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What got you interested in true crime in the first place? And who would you say is your 'favorite' killer? (By favorite I mean most interesting to you, the one you research the most, etc. I don't mean it in a sense that you glorify their crimes) sorry if these are boring, already asked questions I'm just curious

A few years ago I became obsessed with Jack the Ripper after watching a movie, I read every book, watched every film, every documentary, that was it for a couple of years, then I learned about other killers and I got really interested in the Night Stalker case (Richard Ramirez), once again I’ve read and watched everything I could find and he became one of my favorites along with a few others, the difference is that these other killers I’m deeply interested in were never caught, this means there isn’t much to read or watch about them, one of my favorite things to do is to read about their background, with unidentified serial killers that’s impossible.

Jack The Ripper

I’ve seen a lot of people upset about Time After Time making Jack the Ripper attractive, for giving him a love interest, and for “humanizing” him. 

But here’s the thing: Jack the Ripper WAS human. 

Don’t get me wrong, he was an evil, messed up human being who did horrible things, but he was still human.

He probably had a favorite color, and a favorite song. He probably had a childhood best friend, a favorite outfit, a sense of humor, and yes, the occasional date. 

We love to distance ourselves from evil people throughout history, to say that they were just monsters, nothing like us.

The problem with that is, it’s very easy for us to start thinking we’re incapable of evil.

And that’s the first step down a very dark road.

Evil isn’t always ugly, especially not on the surface. It isn’t always sitting behind a desk, stroking a cat, chuckling like a horror movie villain.

Sometimes, it’s a handsome man with charming words and a hidden knife.

Sometimes-often-evil is attractive. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

By humanizing villains, shows like Time After Time make a terrifying point: No one is beyond redemption, but there are people in this world who make a different choice anyway.

And it isn’t always the creepy old man the knight in shining armor rescues you from.

Sometimes, it’s the one who makes you laugh the hardest, smile the widest, and feel the safest.

In defense of Time After Time.... settle in chickens this is going to be a long one!

*sigh*ok…. this is not good tv. In that it isn’t particularly well crafted. It just isn’t…at least at first viewing it isn’t. But then you watch it again and more things stand out and you realize that this is a fucking awesome show.

HG Wells & Jack the Ripper vs. the Future!

One of the biggest complaints so far seems to be that once these characters arrive in our time they have drastically different responses. Poor HG is wandering about like the confused lost puppy he is, leading to awkward, and endearing culture shock situations that are realistic and expected. Meanwhile Jack seems to acclimate ridiculously, and conveniently fast, in a way that seems totally unrealistic.

At first this seems like a terrible plot hole meant to pander to the audience in providing the easy laughs through HGs bubbling about, while Jacks acclimation moves the plot forward. But if you watch it again and really pay attention to the characters themselves it actually makes perfect sense.

HG stumbles about and is awkward about everything he encounters because he is a socially awkward, super techno nerd before going to the future. He waxes poetic about the awesome utopia the future will be because of ALL THE TECHNOLOGY! The man built a time machine! And all the while his guests and ‘friends’ are all laughing at him, because he’s their funny joke amongst themselves, the awkward and crazy HG Wells. So of course once he gets to the future he is going to be super fascinated with everything around him because it’s everything he dreamed of and more! He a scientist! It’s his nature to want to figure these things out and notice all the minutia around him. That natural curiosity of course leads to hijinks.

Jack is the exact opposite. He doesn’t give a fuck about the how, or the why, or the what in any time. He is a doctor. He is naturally pragmatic, practical, and quick thinking. He is also a complete sociopath that only cares about one thing. Killing. In his time he was intelligent, charming, and just unassuming enough to successfully lure victims in even amongst all the panic and known danger that was present, whilst never arousing even the slightest hint of suspicion amongst his circle of friends and colleagues. This is an organized, intelligent predator. He fits into the future so quickly because he is the opposite of Wells. He doesn’t particularly care about all the things around him and he says very little to explain himself to anyone. He lets everyone fill in the blanks for him. Jane was the first to talk and suggest he’s an actor, sure let’s go with that. He asked for accommodations and was directed to a hotel. He took notice of the currency around him and went to the first place he saw that tells him in big neon signs that he can trade for some. At the hotel he goes with Janes convenient actor story with a common misplaced luggage addition and the receptionist makes her own assumptions. And on and on and on. It’s all so simple and so in character that he would be able to charm himself into getting his way.

Everything these two do and experience is entirely in character and makes perfect sense if you really watch them interact with their surroundings in the first few scenes. It’s so subtle but so consistent.
The real different between them that perfectly explains their different reactions to the future is that HG actually cares about why this world is like and how it got to be that way, and Jack could care less. He only cares about what it can give him.

Okay, Time after Time is pretty unintentionally hilarious and goofy but in an entertaining way (and everyone is really attractive) but the MOST unrealistic thing, beating out Jack the Ripper traveling to 2017 in H.G. Wells’ time machine, the one H.G. apparently built by himself, and Ripper having very little culture shock and adjusting to being a modern day serial killer easily, is the fact that

he took a hotpocket straight out of the microwave and bit into it eminently and didn’t instantly die from his mouth being burned alive

he just bits right into it, the fucking monster.