after cake and singing comes presents!!!!

Its Always Been You

Prompt; Steve has flashbacks of you and Bucky from before he went down and doesn’t know what it means..

Pairing(s); steve x reader , some Bucky x reader x Steve

Warning(s); angsty/fluffy - none

A/N; since I missed out dear stevies birthday :( and I sweaaaar I'm not all angst this is just– 

He sat up from his bed in a cold sweat despite the heat of the Wakandan air enveloping him. No matter how much time went by he found himself falling back onto the same dreams, onto the memory of you. Even if he had Bucky back, Peggy, had formed a new life from the one he left behind. He couldn’t seem to leave you behind with everything else from the 40′s.

“Why can’t I forget you YNN” he grunted. He was still breathing heavy as flashes from his dream played over in his mind. You voice, Your screams, they all just still seemed to echo in his brain.

‘Stevie! Come on!’ He growled and shook his head, but the action never actually made them go away. Her voice was taunting, hypnotizing as he found himself falling into the memory again.

“Steve what do you think you’re doing?” Your voice was light as you looked at the skinny man suspiciously. He froze from where he was standing, never turning around to face you. Although he could see the angry face you supported from your reflection in the glass.

“I was just… I was just uh-” he stuttered, but coughed awkwardly when Bucky suddenly also appeared from behind you. 

“You’re really gonna try and enroll into the army?… Again” his voice was teasing as he spun around to face his friends. His cheeks were a brilliant red as he balled his fist. 

“Buck!” He hissed, but the man only began to laugh hysterical as you gave him a disappointed look. You punched Bucky in the arm to shut him up before turning to look at Steve again.

“You were gonna ditch us to enroll in the army?” you questioned, Steve awkwardly looked away, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Well, you see I-” you could only huff and stomp towards him, pinching his little arm until he squealed - a manly one of corse - and glared up at you. You returned the look, the both of you staring intently at each other until Bucky finally decided to intervene.

“Alright, Alright doll, Steve where are you gonna say your from this time? Kansas? Come on we can all go dancing tonight” Bucky laid a hand on your waist while pulling Steve close by the hand. 

You sighed and pushed away Bucky’s arm to reach out and pull Steve to your body, wrapping him up in a hug. The hug was warm and held emotion as you squeezed him tight, holding in tears at the thought of Steve actually leaving you both to join the war.

“Its just, I love you so much Stevie, I’d hate to see you hurt.. ” you whispered. He would have sighed, held you back just as tight, wipe away your tears with a kiss but he didn’t. Something in him just clicked.

He didn’t shove you away, he just pulled away and refused to give you the furious glare he was sending at the poor wall. 

“That doesn’t mean i should be sitting around while good men are lying down their lives for us” He hissed. You sighed softly, Bucky placing a gentle hand on your shoulder as a signal he would handle this from here on out.

“Just… don’t do anything stupid punk” Bucky teased again, knowing that neither he or you would get through to the man unless it was as moral support. That was all you two could give him until he realized it just wasn’t worth it.

“How could I? You’re taking all the stupid with you” he found himself saying almost as if instinctively. You smiled as the pair hugged and he forced himself to look over at you. His blue eyes softened when he saw the worry on your face before it was switched to one of complete and total support.

“Just be careful, Don’t need to bail you out again” you teased lightly again. He chuckled and pulled you in for a kiss this time. slow and sweet, just like him.

“Good Luck Stevie” 

He forced himself to get up after that, tossing the covers aside and moving to the bathroom. The sun was just beginning to rise anyways, the soft orange glow filtering through the balcony windows as the jungle outside began to come to life.

He was just pulling on a shirt when Natasha, Wanda and Sam came bursting through his door, singing an off key version of Happy Birthday. He gave them a smile and laughed at the shield cake they presented him with.

“Happy Birthday Steven!” Nat shouted, scooping a bit of frosting and smearing it across his cheek. He chuckled and entertained them for a while before Wanda stepped forward, a shy almost embarrassed look on her face.

“I-I have a present for you, If its alright” she asked softly, so that Natasha and Sam wouldn’t hear over there arguing if Steve could still ‘do the do’ at just 99 years old.

“Thats perfectly okay Wanda” he smiled, but something deep down ached in him as the memory from earlier popped up, as with another one from his own birthday a near century ago.

“Rise and Shine Boys!” your voice filtered through his dream as you burst through the bedroom where both Steve and Bucky laid cuddled in bed. You wore one of Buck’s night shirts that posed as a dress on you, you were also holding a tray with breakfast on it. 

Bucky groaned from Steve’s neck, tightening his grip around the smaller males waist. Steve chuckled and tried sitting up but Bucky just pulled him closer to his chest, peppering wet kisses all along his bare chest.

“She won’t bother us if she thinks your still sleeping” Bucky whispered, but yelped in pain when you kicked him from the side of the bed. That seemed to wake him up as he sat bolt right in bed, rubbing his side as you glared at him, a pout on your lip.

“Shut up Buck, I’m celebrating Stevies birthday weather you like it or not!” you told him sternly before returning with a bright smile. Bucky muttered under his breath while Steve laughed out, allowing you to feed him the strawberry you’d cut up for him.

“You gonna feed me too doll?” you rolled your eyes as you flicked the older male in the forehead.

“When its your birthday you’ll get more than just a feeding” you told him as sultry as you could, smirking when a wolfish grin curled at his lips. Steve rolled his eyes now, pushing Buck off the bed when he saw you were taking up all your attention.

“Go away Buck, its my turn” you giggled, leaning forward to press a long and warm kiss to his lips while Bucky huffed on the floor.

“Come on Steve! she gave you plenty of attention last night with that early birthday present” he waggled his eyebrows as you struggled to maintain a laugh while Steve threw a pillow at him to shut him up.


“So whats the surprise Wanda?” Steve asked after she’d led him to one of the empty conference rooms. She hesitated for a second before pulling out a worn red journal from within her sweater. At first he looked at her in confusion until she showed him just who exactly it belonged to.

“How’d you get this?” he hissed, snatching the journal from her a little harder than necessary. Wanda didn’t flinch or back away, she expected this from him as much.

“From a woman while I was being held captive by Hydra years ago…” she began, watching as he flipped through the worn and yellowed pages with tears in his eyes. All dating back to the time you’d all been together, when you were all happy.

“..She was held with James in a different, more secure part during our imprisonment, she was weak and-and dying.. I-I didn’t know who she was until we first met” her voice was weak, as if telling Steve would ruin the trust between them but she knew she had a duty to hold by you. 

“Who was it? why did this woman have YN’s journal!” he snapped, as if finally after years of being plagued by your voice, he’d get answers.

“The woman.. was YN, Steve” he felt as if the wind had been punched out of him as he staggered back into one of the seats. Wanda reached out to help him but he held a hand up to stop her.

“What.. she never came up in any of Hydras reports, B-Buck would have helped her, he would’ve saved her, he would’ve told me!” he finally snapped, slamming the journal to the table as a sudden fury overcame him. This time Wanda did step away from him, holding a hand up in protection from his wrath.

“She told me to tell you she was alive, to give you that and that when she was ready to see you both again, you’d know” 

The dreams, the memories, it all made sense now. He placed his hands on the wall to keep himself from breaking anything out of anger. He took deep breaths to calm down, while Wanda waited patiently for his next move.

“We have to get Bucky”

aaaand scene :) hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! 

Late to The Party

“I’ll pick you up at work, and bring you to the club.” I listened to Filip’s voicemail. pinching the bridge of my nose.  I had to come up with an excuse for him not to pick me up. I’d just tell him the truth, or at least half of one.

I dialed his phone, waiting for him to answer. It went straight to voicemail, I exhaled loudly. “Hey baby, I have something going on….I’ll just meet you at the club. I love you!”

I tossed my phone in my purse, smiling at the man behind me. “Let’s do this!”

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If you thought that the whole url change and everything means that I’m no longer that interested in DMMd just know that last night, I spent an egregious amount of time thinking about how the first of Noiz’s and Mink’s birthdays, respectively, would be spent after they get together with Aoba in their good ends

With Noiz, Aoba would go all out. Streamers, decorations (all of them rabbit themed), balloons, all of his favorite foods, a huge fucking cake with ‘Happy Birthday, Noiz!’ written on it in bright green letters and little green frosting bunnies, birthday presents wrapped up all pretty, and he’d make sure that Noiz doesn’t know a inch of it. Aoba programs Usagimodoki to sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ (Ren already knows it). He’d get Theo involved and they’d put a ton of effort into making it be happy, bright and exciting. When Noiz’s birthday finally comes around, they manage to surprise him and Noiz just surveys the entire thing before looking at Aoba and says ‘What am I, a kid?’ but it’s very obvious that he’s super, incredibly happy. They sing him the Happy Birthday song, he blows out the candles and they spend the rest of the day eating, opening presents and such before Theo goes home and Aoba gives him a very special birthday gift

However, with Mink, it’d be much smaller and modest. Mink doesn’t really care for cake or extravagant stuff so Aoba cooks him his favorite food, makes his favorite kind of pie and sticks a single candle in the middle (because gosh dang it, there are just some birthday traditions that you just don’t skip) before setting everything up nicely on the kitchen table along with a couple of gifts, neatly wrapped in simple paper. When Mink gets home from work, he comes into the kitchen to find Aoba waiting for him with a gentle, soft smile on his face and wishes of Happy Birthday on his lips. Mink gazes at him quietly for a moment before giving his head a little shake, sighs a little but not at all trying to hide the small smile tugging at his mouth. Shedding his coat, he sits down to eat with Aoba and when they’re done, Aoba lights the candle, halfway expects Mink to not blow it out but is pleasantly surprised when he readily does so. They spend the rest of the evening at the table, munching on some pie, opening Mink’s gifts (which are books and some new crafting supplies) before they retire to the bedroom where Mink receives one more special gift

Chasing Fireflies

Quick Info - This is a story that takes place before the season 1 storyline. It’s a journey of sorts and a lesson in life for the reader..
Pairing - DeanxReader
Word Count - 3887
Warnings - language (Maybe), mentions of sex, but no actually descriptions, a little bit of angst, minor characters deaths…

A/N This idea came to me and it stuck. I had to write it and I hope you all enjoy it. There’s so much behind this story personally. Thank you @frenchybell and @sdavid09 for reading it first and telling me it was okay to post

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Chasing Fireflies

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“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.2 -Nate Maloley

Chapter 1

*One Year Later*

(y/n) POV

I decided to leave Nate. Some girls thought I was crazy but hey if you saw the love of your life and bestfriend fucking each other in your bed, you’d probably leave him too. I let him keep the house and I decided to move about 20 minutes away. Nate got weekend visitations, but been on the Skaterade Tour for about a month now, and he should be back in time for (y/d/n)’s birthday party on Saturday at around 4p.m.

Originally posted by maloleykush

It was now Saturday morning and I decided to make pancakes for the kids. We were having having her party at the local park. (y/d/n) literally insisted, I tried suggesting other place but she had to have her way. I wouldn’t care it we had it there or not, but it’s the first place Nate had our first date. A picnic lunch and swings, the perfect date i’ve ever been on.

The kids and I got to the park about 30 minutes early so I could decorate and stuff. “Mommy, can we go play”, they both asked. “Yes, but don’t get dirty”, i said put the streamers around the little gazebo. Then my phone went off, indicating someone just texted me. It was Nate.

Nate- “Hey, I’ll be at the party today”

You- “K”

Nate- “Present ideas?”

You- “She’s your daughter too, you should know what she likes too”

Nate- whatever 

You- (read at 3:39)

(y/d/n) came running up to you and you squatted down to her height. “Mommy is daddy coming to my party”, she asked. “I think so baby”, you said. “Mommy don’t tell anyone, but that’s my birthday wish, for daddy to come to my party and come back home”, she said whispering in my ear. I just smiled at her cute little chubby face.

Family and friends started to arrive and (y/d/n) was so excited to see Nate’s parents. “Grammy and Papi!”, she screamed with excitement. She embraced Nate’s parents and kissed all over them.”Happy Birthday sweetheart”, they both said to her.  Then all I see is a sugar filled little boy tackle Monte. “(y/s/n) how is my favorite boy”, Nate’s father said. “Good Papi, lets go swing!”,he exclaimed. “All right, all right”, Monte said. I smiled and saw the joy written all over their faces. Just as I was about done putting all the chips out, I felt a hug from the behind. It was Kami, the sweetest lady ever. “Hi, honey how are you”, she smiled. “I’m good, how about you and Monte”, I asked. “We’re good, Stew got into the state of Nebraska”, she smiled. “I haven’t seen him in so long. How is he?”. “He’s good, he’s thinking of proposing to Carrie soon”. “Wow, I remember when they started dating”. “I remember when you and Nate did too, you to were so cute together”. “Oh Kami, you’re funny”, I chuckled. “You think Monte and I could take the kids tonight”, she asked. “Sure, actually yes please. I have a date tonight anyways”, I said raising my eyebrows up and down. “Get out of town! Who is it”, she asked excitedly. “His name is Shawn”, I smiled at the sound of his name. “I’m glad your happy honey”, she smiled. I could tell she really wasn’t. I mean me and Nate were together ever since junior year of highschool and finally got married after 4 years of dating. “Thank you Kami”, I said kissing her cheek.

“Okay everyone time for the pinata”, I yelled. A flood of kids ran over toward the gazebo. “Okay, okay (Y/d/n)’s first”, you smiled. While tying the blindfold around her eyes, I look around for Nate. He’s nowhere in sight. “Okay baby swing away”, you said. “Alright, (y/d/n) swing it baby!”, a familiar voice called out. (y/d/n) took off her blindfold and saw her prince charming. “Daddy!”, she cried out. “Daddy’s back”, your son also yelled and began running to Nate. They both tackled them, making Nate lose his balance and fall onto the ground. I couldn’t help but giggle. That’s when you saw a blonde figure out of the corner of your eye. You walked over to the kids and Nate, and helped him off the ground. 

“Hey Nate”, you smiled. “Hey ba- I mean (Y/n)”, he said stuttering. “Who’s your friend”, I asked. “Oh this is Rebecca”, he smiling. “Nice to meet you Rebecca, I’m (y/n)”, you said extending your arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, she said rolling her eyes. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, I said taking the kids hands.

Nate’s POV

I was super ass late to the party. And I was bringing Rebecca my “girlfriend” as she likes to call it. She was just some random groupie with a huge ass, I just used her to try to get over (y/n) but no one could do that. And now I thought I’d use her to make (y/n) jealous. I walked toward the gazebo seeing (y/d/n) about to swing at the pinata. “Alright, (y/d/n), swing it baby”, I yelled. That’s when (y/n) eyes caught mine. My God, she hasn’t changed. She look hella good. “Them shorts, damn lil mama”, I thought. “Daddy”, I heard two little shrieks. I saw the two out of the three loves of my life running toward me. “Hey guys”, I said loving on them. “Hey Nate”, (y/n) said. “Hey ba- I mean (y/n), I stuttered.”Who’s your friend”, she asked. Was she jealous? Was this working? “Oh, this is Rebecca”, i said. “Nice to meet you Rebecca”, she said extending her arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, Rebecca said. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, (y/n) said. 

“Rebecca, I told you you didn’t have to come. These are my kids.”, I said. “Fine”, she said storming off toward everyone. “Nate, I’m so glad to see you”, my mom said kissing me. “Hey mama”, I said. “Daddy, daddy I have to tell you a secret”, (y/d/n) said. “What’s up babygirl”, I said sitting down and putting her in my lap. “You can’t tell anyone but my birthday wish is for you to come back home”, she said smiling at me. When she told me this, I made eye contact with (Y/n). She just smiled at me. I can’t believe I hurt her like I did. I can’t believe I let her go. 

After everyone was done singing to (y/d/n) she blew out her candles and made a wish. The rest of the party went on and she open presents, played more games, and ate some cake. Everyone was about to leave, so it was just me, (y/n), my parents, the kids, and Rebecca. “Mommy, can we go play before we go home with Grammy and Papi”, she beggd. “It’s getting dark baby, ask someone to walk y’all down there”, (y/n) said. “Rebecca, will you take them”, I asked. “Umm, no its okay, I’ll don’t wanna make her do that”, (y/n) said. “No, it’s fine”, she said. 

(y/n)’s POV

Now it was Nate, his parents, and me cleaning up. “Kami, come help me clean up the plates and cups around the park”, Monte said while winking at Nate. Oh Lord they have something planned. “So (y/n), have you been seeing anyone lately”?,Nate asked. “Um, yea actually”I smiled thinking of shawn. “Do you mind me asking who it is”, He asked. “His name’s Shawn”, i smiled. “He good to you”?, he asked. I looked into his mud puddle eyes and gulped. “Yea, Yea Nate, he’s really good to me”, I said. He nodded his head. That’s when I heard a sharp scream come from the swings.

“Mommy, mommy help! I’m bleeding! There’s blood, Owww!”, (y/s/n) screamed. Nate and I started running toward the playground. Nate had longer legs so he got there a little faster than me. “Rebecca What the Hell, I told you to watch them!”, he yelled while picking (y/s/n) up and holding his head. “Sorry I was on Instagram”, she said nonchalantly. “Leave, right now”, he yelled at her. Nate handed me by baby. “Mommy, it hurts”, he hiccuped from all the crying. Looking at his head, I analyzed that he needed stitches (lol @shawn). “We need to go to the hospital Nate”, I said worried. “Hey hey hey, look at me baby. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll drive you okay”, Nate said calming me. “Mom and Dad, take (y/d/n) back to your house, we’ll come there after the hospital”, Nate shouted from my car. We got into the hospital and they took (y/s/n) to get stitches. You then called Shawn to tell him that you had to reschedule. 

13 stitches. My poor baby’s head. We put him in the car seat and drove to Nate’s parents. As we drove he fell asleep. “Thank you Nate, for taking me and comforting me”, you said. “If I wouldn’t have fuck up, this wouldn’t have happened. (Y/n) I miss you”, he said while putting his hand on my knee. We were now parked out his parents house. “Nate, don’t”, you said as he got closer to your face. That’s when yall’s lips connected and you felt the sparks. The same sparks you felt in junior year, on your wedding day, and now.

anonymous asked:

headcanons for the gang celebrating Ponyboys birthday?

I love this ask!

-Soda and Darry wake him up with a tickle fight
-They made a chocolate cake for him the night before
-Darry put the sugar in though
-The gang comes to have breakfast with him
-Johnny’s the first to wish him a happy birthday
-Two-Bit tackles him for a wrestling match
-He got Pony a new football
-They all go to the lot for a game
-It’s the Curtis brothers against everyone else
-Darry throws the ball to Pony to score a touchdown
-The brothers win of course
-Darry serves the cake afterwards
-The sing the worst version of happy birthday
-Soda and Two-Bit are so loud and off key
-They open presents after
-Darry got him a few books
-Soda got him a sketch book and pencils
-Johnny and Dally got him switchblade
-Steve got him a dirty magazine
-Darry says he’s too young and takes it away
-Pony reads his new book before going to bed
-He’s so tired he falls asleep fast

A Birthday to Remember, a Sarah and Helena birthday fanfic

I wrote this months ago but I figured I would save this for Sarah’s and Helena’s birthday.

Helena peeked around the corner only to find Kira working on something at the table, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

“Angel? What are you doing?” she asks as she walks over to the small child.

Kira looks up and smiles brightly, “Auntie Helena! I’m drawing a picture for Mummy. It’s her birthday tomorrow.”

“Birthday? What’s so special bout this birthday?” she tilts her head in confusion. Kira frowned, “Everyone has a birthday and each year, friends and family celebrate it with you. And you get lots of presents and oh there’s cake!”

Helena brightens at the thought of cake, “I will also draw for seestra.” Kira smiles and gives her some spare paper and markers and together they start making their masterpiece.

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