after i started playing tf2

“ I stopped playing TF2 after life started taking most of my time, and by the time I started having free time again, it has ‘fallen out of style’ and new games popped up so I followed the trend. Somehow, the recent comic update brought me back into playing TF2 and let me tell you, it felt like coming back home once again. I don’t care how old something is or how’ abandoned’ something is, some things just sticks close to your heart and for me, TF2 will always be one of those things. “

anonymous asked:

Ive never played tf2 before n im scared to !! Do you have any like... advice ? ?

Oh boy! Welcome aboard! 

I actually started played TF2 again after long time and yes, I can help you with that!

What I want to let you know is that as every game community you have your pros and cons. So, you have to realise that you will find really terrible people. But please, don’t let this ruin you the fun. You can be mad someday, but believe me, if you are with friends and you are convinced that you will have fun, you will have it!

Don’t let these guys make you stop for play. F2p players are mostly aways seen as “friendlies” You know, those gusy who are there to have fun, and they are still learning how to play and stuff. There are also the other group of f2p players who are not actually good, and they take advantage or their situation. But in general, I’m always happy to see new players joining and I always help them around if they need some help from me. I feel so happy when they do achievements and they look so happy about it. (F2P = Free to play , because mostly they don’t have cosmetics at all) 

Talking about the game mode. I highly recommend you to try all the classes to see what fits better to you. 

Medic was the first character that I played as support in my whole life, back in 2011. My experience was such a funny thing, because I didn’t even how to heal and I got nervous asking people how to heal them, but eventually I get used to do it. Support class is always a deal since people tend to relate this as a “punishment while you play them” and I’m not gonna lie, because sometimes being support is really hard. Specially when you are healing your teammates and sometimes they are not kind enough, and love to blame healers when they always try they best to do a great job. I also had a great time playing with Sniper even if my aim is the most trouble thing in the world, but it’s pretty fun when you headshot people and you hear those voice lines of Sniper that complement the moment so well.
Unfortunately, I’m not good enough at play Spy, but that’s just a way of training, of course! 

I really encourage you to try it, and see what mode of play you like. There is payload, control points, king of the hills, attack/defend, and capture de flag. Also you have extra modes as Payload race (Hightower mostly) , Pass time (It’s like football but with…hands?) , Misc (Includes Degroot Keep (My favorite ones) , Hydro, and others) and MannPower. 

You also have Mann Vs Machine that you fight against the robots of Mann, and it’s a really cool mode. I really love to play it with games. Honestly, if you need or you wanna play with me, I can help you! You are always welcome here! <3 

Now let me tell you why that’s great, mostly for new TF2 players.

More than once, I met people who started and soon after stopped playing TF2 for reasons like “What if I’m not good enough?” and “Other players are way better than me.”. This update right there is just perfect. New players get to play against other new players and players with the same skill level. 

New players don’t need to be afraid anymore that they won’t be as good as other players or will be picked on because they just started the game. This is just so good, for both new and already experienced players. I’m sincerly so glad about this update, and I really hope more people will get interested in playing this game.

Team Fortress 2 is a game you can get for free on Steam. Take this opportunity to try the game out!