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for @captainstevewilson

samsteve modern royalty au with prince!sam and bodyguard!steve

When Steve was recruited out of the army to join the country’s secret service, he wasn’t exactly sure to expect. He thought he’d be assigned to threat assessment, maybe, or a general palace grounds protection detail.

What he was not expecting, however, was to be assigned to Crown Prince Samuel Wilson’s personal protection detail.

“Agent Rogers, reporting for duty,” he announces as he enters one of the many sitting rooms in the palace. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Prince Samuel.”

“Please, call me Sam,” Sam snorts, shooting Steve an easy smile as they shake hands. “And honestly, I don’t even understand why I need all this security. I was in the military.”

“Pararescue,” Steve replies automatically, and Sam narrow his eyes at him, which makes Steve quickly add, “with a commendable record. Consider me just another member of your team.”

Sam looks surprised at that for a second, before his lips quirk up into a small smile.

“Less than five minutes and you’ve already flustered the baby agent,” Steve hears someone say from behind him, and he turns to find another Secret Service agent behind him, smirking as she assesses Steve. “That must be some kind of record, Sam.”

“Good morning to you too, Natasha,” Sam snorts, and Steve finally recognizes the woman as Agent Romanov, one of the senior operatives. “Care to explain why I’ve got yet another of you guys following me around now?”

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