after i saw her i had to

Bechloe coffee shop AU; pt.4

(part1, part2, part3)

Beca didn’t return to the coffee shop until the next afternoon, a lot later than she usually got there. She didn’t think anything of it though, having been busy with sleeping and classes that she, for once, had actually attended. Chloe had been worried though, or at least Beca was pretty sure that she had. She could tell by the way the redhead’s blue eyes lightened up the second she saw Beca on the other side of the counter. Or maybe that’s just how she reacted to seeing anyone. She was that kind of person, after all. She got excited way too easily, Beca could tell that much even after only knowing her for a few days.

“Your coffee’s cold,” Chloe bit her lip, giggling a bit when Beca furrowed her brows in confusion.

“What? I didn’t even order-..I literally just got here!”

“I know,” Chloe giggled again. And it infuriated Beca for two reasons. One, why couldn’t the redhead just stop with that cryptic talking and tell her what’s going on? And two, Beca hated it when people giggled. It was annoying, always, when other people did it. But out of Chloe’s mouth, it sounded cute. And that made her hate it even more. “I prepared a coffee for you, earlier. But then you didn’t show up,” she shrugged.

Beca raised her eyebrows at the other woman. “And that is my problem, why..?”

“It’s not! I’ll make you a new one,” she smiled brightly and got to work, while Beca just shook her head. How could a person be that fucking cute and over the place?

The brunette paid for her coffee once the barista placed it in front of her, still smiling at her. Seriously, how could she keep that up all day? “Thanks,” she nodded at Chloe and backed off to her corner so she could get to work.

She had started a new mashup and completely lost herself in it just a few minutes later. It was very different to her usual music, even though she wasn’t going to admit that to herself. It might have been a little inspired by a certain, oh so annoying, redhead.

The coffee shop was really empty that day. Except for Beca there was only one older woman around, reading her newspaper and drinking her coffee. And of course that prompted said redhead to annoy Beca even more than she usually did.

“Hi,” she smiled brightly as she sat down opposite from Beca, who was still completely engrossed in her music. Beca jumped a little when Chloe tapped on her nose to get her attention. She quickly took off her headphones, glaring at the barista.

“Dude, what the fuck?!” She groaned and slammed her laptop shut once again.

“Hi,” Chloe just repeated cutely, still smiling brightly at Beca. “What are you doing?”

Beca huffed and rolled her eyes, already knowing she wouldn’t be able to just shake her off. Not today.

“It’s none of your business.”

That obviously didn’t satisfy Chloe at all and she was soon trying to snatch Beca’s laptop from her.

“Dude stop it, I’m serious!” Beca managed to place the laptop on her lap, where Chloe wouldn’t be able to get it. She never let anyone listen to her music. Except for Jesse, her best friend, sometimes. And even he only knew the songs she was going to publish anyways.

“Come oooon!” Chloe whined, obviously very desperate to find out what the brunette had been doing here all day. “You come here every day. I see you working on something every single day. Do you know how hard it is for me not to know what exactly it is that you’re doing?”

“Oh I can imagine, trust me.” Beca just chuckled, finding it very easy to imagine just how nosy the redhead with no respect for personal space must be. “But seriously, it’s none of your business.”

“Pretty please??” Chloe kept begging for the next few minutes, giving the brunette her best puppy eyes. And Beca couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but Chloe’s eyes were so hard to resist.

“Fine,” she grumbled. “I produce music. Mashups mostly. I’ve just started working on a new one. Now, you’re going to listen to this. And you’re not gonna say one word after that, alright? You’ll just listen to it and then mind your own business, yes?”

Chloe didn’t even let her finish her sentence before she excitedly grabbed the headphones and then Beca’s laptop once she handed it to her.

Looking at Chloe while she listened to Beca’s song was a goddamn rollercoaster, apparently for both of them. From what Beca could judge, the redhead’s emotions were all over the place. She never stopped smiling though, unsurprisingly.

“Beca..woah!” Chloe started as soon as the song was over and slid the headphones off of her ears, but Beca immediately stopped her and started packing her stuff.

“It’s not even finished and you promised not to say anything,” she reminded her as she put on her beanie.

“I know, but I just-“

“Shut it!” Beca glared at her, but Chloe could tell she wasn’t actually mad at her. Which was hard to believe considering she was frantically putting all of her things into her bag while simultaneously getting dressed.

“Titanium, huh?” Chloe asked then, having recognized the song as soon as she had hit ‘play’, even though Beca’s version was much slower. She held her hand up, silently telling Beca to wait for a second while she started to prepare another coffee for her.

“I heard you hum it the other day,” Beca admitted as she thankfully took the coffee and paid for it.

She immediately saw that special Chloe smile break out on the other woman’s face and rolled her eyes.

“It has nothing to do with you, I just happen to really like that song,” Beca explained as she left, barely finishing her sentence as soon as the door closed shut behind her.

And Chloe Beale couldn’t stop smiling, because she knew damn well that it had, in fact, something to do with her.

Regarding the events of Sapotis...(and I guess theories)

Okay…I usually don’t post about my thoughts regarding the new episodes because I will see people who will think the same way as I do.

But I guess I just really, really, really wanna talk about it today.

First off, I know people some are upset because Alya aka Rena Rouge had to give up her Miraculous. I saw people blaming Marinette.

Like…why though?

She’s just doing what Master Fu tells her to do. (Okay, I don’t understand French, but when I found out that that’s what Master Fu said, I understand why she had to give up the Miraculous.)

Ladybug, as always, lets her sense of responsibility come first.

Stop blaming Marinette for everything.

I personally would love for Alya to keep the Miraculous. After all, she looked up to heroes, and then she became one. (AND TRIXX IS A DUDE?! YO.)

Back when I didn’t understand what was going on, I thought Ladybug was gonna de-transform in front of Alya because, you know, to make things equal. BUT N O P E.

If anything, props to Alya for knowing the right thing to do. Sure, she wanted to post what was going on in the Ladyblog first, but Ladybug tells her that it must be a secret. But still, she knew that she had to return the Miraculous.

Yo, freaking Chat Noir flirting with Rena Rouge, though. See, this is why Ladybug didn’t think his feelings for her was serious. I do see them as a nice BROTP. (Edit: Okay, I found out that he wasn’t really flirting, but it’s still a good BROTP)

SO yeah, my theory is that they will need to call on Rena Rouge again. Maybe there will come a time when all the other Miraculous holders will be needed.

Besides, did you guys see those drawers on the sides? That’s a lot of Miraculouses (that I feel like they will go to the rest of the class).

Here’s to hoping that we see more of Rena Rouge soon! I wanna see more of her and Trixx!

Hey, hey! A fever-free night! The doodle bug bit me. I’ve been tinkering around with some things….then I got an idea to posterize some pins I had. One is where I maniped a pic from the movie , Atonement. I wanted this to be an evolution of Hermione’s life. First….her crush on Draco after he saw her crying at the Yule ball and asked her to dance to cheer her up….afterward, his admitting a long-secreted affection for her…..then, their dating…..their engagement…..their wedding. And finally, Hermione, with all the confidence of a queen (thanks to her husband’s constant encouragement and support), going out to greet their guests as Mistress of the Manor.
Draco couldn’t be more proud.

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There was this girl in my class and suddenly she fell asleep, so I leaned over and drew a tiny flower on her paper. When she woke up I saw her smile the brightest smile at it, not knowing who did it, but after a while she had drawn a whole meadow around it. I even think there was a rabbit there, and I don’t know but I just find it beautiful-

okay, this was the cutest shit I have seen all day 😩 may this positivity reach everyone in the world 💗 honestly I think you made someone’s day babe


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I've been around since the beginning. This MM beard situation is sad. Sam is a beautiful, gay, man. He lite bearded with friends and then show bearded with Cait. I'd love for S&C to be together romantically (I saw their connection and loved it) but as S said on twitter a few years ago to Amy "you know there isn't anything straight about my bat". With his SM scrubbed soon after being cast its hard to find stuff but its out there. SM is such b.s., MM could have had someone give her that clip /1

Whether Sam is straight or gay or bi makes no difference to me. We don’t know anything as fact.

What I do know is that he plays games. And that I don’t like.

What I do know is that he allows bullying in his name. And that I don’t like.

He’s shady as a person and that I don’t like.

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I know you said you would be fine, but I wanna apologize on the behalf of everyone who was at your stream yesterday. We're sorry for making you live through that. I'm sorry you had to see what you saw. I legit wish I could hug you right now.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s okay, I’ll be alright.

I just fełt so betrayed at looking at her poster, then finding out what Monika did, then apparently having her taken away from me again after I believed wholeheartedly that she was finally back and that I got the good route was just too much for my Tiny Drye (my emotions) to handle.

But don’t worry, I’m all good now.

somewherewefell  asked:

I may actually be starting to doubt my own intelligence on this hellsite, but wasn't Rhea, ultimately, Kara's enemy in the back third of s2? I saw someone attribute her to Mon El but what I remember of her points more to 1. She hates Kryptonians, Els and especially Kara. 2. Only cares about her family so far as she can manipulate them and since Mon el took Kara's side he's only so useful and 3. Wants world domination. Correct me if I'm wrong because I saw someone say she was his villain.

No, you are correct. Rhea’s character motivations were scattered and illogical, but she was ultimately supposed to be the Big Bad for the end of S2. After Mon-El refused to leave, Rhea blamed that on Kara (because Kryptonian) and decided to revise her plans specifically to wipe out and conquer the new planet Kara had decided to call home. The problem with the storyline was that Kara largely just reacted to all of these things. Her personal stakes in the conflict weren’t developed well, even though she certainly had some, and then other characters who also had a stake in the outcome did very little to help while still getting substantial narrative focus.

quick recap

- concert was fun, still liked the first one better

- someone tried to grab my dick for like 15 seconds and that was uh yea 

- started talking to this cute girl after the show ended but lost her as i got in the merch line :/

- GOT TOWED wtf man they literally put the  “do not park” sign after i parked i literally saw them take it off as i was waiting for my uber afterwards

- speaking of took uber to some sketchy ass tow place in the middle of the woods

- thank god i took my moms car n not dads bc technically moms car is registered in my name aka i was able to get it out of impound otherwise my parents wouldve had to come

- phone died so had to listen to radio for first time in over a year and perfect by ed sheeran came on wow fucking kill me


The Tangled Thread of Fate - The Beauty and the Tragedy of the Bond Between Kylo Ren and Rey

This post will contain extensive spoilers for The Last Jedi - consider yourself warned!

Before the release of The Last Jedi, very interesting language was being used to describe the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. Rian Johnson called them “two halves of our protagonist”, and the Star Wars Databank described their “intertwined destinies” and mutual fascination. While the period prior to the film’s release saw fandom wars waged over the implications of these descriptions and what they meant for the characters going forward, The Last Jedi has finally given us some answers.

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If Real Life Were Like YA Fantasy

I just was a homeless orphan, living on the streets of Washington, DC.

Every day, I would stop and look up at the White House, imagining how nice it would be to be inside those white walls, warm and fed, with the riches of the entire 13 trillion dollar United States budget deficit at my disposal.

One day, I was standing across the street from the White House as usual, digging through a dumpster and clutching my only companion close to my chest: a small pendant filled with plutonium that my mother had given to me before she died mysteriously.

Just then, a black limousine came out of the gates of the white house. The window rolled down. It was the Secretary of State. He looked directly at me and saw my plutonium pendant. “That’s plutonium!” He cried. “After her!”

Instantly a fully armed SWAT team came running after me. I ran through the slums and back alleys of DC, knowing that I could easily escape them because I knew the city better than they did.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching where I was going and I tripped and fell into the pool in front of the Washington Monument. The SWAT team pulled me out and brought me back to the White House.

Once there, they dumped me, still wet, in the Oval Office. The President was there, in his chair.

“Who is this girl?” he said. “Why have you brought her to me?”

“She was carrying this, Mr. President,” said a secret service agent, and held out the plutonium pendant.

“Aha! Plutonium!” Said the President. “How did you get that?”

“My mother gave it to me,” I said.

“What was your mother’s name?” asked the President.

“Jane Smith,” I answered.

“Jane Smith!” said the President. “I did not know you were the daughter of Jane Smith! Your mother was a member of a secret organization called the CIA. She served us well, but died fighting the evil organization known as ISIS. She must have given you the plutonium to protect it.”

“She must have,” I agreed.

The President gave the plutonium back to me. “In honor of your mother’s memory,” he said, “I’ve decided to give you a White House internship. Who knows? If you serve well enough, you may one day become a helicopter pilot for the Secret Service.”

“Thank you,” I said, overwhelmed.

“Oh, and one more thing,” said the President. “This belonged to your father.” He took down an AR-15 hanging on the wall and handed it to me. “Use it wisely.”

Fire Bad

This is a dnd campaign set in multiple dimensions while the party hunts down a god killer who’s going to destroy the world.
So my character is a Rakshasa fighter with a 6 for wisdom. Her backstory was that she was found and raised by humans that she refers to as “Hoomans” and insists she is human quite emphatically. The party has a Teifling rogue, a half-elf bard, and a necromancer, and a monk. They ended up in Castlevania where they met Sypha, Trevor Belmont, and Ayesha M'aiq. The Teifling rogue had a special dagger that can inject charges per stab wound.

The rogue challenged Death to a game of limbo, and while Death was mid-swing, he dumped a whole vial of holy water on death, dealing enough damage to instantly force death into his second form.

My character went invisible because “NOPE FUCK THAT” and I sat there trying to figure out what would be the most reasonable and quickest way to kill Death.

DM: alright Hooman, what are you planing on doing?
Me: I’m gonna use fireball!
DM: *stupefied* you wanna- in an enclosed room? You do know that will burn you too right?
Me: yes. My wisdom is 6 and I’m a Rakshasa “Fire good!”
DM: oh yeah… fuck! *turns to the teifling* roll a listen check.
Teifling: *passes and hears me casting fireball* EVERYBODY DUCK!
Me: *deals enough damage to kill the skull* yay we won!

After the party explains that “fire bad” we heal up and go meet Dracula. My character saw him first, had a secret conversation with him, and he made an offer to have her join him. At the beginning of the fight, she disappears.

Midway through the fight:
Me: I roll to attack. I hit Rogue’s armor class.
Teifling: What the fuck?!
Whole party goes wide-eyed. Several people try to explain it as mind control as I go, no I’m actually just being a rakashasa. DM is grinning.
Me:*rolls a nat20* [to the rogue]: I’m really sorry about this.
Teifling: no you’re not!
Me: you’re right.
DM: you punch him so hard he goes spinning and hits the ground hard. The whole fight stops and everyone stares.
Me: can I steal his dagger now?
DM: yep. Dracula puts his hands on your shoulder and says “well done.” What do you do now?
Me: Imma stab him in the FACE!
DM: you stab him in the face and the blade sinks down to the handle, releasing all the charges straight into his head. Anything else?
Me: I rip his heart out and say “all I need is the tongue of a dragon and the flesh of a well ridden horse” before giving it to the necromancer.
DM: [to necromancer]: congratulations, you’ve just been given the recipe to turn you undead

As the explanation for why she acted like she was turning on the party, my character with absolute seriousness said one thing.
“Fire Bad”

After chapter 101 I just had to attempt drawing Jean and Mikasa, I really liked how good they look in the manga along with the new uniform (which I couldn’t draw well lol). 

so about yousra...

I’ve been thinking to do a master post for my original character “yousra”..

yousra was so dear to me as she was the second oc/persona i made after my own persona “youmna” even if it was for a silly joke but she grew bigger in my heart everyday and every passing moment , i found myself comfortable to express my inner feelings through her actions ,behaviors and her interactions with other’s characters 

so who is yousra?

yousra is an original character or you can say an “edgy” character of youmna she was created at the date of 19/8/1016 ,she was aggressive and violent if it was a must ,despite that she shows kindness to who she loves and deserves

what is yousra?

yousra is a human being with additional magic powers that are her magic weapon scarf and the black tentacles…..however she wasn’t originally a human being before but the darkness itself (ooh edgy) jokes aside but for real she was originally created from darkness….and over time she started to gain her human characteristics after she new…. love 

that’s why she went from cold white pale skined to light tan skined through time while she knew “faris orfeo





what’s her story?

after yousra was created she was nothing but a side edgy joke for fun 

after that she meet “faris orfeo” or who was in v!sans body back then they became attached to each other from then

however they came to a struggle that prevents them from being together which was faris being a part of sans and they were trying to find a solution for it 

but one time an idea didn’t go well…

they stayed like that for while trying to be satisfied for what they have

faris finally found a donator named “andrew” who was dying and wanted to give his body to who would benefit from it which was faris….but before that, faris had to make an announcement for yousra

and so faris started the transition between him and andrew …they faced some obstacles but at the end it was successful and faris became separated from sans and became a human (with his original monster’s form magic and abilities)

the bond between yousra and faris had become much stronger since then

until they got finally married as planned <3

happy isn’t it?

after that they had their children who were the twins “olin and teba” ….after a long painful pregnancy and almost olin died after giving birth to them but olin is alive now but he is always sick after that incidence but yousra took the responsibility of taking care of them as of course she is the mother and kind of was the reason why olin became like that

someday…..something went wrong….olin was sent to the void as he wished to meet a beast that wasn’t as friendly as he thought

“v!gaster” was also from the same “fangade” monster species as faris was, but he is part of gaster

yousra and v!sans went to find olin and they finally found him with v!gaster

Alas, the battle wan’t by yousra’s and v’s side……………….

so if anyone saw the recent asks and roleplays of yousra related you’d probably know that she is …. dead now


yousra was my favourite character….and i loved her so much.

if you are wondering what happened after her death….welp….we still don’t know yet …. we just know that it’ll be a hard time for her family after what happened to her…..




yousra had a good happy story….she was a villain ,a lover ,a wife and a mother

goodbye yousra…


billy hargrove x reader

summary: before you, love and caring, just weren’t words his vocabulary.

word count: 6.3k

request: can i get a fic where billy is reader’s best friend and he’s really protective of her? like he loves her but then he realizes that he LOVES her

a/n: i hope this is okay! i sort of combined this request with the comforting!billy request so i hope you don’t mind. this is also the first real fic request i’ve written so i’m pretty nervous. feedback is appreciated.

It had been one thing after another today. It wasn’t that anything had went monumentally wrong, but all the small problems had accumulated up so much that you were seconds away from breaking. And when you walked out the double doors of Hawkins High and saw Billy leaning up against his Camaro waiting for you, you felt the damn holding back your tears break.

You hurried your way across the parking lot and buried your head into his chest, barely giving him enough time to react. When he realized what was going on, he threw his cigarette to the side and wrapped his arms around you securely as you quietly cried into him.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Billy asked concerned, trying to tear you away from him with no luck.

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imagine how furious anakin would have been if he found out about what happened to leia when she got enslaved by jabba ,,,bruh

16 Fascinating Revelations About the Making of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

io9 | Dec 19, 2017

The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is much more than a bunch of pretty pictures. Buried in Phil Szostak’s 256-page book are some fascinating insights into the production of the film. And while we highly recommend you flip through yourself, we picked out our favorites.

1) One of the earliest pieces of art for The Last Jedi was actually supposed to be in The Force Awakens. Designer Doug Chiang painted an image of Luke’s X-wing underwater in February 2013, but it got cut from that movie, and was used in TLJ instead.

2) A storyboarded version of the opening shot would have panned down from the crawl to reveal what at first looks like a huge planet, but was actually going to be the top of the tank Finn is recovering in.

3) The opening battle scene of the film wasn’t always directly after The Force Awakens above D’Qar. But choosing the location informed the design of the First Order’s Dreadnaught. The top was always flat, to allow for Poe’s heroics, but guns were added on its bottom, in order to fire at the planet below.

4) The Resistance bombers were a very early idea and a nod to how George Lucas was influenced by the planes of World War II. Also, while you may not be able to see it in the movie, some of the bombs have messages on them like “Hi Snoke” and “Han Says Hi.”

5) An early draft of The Last Jedi had Finn as the pilot of the bomber with Paige Tico, until writer-director Rian Johnson struck it down. “If Finn witnessed Paige’s death and didn’t know she was Rose’s sister that meant there would have to be a big scene after he found out,” Johnson says in the book. “If he did know Paige was Rose’s sister, there would either have to be a big ‘I saw your sister die’ scene, which I didn’t want to write and the movie would have come to a full stop to do, or he would be an asshole because he would never tell her. So ultimately it felt really right as a set-up but I realized there was no wood to burn in terms of a pay-off.”

6) There was a piece of concept art that would have had Rey abandon the Millennium Falcon in the waters of Ahch-To because she couldn’t find a place to land.

7) For Rey’s costume change after Han’s death, an early design had her directly influenced by the smuggler, with a short blue jacket and brown pants with red marks down the side.

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michael wasn't the only one at the halloween party

ok guys i know you feel really bad for michael and yes i do too but he wasn’t the only one.
brooke was crying too. she literally saw her boyfriend “cheating” on her with her “best friend”.
jeremy was pretty sad after christine rejected him, not to mention the encounter he had with both chloe and michael.
speaking of christine, her “boyfriend” also cheated on her and she’s going through a mini-crisis.
rich is FREAKING OUT. give the boy some damn mountain dew red.

too far gone.

billy hargrove x reader

summary: sometimes you just arent meant to end up with the love of your life…

word count: 3.3k

In the summer of 1991, you saw his face again.

It wasn’t intentional, but expected, especially at his own sister’s wedding.

You sat with your cheek resting on your palm as your eyes scanned the ballroom. You had been surprised that Max had wanted her wedding so young, at the tender age of nineteen. You always had to force girl talk out of her like pulling teeth, so seeing her laugh and giggle in a large white gown made you smile. When she had showed up at your apartment last fall with misty eyes and doing everything possible to draw attention to her left hand, you had screamed excitedly. Sure, you had your apprehension about her marrying Lucas so young, but like you had told her a million times as a child,

“When you know, you just know.”

But now, she knew for a fact that Lucas was the one, and you’re the one hadn’t spoken to you in five years at the time of her engagement.

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