after cris goal

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i don't think madridistas are wrong, thing is their definition of being the best is scoring goal after goal which cris does since he's always in the box. so for them goals = greatness = crispy is goat. for us cules, who are use to leo creating & scoring & dribbling & changing the course of a game, reading it intelligently - our definition of greatness is different. so they're right in their way. physically leo may not look like super athlete but the reason he's the goat is simple - his brain.

yeah like to them all you have to do is just stand near the goalpost, wait for your teammates to do the build up and then score, usually, a simple goal to overshadow everything else. that’s why they’re so delusional about ronaldo. while messi literally does everything on the pitch no matter who the other team is and more by creating chances, dribble, pass, outsmart the opponent AND score goals on top of that, like that is what a REAL goat does so they can say whatever they want. people who likes to watch fun and attractive football knows who’s the better one and it certainly isn’t the first one.