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[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;



Gif Request Meme: @helenpenhallxw asked:
→ Shadowhunters + Most Heartbreaking Scene

↳ Simon finds out he’s a vampire. (1x08)
“I’m repulsive.”


You’re sweet. (bonus GIFs :) )

In the spirit of the 14th February, and in the spirit of the unseen success of my little gifset story, I decided to create a little bonus! :)

But not only that, this is also a HUGE thank you to all my followers, old and new, for the incredible support you’ve given me! It truly means a lot, and I’ll do my best to keep on bringing more fanarts for all of us to enjoy (because I love creating them, and I hope you like looking at them ^^). Thank you guys again, this one’s for all of you! :)

It’s been a while since I last animated these two kiss, so I thought you know… why not? :D Originally I intended to create just one GIF, but I got a little carried away with these two and ended up creating 3 GIFs haha. So after some 2-3 hours of animating and 8 hours of rendering, I’m happy to present you the result! :) It’s not flawless I know, but the rendering was already kicked off when I noticed those. And I’m also sorry for the poor GIF quality. It really wasn’t easy to stuff this under 2MBs each. But I hope you’ll like it anyway!

So once again, to all of my followers (old and new), thank you so much for everything! <3

P.S.: If you have someone to celebrate today with, then Happy Valentine’s Day! And those of us who don’t… don’t worry, it won’t be like that forever. ;)

Keep shining! :)

So this client tells me he doesn’t want any blue on his site. After some changes, I call him back.

Me: I removed all the blue and replaced it with the desired colors, as you’ve mentioned.

Client: No, no, no. This is all wrong. I said no blue, why is there blue in there?

After 2 hours of terrible explanation, I find out he wanted me to change the blue hover in the dropdown menu ( the <option> tag).


Radcliffe:“I’m saving these people. I am giving them a replica of their life with less pain.”