after getting thrown out of the bar

Gavin first meets Michael as he’s being thrown out of a bar after being caught pick-pocketing. Gavin made the rather stupid mistake of trying to take the wallet of a guy three times his size, with no backup, no weapon on him, and only his drunken impulses to guide his actions. The huge guy felt his sloppy hands, grabbed Gavin’s wrist, and threatened to beat him to death. Gavin would insist later that he was already making a plan to get out of it, already spinning the starts of lies in his head, the start of a flashy smile. But if he’s being honest he was scared. He was young, he’s been in this trash of a city for all of three months, and he has no way out of this.

“Hey!” A voice calls besides Gavin and he looks to find a short curly-haired man who couldn’t be much older than himself, freckles spattering his scowl. “The dude is like eighty pounds, leave him alone.”

The man gripping Gavin’s wrist turns to the other, his snarl getting deeper. “Fuck off, this is between me and the twink.”

The strange savior insists again he find someone his own size to pick on. The giant again tells him to fuck off. At some point a punch is thrown, the police are called, and Gavin and the stranger get shoved out the back entrance being told to never come back.

“Thanks for that,” Gavin chirps to the stranger, holding out his hand to shake. “I would’ve been ok, but thanks for the help anyway. The smegpot looked outright mean.”

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We only wanted mead

The first dnd game that my friends (a dwarf paladin, a human monk, a halfling ranger, and an elf sorcerer) and I (an elvish rouge) @ played together started out with our guild meeting up in a tavern to swap information about a haunted castle that was causing issues with the townsfolk. As we were about to leave and start the adventure, I decided that I would like to get some mead or ale for the road. My rouge had an awesome sneak bonus. The monk had amazing strength and the halfling was really small (even for a halfling). After some discussion we had the monk throw us across the room behind the bar to get us flasks of ale. (We didn’t want to steal too much and get caught) The monk got a 16 on the throw, and I got a 18 on landing and a 15 on staying out of sight. The halfling however got TWO nat 20’s. He got thrown across the room, and behind the bar so fast that no one saw him. He also was able to roll a whole barrel while swinging on the lighting fixtures across the room and out of the tavern with out anyone noticing. Needless to say the party likes to drink when we are resting up and have even used some of it to persuade some NPC’s to do our bidding.


Eyes fluttering open to see that everything around him was a blur, it took Matt a minute to figure out how he had ended up here, huddled on the sidewalk with his knees pulled up to his chest, and his back against a solid brick wall. Slowly, the memories of everything that had happened earlier that night came flooding back. He remembered drinking a lot in an attempt to drowned his sorrows, then getting angry when the bartender refused to serve him anymore, and finally, being literally thrown out of the bar, landing with a hard thud on the pavement, and never bothering to get up again once he was down. At some point soon after that, he must have passed out, but the rain that had began to fall from the sky must have woken him up. As he tried to push himself back up to his feet, he lost his balance and fell back to the ground, not bothering to attempt getting up a second time. It was more than just the fact he was drunk that made it difficult for him to stand; his muscles felt sore, and he just felt weak in general as well. Despite the fact that he was shivering, there was sweat running down his face, and even though he was uncomfortable, he had no motivation to try to stand up again so he could move. Instead, he just pulled his knees tighter against his chest and tried to stop himself from shivering, fully realizing, but not really caring, that he could get very sick if he didn’t pull himself out of this freezing cold rain soon.

Noah asking her if she had plans for Valentine’s Day and then calling it a date had thrown Linnea through a loop. They weren’t back together, at least not officially, so she wasn’t really sure what to think about it. He probably hadn’t meant it romantically though, especially since she basically told him to bring chocolate. They were just two single people who were going to be hanging out and watching movies on Valentine’s Day. It was no big deal. So when she had texted him seeing if he wanted to meet up for drinks after work, she had figured it was no big thing.

She gets to the bar before he did, idly sipping from a cosmo as she waits. When she spots Noah, Linnea waves him over, offering him a smile. “Hey, buddy. How’ve ya been?” @noahcohen