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Harry Potter grew up in an abusive household AND HE WAS A HORCRUX THE WHOLE TIME and he was still the best most pure child in the world, okay????

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I had no idea how many people liked jelly fish until I saw your blog and then I was like "cool" but then I kept scrolling through all the pictures on your blog and I'm like "I understand now. I'm in love and I want 20.

lol I had no idea how many people liked jellies either until I made this blog! It’s wonderful! 


Something Good | Nathan Prescott X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Nathan/fem!reader, Evan, Hayden.

Word Count: 1498 words.

Vortex Club. The elitist club that someone could imagined. At least that’s what most people said. Half of Blackwell students hated them, and the other part was made up of members or people who wanted to enjoy in. (Y/N) was in the middle term. She didn’t personally like the people who were part of the group and had no desire to get into this mess.

But that was a different day. After losing a bet to her friend, Evan, she would have to go to in a Vortex Club party. The girl couldn’t deny that she was kind of excited, her life was getting stressful lately. Tests, homework, an asshole ex-boyfriend, a lot happening in a short time. A party would be good to her. At least that was what she expected.

When she arrived at the pool area she was surprised to see that she knew most of the people who were there. But they certainly wouldn’t do her much good as company, everyone was absurdly high. She started to walk around and regret started to appear in her mind. Most of the party was covered by smoke, which made her cough for a long time before the idea of leaving pass through her head.

“You came!” (Y/N) heard a familiar voice behind her shout. Evan. Finally.

“I don’t want to pay the bet running through Blackwell only with my underwear, thank you.” the girl smirked, which made Evan laugh. “What are you doing here? Thinking of joining some group in the midst of this smoke?”

“Actually I just wanted to see if you would come.” he shrugged. “Besides, parties are always a good way to socialize. Socialization leads to people indicating your work for other people. You should try sometime.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure my career is guaranteed if I become Hayden’s friend. Thanks Evan.”

“Not him. This is a good way to learn with whom to talk to, little bird.” he gave pats on the girl’s head. “Only sober people.” and then he began to walk away. “I’ll let you fly alone. See you around.”

“Moron.” (Y/N) shout for him to hear, making him laugh and answer something that she could not hear due to the volume of the music that seemed louder with each passing second.

People jumping, dancing, rubbing at each other was what she could see at everywhere she looked. How did Evan manage to find someone sober to “socialize”?

The girl sighed, heading toward the nearest wall to lean on. She never would bet anything anymore.

“Look who’s here.” a male voice drew her attention for its proximity to her body. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N) came to our party.”

Nathan Prescott. The “leader” of the Vortex Club. She’d seen him around the campus, they exchange some looks, but (Y/N) always tried to stay away from him, she didn’t want to see his bad side that everyone was always talking about. And for the lack of contact between them, she was surprised that he knew her name.

“Yeah, I’ve always been the party gurl type.” she shrugged, making the boy smirk.

“Sorry then, parties master.” he leaned against his side. “I hope our party is pleasing you.”

(Y/N) looked around. Evan was talking to a group in a quieter part of that place. Some teenagers she didn’t know were throwing random people in the pool. And she swore she had seen someone without the bottom of the bikini. Ew.

“A bit extreme.” her voice rose when the music started to get louder than before.

“Don’t be so lame.” he reproved. “We’re just having some after this shit week we had. You should try to do it too.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m serious.” Nathan got away from the wall and pulled the girl by her arm carefully. “Come and have fun.”

(Y/N) knew that was probably no use denying it. She was there for that anyway, forget the shitty week she was having. She just didn’t expect that Nathan Prescott would be the one to help her forget everything.

The girl let herself be led, until she realized that he was leading her out of the party. What he was planning? She let go of the boy’s grip, making him roll his eyes and hold her arm again, now with a little more force. (Y/N) sighed and looked back before walking out the door of the place. She could see Evan staring at her, he didn’t seem pleased with what he saw, but let her go anyway.

Finally, after a few minutes walking, she found out that Nathan was taking her to the boys’ dorm. She froze, and even when Prescott tried to pull her again she continued in the same place.

“I won’t go in there!” she exclaimed as if he were crazy for considering this idea.

“Don’t be so lame.” Nathan muttered, trying to draw her with him.

“No!” the girl let go again. “I can be expelled if someone caught me there, Nathan!”

The boy looked at her like she was crazy.

Then it hit her.

Nathan had the school and the principal on the palm of his hand. She would have no problems while she was with him.

(Y/N) sighed, starting to walk by her own toward the dorm. That action seemed, somehow, please Nathan, who laughed while following her.

The girl stopped when she reached the hallway, looking at the rooms and trying to guess who they belong to. Or at least trying to find Evan’s, which was not difficult, since it was at the entrance of the place. “The Vortex Club sucks ass - love, Evan”. Original. She erased it, writing in its place a simple “Friendship is Magic” with a small pony.

“Done.” she muttered.

“I’m not going to ask.” Nathan said around the corner. “Come.”

(Y/N) entered the boy’s room. Weird was the first word that passed in her mind. On the floor, Nathan put a nargile. The girl’s eyes widened. It was THIS the fun that he had talked about?

Nathan sat around the object. And after a few minutes without any reaction of (Y/N), he pointed out that she should sit as well, what she did cautiously.

“I don’t know how it works.” she said leaning against his bed while he lit the fire under the object.

“Suck it.” he answered without even look at her. “Then release it.”

(Y/N) slowly pick one of the hoses, doing what Nathan had told her. She sucked the essence, choking with the smoke, which made the boy laugh. Then she started to repeated, until she got the hang of how to do it properly.

After some time talking with Nathan and seeing him join drinks into their party, she was sure he was having fun. He seemed to be a little out of his mind due the mix he had done. And at some point, he began to face her and smiled.

“You’re kinda cute.” he muttered.

“And you’re high.” she laughed and Nathan crawled to her side, leaning agains his bed.

“Nah, I always thought that.” he shrugged while he stared at her deeply. “I want you for a long time already, but you always go away before I have a chance to talk to you.”

And in the next moment, Nathan’s lips were connected with (Y/N)’s. She didn’t know how to react at first, but then her eyes closed and her hands went into his hair. The boy directed his own hands to the girl’s waist. And they stayed that way until they needed to recover air.

“What the hell was that?” she whispered.

“Us.” Nathan leaned against his bed. “‘Us’ becoming real.”

(Y/N) felt an unusual happiness fill her body. She didn’t know if it was Nathan or the nargile they used. Perhaps a mix.

She laid her head on the boy’s shoulder, he had returned to put (Y/N)’s hose in his mouth. The girl allowed herself to smile and closed her eyes. She had fun. She didn’t remember what was upsetting her anymore.

The Prescott boy watched her fall asleep on his shoulder and smiled. He put one arm around the girl’s waist, pulling her body closer to him, closing his eyes and relaxing afterwards. Nathan must have fallen asleep at the time, because when his eyes open again, though it seemed to haven’t passed any single minute, the light shone into the room and (Y/N) was no longer in his arms. She wasn’t anywhere in his room.

That bothered him for the rest of the morning he spent in his room until he finally decided to leave the place, meeting Hayden, who gave him a sly look.

“Had a good night, huh?” the friend ask him before going into his own room.

Nathan got confused and stopped in the hallway for a few seconds before turning back to the board next to his door, noticing that the classic “The Prescotts rule this town” had been replaced by “A shitty week doesn’t seem so bad anymore”.


*bangs fists on table* do u know what I really like 


when people reblog my art ❤👌 

do u know what I like a bit more 

when people compliment my art in the tags of their reblog of it ❤❤👌👌 

just,, little things like that really boost my mood and confidence,, 

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Urgent Assistance.

72 - “We’re in public, stop that!” 

11 - “Cuddle me, you weirdo” 

78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for five minutes” 

48 - “Did you just slap my ass?” “Actually, I firmly grasped it” “Did you just quote Spongebob?”   

This is my first imagine, let me know what you think! - Red_w00dy xoxo 

“We’re in public, stop that!” You scolded, whipping round to face Tig who had spent the past ten minutes trying to scare you, disappearing off into the supermarket then jumping out on you when you were least expecting it.

“Shouldn’t have let on that you’re such a scaredy cat then, doll,” he smirked, chasing after you when you walked away with the cart filled with snacks and booze, all necessities for Bobby’s homecoming party that night. “Y/N, wait up!” 

“Just go wait by the car, you man-child” You rolled your eyes at him, removing the car keys from your trouser pocket and dropping them into his outstretched hand. He grumbled something unintelligible under his breath and walked off, his dark curls bouncing with every step he took. 

By the time the party had kicked off later that night you were at your wits end, the result of Tig spending the whole day annoying you as much as he could. You suppose you should have been used to it by now, having been best friends with him since you were both young, yet he had this way of getting under your skin like nobody’s business. You stepped outside of the heaving clubhouse for some fresh air, lighting up a cigarette and sitting down one of the benches when Tig came out, his eyes frantic as he scanned the lot and made his way towards you when he saw you resting on the picnic table. 

 “Y/N, you gotta help me,” he begged, crouching down in front of you and clasping his hands together in a praying motion. “I promise I’ll never annoy you again if you do this for me right now” 

 “I told you a million times, Tiggy,” You exhaled tiredly, a cloud of smoke escaping your lips as you ruffled his tangled hair fondly. “The only way to get Happy to stop growling at you is by accepting that he’s a ruthless killer, not constantly referring to him as being about as scary as a pomeranian” 

“I still stand by that, but that’s not the problem right now,” he replied, standing up and perching himself on the edge of the table behind you. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for five minutes” 

A smile spread across your face from ear to ear. It had been years since either of you had needed the other to fake a relationship, having been a go-to tactic on nights out when you were younger. You raised your eyebrow at your best friend, tapping ash from your cigarette onto the floor before replying. 

“Why? What have you gone and done now?” 

“This croweater keeps trying it on with me but I’m not interested,” he frowned, the lines on his forehead becoming prominent when you scoffed at his statement. Tig not interested? That was a lie if you’d ever heard one. “I’m not kidding, Y/N. This girl is crazy, she even followed me to the bathroom when I went to take a piss” 

“You’re saying you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend so that she stops stalking you?” You confirmed, watching him nod eagerly in the hope that you’d agree with his plan. “You owe me big time for this, Trager. I mean huge, like you’re gonna have to sit through so many horror movies with dolls in to make up for this” 

“Seriously?” He groaned, his eyes following you as you discarded your finished cigarette and stood up from your seat. “Fine, but we aren’t watching Dolls again. I didn’t sleep for a week after seeing that shit” 

“Shouldn’t have bet that you could finish a bottle faster than me then, should you?” You winked, lacing your fingers with his and pulling him towards the front door of the clubhouse.

Upon entering the crowded room you felt Tig stiffen beside you, following his gaze to where he was focused on a drunken blonde deep in conversation with a dark haired croweater. You couldn’t fight the giggle that escaped you, clamping your lips together when Tig glared at you and choosing to sidle up to him instead. A look of fury appeared on the croweater’s face when she saw the pair of you together, causing you to bite your bottom lip in order to fight the laugh that you were holding in. For some reason the whole situation was amusing to you, from Tig having a crazy girl after him right down to his fearful expression as she made her away across the room towards you. 

“Who are you?” she spat when she reached you, her eyes trailing over your body to take in your appearance. You didn’t feel self conscious, you were wearing your favourite outfit that consisted of a pair of jeans, a low cut top and your favourite fold down boots. In fact, you’d never felt hotter in your entire life, except for the time you’d dressed up as Frank from Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween one year. 

“His old lady,” You lied with ease, moving one of your hands to run over Tig’s kutte whilst staring up at him lovingly. “We finally decided it was time for me to meet his friends, isn’t that right, baby?” 

“Yeah,” Tig agreed, moving his hand down to squeeze your backside with a cocky grin. “We’ve been together for years. She’s just been away with work for a while” 

“You’re lying! I’ve seen you around the clubhouse before, you slept with Happy like a week ago!” The blonde exclaimed, a smile creeping across your face over how annoyed she was getting. 

“You must be mistaking me for my twin sister. I’ve not been here for ages… Must be at least a year or two” You improvised, feigning confusion as Tig draped his arm around your shoulders. 

The croweater let out a growl of frustration and stormed off, leaving you to whip round so you were standing in front of your best friend. He shot you a confused grin, his head tilting to the side in an adorable fashion until you hit him with the back of your hand, making him groan and rub the sore spot at the back of his head. 

“Did you just slap my ass?” You questioned, shaking your head in disbelief and reaching forwards to take a beer from one of the prospects. 

“Actually, I firmly grasped it” he retorted, leading you towards where Happy and Bobby were sat at the bar, taking shots and discussing Bobby’s infamous banana bread. 

“Did you just quote Spongebob?” You sat yourself down on one of the stools and raised your bottle to your lips, an involuntary moan slipping out after you swallowed some of the delicious drink. 

“Blame Ellie and Kenny, they watch that shit all the time” Opie interjected from your left side, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek after having not seen you in a while. 

You spent the next couple of hours with Tig, Happy, Bobby and Opie, talking about everything from how Opie’s kids were to the time you and Tig broke into a liquor store aged fifteen to get some booze for the school dance. During this time you both completely abandoned your pretend relationship, Tig checking out different girls in the most obvious of ways and you flirting with Happy without a care in the world. It wasn’t until the blonde returned that either of you remembered you were supposed to be faking your undying love for each other. 

“Tiggy, do you want to take me to your room?” she simpered, twirling a lock of hair around her finger as Tig leaned close to your ear and quietly asked what to do. 

“Cuddle me, you weirdo” You hissed back, loud enough for the Sergeant-At-Arms to hear but quiet enough that nobody else around you could understand what you said. 

Tig proceeded to wrench you out of your seat and pull you into his lap, ignoring the croweater as he met your lips eagerly. The whole world appeared to blur around you, the both of you focusing on nothing but your lips against each others in a fiery kiss. His stalker huffed and stormed off like she had done earlier in the night, leaving you and Tig to continue making out as though your lives depended on it. You hadn’t even realised she’d gone until you pulled apart fifteen minutes later, noticing the gobsmacked expressions on the other boys faces as you struggled to regulate your breathing once more. 

“Well… That’s the first time I’ve been cuddled like that” You mused, attempting to escape Tig’s hold but failing miserably, a small whimper leaving your lips when he began to pepper open-mouthed kisses along your bare neck. 

“Let’s move this to my room” he whispered against your skin, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and Tig’s evident arousal digging into your hip through his jeans. 

“Nice try, Tigger,” You laughed, eventually managing to prise his arms from your waist and climbing off of him, patting his shoulder in a patronising manner as you did so. “But you ain’t getting out of movie night. No offence but the only ever time I want to hear you scream is from seeing a doll, preferably with us both wearing clothes as well” 

“I hate you”

“Love you too, Tigger, love you too.”

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my inner trashy lunami heart riSES FROM THE ASHES

My new schedule is fucking BUSY! One day of it and I miss you guys already!!!! 

I will be popping in when I can to see what Ivar’s Heathen Army is up to, and I will still be working on Ride The Storm when I have spare time, but it’s the end of the constantly-on-Tumblr era for me. 

Keep on praising each other and making each other thirsty and dehydrated, sister wives! I shall be with you in spirit.