after i saw her i had to

One of my best friends is this really sweet girl. She has more simple interests and what I affectionately call a sense of “greeting card humor”, but she’s loved by everyone and impossible to dislike. Valedictorian, star running athlete, and never anything but cheerful and friendly, with one exception. 

My girlfriend and I started dating, it was after a few months of pining and lowkey snuggling over the summer. Anyone who saw us over the summer or during band camp thought we were dating, but we didn’t make anything official until about the second week of school, so to everyone else we knew, there were no hints until we came out. My best friend, for example, had no idea anything was going on and unfortunately, purely by coincidence!, she was one of the last ones to know. 

My first chance to tell her was in the gym locker room. I was sitting on a bench with another friend, talking. In fact I had just said “I really ought to tell [my best friend] the news” and guess who comes stomping around the corner! This sweet girl, who’s never really angrily and smiles even when she’s upset, locks on her target [me] and her eyes turn red. She immediately starts yelling at me! Yelling at the top of her lungs because someone else told her about my girlfriend before I, her best friend could. It was terrifying. My other friend and I were backed against the lockers. It’s by far the most angry I have ever seen her. We begged for our lives, telling her I was just about to talk to her. She scoffed and didn’t believe me. She’s still super sweet and super supportive, but I was afraid for my life that day. I saw my life flash before my eyes….

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I just saw a video from 2015 when fans gave donations to Ally for her mom's surgery. My heart melt after watch this :'( It's incredible that for those days the girls had to work their ass off and don't have the chance to take care of their families. I really wish this year their hard work is finally paid off ♥


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Finally got around to watching 4x02 of TO. Klaus' idea of solace is Cami, the voice of his conscience, nagging him for his own good, do you ever cry? I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw those scenes. Intellectually, I understand that they killed her (and Davina) coz they don't know how to write an Original happy or just don't want them to be, but it still hurts. I'm glad you still do reviews, they are the first thing I check out after watching an episode!

It broke me. Destroyed me. I had nothing left but tears because WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

I really thought I was over my bitterness. I was excited that Leah would be back, even if it was just a figment of Klaus’ imagination thing. But the second she came onscreen, it brought me physical pain.

Because they’re so good together! And I’m not just talking about the chemistry, which Leah and JoMo have in spades. Like when Cami stroked his hair. SHE STROKED HIS HAIR. 

Cami is the voice of reason these monsters need. Yes, I’m calling them monsters even though I love most of them with my entire heart. But every single one of them, except maybe, possibly Vincent, makes more bad choices than good ones.

Cami would be the first person to say she wasn’t perfect. She struggled with her own darkness and demons. But she chose light and hope and doing what’s good. Her voice, her presence, her determination to save people, it mattered. It still matters. 

But, nope. The writers went for the easy “kill the women to make the men  suffer” trope. Because there’s zero question that’s what they did. Cami’s death was about Klaus. And his pain. Davina’s death was about Kol. And Marcel. And their pain. A catalyst to make Marcel more powerful than The Originals.

And every time I think I’m over it, and I can just sit back and enjoy the Mikaelsons, the rage returns to slap me in the face. Often in the form of Josh and his useless existence.

(But seriously, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Please excuse my ranting).

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I think the issue is, is not that Emma we know would really hook up with a random dude in just one night. The Emma we know would not do that. It's trust issue w/ the writers. I know it's fucking ridiculous but remember these are the same writers who made a Neal portrait and branded him a hero w/ zero credit. Named snowing baby after ex of the sister. Made Emma say thank you to Regina because the other her sucks. Or resolved the Regina arc by hugging it out because she learned to 'love herself'.

Oh I hear ya. Trust me, I hear ya. But here’s the difference, at least for me.

Neal/Bae was always unevenly written. From the very beginning there were plot holes in his story you could drive a truck through. And don’t even get me started on rebranding him as a hero. Especially in light of the bloodthirsty Bae we saw last ep. The writers have had a habit from the start of making his character into whatever they needed him to be at the moment. 

Naming the Snowing baby Neal? Ugh. When fan appeasement goes wrong.

As far as the Emma apology to Regina, or even the entire power balance of that friendship, I agree there have been many moments that made me grit my teeth but I will give the writers this one very important thing. They’ve written that storyline consistently since day one. It may have been consistently frustrating, but it’s been consistent.

And the hug it out, along with lots of other seemingly random and abrupt resolutions and occurrences, have definitely left me shaking my head.

These writers aren’t perfect. Far from it. They forget their own canon whenever they find it convenient and sometimes seem to willfully ignore common sense.

But when it comes to Emma Swan, and when it comes to Captain Swan, they’ve never wavered. They’ve been models of consistency and forward movement. If you were to map the arcs of both Emma as an individual and Captain Swan as a couple you wouldn’t see the ups and downs and backtracks and restarts you see with some other characters and storylines. It’s been all a frozen rope with these two. Straight ahead with nothing slowing down the march to the ultimate destination.

I REALLY don’t see a random bartender making an 11th hour appearance and screwing that up.

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(For the Norman Interview) How did you guys meet? Did you guys hit it off right away? Does she know you more than you know yourself? (And vice versa) What's your favorite thing about her? Lol this idea sounds really cute 😭😭😭

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Q: How did you guys meet?

NR: We met actually when she was stood up. I was in a bar with Andy and Steven after filming one day and I saw her alone at a table. She kept looking at her phone, never getting any notification, we all knew she was waiting for something, someone. An hour passed and he never showed. So Andy is like, ‘you gotta talk to her’ and I was like ‘me?!’. Like, you guys know me, I’m just so awkward but they’re both married and little bitches so I had to. I was gonna wait but when she got up to leave I had to think quick. I got up and was like ‘Don’t leave, I’m here’ and she kept packing up, so then I picked up my pace, put a hand on her side and kissed her cheek and we ate dinner.

Q: Did you guys hit it off right away?

NR: Well she was a fan of the show, so she wasn’t against eating dinner with me. She was really nervous, as I’d imagine but wasn’t weird. We got past that awkward stage quick and immediately were into a full conversation, so yeah, we did.

Q: Does she know you more than you know yourself?

NR: I mean, everyone does in all honesty

Q: Do you know her more than she knows herself?

NR: My good boyfriend answer would be, yeah. But I’m not sure, I’m not a great boyfriend but I try, ya know?

Q:  What’s your favorite thing about her?

NR: I mean, where do I start. That’s so cliche but it’s true. She’s got a great smile, laugh, knows how to joke around. She can still wear sweats and a hoodie with no makeup around me without a care. We can eat together, like, eat. She’s just real, you know? Sees me for more than ‘Daryl Dixon’ or ‘Murphy MacManus’, she sees me as little ol’ messy klutz Norman

Yikes, that got long, Thanks for ur questions tho anon ! <3

Izzy was a rough looking mutt in need of a home. We found her when she was 8 years old at Animal Humane Society in Woodbury and I fell in love as soon as I sat down with her in the cage and saw her crooked tongue. I cried when we had to leave that day and soon went back to visit her the next day. One day when I got home from school my mom handed me papers and told me to read them. Not knowing what they were I yelled with joy as soon as I saw the humane society logo. I hugged my mom and jumped into the car to get her. We arrived at the humane society and I grabbed the leash and bolted inside to the desk. After about 10 minutes of paperwork a worker went to get Izzy. She waddled outside with her tongue hanging out and a smile on her face. We climbed into the car and drove home to show her around.

One year later we still have Izzy and the bond has grown so strong between us. She loves to sit outside during the winter and loves cookies. We found each other in time of need so really, who saved whom?


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1) I'm the anon that's always on your blog, hello again👋🏾 I've literally spent the whole time crying over that spoiler about S****. Honestly It shouldn't be her because she had so much potential to do more😭 this is how I felt with Denise, they killed her off way too soon. Now I don't know what to do, I spend so much time investing in these characters, especially the females and they just end them just like that. But people like D**** still exist🙄

2) honestly his fans are the worst, some of them called me a dirty nigger the other day because they saw I ship Richonne when going through my page after I had some things to say about D****. They said other shit too and people say the fandom doesn’t have racism, yes they do whether it has anything to do with Richonne or not. And the fact they’re about to kill another black character that should of lived longer is making me really sad. Gimple better not touch Michonne I STG

3) this is why I changed to Z nation because this fandom is too much and the plot lines are adding to my depression. I still ride for this show though, because there are still characters I adore like Richonne , Maggie, Tara, Morgan, Gabe etc and I wanna see if Jaaron becomes a thing ahaha

Hey Anon! 

Welcome back, I love you here.

Yeah the Sasha stuff is rough. The handling of it just pisses me off to think about so I didn’t read much of it. Potential means jackshit on the walking dead. There is always potential, but that is always shat on and tossed out for “comics”. I can’t get invested anymore and as started with Glenn, I’m just waiting for them to tick off, my faves. Please, do me the favor and kill Rick and Michonne. It will be my greatest pleasure to walk away from this show. 

I’m sorry you have been called the N word. So have I, over being a Michonne fan and shipping Richonne. Fandom is racist. Its not just “some”. Fandom is inherently racist. Something that I struggle to be a part of every day. Sigh… I grow weary, but it does say more about these people and this “post racial society” than it  does about you. 

ZNation is a breath of fresh air, but honestly my sights have turn to Korean drama and films. That’s where its really at.

Thank anon. *muah*  

*male writer voice* i don’t remember her name. it’s not important. i met her at a record store and she went home with me because i offered to buy her cigarettes. she had amazing perky breasts. we drank cheap whiskey and had sex three times that night and then she told me she wanted to be a dragonfly because they were free. i slept with her many times after that. but one day she stopped returning my calls and i don’t know why. that was seven years ago. on monday she got hit by a bus and died. i saw it in the newspaper so i went to her funeral and it made me sad. i don’t know why. i hate my mother even though she pays my rent while i write poetry about masturbating in the shower

The problem is less that autistic people aren’t speaking, and much more that non-autistic people won’t stop.

Today is Autistics Speaking Day. I have something to say to non-autistic people. Can you listen?

Marvin and I went out to eat after protesting the 2014 Autism Speaks walk with ASAN Vancouver. From the moment we entered the restaurant, a patron sitting and eating with her family was openly staring at me and my wheelchair.

It seemed like this person really had a problem with me when I got out of my wheelchair to fold it up and sit at the only place we could-  the table right next to her and her family. The staring got really obvious then. When Marvin brought over our food and McStaringson saw that we were going to stay and eat there, she got very uncomfortable.

I was tired, 110% finished with non-autistics, hungry, and overloaded in all of my senses. In that moment I cared a sub-zero amount about looking non-autistic, or less obviously disabled. I just did my thing and ignored McStaringson. I made no eye contact with anyone. I didn’t force any facial expressions. I was rocking in my seat, and I very likely flapped my hands when I saw our food coming.

When she couldn’t take it anymore (and she didn’t last long) McStaringson leaned over and pointed me out to her family. From the table immediately next to us. She was upset. I could hear her very clearly, but I’m sure she wanted me to. She actually managed to convince her teenage kids and spouse to get up and leave their food, which none of them had finished, so that she could get away from me as fast as possible.

I never went back to that restaurant. It took a little time and a lot of gritting my teeth to be able to eat in public again.

I have tried to talk about this three times in the presence of non-autistic people. All three times I was met with disbelief, justification, or correction- as if I were wrong about the thing that happened to me. Perhaps you’re feeling bristly and defensive yourself. Perhaps you’re already composing a #NotAllAllistics response like the ones I have heard in real space.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.”

“I’m sure you misunderstood.”

“Maybe she was leaving for some other reason.”

“Well, don’t autistic people struggle with understanding facial expressions…?”

They spoke for me, over me. They were so unwilling to hear what I was saying or believe that ableism is a widespread problem to which everyone is owed some responsibility, that they denied reality and my experiences.

And yet, this is the same kind of person who expresses dismayed surprise when they are finally confronted with an act of violent ableism or obvious oppression that they can’t deny. The denial of our daily lived experiences is the foundation for more obvious forms of oppression, but they can’t see the link. That link needs to be pointed out and the silencing needs to stop.

It’s not so much that autistic people aren’t speaking. We are speaking. It’s that so few are listening, and the rest of you won’t stop speaking over us. Our voices get drowned out. Often this is intentional. Sometimes it is the result of a true ignorance about autistic people and our lives, or the wrong belief that autistic people need someone to speak for them. But allies can help fight this ignorance and slay that insidious lie.

When an autistic person shares their lived experiences, believe and support them. When we have something to say, listen. Value our knowledge. Share our words so they fly farther. Amplify our voices, no matter how we communicate. I would say that the Autistics Speaking Day hashtags are an excellent place to start.

#AutisticsSpeakingDay #ASDay


elementary rewatch ❖ heroine (10/11)

Today I wore my Winchester Bros t-shirt and my KAZ 2Y5 necklace, both of which I got at NJCon this year and which I was wearing for the first time. I knew Jared and Gen were in NYC and I was walking to the bus home, texting my friend jokingly that I was keeping an eye out for them. Two minutes after, I look up and I saw something familiar. A split second later I recognized who it was, and my legs legitimately turned to jelly and my heart felt like it had stopped. He noticed me before I even started walking up to him, and pointed at my t-shirt and gave me this big grin and said “Hey! Like your shirt!” And I said “Thank you!” and asked if we could take a photo. Gen smiled and offered to take it for me, and I asked her if she could be in it too, and she said “Sure!” I took out my phone and opened the camera, and Jared reached out and took my phone, saying with a little smile, “Here, let me take it. I’ve got longer arms!” And I said “Yeah, good idea. I’m too short.” And we took the photo and he said “Is that good?” And I said “Yes thank you!” He complimented my t-shirt again, and then noticed my necklace and said he liked it too. I told him “I just got them! At NJcon on Friday!” And he gave a huge smile and said “Oh cool! What’s your name?” I said “My name’s Tova!” And he said “Nice to meet you Tova, I’m Jared and this is Gen” and I replied “Oh, wow yeah, I totally didn’t know that” to which he started laughing, and as they walked away I told them I hope they have a good time in NYC, and they both smiled gently at me and walked away.

….I don’t think I’ll forget this for as long as I live.

I’m just trying to recall the last time we actually saw Dean do anything sexual with anyone. Because in 12.11, we know he had the hots for Larry, and after going for his ride he “blew off steam” with the waitress. But what does that mean? And the fact that he was supposed to meet her after her shift but never showed… for what? Round two? To finish what they started? It is a mystery. I mean, she didn’t seem all that invested, just pissed that he blew her off when she finally did see him again.

And ALL of that technically happened BEFORE HE WAS HEXED!

So, sound mind, consenting adults, and all that. And when she realized that he couldn’t remember because he’d been “roofied,” she was immediately concerned that she may have taken advantage of him and apologized.

I mean, that’s fantastic.

When the heck has Dean ever gotten an apology like that?

This is pretty far removed from “mistakes were made.”

Before this, he had some sort of success in 11.13 before then striking out later in the episode.

And before that was 11.04, where those mistakes were made, whatever that means.

But even with his memories removed and therefore no burden of guilt, we didn’t actually see him hit on anyone the entire episode. He was polite and smiley with people, complimenting Rowena’s hair for being “bouncy” oh my god. Being friendly with the waitress, even smiling at Sam when he had no freaking clue who HE was, let alone who Sam was. Dean’s default without his memories seems to be cheerfully pleasant with a zest for life (and waffles) (and Larry).

So, not a womanizing jerk dudebro.

He thought his own damn life hunting monsters with their angel best friend sounded awesome. He noticed people, but he didn’t have that performing persona. And he unashamedly admitted to loving A DISNEY CARTOON FISH. I mean… 

This was all just so refreshing in a really twisted and terrifying sort of way…

The Mortician’s Daughter

“A friend of mine was taking a picture of herself and her daughter kissing and in the background you can clearly see a figure that was not there. She had “ghost experts” come in and check around the house and found nothing. After some research they found one of the previous owners was a mortician or ran a funeral home or something. I have known this girl for years and it would completely shock me if this was fabricated as I saw how upset she was and how much money she dished out for experts.” (Source)

After the carousel of emotions that provoked me the winter finale and the pre infarct that I suffered after seeing the kiss between marco and jackie I conclude that I loved the line of events, not because I¨m jarco team  One of the main reasons I saw the serie was shipping marco and star,  It was just a pleasure to see how star who is a girl who only thinks about going through great adventures and having fun with a smile on her face act so emotional and sensitive, She showed so many expressions that she had never shown before and that leave her usual character, it was so beautiful, While the red moon be in the sky will act as the red thread of fate sealing the fate of two souls who are destined to love each other, I am exciting to see how star shows us more expressions of a normal teenager who is not willing to let herself snatch what is hers

I just saw the video of Johnny Depp that Amber Heard filmed and I can’t believe people are still defending him.

I’ve been abused and been around a lot of abuse and that video was giving me anxiety because it reminded me of it.

“But he was hitting the cabinets not her”
First of all abuse is not only physical. You’re seriously underestimating how terrifying it is to be around a man who’s that angry. I’ve been so scared for my safety that I had to call a friend and stay with them when the anger wasn’t even directed at me.

Second of all we only saw the brief bit that she was able to film before he aggressively took it from her. I can almost guarantee that he started directing his verbal and physical abuse towards her after the video.

“She was baiting him!! All the things she was saying were provoking him!”
Anything she would have said would have provoked him. Not saying anything would have provoked him! All she did was ask if something happened and if he was drunk, she most likely was asking so she would know how to deal with him and try to calm him down.

“He was drunk!!”
That literally doesn’t excuse him at all??

Johnny Depp abused his wife and you all are excusing him because he was in some movies you like. You are being misogynistic and victim blaming. This is why victims of abuse are so scared to come forward.

imagine how furious anakin would have been if he found out about what happened to leia when she got enslaved by jabba ,,,bruh


screaming and crying because I ACTUALLY SAW THEM AS THEY WERE WALKING TO THE STAGE (or was it back from? im not sure) 

I was actually standing in a corner with my friend’s sis as we waited for her and suddenly she was like, “Look, LOOK” and pointed behind me, as i turned i saw them as they walked past us, a hoard of girls clutching their phones trailing after them. and Baozi had his hand on Hana’s back as they walked briskly aaaah they’re so cute

later when i told my sis (she doesn’t like yoi, just cosplay) that i saw them she was like “WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE PICTURES???!!’


so yeah i like them a lot they’re so cute


I watched Rogue One again today and noticed some things I hadn’t picked up on before.
1) Jyn adopted the hairstyle her father used on the farm
2) Jyn had her arm on Cassian’s back when a grenade went off while they were fighting with Saw’s rebels
3) Cassian double checked to see if he still had to kill Galen Erso. Upon receiving the news, he was disgruntled and angry. It is my headcannon that he was only cold to her after that because he didn’t want to get attached. He knew he already was after her quick thinking with Saw’s rebels and her effort to save the crying girl.
4) Once her saw Jyn on the platform, she was his only and immediate concern. He stopped watching the others and focused on her
5) Before Jyn went to confront Cassian about her father, she stood by Churrut, and he grasped her hand to give her support
6) They stood much closer than necessary when she did, and forgot about everyone else in the room
7) They continued to stand way to close in moments after that
8) He looked at her like she was his entire world in the elevator and crushed me in the process
9) It was much more emotional the second time

She was gripping that bottle so tight, like it was the last thing she’d ever hold onto, “I saw him today for the first time in a year,” she said, “I saw him today for the first time in a year and he was with another girl.”

I just looked at her and stared at those tears rolling down her cheeks, there was nothing you could say or do to change the fact that he had moved on and she hadn’t.

She broke the silence again, but this time with a little chuckle, “he picked her and not me, he always picked her over me, but I’d pick him in a heartbeat you know. After it all, after everything he’s done to me, I’d still pick him,” she stopped, “I guess some things just never change.”

And with that she was gripped that bottle so tight, like it was the last thing she’d ever hold onto, because that bottle was him.

—  c.f. // “she never had a thing for a beer until she met you”