, looking groggy. He wore a black hoodie and grey shorts. Wow he looked like a model even though he just woke up. Why did he even stay in school, he should’ve just went out and became a model. This kid. 

“Mhmm, what is it?” 

His voice rough and deep, making my insides jump a little. On the other hand he looked as if we wanted to drop dead, his eyes were barely open, his hair ruffled and messy. 

“Can you keep me company?” 

I really missed Andrew and he was never around. I haven’t seen him in nearly a week! I mean Justin and I did get closer the past week, even though i always went work and he was always at college or out with friends. I just secretly hoped I wasn’t pushing the boundaries right now or made him feel uncomfortable. Was I asking for too much? 


His facial expression were hard to make out, not really knowing what he was thinking. Did i seem desperate? 

He shuffles onto the couch and lays his head on my lap, completely closing his eyes instantly. I smile, grateful that he was willing to keep me company even though under all the circumstances. It was 1am and it was so cold. I slowly drift off to sleep, my mind flying away.

“What is happening here?!” 

Andrew’s loud voice knocks me out of my dream, his voice was loud it’ll probably knock a dead person alive from it’s grave. I get up from Justin and I’s position. First thing I do was obviously explain that it was not what it looked like. 

“Andrew, we were ju-” 


I hard fucking slap to my left cheek, so hard it made me stumble back a few steps. 

Tears instantly spill from my eyes. I tightly clutch onto the heated slap. It burned so bad. It not only burned but the embarrassment that came with it. I sparely glance my eyes at Justin. He looked just as surprised as I was. He was now definitely completely awake and aware of what just happened. I rush out of the door, grabbing my keys and running to my car. I’m over this. 

“Come back here!” I hear Andrew’s voice. I ignore it. I keep walking. I walk a little faster, not sparing a second to look back. 

“Y/N” Andrew grips my wrists and spins me around at once. 

“Look at me Y/N. How could you do this? Fucking explain cause i really want to know. W-was it him? Did he seduce you?” 

“Its over Andrew.” 


I don’t reply for a moment. I had no breath left. He repeats his question again, still not believing his ears. 

“You heard me.” 

He scoffs loudly at me. I turn away, out of his grip and continue to walk to my car. 

“You fucking bitch. I can’t believe you’ll cheat on me like this. Now you’re walk away from me?! Seriously? All because that stupid kid appeared in your house two weeks ago.” 

I ignore him, especially his last comment.

“Cheers to being single!” 

You raise your what felt like 100th shot in the air, clinking glasses with a few of your workmates. You gurgle the stinging liquid down your throat. Gosh this felt relaxing. You felt out of this world. You felt the sadness fade away completely.

“Another one!” 

After a couple more hours, everyone insisted we finish up. You hazily stumble your way to the car. After a hell of a car ride you walk to the door. You were so glad you didn’t get hit and extra glad you didn’t hit anyone. You pound repeatedly onto the door, being too lazy to find the key and open it yourself. 


You let my body clash against his, allowing your whole body weight to be supported by his. 

“Woah woah, slow down Y/N. Are you drunk?” 

He holds me up, examining you with a worried expression. You wore a tight black dress, done your hair and makeup, surely you looked nice. You confidently make a move. 

“Let’s have some fun today.” 

As seductively as you could, you touch down his chest through his white tee. You bite my lip in anticipation as you feel his muscles through the thin fabric. He really did get hot in the past five years. You glance down eagerly, wanting to see what was under these clothes already. You could hear his breathing getting heavy, which was a good sign to carry on. You slip your hands under his shirt, feeling his warm smooth skin. You could hear his breath hitch. You push him against the wall before dropping to your knees. He stands still, his breath unsteady and shaky. 


You palm him through his sweatpants. 


You peer your eyes up at him. 

“Please just stop this.” 

He grabs your wrists away from his hardening crotch. He was getting harder by the second, even by look at the sight of you being on your knees in front of him. He glances down at you, your eyes seductive as ever, hair blown out as ever and dress sexier than ever. Fuck, this was harder than he thought. 

“Does Justin not like me?” 

You pout your lips out. Justin scoffs mentally, you did not know how much he wanted you. 

“Just stop.” 

Justin almost begs you stop torturing him. You were drunk. He didn’t want you to make a mistake. He forcefully walks away with all the self control he had left and stomps to his room to take care of his now current problem.

You wake up to a pounding headache. Wow what even happened last night? Not a blink of what happened yesterday travels back. You slump out of bed. You glance down to notice you were still in yesterday’s dress. 

You sigh in disappointment. You remembered you went out to drink with your workmates, no wonder you had a nasty hangover. You wriggle out of your dress and take a fresh shower to clean off your dead body. 

Almost zombie like, you slump your way to the kitchen. You spot justin eating his colourful fruit loops. Justin takes another bite despite aware of your presence. He tries to ignore you. 

“Justin, morning.” 

You hazily greet him. 

Justin recognizes the fact you were so normal, your voice steady like usual. You didn’t remember yesterday. But Justin on the other hand remembered it all too clearly. 

“Y/N, do you remember yesterday?”

ianwaffles  asked:

You found the finale of avatar disappointing, I was wondering if you'd elaborate further? I really enjoy the finale and while I still notice its flaws I find that I was ultimately satisfied with the conclusions for the characters and the scene at Irohs Tea shop I think was a perfect final scene for the gaang, (though I still find the kataang at the end disingenuous) Love this blog! its great to see Avatar dissected so thoroughly even after all these years!

Let me clarify that I was not at all disappointed at the time of my first viewing, being overwhelmed by the spectacle and all of the emotions around the series coming to an end. I still really enjoy the finale; however, Aαng’s character arc doesn’t stand up as well to rewatching as the others’ do.

Aαng had four major lessons to learn in order to become the Avatar:

1.     You can’t run away from your problems. Aαng has trouble with running away in episodes like “The Storm” and “The Desert”, the byproduct of being an airbender. He had to grow and develop, for example in “Siege of the North” and “Day of Black Sun”, to stand his ground and be there for his friends when he is needed. But in the finale, when his friends are pointing out that he has to kill the Firelord, he throws a tantrum and storms off. Later, when he is actually battling Ozai, he ends up hiding inside a ball of Earth just like he was when he was frozen in a ball of ice after running away from home. It’s baffling that this parallel was intentional, considering the lack of character growth it suggests.

2.     In order to master the bending disciplines, you must master their mindsets. Aαng constantly repeats and preaches about the wisdom of the monks, and tries to keep their culture intact. However, we see over and over again in the show that Aαng is not just an airbender; in order to be the Avatar, he has to value all the Four Nations as one. But in the finale, just look at how he takes the advice of Avatars past! Rather than listen respectfully before making his decision, he discards one piece of advice after another, not trying to find what is best for the world, but only looking for something that will validate him and his particular beliefs until Yangchen chides him for it. He even says of his elemental opposite, “I knew I shouldn’t have asked Kyoshi!”, and concludes, “Maybe an airbender will know where I’m coming from!” This is not indicative of an Avatar who treats the wisdom of all four nations with equal weight.

3.     In order to control the Avatar State, you must clear your chakras. The entirety of Book 2 built up to the moment when Aαng had to let Katara go in order to master the Avatar State. But as we move toward the Book 3 finale, we see Aang more and more attached to Katara—not just loving her, but possessive, jealous, and entitled. Then in “Sozin’s Comet: Avatar Aαng,” Aαng’s chakra gets cleared by a convenient rock with no spiritual input, leaving his control of the Avatar State in the hands of luck, rather than self-discipline.

4.     You must work hard in order to achieve your goals. Aαng was an airbending prodigy growing up; like Azula, he never had to work hard to achieve mastery over his element. So throughout the show, one of his challenges was having to accept that there were things he wasn’t a natural at, such as earthbending. Sometimes, as with firebending, he would have to come back to an element and discard his preconceived notions about it in order to succeed.

But in the finale, Aαng doesn’t have to work hard to master energybending. He doesn’t have to work at all! He swims to the lion turtle in a semiconscious state; he has the ability to energybend handed over effortlessly; he masters the discipline in an instant, with no training, and is successful the very first time he tries it.  This flies in the face of episodes like “The Deserter”, “The Guru”, and “Bitter Work”, all of which stress that patience and perseverance are more rewarding than instant power-ups and superior bending skills.

Sadly, Aαng’s  role in the finale didn’t do justice to all of the struggling and maturing that he had experienced beforehand; neither did it reinforce preexisting messages that the show had taught us. The Kαtααng endgame was just the last in a long line of “achievements” that Aαng, by the show’s own standards, was not entitled to, but gained anyway because he was the hero and had to come out on top.

Drunk Confessions

A/N: This is a request I’ve been asked to keep anonymous. Thank you for the request. I hope you enjoy it. Publishing for Fluffy Rafi Friday for @yourtropegirl’sRaúl Esparza Appreciation Week. Thanks @larkistin for my Rafi and @minidodds for the beta!

The Cheshire cat grin on your face could only be explained by one thing, or rather person, Rafael Barba.

He had been your best friend since your Harvard days. The two of you had met in Dudley Garden, your secluded retreat, secretly tucked away between the end of Wigglesworth Hall and Lamont Library. It hadn’t been the best of meetings.

You were sneaking away to your hideaway during your free period. Your teachers had said medical school wouldn’t be easy and they’d been right. But it wasn’t the science that was troubling you, it was the social interactions, the need to be outgoing and vivacious all the time. It was hard work prompting a persona which didn’t come naturally to you. This was why you often took the chance to escape and revel in the natural beauty and solitude that the garden provided.

Except that your sanctuary had been invaded, by a rather handsome boy with scruffy hair. He was sitting under your favorite tree, nose buried in a law book. Biting your lip, you stood rooted to the spot, contemplating your choices. Just as you made up your mind to quietly slip away, the boy … well young man, looked up.

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Edgy and plastic

Massive wall of text inbound, be warned

It’s been two years since I made that blue blog header/series logo, so I thought it was time for an update. This isn’t the RB 4 poster, I’m just sick of seeing that awful blue header everywhere RB is mentioned. I took a lot of inspiration from 2001 art and posters. I mean, I’m not a pro graphic artist (yet), but I tried to make it cool.

Finally some good news: Anonymous is officially halfway finished. Yeah, it’s taken me this long to get it only halfway finished. This has not been the easiest past few months for me in terms of productivity, and I feel kinda crappy about it, but it’s not worth getting mad at myself over anymore.

When will Anonymous be posted? May. 

I have a plan: I’m going to release Anonymous and the new Halo highlight video a few days away from each other. This is because lately my channel blew up (13k+ subs in a month) and Halo fans now outweigh Bionicle fans. I’m making Halo fans the priority only because they’re new, and a Bionicle video might make them a little confused. So if they see a Halo video, they won’t care about the Bionicle video coming a few days later. (After that I’ll be looking at both halo and Bionicle content with the same level of priority, the Halo fans can be as confused as they want)

Minor concerns

My camera’s in some bad shape. This poor thing has been put through a lot, it’s served it’s duty. Because of this I’m going to try buying a new camera before I start filming RB 4. RB 4 might be delayed a little bit more because of it, but I would absolutely love my swan song to Bionicle be filmed with a camera with greater quality (looking at the canon 80D at the moment, if you have recommendations for other similar-tier canon SLRs hit me up).

(My camera will probably survive completing Anonymous tho so don’t worry)

RB 4

Geez, this is really starting to become reality. A story I’ve been piecing together and imagining for roughly two years is going to be made. It’s really cool.

I’ve said it before, I’m gonna say it again: this thing is huge. So huge that I might need to tone it down. I’m worried that I might not be able to finish filming scenes that take place outside before the snow starts to fall. Hell, I don’t even have the screenplays written yet, and by this time I had RB 3 all written (although my life is substantially different than when I wrote RB 3) But if I pull this project off how I imagined it, this is going to be the best thing I’ve ever made.

Has it seriously been 2 years since RB 3? Good god, man.

Last stuff

I can’t believe people are still fans of the series even after almost a year of no new installments. Hell, I’ve been re-watching some of the old RB 3 episodes and I think they’re kinda garbage. People liked this?

I guess they really do, because people still talk to me about it. I get the occasional shirt order. It’s quoted all over. People still care. I don’t know what to say other than thanks for still being here, even during my struggle to get better. The day Anonymous is posted will be almost a “revival” of RB itself. When that day comes, the final chapter of RB will begin, and it’s going to be ridiculous.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me, hopefully it’ll pay off one day.

anonymous asked:

I've had Persephone contact me a couple times and we've had wonderful talks and I would like to make an altar so we can finally CONNECT since she's chosen me. Any suggestions as to what to put on her altar and what to continue you with in order to become closer with her after?

Things to put on an altar for Persephone can be:

~ fresh flowers, which can then be dried and left on the altar

~ an offering dish

~ candles (floral scents come to mind)

~ a statue depicting Her

~ artificial flowers to stay year-round when fresh flowers aren’t available

Like the other altar lists, it’s small. Check around in the tags to find more ideas. 

As far as connecting with Her more goes, talk to Her. Offer to Her daily, pray to her morning and night, participate in ritual worship. In my experience with the Theoi, the more you worship, the more engulfed in the gods you will feel. 

Good luck.


I love my boyfriend. After nine years of dating, I finally told him that it really bugged me that I didn’t understand the layout of his house– like, I couldn’t tell if one of bathrooms shared a wall with the back of his closet, or if the showers were back to back; so instead of teasing me about how weird I was for obsessing over such a thing for almost a decade, we spent the next twenty minutes standing on opposite sides of the walls, knocking on things and shouting to one another in order to  figure out exactly how everything lined up.


I know it’s Easter, but I hope you can bear with me and some Christmas for just a second.

Some of you know that for the last few years, I have been working off and on on a guidebook to Christmas and Christmas-adjacent gift-bringers et sim from around the world, partially inspired by a comment on Tumblr by @pulpatoon.

Well, after years of various things slowing me down or stopping me, getting laid off was apparently the fire I needed under my ass to buckle down and finish. Just a few minutes ago, I put the period on the last sentence of the last entry of the book to be written. There is still some introductory material to be written, but as of now, the bulk of the first draft is finally done.

I wrote the book entirely out of order, focusing on whatever was inspiring me on any given day, and also saving the most difficult ones for last, like an idiot. Nevertheless, above are the first paragraphs and last paragraphs written for the book. They will not be first and last in the actual printed book by a long shot, but that’s how I wrote them. Just to give you a taste of what the book might be like, minus the cool art that will be the real selling point.

right okay I need Wynonna/Doc/Dolls ot3 to happen and let me tell you why. Not just team dynamics, not just mindblowing sex, (which I’m sure there’d be plenty of) but the absolute goldmine of humor Doc/Dolls could be. Just imagine with me, if you will, Wynonna comes to both of them one day and is like “y’know what? I don’t want to sneak around behind either of your backs, I want to have my cake and eat it too, I’m into both of you, deal with it”

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On Wash and His Name

I’ve been thinking about this since last week and now that episode 21 has been out for a bit, I think I can articulate it.

I wanted more Wash in Shannon’s episodes but I won’t say I was disappointed… unlike some of the other “introduce new characters for no reason” arcs this season, Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho (I don’t like calling them the triplets) were good characters. Well written. Had more depth. I liked them!

Buuuuut the only thing that got me excited in episode 21 was the fact that Connie is CTs real name, and that less-than-the-best members of Project Freelancer still called Wash David.

Wash calls CT Connie all the way up until season 9. We don’t know how long it is between them being upgraded to the A team and the events of the Freelancer arc, but I think it’s important that Connie kept this identity instead of immediately becoming Freelancer. Maybe keeping the two things separate helped her question it when the time came. Maybe it was just a mark of how close she was willing to be with her teammates, at least until she realized they would never be willing to go against the Project.

But Wash is clearly uncomfortable with the name David. We’ve known this since season 6, but, and here’s where it’s pure conjecture on my part, I don’t think he’s been comfortable with being called that since he ENTERED Freelancer. When he tells Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa to not call him David it kind of sounds like he’s said it before. Frequently. Being moved up to the top group is just an excuse to get them to finally stop.


Because DAVID is the one who nearly killed a grade school bully two years after the fact. DAVID is the one who defied direct orders and got court martial’d. DAVID is hot headed, rash, but most importantly, he’s ANGRY. Not the good kind of angry, the kind that keeps you alive against all odds. Wash’s anger goes way past that point sometimes, and I think he knows that and it’s not a thing he likes about himself.

So. Agent Washington is a chance to build up an identity. One that doesn’t make the same mistakes David does. Agent Washington is the voice of reason amongst hot headed, adrenaline junkie team mates. Agent Washington is dorky and approachable. Agent Washington follows orders, because the Project gave him everything and that’s a hefty debt to repay.

As for why he keeps that identity even after Freelancer… that’s a whole meta post of its own.


I can feel her discomfort as she looks around my place, her eyes stayed locked on her fingers as she fidgets with the bottom of her dress. I take a look around trying to see what’s got her feeling like this, closed off and kind of quiet. I mean I don’t know this girl for shit but she doesn’t really strike me as the timid quiet type.  There’s no drugs or other chicks clothes, I asked her here against my better judgment but I still want her to feel comfortable. We have important shit to sort out and that won’t get done if she’s acting like a spooked little bunny.  

I stop when I reach the kitchen, turning around hoping to see her following me but she isn’t, she’s still standing unsurely by the door.  

“You can keep your shoes on.”  I smile pointing to her feet, I’m doing anything to ease her discomfort. 

“Kay.” She doesn’t smile but or move.  

“This place is a bit of a mess.” I cringe looking around, full ashtrays and half empty takeout containers take up most of the counter space, my notebooks filled with lyrics and notes. I try to think back and it was so fucking long ago so it’s tough, but I let my mind wander to the time when I was with Isla and the things she found comfort in and it hits me. She looks real pretty in her dress but it’s not exactly lounging wear, “You want something more comfortable to chill in?”  

“Umm… yeah please.” She steps further into myspace  where I lead her into my bedroom. She stands by the door instead of coming all the way in. I don’t know what she thinks could happen, she’s hot as fuck but I’m not about to try and get with her and it has nothing to do with the fact I’ve been there done that, fucking her was fantastic, I mean pussy is pussy but hers was pretty damn sweet.  Thinking about our night together should get my dick hard but it doesn’t, it makes the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach dig deeper, all I feel like is pervy asshole.  

I open my dresser drawer pushing around shit until I find an old hoodie and a pair of sweats, “This okay?” I ask holding them up for her to see.

She nods reaching forward to take them from my hands, are fingers touch brushing lightly against one another and she looks up into my eyes. The touch was so soft, just like her pouty lips that are parting slightly. I offer he a tight smile nodding my head to the door behind me, “The bathrooms in there. Go change and I’ll order us some food.”  

Back in the kitchen I hang my head, trying my best to clear it, this girl’s got me fucked up, there’s so many conflicting emotions running through my mind. Guilt, fear and anger along with some serious fucking confusion.  I know she’s young but I’m not much older than her, after years of hard work my band is finally getting some damn recognition and I’m not willing to throw that all way to try and make her feel better. So there’s a bit of spark there, aint nothing new for me. I just have to keep reminding myself she’s too fucking young and I’m not into having any sort of relationship and things should be fine.  

Her quiet steps move along the floor and I look down and over to where she’s walking out of my room, ignore the slight tug in my chest over how cute she looks swimming in my hoodie, “Uh I didn’t know what you felt like eating so I didn’t…” I let my words drop off and rub the back of my neck.  

“Honestly anything is fine, at first I couldn’t keep much down but it’s gotten easier.” Finally she sits down, she makes herself comfortable on my couch, tucking her feet up under crossed legs.  

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Mikaelson Sister: Need Of A Family

Words count: 2077

 Warning: none?

REQUESTED: I hope I did what you asked for. I didn’t include Finn, but i did include Rebekah. Honestly I’m happy with how it turned out. BUT if it wasn’t what you wanted let me know. And you people keep requesting.

Part 2

You sighed in frustration as you tried to call Tyler your boyfriend for the billionth time but he still didn’t pick up. You walked in the grill and straight to the bar where Matt was serving tonight.

“Hey Matt have you seen Tyler anywhere?” You asked you boyfriend’s best friend, he had to know where Tyler was. “I haven’t seen him in two days and he won’t pick up his phone.”

“(y/n) you don’t know?” Matt kind of asked himself he had a sad look on his face and you suddenly became worried. What if something happened to him? What if he is in some kind of trouble in this cursed town? What if your idiot of a brother asked him to do something crazy and when he didn’t he killed him? There was so many what if’s you were going crazy. “Look why don’t you wait we’ll talk after my shift? I’ll be done in an hour and a half, okay?”

“Yeah sure.” You told him and ordered a glass of bourbon. You know you sounded pathetic for a thousand plus year old but you couldn’t help it. You don’t go and fall in love with anyone you meat like your older sister Rebekah, but when you love someone you love them with all you might.

After long hour and a half Matt finally finished his shift and you two left the grill to sit in one of the benches in the par close by.

“(y/n) I know this will be hard for you to take in and believe me I didn’t know that Tyler didn’t tell you.” Matt started and the more he talked the more you became worried. “But… Tyler left town and I don’t know when he’ll come back, he told me that he told you and that you were having a break.”

Suddenly you felt as if your heart was being torn out of your chest it was a feeling worse that a steak to the heart, you felt as if your world came crashing down, you felt. Sad. Then you were angry, angry that Tyler left you, after all that you’ve been through as a couple. You felt betrayed that he said that you’re taking a break. You felt mad that you were worried about him as if something has happened to him, but all along he was the one who left. He is the one who left without saying goodbye. And then you felt… you felt nothing. You turned you’re humanity off you couldn’t handle all the feelings going through you.

There was only one tear on your cheek, and you wiped it away. Before standing and leaving Matt behind you. You ignored his calls for you, and left to have a few drinks, if you know what I mean.





A few hours later. The music was so loud that it felled the huge Mikaelson household. You had dead bodies around you as you danced on the coffee table was a half-naked man. There was bite marks on him and blood running down your mouth.

You were so out of it that you didn’t hear your one of your older brothers come home.

“(Y/n) what is the meaning of this?” You turned to look at Elijah your eyes going from red with vines around it to their natural (e/c).

“What Elijah? I’m only having come fun.” You smirked at his shocked face, you were always considered the most kind of your siblings. Maybe it was to the fact that you’re the youngest of them. They all try to protect you, even Niklaus who never daggered you.

“What is going on?” An annoyed voice of your only sister rand before she even reached the room. “(y/n)?”

“What?” You asked getting annoyed.

“What are you doing?” Rebekah asked as Elijah disappeared.

“Nothing, just having a drink.” You looked around you to the bodies that are empty of any blood. “Or a few.”

“What the hell happened and made you do all this?” She asked you and frowned as you turned back to the human in front of you. You dug your teach in his flesh and drank from him, when you were suddenly pushed back by Rebekah.

“Bekah what is wrong with you?” You asked her childishly. Before you pouted. “I was having fun.”

“No more blood from the vine until we know what’s wrong with you.” She said sternly.

“No need love, we already know.” A familiar voice of Nik said and walked into the room and took in the scene. You still on the ground with blood on your face, bodies and blood everywhere the music still playing and Rebekah and the human on the coffee table. Nik turned to you. “(y/n) darling, did you turn your humanity off?” Nik’s voice was calm and gentle like it was when you were kids and you were afraid of Mikael.

“Maybe.” You shrugged and got off the floor.

“I called Kol, he’s on his way.” Elijah said and stood next to Nik. You groaned in mention of your annoying brother.

“Why did you do that?” You asked Elijah getting mad at him for calling both Nik and Kol.

“(y/n) you need help, wither you realize that or not.” Elijah said and you lunged at him, your eyes turned red and vines became visible under your eyes. Elijah wasn’t expecting that so he didn’t have time to move. You crashed into him and you both fell to the floor, you him and hissed. When you were flung back and crashed into the wall. You fell to the ground. You stood up and saw Nik, and Rebekah standing on either side of Elijah, you hissed and tried to leave the room, when they moved and help you in a tight grasp.

“Let me go.” You shouted as you fought trying to get out of their hold. “Let me go, what is wrong with you all you do stupid things all the time and when I embrace my true natural you try to hold me down. I hate you all, I hate you just let me go.”

“I’m so sorry love.” Nik said sadly and his hands wrapped around my nick and then darkness.




You open my eyes to see the ceiling, you tried to sit up but you couldn’t. You looked to see both your hands and legs tied to the bed with metal chains. You pull on the chains hard and when they start to break a voice said.

“I wouldn’t do that darling.”

“Kol.” You breathed as you saw your brother in front of you. “Get me out of theses chains, Kol please.”

“No can do, not until you turn your humanity on that is.” Kol told me and sat on the bed beside me.

“Kol, please I promise I won’t kill anyone, let me out.” You acted emotional and even mastered to slip a few tears down your cheeks. “Kol, you know me I was just mad I wouldn’t do what I did to anyone, please.”

“Then turn your humanity on.” Kol said simply as he looked at you with sad eyes.

“They’re on. I promise.”

“No they are not.” Elijah said and stepped into the room.

“What?!” You asked confused. “How would you know?”

“Because Nik went to a witch and she spelled the chains they wouldn’t break unless your humanity is back on.” Rebekah said also walking into the room. You screamed and tried to break the chains.

“LET ME OUT!” You screamed as your siblings just watched you with pained expressions.

“When will Nik get here?” Kol asked Elijah and Rebekah. “I can’t watch her like this for long.”

“He’ll be here soon.” Rebekah said and she moved to the other side of the bed and sat down. “(y/n)? Please calm down, tell us what happened.”

“NO, JUST LET ME OUT.” You screamed and your face vamped out and you tried to bite her, luckily she saw you coming and pulled back just in time for you to bite the air.

“Did it work?” Nik asked as he joined you all in the room.

“Yes, it has.” Elijah answered. “Now it’s time for us to find out what happened.”

All your sibling stood around you and they looked down at you, as if you were an alien.

“(y/n) tell us what happened.” Elijah requested kindly.

“No, I don’t to tell you anything. I just want to get out of here.” You told him as if you were worn out.

“Where’s Tyler when we need him?” Bekah asked herself. You hissed at the mention of his name.

“Tyler would do you no good.” You told her your tone changing from anger to anger AND agony.

“Tyler? What did he do?” Nik picked on your change of tone.

“Nothing, he did nothing now shut up.” You told Nik as you tried to stop any kind of emotions from showing.

“Tell us what happened?” Elijah asked you as kindly as he could.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, it was stupid of me to love a stupid teenager.” You told him more calmly now.

“(y/n) it’s not stupid to love anyone, not at all.” Of course it was Rebekah who said that. Your eyes started to burn as you fought the tears and the emotions.

“He-he.” You stopped talking when you knew if you continued tears will fall.

“Let it go little (y/n).” Kol said your nickname that everyone called you when you were young.

“He left me.” And with that tears started to fall and you cried for the first time in years. “He didn’t call he just left, he told Matt that we’re taking a break. He said goodbye to them all but not me.”

“Oh, darling come here.” Kol pulled you into his arms the best he could with you still in chains. You buried your head in the crook oh his neck, and with that your humanity was back.

“Oh my god I killed them, I killed them, I killed them.” You repeated as you held into him.

“Hey baby girl, come on you didn’t know what you were doing.” Nik said as he ran his hand up and down your back.

“(y/n) do not cry you slipped all of us did, and honestly you are the one that lasted the longest without slipping.” Rebekah said and she pulled your hair out of your face.

“There is nothing to worry about.” Elijah said as you looked him through your blurry vision. “As Rebekah said you slipped, but that was only for a day. I have never heard of a vampire who turned their humanity off for only a day. You my dear sister are a phenomenal. We all love you and we will stay by you to the end of all time. You bring us together, you make us united. No matter the place or the time we’ll come to you.”

You pulled from Kol, the tears still slipping down your face. You looked at you siblings. And a fresh round of sobs rocked your body(not like that you dirty minded people).

“I love you all, I love you so much and I’m so sorry.” You whimpered.

“There’s nothing to apologize for.” Rebekah said.

“Now whip those tear away.” Nik said.

“Yes we have a hybrid to hunt down.” Kol told you and you smiled. You know that no matter what your siblings will always be there for you, and you loved them for that. You loved that they will put their differences behind them for your will being. And you suddenly felt as if your anger was for nothing, how can you be sad when you have a family that support you that will always have your back.

Elijah was always there for you when you needed advice.

Rebekah was there when you needed someone to talk about boys or go shopping or even hate on the doppelgängers for making your brothers fight all the time.

Kol was there for you to be reckless when you needed to let lose every once and a while.

Nik was there to guide you from wrong to right even though he mostly did the wrong he couldn’t watch his sister do any wrong.

They were all protective, they were all here for you to talk to, to laugh with, and to cry with. They are all that you could ever need.

Always and forever.

Pretty Bird (Nightwing x reader)

(This includes a Community tv show reference.)

(Y/n) was finishing getting ready for her special date. She snapped her earrings on her earlobes and brushed her hair. The tv in her bedroom had been showing a marathon of Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore appeared on screen looking handsome as ever, (Y/n) thought. He had nice eyes and a nice mouth and a nice chin - overall he was lovely! He couldn’t compare to the man she had known for the past five years. A two year beautiful friendship plus a three year intimate relationship.

She sat on the bed, putting on the pair of shoes that went with her outfit and brought out her eyes. Her cellphone buzzed next to her. (Y/n) picked up the phone to find that her date, Dick Grayson, texted her. “Are you sure you want to meet up? You don’t need me to pick you up?” It said. She replied, “I’m sure. Thank you, though. :)” Dick always treated her with respect. (Y/n) called a taxi, waited, and when it arrived, was on her way to meet her boyfriend.

Shortly after she had arrived and paid the driver, who drove like a race car driver because she said she was going on a date and politely said she didn’t want to be late, pulled out her phone and texted Dick, letting him know that she was there. He called her number resulting in her answering, “Hey! Are you here?” “Yeah, babe. I can’t see you though. There’re so many people here!” (Y/n) smiled and told him, “Hold on, let me try something.” She moved the phone away from her mouth and ear and yelled out “PRETTY BIRD!!!” to which Dick responded “THAT’S ME!!!”

(Y/n) giggled and followed the sound of his voice. Soon they stood in front of one another and embraced each other. Dick pulled away just enough to kiss her. When they separated he wrapped an arm around her waist and started walking with her to her favorite restaurant; it became his favorite restaurant too since the day he decided to try every single freaking thing on the menu.

“How are you, (Y/n)?”

“I’m much better now, and you?” She smirked up at him earning a smirk from Dick.

“Same here,” he pecked her cheek. “I know you’ve mentioned how busy the past few weeks for you have been, so I wanted to do something for you.”

“I really appreciate, Dick. Thank you so much. Oh! And the mission?”

“The mission,” he sighed from recalling the incident, “…almost intolerable. Guess what happened at some point.” (Y/n) guessed correctly that Superboy and Wally had a bad argument. “YES! This time it was actually kinda funny to watch. I know I know. It sounds terrible.”

“I mean I kinda have to agree with you. Sometimes their fights can be…” she tried finding the right word.


“More or less. Pretty much, yeah!” She laughed. “Remember when I told you about Rease?” Dick nodded his head interested in everything she told him. “Well after he tried to take credit for the thing I did, someone caught him trying to do the exact same thing with someone else’s project, and he was let go!” Both of them laughed at the incredulity of the situation.

“No way! I thought the bastard would be sneakier than that!” He laughed hard enough to where his eyes slightly watered.

“After all the other things I told you about him, after eight years he finally got his karma! I need some tea because I know it stopped being my business when he stopped trying to mess with me, but oh my God!!!”

“You need your gossip tea? Shame on you,” he joked.

She lightly nudge him in his side with her elbow while trying to hide her smile.

They reached the restaurant and sat at their reserved table. (Y/n) and Dick continued talking when their waiter appeared with a pompous look on his face.

“Hello, my name is Marcus and I will be taking your orders. What would you like to drink?”

(Y/n) and Dick ordered their drinks when Dick saw a tattoo of a cult classic film he recognized. “Nice tattoo, man.”

“It’s cool that you know the reference, too!” (Y/n) smiled.

“Yeah. It’s way better than Die Hard which is a piece of garbage.”

Dick stiffened and frowned, “… I’m sorry?”

“Die Hard has got to be the worst movie ever. I mean seriously? The plot is so unoriginal.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened in shock when the waiter spoke that way about her boyfriend’s favorite film. “Oh sh**,” she thought.

“Die Hard is an amazing movie with a great plot, a great cast, and great suspense. How is it the worst movie ever? Where is the logic in your statement, Mar-”

“Hey, Marcus! I think I’d also like to ask for the ninety drink listed, please.”

“I’ll have your drinks in a moment.” With that, the rude waiter walked away. (Y/n) exhaled in relief and held Dick’s hand to calm him. “You okay?”

“I’m not sure. He just totally dissed Die Hard! Can you believe the nerve of that guy? I mean sure we have our own opinions. I just wish I didn’t have to hear those words come out of anyone’s mouth.”

“He ruffles your feathers?” (Y/n) tried not to laugh at her own joke. Dick tried not to be amused with the question, but failed miserably. “I’m sorry he made fun of it. It was kind of inconsiderate. He doesn’t know good movies and it’s sad, but life goes on and he’s missing out.” Dick smiled affectionately at the woman who understood him and kissed her hand.

After the dinner, they walked hand in hand in comfortable silence. Everything felt right.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Do you like Die Hard?”


“Do you love me?”


“Will you marry me?”

“Yes- WaIT WHAT?”

Dick got down on one knee and pulled out a small box with the ring.

“Will you marry me? I promise to be the bestest friend and husband, to stick by your side, and to help you continue to become the best version of yourself as that is the meaning of life.”

(Y/n) felt her heart beating out of her chest. Her eyes teared up, her cheeks turning red, and her mouth curling up to form a bright smile. “Yes.”

@dccomicsimagines I hope you like it!

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18 and Kuroo, maybe angst with happy ending? Thanks😊

Here you go! It ain’t that angsty but I’m not exactly experienced with it.. I hope it’s enjoyable nonetheless!

Originally posted by odd-ballduo

“I shouldn’t be in love with you” + Kuroo + Soulmate au in which the first words that your soulmate tells you are written on your wrist +  angel/devil au
“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” were the words written on your wrist for as long as you could remember. In the beginning you were worried that it was meant in a literal sense, but your mother assured you as soon as possible that your destined soul was probably a human. Apparently, it was a common thing to say in a situation in which the male would attempt to court a lady because it would strategically lead to the notion that the woman before him is as beautiful as an angel.

Ever since you had grown to love humans- by observing them you discovered that while they may be self destructive and fragile, they possessed incredible potential. Those creatures of intellect and creativity stole your heart and you were more than prepared to vow yourself to protect them.

Your ultimate goal for years has been to become a guardian; you admired their work from afar for the longest of times. Now that you were finally one, you felt like a complete fail. You didn’t even get to your first mission, you were thrown out of heaven and marked as a fallen for turning on your comrades.

Allow me to elaborate.

After years and years of longing to join the humans, you finally had the opportunity to do so. In order to fully experience the joy of being able to go into the human world, you went out with your friends into a bar even though it was absolutely forbidden to do so. You paid no heed to that—I mean, how much damage can one night cause? In the beginning, all was well. You were dancing, drinking… and it all took a sudden turn when the words you were longing to hear were finally uttered.

The male who you met at the bar was quite handsome; he had rich brown eyes and gorgeous brown locks to match, he looked picture perfect. You could hardly contain yourself when he began talking, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you must be an angel.”

You were absolutely overwhelmed, a wide grin spread across your features as you found yourself unable to respond. Jesus Christ he was everything that you had ever hoped for! Things couldn’t get better, you thought. But fate was cruel. It could and it did get worse.

A group of devils walked in and they seemed to be all but friendly. They didn’t even try to conceal the fact that they were clearly otherworldly creatures but then it dawned upon you—you walked into a trap! Before you had a chance to call out for your colleagues, your soulmate put his index finger over his lips as he instructed you to keep quiet.

“What’s this? A bunch of angels in our bar?” the tallest mused, narrowing his eyes into mere slits as his gaze remained steady on your friends in the crowd. They immediately halted with their actions. You’ve never before felt as afraid as now.

“Is it Christmas already? These gifts are a lot better than coal, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I’ll protect you, stay behind me,” the male ordered, pushing you behind him. Just then had you noticed how buff he was; his layered clothing only added onto that fact.

“I can handle myself,” came out your best attempt at being brave, “They’re low-life scum and Earth is no place for such.”

The tallest of the bunch heard you. He was everything that you expected a devil to be; handsome to the bone with an air of arrogance surrounding him. His horns were hardly visible through his scruffy black hair and his icy blue-eyed stare was enough to make you tremble.

“What did you just say?” he let out, taking quick steps towards you.

Scared for your life you took a step back before you sensed your destined one behind you. You clenched your fists—you just met your soulmate and thanks to these dipshits waltzing in you didn’t even get to know his name!

“(Name), shut up you’ll get us killed!” your friends hurried towards you, slapping an arm over your mouth.

“Even though you should listen to your friends, we’ll kill you off either way,” the raven sneered, grabbing you by your collar as he smacked away the hand clasped against your lips, “So, tell me again about how I’m a low-life, sweetheart.”

“I don’t think there’s much to add onto that,” you spat, slamming your fist into his face. It was enough to make him drop you but it only meant war from then on. The screams you got in response were enough to make you cry. They were no guardians and that fact just came crashing down onto you.

Oh, how reckless you were. It was enough to lead yourself into trouble, but to sign up your friends for death as well? Stupid, stupid, stupid! They were new guardians, as were you- had Oikawa not stepped up, you would’ve been dead as well. That’s right, the one who was supposed to be your beloved for the rest of your life was called Oikawa.

But it was all a game. He was a devil and he lived up to that title; he did what was in his nature, he deceived you. He was no soulmate of yours; he was no soulmate of anyone’s! He wasn’t born with a tattoo, as it was the same for most devils. It just proved how incapable of love they were.

“Why not just let me die?!” you remembered struggling, your throat sore form yelling and your eyes red from crying. Your friends were dead. It was your fault. It was your fault. Had you not dared them to leave the Angel realm with you they would’ve been alive.

“Because a destiny worse than death is going to catch up to you,” Oikawa replied as he took off his jacket, throwing it over you. By that time you had gotten out of the bar. While the rest of the devils were determined to get rid of the bodies and the blood inside of it, Oikawa was told to take you outside.

“Don’t throw it away because you hate my guts at the moment,” he added, “When Raphael comes you’ll need something to cover your bloody back with.”

“Ra-Raphael?” you stuttered, your eyes widening in realization. You broke the law of your world and caused the death of four angels; the next time you were to see Raphael it would be the moment of your fall. Your wings would be ripped out.

“Aren’t you going to thank me for the jacket? It was pretty thoughtful of me, right?” he tried to keep the conversation going, making you wonder if he was being such an ass on purpose.

You shooed him away, “I think you should just leave now. It’s not like I have a place to run to. Congrats, you’ve single-handedly ruined me.”

“Is that really all that you have to say to someone who did such a thing?” the leader mused, sending away the rest of the gang, leaving just the three of you.

“I think you shouldn’t tempt her to use her last bit of dignity on low-life scum such as yourself,” came out the strong and all-too-familiar voice of Raphael as you released a sigh, closing your eyes. His warm presence and the light that he radiated off bore no resemblance to that which he came to do.

“She’s about to become something worse than a devil though, isn’t she now?” the raven mused, ordering Oikawa to leave, “You came here to rip her wings off and mark her as a fallen. Do you not deem that to be worse than a life of a devil like me?”

“I hope that you aren’t picking a fight with me, Gale.”

“Why, I would never. I was just chatting but I can tell you’re clearly not in the mood. I guess seeing me for the tenth time this week is more than enough for you,” he purred, winking at the blond as he turned away, gracing you with his gaze for a mere second.

Once you were left alone with Raphael, you moved away the jacket that Oikawa had placed on you as you turned your back to him. You could feel his warm palm grip your wing and you braced yourself but you were quite aware of his hesitation.

“(Name) I really don’t want to do this—“

“I know, but you have to. I will never hold it against you,” you whispered, tears staining your vision as you began shivering. Would it even matter to him if you were to say that you didn’t want this to happen?

“Forgive me,” his lips touched your wings as you remained still, a blood curling scream escaping your mouth as you felt the excruciating pain coming through you.

After that, you had no idea about how long you were laying on the filthy ground, covered in your own blood, sweat and tears. All you knew was that Oikawa’s jacket has served its purpose. No matter how much blood you had lost, death was no longer an option for you. Fallens were immortals; set to live for eternity of being reminded of what they’ve lost.

What time was it even at that point? The sun was about to rise, that much you were certain of. You hoped that warmth would follow the rising day.

You were half-conscious when you heard keys clanking against one another above yourself. As you tried to raise yourself up, you heard a scoff followed up by a mocking statement which broke the only bit of hope that you’ve had left, “Hmph, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you must have been an angel.”

Your head immediately shot up only to meet a raven haired male looking down at you with a sneer. He was in his human form but you had become an expert at recognizing a devil in his human form during the last 24 hours.

As a broken chuckle escaped your lips you muttered up a retort, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words?”

Kuroo took a step back as his world came crashing down as well. From a young age he had considered himself lucky; he was one of the very few devils who had a soulmate and to think that those words that he had caressed ever since his childhood, those words that made him feel secure, those words that comforted him in the darkest of times because they made him certain that someone out there was made for loving him had been uttered by an angel with such regret that it made his head spin.

“I feel like this is all just a cruel joke,” you proceeded, noticing how your eye lids had became heavier, if that was even possible. Before you were completely out, the male had taken you in his arms as he made sure to stay away from your wounds.

He clearly wasn’t the happiest about you being an angel, but he had to give it a try. He absolutely refused to give up his only chance at love because of his pride, even though he dearly hoped that Lady Fate knew what she was doing.

Once he managed to get you to his home, he spent a long time on debating about whether or not he should take care of your wounds himself. He sure hoped that you wouldn’t throw a tantrum once you get up, but he had to wash off the blood on you.

He was reluctant to give you a bath but the stench of blood was too much for him; he’d rather risk you getting mad than risk you stinking up his entire house. He had to hand it to you, though. You’ve lost a hella lot of blood.

After he was finally done, he put you in some of his clothes as he tended to the wounds—as sad as it was, he couldn’t heal them on his own accord. While he was a devil, he was the lowest branch out there, his abilities were nothing in comparison to those of a pureblood. No matter, he’d stick to human medications.

They’ve proven themselves worthy enough the last time.

It took you three days to wake up; he counted. You were such a handful, he wanted to cry out in frustration.

“For crying out loud, will it kill you if you just stay with me?!” he raised his voice, trying to keep you inside the bed as you struggled against him.

“Might as well! I’m not staying with you, I don’t want to!” you argued, surprised that you could barely feel the pain on your back.

The male before you released a scoff before he raised his brows, “Okay, then, missy. How do you plan on surviving?”

You scrunched your nose up as you stopped fighting back, pulling the covers closer to yourself, “I’ll just… get a job. That’s it.”

“Really now? With which qualifications?” the raven mused, appearing to be optimistic about your resolve.

“I’m an angel! I can have any qualification that I want.”

“Correction though, darling —you were an angel.”

The words made you flinch as you realized that he was indeed right. He hit the nail on the head.

His palm reached out for your palm as it made his tattoo visible, “I took care of you for the last three days, I tended to your wounds and I made sure no harm comes to you. Why can’t you just give me a chance? I know that angels believe that devils with soulmates have a chance at redemption, that love can change them. “

You remained silent which only got him more frustrated.

“Listen, I can give you as much time as you might want but please, all I’m asking from you is a chance.”

A meek nod was his only reply. And a meek nod was all that it took.
Physical recovery was easier than you thought, especially with Kuroo’s help. Mental recovery… That was a completely different story. In the beginning you were hesitant on everything—Kuroo’s home had been full of many wonders of human technology that you had no idea how to work with but as it turns out, the raven was a very patient man, just as he promised.

Lately, however, he had been working his ass off in his company so he would get home late, leaving you all alone to wander throughout his house during the day. You were definitely fascinated by the materials he had at home, especially the movie stash that was of impressive genre range. Guilt would eat you away every time that you would see him.

While you’d be on the couch reading a book, he would try to place his head onto your lap but you’d always deny it. In fact, you’d deny any of his advances even though you knew you were being mean. He’d never say anything, though. He’d just sigh, shake his head and ask you how your day was.

It occurred to you that he’d literally work hours upon hours for you—he clearly had enough money on his own but he mentioned that he wanted to get you a house so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. It made you feel terrible… he asked for a chance and you weren’t giving him one.

You would make up for it, and that was a promise!
“I’m home,” Kuroo called out, taking his shoes off as he turned around, shocked to see you in an apron with a smile on your face.

“Welcome home! Are you hungry?” you questioned, helping him take off his coat as well.

He hummed in response, raising up a bag with take-out food. A frown crossed your features as you shook your head, “You can’t live on take-out food. Come, I made us something. It’s not the best but it’s edible.”

Saying edible was an understatement, you were an amazing cook! You prepared a traditional Japanese dish which you hoped would suit his taste, and thankfully it did. You laughed at the fact that he remained absolutely speechless.

“I didn’t know you could cook,” he commented while stuffing his face, “Well, I mean I had a hunch but I didn’t know that you were willing to cook for me.”

“I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. I know I’ve been difficult and I know that you expected much more from your soulmate, especially because you’re a devil, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be in a position to be the one you need whilst broken.”

“You’re not—“

“Let’s not kid anyone here, I am. I have however, gotten over it. For the most part, and now I’m ready to give you a chance. I won’t be indifferent to your advances anymore and I’m honestly sorry that you had to wait this long.”

The male grinned, a spark of happiness lighting up in his heart.

“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” he asked, looking towards the television to which you nodded.

“Can I suggest one?” you countered, offering him a sneer.

“Of course.”

While you were watching the movie, Kuroo tried to put his head on your lap again and, much to his surprise you let him! You even stroked and played with his hair as the movie went on! If you were to ask him what the film was about he wouldn’t have a clue- he kept glancing at your amused expression as he’d take in any comments that you made.

He caught himself smiling once the movie was over and you were begging him to watch another.

He was definitely beginning to fall.
Weeks have flown by and even though he could still feel that you were hesitant, you’ve been having the time of your life.

“(Name) I will kick you off the bed, get yourself a sweater or something, you can’t walk around like that!” Kuroo shouted out, his cheeks tinted pink as he tried his best to look away. You were in a shirt which kept your back bare and the sight of the scars on your back made him feel uneasy.

They reminded him to much of… urgh! He didn’t even want to go there.

“I just dried my hair, I’m hot!” you complained, leaping towards him as you placed your head on his lap.

“Damn right you are,” he whispered, trying to remain a gentleman.
“What did you say?”

“Nothing! I…  I asked you if I could comb your hair?” he repeated, running a hand through your locks.

Once you gave him a confused glance with a raised brow he went a hand through his own nest of a hairdo, “I always wanted to know what it’s like to be able to smoothly run a comb through your hair. No matter what I tried such luxury was never an option for me.”

“Sure thing, do you have a comb nearby?”

You received a hum in response. A smile found its way onto his features as he ran the comb through your hair; to be honest, it wasn’t his first time combing your hair.

Call him a weirdo but whenever you’d fall asleep on his lap he’d do it. It was incredibly calming and it would give him a chance to look at your serene expression.

“Kuroo, I forgot to ask. Do you by any chance have a cat?”

His blood ran cold as he released a chuckle—when you first got there and were still pissed at him he transformed in order to see what you were like when you weren’t uneasy due to him being a devil. To be fair, if he could pinpoint a moment in which he felt that he began falling, it was when you took him in your arms and began showering him with a lot of sweet talk.

 “You know, we didn’t have any creatures like you back where I’m from. And are you aware of the fact that they associate black cats like you with witches? You’re far too adorable for that. Hmm— you seem pretty hungry, do you want me to make you something?”

In that moment he wondered if he should just stay a cat for the rest of his life. And that was the first time he tried your cooking, hence why he wasn’t surprised that you were able to cook.

“I was catsitting one for a friend, but no.”

“I’d like it if we could get one, they’re adorable. Also, I’ve heard of this game called 21 questions. Are you up for it?” you suggested, out-stretching your arm as you began playing with his fringe, a small grin playing on your lips.

“Sure. How about you start? I want to see what kind of things you’re interested in,” he purred, winking at you as he bobbed his head a bit so it would be harder for you to toy with his bangs.

“For starters, what kind of a devil are you? I mean, you do have your moments, but why are you working in the human world?”

“It’s a long story, but let’s just put it shortly and say that I’m no longer a pure demon. You see, while my friends and I were out I turned against them because they wanted to harm a human friend of mine. His name is Kenma and from an early age, he was a lonely kid who accidentally summoned me on a certain occasion and it made me realize that humans aren’t that bad. Satan wasn’t that pleased with me turning against my own.”

You found yourself unable to respond. Kuroo was sly, cunning and quick on his tongue but he was caring and loyal beyond measure… You honestly should have known better than to judge him.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me if it hurt when Satan himself kicked me in the ass and out of his realm?” he joked but stopped smiling when you reached out for his forehead, poking two areas near his hairline, ”If you’re wondering, yes, that’s where they were.”

“Does it hurt? How bad are your scars?”

“That’s three questions in a row I believe. It’s my turn now if I recall, my lady.”
You tsked at him but nodded as you sat up, crossing your legs so you could hear him out.

“Do you… Do you regret falling? Do you regret me?”

His words struck you hard. You’ve never openly told him that you love him but the difference was, he knew that he fell for you. The devil always falls first, doesn’t he?

“I regret being the cause of my friends’ death and I do regret falling, but I do not regret you. I will never regret you, I love yo- your cat! I mean your friend’s cat, yeah! Without you I’d never meet the cat. I love it, such a cute little creature.”

He laughed, content with the answer, “Your turn.”

“I’ve never seen your scars. Are you afraid to show me?”

“No, I just feel that they’re a part of a past that was never meant to be mine,” as he trailed away, he shot you a toothy grin, “But it made me obtain the future that I’ve always dreamt of.”

At that point, you were both leaning in. Every sound other than the one of your own ragged breathing had long disappeared. You were afraid that your heart was going to pop out of your chest…

This was so wrong. This was so wrong but it felt so right. Lady Fate was such a messed up woman.

Once you got close enough you chickened out, leaning your forehead onto his, “I shouldn’t be feeling like this, Kuroo. I shouldn’t be falling in love with you.”

The raven released a scoff as he cupped your cheeks, “No worries, I already fell—you should know by now the nature of us devils, it’s on us to fall first. I’m ready to wait for as long as needed for you to fall completely, but when you do, fear not because I will be right there to catch you.”

You swallowed hard as you took in a deep breath, “I do hope that your reflexes are fast because I was just knocked down.”

It was his only heads up before you finally finished what you started; you pressed your lips against his as you both gave in to your desires and despite the fact that you were both ridden of your wings, you had reached cloud nine without flying.

Indeed, Lady Fate was a messed up woman. But you loved her just the way she was.