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Organizer plans LGBTQ march in Washington, DC, during June’s pride celebration

  • The historic Women’s March on Washington has already inspired more people to lace up their shoes and hit the streets of our nation’s capital.
  • After news broke that scientists have decided to storm Washington, D.C., in the name of science, the Washington Blade reported gay activist David Bruinooge has put plans in motion to have members of the LGBTQ community storm D.C. during the city’s pride celebration in June.
  • Coined the “National Pride March,” the Facebook page for the event already has around 13,000 “going” responses on Facebook with over 50,000 interested — after less than a week. Read more

☆ DOWNTOWN ☆ the trio exploring the streets of Coruscant on a night out! (surely even the Resistance has some downtime when not on missions, right… and imagine experiencing the scale of this bustling city planet for the first time!!)

I was listening to the song Downtown a lot, which is ridiculous and catchy but also the chorus makes me want to dance down the streets of an intergalactic city too /o/ also just imagining the First Order trio running into them and doing the dance-off in the video haha


justin williams answering the important questions, talking about how he styled his hair for picture day (march 27, 2017)


WSH vs ARI 03.25.2017

André Burakovsky and his new friends on ice 

Dialogue Tag Guide

Okay. For everyone who has asked me about dialogue here is my master guide to it. Hopefully, this will help some of you out. There is probably a post like this on the writing section of tumblr but I honestly didn’t bother to look lmfao.

For this post,  I’ll be using the American way, I know England and a few other places have different punctuation rules, anyway look for the letters and punctuation that’s been written bold.

So what is a dialogue tag? Its that phrase or miniature sentence that comes before, after or in the middle of what is being said by the character.

  • “Clint did you steal Natasha’s razor again?” Tony asked. This is the dialogue tag.

The rules change based on where the dialogue tags are placed.

For Tags After Dialogue:

Don’t capitalize the beginning of the dialogue tag unless the first word is a proper noun. (a name used for an individual person, place, or organization)

  • “Clint, you are the dirty thief,” Natasha snapped. Proper noun. Always capitalized, no matter what. 
  • “Clint, you are the dirty thief,” she snapped. <- ‘she’ is a pronoun, the comma voids it of being capitalized.  

Dialogue Tags Interrupting Dialogue:

When dialogue tags are used in the middle of dialogue, commas go inside the first quotation set/sentence, and after the tag:

  • “Why am I always blamed for shit I didn’t do,he shot back, for all you know, Steve could have done it.”

You can also separate sentences with a period:

  • “Seriously,” Steve remarks incredulouslyI’m the honest one around here!”

See how the first sentence ended with a period and the next sentence was capitalized?

Tag Before Dialogue:

If the dialogue is the beginning of the sentence, capitalize it, and make sure the tag has a comma after:

  • Bruce walked in the lab, and askedAre you guys arguing again?”
  • Steve said, “Yes.”

Dialogue Interrupted by Actions or Thoughts:

Characters often pause to think or do something, so how do we write that? It looks a little like this:

  • “Back to the matter at hand” -Natasha clapped- “I want to know who stole my razor.

The dashes are special punctuation. It’s bizarre. I know. Just make sure to end the second sentence with the right punctuation for the scenario. 

Question Marks and Dialogue Tags:

The tag does not get capitalized unless it is a proper noun because of a question mark. It is the same sentence. Same rule applies to exclamation points:

  • “Will someone just admit it?she asked, exasperated. 
  • “Yeah, will someone just come out and say it!he exclaimed.
  • “Alright, alright, I did it!” Clint conceeded.

Hope this helps those who have been struggling with dialogue tags. If you have any questions message me here and feel free to reblog to help out other writers. 

Alan May: Man, is there something I don’t know about Mathieu Perreault and John Carlson? About their relationship? John Carlson has been laying a beating on him all night behind the play.

Joe B: And probably whispering in his ear, “Remember me?”

Alan May: Just sweet nothings.

…So, uh, the Caps broadcast team were kinda writing some fanfic on air tonight during the Caps-Jets game in the third period.


A/n: Thank you for requesting anon!! I wasn’t entirely sure of the best way to go about this request but I got an idea and it’s sparked a three parter. I’ll hopefully finish the pt2 by next tuesday but no promises… anyway I hope you like it! - Amelia

Genre: Angst, Fluff
Members: Namjoon x reader, ft. Twin Taehyung
Word Count: 2,992

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Part One - Move

“Old or new. New or old. That’s not really important. What’s important is that we still breathe and we live in the same place. So let’s move on.”

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The train ride from Daegu was exhausting, not to mention expensive and just barely worth it. If you didn’t have your beloved twin brother Taehyung, and your handsome boyfriend Namjoon waiting for you, you would have zero motivation to ever visit the capital city. After sitting through two hours on the train and the extra time it was going to take you to get from the station to the dorm, all you wanted to do was take a long ass nap in the arms of your soft boyfriend… but the purpose of your trip today wasn’t to laze around. For once you had actual ‘business’ to tend too.

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Technically since Nasus himself is a bit of a legendary figure throughout the Shuriman Wastes, his axe could be well considered an artifact. Upon his return to the Capital City after Azir raised it from the sands, Nasus would have absolutely been targeted by a sticky-fingered archeologist.

I like to think that in his time away from Shurima, Nasus did not turn into a completely bitter old doggo; and gives Kohl a little bit of leeway thanks to his pestering of Renekton.

Huh… too much Leeway, it seems.