after hours it's done!

me: i should do some work tonight so i don’t die tomorrow when I have to get it all finished

*hours pass and nothing gets done*


I don't have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses. 
I just have voices in my head.

Coffee is half-price on campus during final exams. This means I should drink twice as much, yes?

I’m gonna be studying in the library all day today


“au where fyodor dances to this every time before he kills someone”

i’d like to thank the dazaiscans chat for encouraging me to continue to work on this piece of art


After almost 14 hours of work its finally done! 

These are the first 8 AU designs for the Epic Mickey and Be More Chill Cross over(esque) Au I call Be More Epic (yes its very lame I know) ( i still have a 2 other character designs to do but they shouldn’t take long)

I tried to make the character match ups as fitting as possible which includes 

  • Mickey- Jeremy 
  • Oswald-Michael 
  • Ortensia-Chloe
  • Prescott- Rich 
  • Minnie- Christine 
  • Faye-background character (this is the accidental oc)
  •  Fifinella-Brooke (her placement name is Fifi cause I didn’t know what to name her if you have any ideas please let me know)
  • Daisy- Jenna 

The two other characters not pictured are 

  • Markus-Jake
  • The Mad Doctor- Squip (i have no clue how to go about designing him since the squip is suppose to be more “appealing” while the mad doctor isn’t)

the designs and colors are based more on the EM characters in an attempt make them more recognizable (i did add little things such as patches of fur being a different color

characters like the gremlins and mean street residents are background characters 

if you have any questions about character matchups or anything else feel free to let me know! 

Im probably going to make a blog for this so ill update you on that 

please let me know what you think!

thataveragefanperson  asked:

[Halloween AU] Done after hours on this tag and omg it's so wonderful. Now I'm going to spend the week on your other AUs & if I may ask, when Kookie became a zombie he freaked bc such things were a myth, how is it now? Is the world still in the dark?

mm, yes and no?

People are aware some things are out there, because they’ve come out of the shadows, but any non-humans still prefer to keep to themselves, especially because pop culture didn’t give them that nice of an image. 

For example, in the town Yoongi’s mansion is in, SOME people are very much aware that Taehyung is a werewolf, because it’s hard to hide a huge fluffy tail and the mail man has to deliver things there, but where some (especially the young people) have no issue with him and actually like his company, there are those who would yell at him to get away and pull all the kids away from him. There’s also a fw people who know what Yoongi is (or suspect what he is) because he basically looks the same as he did during their great great great great great grandmother’s time.

No one has actually seen Kookie, because he’s too freaked out about it so he avoids people like the league. They also don’t know Jin because everyone sees him differently so they don’t realize it’s the same person. And Namjoon… well… they know he just has questionable sense of the temperature since he’s always covering himself out when it’s so warm you’d melt.

Jimin, on the other hand, is one of those kind of “creatures” that people accept easily. He, as well as his family, are all wizards or the sort and most of them use their knowledge to help people so they’ve gotten a good reputation. 

And no one can actually hate/fear Hobi. He’s too friggin nice.