after being kidnapped


it was 1 am on the 10th day and i completely misunderstood the story lol;; i thought that MC being kidnapped after midnight wasn’t a dream ((idk i guess i was super sleepy)) && then Zen suddenly calls to check on MC and the only option was to say that you’re ‘fine’ so I was all “WTF tell him you got kidnapped!!!” and i was very confused with all the chats

tl;dr: the entire day i believed that MC was with Unknown and he was the one talking to the RFA members through MC’s phone

hahaha oh wow I need to go fix my sleep sched

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Smutty September

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Old Writing


“You are….PERFECT.”

After being kidnapped to Aether Paradise by some employees, Kahuna Hala was trapped in a huge tube very similar to what the alien family was tested in. With no explanation at first, Wicke was there to start up Hala’s new “transformation…” It was Wicke’s first time to test a transformation in reverse. She succeeded! Hala was in great pain…but he did indeed transform into a new Ultra Beast: UB 05 Gluttony. Wicke was so surprised but satisfied with the outcome, as she was planning to use him along with the other beasts. But Hala/Gluttony had some sense of revenge still, as he was planning on killing her that very moment. In Ultra Space, Lusamine sensed Wicke’s danger…

Hau had no idea where Hala went, since he went with the protagonist….

Wicke thought his “fighting spirit” would be a huge help….

AU by me!

Golshifteh Farahani to Topline Eva Husson’s ‘Girls of the Sun’

French-Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (“Paterson”) is set to topline “Girls of the Sun.” The drama follows a battalion of female resistance fighters, nicknamed the Girls of the Sun, who were former captives of extremists and have vowed to reconquer their own land.

Farahani will star as Bahar, a lawyer who turns into a fearless soldier and becomes chief of a battalion after being kidnapped while on a trip to her native village in Kurdistan with her husband and child.

Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part 4)

Part1    Part2    Part3

Author’s Note- This is the final part to this series and it means a lot because part one of this series is what encouraged me to write after receiving so much positive feedback. Sorry if it’s not the outcome you wanted, but read to the end x

“He saved me” you smiled weakly but genuinely into your mug of hot chocolate. “I know” Lydia smiled, rubbing your shoulder, before sitting down opposite you. After the whole being kidnapped thing, you had been staying at Lydia’s and Scott’s so they can keep an eye on you 24/7.  It was sort of an inconvenience, but you didn’t mind, you knew they were doing everything they could to keep you safe. “Are you glad it was him?” she asked. You thought for a moment, about the other guy, the guy you had completely forgotten about the second your eyes met the ones filled with concern upon your rescue. You nod your head and another smile spread across your face as you took another sip. “Why are you guys up so early?” Kira asked, rubbing her eyes as she stumbled into the kitchen. “She’s love struck” Lydia joked. “I don’t blame her, she’s got the fairy-tale ending” Kira continued as you hid your blush behind the sleeve of your sweater. “I wish I had a price charming to rescue me” Lydia added. “You guys are loud” Malia claimed, also stumbling into the kitchen. “How you feeling?” she added, still smelling the blood from the cut on your leg. “I’m doing great” you said dreamily. Malia smiled in return and sat down at the dining table with you all. “Should I make breakfast?” Lydia asked. You all nod in agreement. “What do you guys want, the usual?” it wasn’t an uncommon event, for you all to sleep over together. “Egg on toast for Kira, a bacon sandwich with brown sauce and black pepper for Malia and a waffle with extra golden syrup for Y/n” she listed off, walking off into the kitchen. “You’re seeing him today, aren’t you?” Malia asked with a smirk. You looked at her quizzically before slowly nodding your head, confused as to how she would know. “ Your heart is doing summersaults, it’s quite distracting really” she added after noticing your confusion. “Ohhh right-“ you trailed, too caught up in your own thought of how you would soon be reunited with him. After eating your breakfast, the three of them dragged you upstairs to hep you get ready.

“Are you sure?” you questioned, looking in the mirror. “Yes!” the three of them shouted excitedly. “I feel sick” you groaned, with a worried smile. “You’re just nervous” Kira told. You heard a loud knock on the door, which made your heart feel uneasy in your chest, You took a deep breath and nod, before you all trailed off downstairs. They walked into the living room, to give you your privacy while you carried on to the front door. You hesitated for a second, before opening it. “Brett” you breathed with a smile. “Are you ready to go?” he asked. You nod and linked your arm with his as he walked you over to his car. You walked over to the passenger seat as he climbed into the drivers. You took a minute to take In the familiar setting of his car, the way it smelt, the way the cold leather seat felt on your skin, even the marks on the windows from where you would draw on them when they fogged up. “How’s your leg?” he asked as he began to drive. “It’s getting better” you shrugged, not really phased by it. You got out of the lab with your life and without being one of the dread doctor’s grade A science experiments, that was enough alone to be thankful for. The car came to a stop when you reached a set of red lights. He looked at you with a small smile, “You made the right decision” he claimed. You gave a small but genuine smile in return and looked down at your hands. “Omg I love this song” you suddenly said. Brett laughed and turned it up, being reminded of the first time he heard it. You were completely wasted at a party and dancing on a table with Lydia because you were the only ones that could get drunk, when you both slipped and ended up falling onto Stiles. You were both so drunk you had no idea that you were slowly crushing the life out of the poor boy, you were laughing so heavily it took Brett, Liam, Malia, Scott and Kira to drag the pair of you off of him. You lip synced to the song, with a lot of hand gestures. When the song ended you both let out a laugh, as you pulled up to the place. You looked at each other briefly, before both climbing out of the car in unison. You walked through the trail in the Beacon Hills woods, in the day time it was one of the most beautiful places to go, especially of a spring morning. You stopped for a second and turned to face Brett, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” you asked. “I’m sure” he nod. You pulled him into a long tight hug.

You carried on walking until you reached a familiar spot. The two of you would take a tent and stay the night, there was a slight patch of burnt grass where you would put the camp fire to make roasted s’mores and cook hotdogs. You’d often go there in the summer with the pack. You sat on one of the logs that had all of your initials engraved onto it, you run your finger against them all, soaking in all of the memories that each of them held. You came across ‘SM’ and underneath was the initial ‘AA’. You smiled at the thought of the old days. You felt him sit beside you, before pulling you into his chest. “I’ve missed this- I’ve missed it so fucking much” he breathed into your hair. You smiled, before looking up into his eyes. “I love you” you said honestly. “I love you too” he said, kissing your forehead and twirling your hair with his fingers. “Can we put the fire on please? I don’t have wolf heat like you” you whined while still smiling. He stood up and threw you over a blanket from one of the rucksacks with all of your camping equipment in, before starting up the fire. You wrapped it around you and looked around, it was your safe place, your happy place. Brett breathed onto the window on the passenger side of his car, he read the words ‘Thank you for the memories x’. He gave a small smile as he reminisced for a second, before he pulled out of the car park of the Beacon Hills forest trail. You looked down at your phone after seeing a message pop up, ‘It’s been good Y/L/N, but you cant deny love x’ You let out a small sigh and smiled as you locked your phone and shoved it into your pocket. “Isaac” you called. “Yes beautiful?” he returned, looking back at you. “I’ve missed this too” you told. He stood up and walked over to where you were sitting. He leant down so you were eyelevel with one another. You searched into his bright blue eyes, at his dilated pupils, before glancing down at his lips. He gave his signature smirk before pressing his lips to yours. You grabbed onto his curls to deepen the kiss. It felt like forever since the last time you had felt his lips, but yours melted naturally into the shape of them. You slowly broke apart, leaning your forehead on his. “Why did you come back?” he asked. “People who are meant to be together, find their way back. They may take a few detours- but they’re never really lost” you whispered in return. “I’m sorry for making you feel the way you did- I’m sorry I pushed you away when you needed me the most. You made me feel things I’d never felt before and I was scared but I promise to never leave you for the rest of our lives” he placed your hand on his chest so you could feel his steady heartbeat. “I guess sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together” you smiled. “Now come on, lets put the food and some hot chocolate on, for when the sun sets” you added, it was something you loved to do together. It was a perfect day, a perfect night with the perfect person. Isaac had his flaws and so did you but you couldn't deny that you were completely and utterly in love with one another. There was no point wallowing in the past, looking to the future and forgetting to live in the present. He made you happy and that’s all that you ever wanted. Allison taught you that, and it’s something you’d never take for granted.

One Year Later

You ran down from the stands after the Beacon Hills team won their lacrosse match. Isaac caught and spun you around as you reached him. He placed you down and you placed a sweet kiss on his lips, “Well done babe, you were on fire” you claimed, half referring to how well he played, the other half referring to how sexy he looked all sweaty and red. He gave a small laugh, smelling your chemo signals as Liam came up from behind and poured some water on him (it was a tradition of theirs after a win) Kira and Scott soon approached the three of you. “No wolf powers, well done guys” he congratulated the natural win the team had made for the first time in a while. “You did good” Stiles spoke, walking over. He high fived Liam, Kira and Scott and looked at Isaac. He prepared himself for a sarcastic comment but was surprised when Stiles put his hand out to invite him into a man hug. He smiled and accepted. Malia and Lydia shortly followed and joined your little huddle. “Glad to see you two finally getting along” Lydia noted. “Is that a tear Isaac?” Malia joked, smelling how happy he was to finally be accepted by Stiles. “What? Pftt No” he brushed off, letting go of him. You shook your head and sniggered as he put his arm around you. You glanced across the pitch to see Brett, he was with a girl from his school. He looked really happy with her. He glanced over to you all, you smiled and waved at him, he appreciated that and did the same before you both returned to your friends. “Still think you made the right decision?” Isaac asked quietly. “I know I did” you returned, squeezing the hand that he was resting on your shoulder. “I love you” he said with a wide smile. “I love you more” you returned as he pulled you in to a kiss.

Sorry if you wished the reader ended up with Brett, but the majority of voters wanted it to be Isaac. Requests are closed. I hope you enjoyed this series, I’m going to miss writing for it x



/// Pretty much everything before #13 is badly written and very weird

#1 ~ You’re On Your Period

#2 ~ He Comes Back From Tour

#3 ~ He Finds Your Tumblr

#4 ~ You Tell Him You’re Pregnant/He Finds Out You’re Pregnant

#5 ~ You Lose Your Baby

#6 ~ You’re A Famous Youtuber And See Him For The First Time

#7 ~ You Find Out He Has A Groupie | PART 2

#8 ~ Another Boy Defends You

#9 ~ Your Best Friend Dies

#10 ~ You’re Reunited After Being Kidnapped

#11 ~ You’re A Secret Belieber

#12 ~ She Meets Her Male Equivalent (Genderbent!5sos)

#13 ~ A Fan Kisses You

#14 ~ Mali-Koa Pranks You

#15 ~ You Walk In On Another Member And Their Girlfriend

#16 ~ Their Manager Is Bullying You And He Finds Out

#17 ~ Security Won’t Let You In

#18 ~ You’re A Youtuber And Break Up With Him For A Prank Video

#19 ~ He Hears The Boys Talking About How Hot You Are

#20 ~ He Sees You In Your Natural State

#21 ~ You Fall Out Of Bed

#22 ~ Another Boy Defends You During An Argument

#23 ~ He Accidentally Makes You Cry

#24 ~ His Mum Finds A Condom

Text Aus (scroll here)

When he’s away on tour you get lonely and adopt some animals

You drunk text him

there’s something abt this dynamic

…also s11

wash taking the time to write a diary and reflect

… getting interrupted by a sarge’s tank driving


that smug sound where you can practically hear wash’s satisfacion when somebody (tucker) just insulted him and he proves that hes right

favourite underrated wash moments (since before pfl - and there’s multiple of these moments too): whenever wash is right, somebody insults him and he turns out immediately to be right

You remember that episode from BTAS where Bruce loses his memory after being kidnapped to work in the golden mines? “The Forgotten”? So, in his dream Bruce sees Joker.
Bruce wtf
You don’t remember yourself but you remember him?


I’m not sure, but I think this short story was made for an Animate event. Anyway, the gist of the story is this:

Atsushi has been working for the Armed Detective Agency for quite a while now. His jobs usually involve him accompanying the girls to eat, looking after Dazai, teaching Ranpo how to ride a train, looking after Dazai, avoid being kidnapped by the mafia, looking after Dazai, etc. When he got his pay, he was confused with what to do with it so he asked Dazai for help. Dazai told him that as a fully-fledged member of society, there may come a time when he would have to present himself more formally and for that reason, new clothes are needed. Before he can protest, Atsushi is dragged by Dazai into different stores. They finally settle on buying…. a hat.  A wide-brimmed hat with gaudy feathers and the like. While wearing the hat that he bought, Atsushi can feel all eyes pinned on him. Back at the agency, the other members tell Atsushi that such a hat is not necessary and that Dazai was just having fun at his expense. Yes, typical troll behavior. A few days later, Atsushi is shocked to see a person wearing the same hat, albeit this one looks a bit older. The owner of the hat is none other than Kunikida.

Yandere Axis reaction to s/o trying to escape after being kidnapped

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: *will catch them and then chain them up*

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: *Cut off their legs so they can’t run away* 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: *they might have a chance of getting away from him but not for long since he can get others to catch them, then will keep them in a cage, if he can forgive them first and they say there are sorry*

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: *Cuts off their privilege to wonder the house and keeps them in his room with the widows bordered up and door locked* 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: *He is to quick trying to get away is just a waste of time, and once he catches them, well he will not be pleased and might cut them off from food for two days, three days if they try it again*

Castiel x Reader - Masterlist

This is mostly put together by the amazingly wonderful @onceuponasaltcircle​ who you should go and shower lots and lots of love on<3

I Will Always Protect You- Fluffy winged protection.

Thank You- Human Cas is filled with random acts of kindness.

Fond- Castiel saves you after being hurt by a wendigo.

Fireworks- Cas sees firework shows for the first time.

To Think- Complimenting Cas

The Simple Things- Based on the song Misery by The Maine

Perfect- Cas is saving up to marry the Winchester’s little sis.

Superfan- You are Charlie’s OTP.

You Say That A Lot- You have a crush on an angel.

Sleeping Experience- Cuddly Cas.

Guardian Angel- Team Free Will’s angel falls in love.

I Want to Hold Your Hand- Based off of the song by The Beatles.

Staying Right Here- Cas protects you after being kidnapped.

Tsunami- Based on Therapy by All Time Low.

Human Mornings- Human Cas fluffiness.

All the Happiness- Cas proposes.

Not in the Handbook- Cas gets a stripper’s phone number.

Promise- How do you explain self-harm to an angel.

So Highly- Cas finds his soulmate in a long time friend of the Winchesters.

It Can Wait for Tomorrow- Once Cas can feel human emotions, he falls in love.

More and More- Stabbed by your ex.

Always Watch Over You- There always an angel making sure we aren’t alone.

Who’s Have Thought- Even angels have insecurities.

Lullaby (Part One)- Based of the song Lullabies by All Time Low.

A Promise To Keep (Part Two)- He’ll always come home.

Together- Relationships are tested when Cas works with Crowley.

Say Goodbye- You sold your soul for Cas’s and now its time to go.

Halo- Based off of the song Halo.

Play For Me- You are teaching Cas how to play guitar.

Chore Day- Cas struggles without his grace.

I Don’t Care- Demons by Imagine Dragons.

You Got a Thing- When you are possessed you almost kill Cas.

Look Inside- You want revenge.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Kind of Miss Them- Body swap story with Cas.

Prank Wars- You don’t like pranks, at all.

Something in the Water- Cas finds you dancing and singing.

Like I’m Flying- An angel afraid of heights.

Fresh Start- You tell Cas that you are pregnant.

Entirely Sure- He reassures you during stressful studying sessions.

Respect- Dean isn’t sure of Cas’s new music choices.

Lone Wolf- He was trying to help but you don’t need a savior.

When I Was Your Man- Based on the song by Bruno Mars.

This Waterfall… - It’s way too hot, but thankfully Cas manages to be your salvation.

You Heard Me - A stolen coat leads to an admission of guilt.

Early Riser - An unexpected visitor at 4am leads to making a new friend.

Marlene said this season will be romantic so I thought I’d make a quick recap of all the “romance” so far. (Warning: contains a lot of sarcasm)

Aria cheated on her boyfriend with her ex. You know the one who stalked her and her friends, whilst he was their teacher? #goals.

Caleb tried to get back together with his ex girlfriend (whilst still in a relationship with her best friend) literally STRAIGHT after she freed herself from being kidnapped. After being rejected, he then attempted to get his current girlfriend into bed with him. Jane Austen couldn’t write this shit.

Hanna, fresh from a fucking torture chamber in the middle of nowhere, sexed herself up and reunited with her fiancée. Ya know, the one who didn’t even know she had been kidnapped in the first place? She tried to create a perfect night with him, failed, and then broke up with him. Well, at least she tried… I guess?

Toby hasn’t seen his girlfriend in about 99 years it seems. Maybe it’s a long distance romance…? No matter, he’s still getting his fix of flirting over picking locks with his ex girlfriend, who is currently in a relationship with his best pal. Dreeeeeaaaaaam-y.

Emily is trying her hardest to protect Ali. It’s so sweet. Not as sweet as when she accused her of murdering her own sister based on, well, nothing. But still pretty sweet.

2 episodes in, and I can safely say, if this is romance…. Do not sign me up.

Let’s talk about Flora Reinhold
  • Flora Reinhold who has trust issues after being kidnapped, abandoned and betrayed multiple times
  • Flora Reinhold who also has abandonment issues after living in isolation for most of her life because her Father asked her to do it and she complied 
  • Flora Reinhold who no longer accepts simply being told what to do by the time Unwound Future happens
  • Flora Reinhold whose grudge holding skills rival those of Don Paolo
  • Flora Reinhold who reads murder mystery novels and considers an investigation an ‘adventure’
  • Flora Reinhold who found out that everyone she cared about and grew up with were robots and still regarded them as human beings
  • Flora Reinhold who has had to watch both of her parents die when she was a kid and stopped smiling for the rest of her childhood
  • Flora Reinhold who still has a cheerful outlook on life despite everything that’s happened to her
  • Flora Reinhold who is insecure
  • Flora Reinhold who feels like a burden
  • Flora Reinhold who loves to make friends
  • Flora Reinhold who I have no doubt would be the most doting older sister ever and would (ironically) be overly protective of her little siblings
  • Flora Reinhold who would shake with fear when she finds out that her siblings want to get into dangerous professions like their Father but would encourage them to pursue their passions anyway, because she doesn’t want anyone to feel as alone or restricted  as she did growing up
  • Flora Reinhold who is more than half of a ship, the useless character, the character who can’t cook 
  • Flora Reinhold, a character who deserves so much more development and attention than Level-5 has given her
Imagine: After being kidnapped by a recent unsub, you have began taking drugs to numb your memories. Spence catches you in the act.

Your body trembles as you grip a needle in your right hand, pulling the belt fastened securely around your left arm even tighter, causing a few veins to rise to the surface of your skin. Taking a deep breath, you plunge the needle into your arm, placing your thumb on the top of the needle, about to inject the foul mixture of harsh chemicals into your body when you hear a soft voice calling your name. You rip the needle out of your arm, scrambling to your feet in the small bathroom stall. You repeat the same action with your belt, placing it securely around your waist.

“Are you alright?” the gentle voice asks, concern laced in his voice. You flush the toilet behind you, taking a deep breath to steady your breath. 

“Yeah!” you call out, gathering yourself before you unlock the stall. You come face to face with Spencer Reid, a fellow colleague, and friend, of yours. “Uh Spence..” you smile, lightening the mood, “I think you’re in the wrong bathroom." 

"Hotch is ready to give the profile. What are you doing?” he asks, his voice never faltering, “Why are you lying to me?" 

"Lying? About what?” you shrug, stepping past the worried profiler to wash your hands. 

“About being fine.” he states, crossing his arms, “You told me you were fine." 

"I am fine.” you insist, refusing to meet his big brown eyes.

“Please stop lying to me.” he begs you, “Please be honest with me. You can talk to me." 

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." 

"I recognize the signs.” he explains, uncrossing his arms and meeting your eyes once again, “The isolation,the irritation, the lack of colour in your face. You aren’t fine, you’re killing yourself. What are you taking?" 

"Nothing.” you insist, biting your lip nervously and ripping your eyes from his. 

“You’re lying again.” he pouts, “Please talk to me." You contemplate lying to him for a moment, calling him crazy and running out of the room. "I know how you’re feeling right now, trust me, I know. You think that by hurting yourself like this, you will forget about what happened to you. You think that injecting yourself with a combination of chemicals is the only way to reduce the pain. I did too. But it isn’t. I just want you to know that you aren’t alone in this. I’m here for you." 

Your breath hitches in your throat as you peer up at him, teary eyed. His eyes immediately soften as he studies the pain in your once bright eyes. 

"Can you just hold me?” you whimper, a silent tear rolling down your cheek. 

Spencer takes a few steps towards you, wrapping his long arms around your tiny body. You begin to sob into his chest as he rubs your back soothingly. 

“We’ll get through this.” he whispers into your hair as he leans down to kiss you on top of your head, “I promise.”

In Which Lena Luthor Learns About the Multiverse Only After Being Kidnapped - shutupimshakira (Sniperdoodle)

Word Count: 1, 453 (and counting)

Summary: Lena was not having a good day, to put it simply. 

That, in itself, is a horrible simplification because she feels like she’s having the worse day ever, out of anyone on the face of the earth.

Here she is now, stuck in some abandoned warehouse, tied to a chair. Wondering what comes next and trying not to cry. She’s not even sure if Supergirl will show up to save her, since she’s missing, as far as Lena knows. 

Really, the worst day ever. Of all time.