after being kidnapped

After being kidnapped by a supervillain, you are placed under the watch of a henchman who turns out to be pretty friendly. Within a few hours you’re swapping jokes on what sort of challenge or ransom it would take for him to release you. But when you propose facing him in a DDR match, he suddenly turns serious. 

random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]


it was 1 am on the 10th day and i completely misunderstood the story lol;; i thought that MC being kidnapped after midnight wasn’t a dream ((idk i guess i was super sleepy)) && then Zen suddenly calls to check on MC and the only option was to say that you’re ‘fine’ so I was all “WTF tell him you got kidnapped!!!” and i was very confused with all the chats

tl;dr: the entire day i believed that MC was with Unknown and he was the one talking to the RFA members through MC’s phone

hahaha oh wow I need to go fix my sleep sched

Joker x Reader


Damaged - Imagine being the Jokers Queen. And weeks after being kidnapped and tortured, you’re finally brought back to him.

Dramatic Imagine the Joker being dramatic after you go out without telling him. 

Fame Imagine being a writer for the Gotham Gazette and you try to get perfect picture of the Joker for your article, but you get caught. 

Tease (NSFW)- Imagine spending a lustful evening with Mister J at the club   

WeaknessImagine returning home with the Joker after a run in with the Batman. The two of you start drinking and you can’t help but tease the green haired villain once you learn his weakness.   

Sweet Valentine - It’s Valentines Day and you’re bitter that the Joker would rather have business meetings with Gotham’s criminals then spend time with you. So you find a way to keep him home.

The Last Time Imagine being the Jokers wife who was killed by one of his enemies. Though he has Harley now, he still mourns you on the anniversary of your death.

You Don’t Own Me- One-shot based off of the song ‘You Don’t Own Me’.

For Her - Imagine having a child with the Joker but constantly getting into arguments in front of her.

A Set-up - Imagine going with the Joker to a warehouse for a business deal. You try to convince him not to go through with it but he ignores you and you end hurt.

You’re Not Real - You’re just an ordinary girl, writing fanficions on your laptop and obsessing over the new movie ‘Suicide Squad’. After going to see it for the third time, you end up going home with Gotham’s most dangerous criminal, who shouldn’t even exist.

Run Away - You’re fed up with the Joker’s bullshit so you turn yourself in and are taken to Belle Reve.

Go Away - Imagine being the new inmate at Arkham Asylum. Its not long before you gain the attention of Clown Prince of Crime, but to his shock, you want nothing to do with him.

Surprising - Imagine your the Jokers new girlfriend. Everything is going fine until Harley tries to get revenge, little does she know that your a force to be reckoned with.

First Kicks - Imagine being pregnant with the Jokers child and in the middle of one of his business deals both of you get excited when the baby starts kicking. 

Enough - Imagine the Joker finding out that your self-harming.

Interview - Imagine being a writer and your boss wants you to write an article about the Joker, no matter how dangerous it could be.

Unbreakable - Imagine being a professional torturer and being hired to torture the Joker. After being unable to break him, you realize that you’re falling for him.

Newlyweds -  Imagine being married to a sane Joker and being pregnant. 

Little Birdie -  You’re the adoptive-daughter of Bruce Wayne. Despite your rebellious attitude, you do what you can to appease him and Gotham, even if you have to fight by his side. One night at a party, you’re taken by the Joker and he sees to use you as a weapon. 

Hurt Me - Imagine being a ordinary girl and being kidnapped by the Joker. He tortures you and after awhile he starts to realize that he is falling in love with you.

One Kiss - Imagine being the new psychiatrist at Arkham. You become good friends with Harley and one night asks you to take over her session with the Joker. He ends up taking interest in you and plans to take you with him when he escapes.

Drugged - Imagine going to the Jokers club and almost getting drugged.

Mine - Imagine the Joker being protective of you and not being happy when Harley tries to kill you.

Missing You - Imagine getting into a argument with the Joker and it ending with you leaving him. But after a few weeks, he shows up at your door injured and you decide to take care of him.

Only You -  Imagine being the Jokers girl and becoming best friends with Frost because he always keeps you company when the Joker is busy. One day, Joker gets angry and accuses you of being in love with Frost. 

Sorry Imagine being the Jokers Lover and he finds out that you’ve been raped by one of his henchmen.

What I want Imagine being Ricks little sister and working as a doctor at Belle Reve. When the Joker is finally captured, he’s brought there by your brother. He warns you not to fall for anything the Joker says, but what will happen when you fall for Clown Prince of Crime?   

The Deal -  Imagine being the Jokers girlfriend, you’re kidnapped and tortured. To make it all stop, all the Joker has to do is turn himself in to Arkham Asylum and give up his freedom forever. Regardless of what happens, there is going to be a lot of pain 

Forget You -  Imagine getting in an argument with the Joker. In his anger, you get hurt and end up with amnesia. Will your memory come back? Will you forgive him? 

Take Me Away -  Imagine being an inmate in Arkham Asylum and seducing your new blue-eyed doctor to help you escape.” 

The Real You - Chubby!Reader x Joker

Dress Up -  Imagine your a mob bosses daughter, super shy and innocent. The Joker ends up kidnapping you to get your father.

Family Matters (Daughter! Reader) Imagine being the Jokers daughter. Because of him, you have power and money but it all comes with a price. You don’t want to be evil like your father. The only chance you have is to team up with Jokers biggest adversary, the Batman.

Me Time -  Imagine trying to have some alone time but the Joker doesn’t know the meaning of space

vermilion-blues  asked:

Do you have any long, multichaptered fics with interesting plots and character development and basically everything a real book would have? I'm not looking for anything specific, it's just you always only find/recommendations oneshots, and I want something longer.

i think your best bet for these kinds of fics would definitely be looking through the superlong tag! Here’s some recommendations as well from the top of my head:

Misfit - (wattpad) Dan is different. He’s learned to accept that. He’s fated to be this way forever; a misfit from society. When he’s struggling to make ends meet and he’s faced with the option of looking into a serious job or taking on a roommate, he opts for what seems like the easier option at the time. Potential roommate number eleven, Phil, turns out to be an insufferable optimistic ball of sunshine that Dan wants nothing to do with. His options are running out though, as are the savings he’s been using to pay his rent, so he finds himself begrudgingly agreeing to let the other man move in.

A Royal Pain (ao3) - Dan Howell is a prince. Unlike most, known for their benevolent behaviors and elegant manners, he’s known for his sullen mood and vituperative remarks. After all, being a prince is not much fun; not with the lack of friends and the abundance of dumb tasks, such as trying to find the perfect bride and hosting dinners with nobles. Dan only has one friend, a prince from the neighboring kingdom Leona, and his days improve greatly when Phil finally comes to visit. However, with Phil comes a variety of strange accidents, all of which putting his friend’s life in danger. Is someone trying to assassinate Phil? And what can Dan do to stop it, to save his friend?

Nothing Burns Like the Cold - (tw)  Phil Lester is different, having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn’t get close to anyone

Let Me Down Gently -  AU in which Dan is (briefly) a lawyer, until he gets fired and kicked out by his girlfriend. Wandering alone at night looking for a place to stay, he happens across a slightly strange man who introduces himself as Phil and who owns a B&B. Without much choice, Dan takes up the offer to stay there, and quickly grows to have a certain fondness for Phil. There’s only one problem: Phil runs the B&B with his long-term partner Alex.

My Love is on the High Seas - After being accidentally kidnapped by pirates, Dan realizes that just maybe, his heart has been stolen as well.

In My Way - Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much. Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.


Support (Jason todd x Reader)

A/N: Really liked this request. Kinda made it into my own though. (Not sure to write more for this, I might? Depends on the feedback I guess.)

Jason felt uneasy when he took one of the seats in the circle. They had put fluffy red pillows on the seats, some softness to make up for their fucked up experiences. Wonderful how naïve people could be… as if that’d help. He took a look at the other people, they seemed about as happy to be there as him. Probably persuaded or blackmailed into seeking help as well. He hadn’t even needed such desperate measures: anything to stop Dick’s constant nagging.
“ You have to give yourself the chance to heal.” (He felt like he healed up well enough, ya know, for a dead guy his skin looked fantastic.), “ You will be able to meet people who share your experience .” (Zombie friends. Exactly what he needed.)  And last but not least: Damian’s addition that he didn’t even need hubris to bring him down just a crowbar. Eventually he grew tired of it and decided to go. He was barely there in time, but he was there. After him, a woman barged in, a lot less nonchalant than he had. Backpack in hand, and  saying ‘sorry’ to the person who seemed to be the guiding speaker/psychologist. The woman had a certain kind of guilt in her eyes as she was saying it, too. The psychologist immediately said it was no problem with a warm smile, as the other latecomer took the free seat across his. 

You were still out of breath. Traffic was terrible as is but it got so much worse as you were trying to keep a busy schedule to forget about all the other shit that went wrong. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea, whether it would even remotely help you to actually throw it all out on the table. But… you could use talking to someone about this who wouldn’t look at you with pity while they were uncomfortably shifting in their chair. Everyone here had their fair share of emotional scars to get them to this place. You scanned the room while a woman started to talk.
“ Each of you is here because you are battling the aftermath of dark period in your lives. Someone has abused you, and you are here with people who have experienced abuse as well. Speaking is part of the healing process. Knowing you are not to blame for what happened to you is the aim. I will give each of you the chance to talk about what happened. You choose how much you feel comfortable sharing. Please be respectful towards one another and allow the others to talk, and tell their story, they…” the rest of the explanation was lost on you entirely. You felt eyes on you, and noticed the man across the room. Jet black hair with a white streak, icy blue eyes and quite frankly possibly the most handsome man you had seen in a very long time. But from all places to develop a crush on a total stranger, this was probably not the best one.

You focused on your surroundings again when people were starting to share their names. Only one name stuck. His. “ Hi, I’m Jason. I’ve been told I may be suffering from PTSD after being kidnapped and tortured.” After him another person spoke and also shared their name and in one sentence why they chose to be here. The man smiled at you and you weren’t sure how to respond with that so you looked anywhere but at him.
“ My name is y/n. I was ..” You swallowed, not entirely having such an easy time to say what happened with all those eyes on you. You naturally started to look at him again. He gave you an encouraging small nod and  somehow you managed to continue. “ I was physically and emotionally abused by my ex.” Something seemed to flare up in his eyes at those words. Not the usual pity. Not the usual shifting eyes trying to find the nearest exit. Anger. Not directed at you but at someone who wasn’t there. You wondered if it was the man who kidnapped him or your ex. As he only got that look in his eyes after your story you could only guess the second… but why would he get that angry over that? He didn’t even know you… you shook the thought and listened to the other stories. Some people had come here before, but they seemed there to show the beginners that recovery was possible. After everyone had been spoken to, she asked who wanted to share their story with the group. Everyone seemed less than interested to go first.
“ ‘C mon, nobody will judge you here, we’re all here to listen and to talk.” Her glance landed on you. “Could you perhaps…?” Your felt your heartbeat in your throat and tried to swallow. This was too soon. All those eyes on you… when you opened your mouth the handsome stranger, Jason, spoke up instead.
“ Sure, I’ll go first.” Everyone in the room knew damn well she had been talking to you. But you were grateful he took her cue instead so you didn’t have to. He was still speaking to you rather than to the group.
“I was kidnapped as a teenager. A typical Gotham psycho got to me and tortured me. They… got to me in time, obviously, I’m still alive.” He seemed to disbelieve those words and said them mockingly. “.. but I’ve been beaten with a crowbar and he played psychological tricks on me, I don’t want to get into detail. He tortured me in most ways I could imagine and then some, except for sexually that is. It pisses me off that he’s still alive. As long as he lives he’s a danger to people. They didn’t put enough effort into stopping him. In the meanwhile…  I have to deal with the fallout. The flashbacks, the nightmares. So essentially I got fucked over by the people I trusted, because they did not protect me as they promised me they would, and then there’s the fact I was beaten to a pulp. So yeah, that’s my sob story. Well, half of it. There’s also my deadbeat dad and my the fact that my mother didn’t make it beyond my teenage years but that’s a story for another day kids.“ His voice was laced with a mocking, devil may care attitude, but you could tell it was the truth. You were the one staring now, your gaze locked on his. He really had been through hell and back. The woman nodded and thanked him for his open-heartedness and willingness to speak first. After him, the others were more willing to also speak up. He mouthed ‘You’re welcome’ to you as you gave him a grateful small smile.

You felt lucky that they ran out of time before it was your turn. Each person who did not get the chance to speak would get their chance the next session. With that promise, you considered not attending that next time anymore. You put your own jacket back on, as well as your backpack and headed towards the door. As soon as you stepped outside you felt something was off. Something or someone was watching you. Jason, you did remember his name, walked out of the door and approached you and acted casual while zipping up his jacket. “ Don’t panic but I’ve got the feeling someone is watching you.”
“  So I’m not going mad?”
“  No guarantees there. We might be going mad together. I know you don’t know me but will you let me walk you home? ” You looked him in the eyes. You really wanted to say yes.
“ No, sorry. It’s not you it’s just…”
“ I get it. Don’t worry about it. Just…” He handed you what looked like a combat knife. “ be careful.”
” May I ask why you’re carrying out spare combat knives to hand out?”
” Do you want to know?” You swallowed. 
” Next session maybe.”
” Let’s make sure you get there safely first. Watch your back. Something’s out there, I can feel it.”

You walked on and heard something again. Something creeping up on you as sudden but as clinging as a shadow.  You clutched the combat knife as you walked to your car. Someone grabbed you from the back and knocked the knife out of your hands.  “You think you could get away from him that easily sweetheart?” There was a hand on your mouth, muffling noise while you struggled to get away from the man’s grip. You were considering your options, trying to remember how to twist your arm when someone interfered.
“ I think she fucking can.” The man who grabbed you was looking into the barrel of a gun. A red hooded man stood there. 
“ Get out of here. She’s under my protection now. Come after her again and I will find you. “  A flash of recognition went over the guy’s face as he ran for it. You thought you heard someone curse and a shiver went over your spine. He lowered his gun, picked up the combat knife and walked over to you. He handed the knife back to you with the hilt pointed at you while you rubbed your wrist and leaned against the car door, shaken up. You instinctively clung to him, as a means to stabilize you from the shock and get you up straight more than anything else. 
“ Jason?” Anyone else didn’t make sense. You weren’t sure if he’d even speak up.
“ Good guess.”
“ I changed my mind. ” He nodded and walked behind you towards your car.

 “ It’s him. “ You hissed in a quiet tone.
“ Figured as much. Want me to get into the car or can you handle it from here? Does he know where you live?”
“ Yeah, haven’t found a new place yet.” He nodded.  
” Want me to join you there? Keep you safe? If you trust me that is. “ 
” Yeah. I do. “ He got into the car, looked around and took off the helmet once he was inside of the vehicle.
“ What about the motorcycle?”
“ I’ll pick it up after we got you home safely.”

The car ride was considerably silent. You weren’t sure what to ask him or tell him. He leaned with his elbow on the armrest of the car door.
“ He seemed to recognize you.”
“ He probably did. I’m not your average guy. But I don’t hurt people unless it’s to save others.”
You opted to just take his word for it. There was something strangely soothing about having him around. You had this feeling that you could trust him, which you in all honestly hadn’t ever had before. But you weren’t sure whether to trust your instincts anymore.
“How did you stop the nightmares?”
“ I didn’t.”  
You swallowed. “ I get it you know. “ He looked up, slightly frowning, unsure what you meant. “I get that you want to kill him. That’s what you meant isn’t it? But it wouldn’t fix the broken pieces. “ You stared at the road ahead, lights flashing by. You continued. “You know what they told me? That hating him wouldn’t heal me, loving another might and it would break him. Because it would show him he didn’t own me anymore.”
“ What do you think about that?” You shook your head at his question.
“ I think I couldn’t if I tried. Not that easy to trust anymore.”
“ You can. It’s fear that’s holding you back. It’s what he wants.”

“ You think he’s gone? That he will stay away now?” He shook his head. 
“ You could stay with me instead. Until you find a new place. No expectations, I won’t try anything with you. Could teach you how not to get disarmed so easily.” He sighed. “ I can protect you there, if you think you need protection.”
“ So what are you? A cop?”
“ Not quite. But I don’t want you to get hurt and after what happened tonight…”
“ I might take you up on that offer.”
“ Okay, then turn right here. “

You could use a protector, or at least someone who understood who didn’t look at you as a work in progress when you were putting the pieces back together.  

“ But there are some things you gotta know about me before you get into my apartment…”


okay, i just realized that Illumi was posing as Hisoka at the same time Killua was being held hostage by the Spiders during the Yorkshin arc. and like, he didn’t have any kind of visible reaction during the entire time Killua was sitting right there in the same room as him, after being kidnapped by the fricking Phantom Troupe!!!

I mean, I understand he couldn’t exactly grab Killua and high-tail it out of there with the entire Troupe watching and on guard, but I suddenly find it so weird that it wasn’t even mentioned, even with just a panel of Illumi thinking “What the hell are you doing here Kil?”  Did Hisoka mention it? How did that conversation even go? “Hey Illumi, can you do me a huge favor? Okay great! Also, you should know your precious little brother has been taken hostage by the Phantom Troupe. See ya soon, bye! <3″

I just can’t imagine him being calm about this situation, even though that’s apparently exactly what happened. And I didn’t even notice until just this moment. Anyone else find this turn of events weird all of the sudden? Or is it just me? 

Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part 4)

Part1    Part2    Part3

Author’s Note- This is the final part to this series and it means a lot because part one of this series is what encouraged me to write after receiving so much positive feedback. Sorry if it’s not the outcome you wanted, but read to the end x

“He saved me” you smiled weakly but genuinely into your mug of hot chocolate. “I know” Lydia smiled, rubbing your shoulder, before sitting down opposite you. After the whole being kidnapped thing, you had been staying at Lydia’s and Scott’s so they can keep an eye on you 24/7.  It was sort of an inconvenience, but you didn’t mind, you knew they were doing everything they could to keep you safe. “Are you glad it was him?” she asked. You thought for a moment, about the other guy, the guy you had completely forgotten about the second your eyes met the ones filled with concern upon your rescue. You nod your head and another smile spread across your face as you took another sip. “Why are you guys up so early?” Kira asked, rubbing her eyes as she stumbled into the kitchen. “She’s love struck” Lydia joked. “I don’t blame her, she’s got the fairy-tale ending” Kira continued as you hid your blush behind the sleeve of your sweater. “I wish I had a price charming to rescue me” Lydia added. “You guys are loud” Malia claimed, also stumbling into the kitchen. “How you feeling?” she added, still smelling the blood from the cut on your leg. “I’m doing great” you said dreamily. Malia smiled in return and sat down at the dining table with you all. “Should I make breakfast?” Lydia asked. You all nod in agreement. “What do you guys want, the usual?” it wasn’t an uncommon event, for you all to sleep over together. “Egg on toast for Kira, a bacon sandwich with brown sauce and black pepper for Malia and a waffle with extra golden syrup for Y/n” she listed off, walking off into the kitchen. “You’re seeing him today, aren’t you?” Malia asked with a smirk. You looked at her quizzically before slowly nodding your head, confused as to how she would know. “ Your heart is doing summersaults, it’s quite distracting really” she added after noticing your confusion. “Ohhh right-“ you trailed, too caught up in your own thought of how you would soon be reunited with him. After eating your breakfast, the three of them dragged you upstairs to hep you get ready.

“Are you sure?” you questioned, looking in the mirror. “Yes!” the three of them shouted excitedly. “I feel sick” you groaned, with a worried smile. “You’re just nervous” Kira told. You heard a loud knock on the door, which made your heart feel uneasy in your chest, You took a deep breath and nod, before you all trailed off downstairs. They walked into the living room, to give you your privacy while you carried on to the front door. You hesitated for a second, before opening it. “Brett” you breathed with a smile. “Are you ready to go?” he asked. You nod and linked your arm with his as he walked you over to his car. You walked over to the passenger seat as he climbed into the drivers. You took a minute to take In the familiar setting of his car, the way it smelt, the way the cold leather seat felt on your skin, even the marks on the windows from where you would draw on them when they fogged up. “How’s your leg?” he asked as he began to drive. “It’s getting better” you shrugged, not really phased by it. You got out of the lab with your life and without being one of the dread doctor’s grade A science experiments, that was enough alone to be thankful for. The car came to a stop when you reached a set of red lights. He looked at you with a small smile, “You made the right decision” he claimed. You gave a small but genuine smile in return and looked down at your hands. “Omg I love this song” you suddenly said. Brett laughed and turned it up, being reminded of the first time he heard it. You were completely wasted at a party and dancing on a table with Lydia because you were the only ones that could get drunk, when you both slipped and ended up falling onto Stiles. You were both so drunk you had no idea that you were slowly crushing the life out of the poor boy, you were laughing so heavily it took Brett, Liam, Malia, Scott and Kira to drag the pair of you off of him. You lip synced to the song, with a lot of hand gestures. When the song ended you both let out a laugh, as you pulled up to the place. You looked at each other briefly, before both climbing out of the car in unison. You walked through the trail in the Beacon Hills woods, in the day time it was one of the most beautiful places to go, especially of a spring morning. You stopped for a second and turned to face Brett, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” you asked. “I’m sure” he nod. You pulled him into a long tight hug.

You carried on walking until you reached a familiar spot. The two of you would take a tent and stay the night, there was a slight patch of burnt grass where you would put the camp fire to make roasted s’mores and cook hotdogs. You’d often go there in the summer with the pack. You sat on one of the logs that had all of your initials engraved onto it, you run your finger against them all, soaking in all of the memories that each of them held. You came across ‘SM’ and underneath was the initial ‘AA’. You smiled at the thought of the old days. You felt him sit beside you, before pulling you into his chest. “I’ve missed this- I’ve missed it so fucking much” he breathed into your hair. You smiled, before looking up into his eyes. “I love you” you said honestly. “I love you too” he said, kissing your forehead and twirling your hair with his fingers. “Can we put the fire on please? I don’t have wolf heat like you” you whined while still smiling. He stood up and threw you over a blanket from one of the rucksacks with all of your camping equipment in, before starting up the fire. You wrapped it around you and looked around, it was your safe place, your happy place. Brett breathed onto the window on the passenger side of his car, he read the words ‘Thank you for the memories x’. He gave a small smile as he reminisced for a second, before he pulled out of the car park of the Beacon Hills forest trail. You looked down at your phone after seeing a message pop up, ‘It’s been good Y/L/N, but you cant deny love x’ You let out a small sigh and smiled as you locked your phone and shoved it into your pocket. “Isaac” you called. “Yes beautiful?” he returned, looking back at you. “I’ve missed this too” you told. He stood up and walked over to where you were sitting. He leant down so you were eyelevel with one another. You searched into his bright blue eyes, at his dilated pupils, before glancing down at his lips. He gave his signature smirk before pressing his lips to yours. You grabbed onto his curls to deepen the kiss. It felt like forever since the last time you had felt his lips, but yours melted naturally into the shape of them. You slowly broke apart, leaning your forehead on his. “Why did you come back?” he asked. “People who are meant to be together, find their way back. They may take a few detours- but they’re never really lost” you whispered in return. “I’m sorry for making you feel the way you did- I’m sorry I pushed you away when you needed me the most. You made me feel things I’d never felt before and I was scared but I promise to never leave you for the rest of our lives” he placed your hand on his chest so you could feel his steady heartbeat. “I guess sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together” you smiled. “Now come on, lets put the food and some hot chocolate on, for when the sun sets” you added, it was something you loved to do together. It was a perfect day, a perfect night with the perfect person. Isaac had his flaws and so did you but you couldn't deny that you were completely and utterly in love with one another. There was no point wallowing in the past, looking to the future and forgetting to live in the present. He made you happy and that’s all that you ever wanted. Allison taught you that, and it’s something you’d never take for granted.

One Year Later

You ran down from the stands after the Beacon Hills team won their lacrosse match. Isaac caught and spun you around as you reached him. He placed you down and you placed a sweet kiss on his lips, “Well done babe, you were on fire” you claimed, half referring to how well he played, the other half referring to how sexy he looked all sweaty and red. He gave a small laugh, smelling your chemo signals as Liam came up from behind and poured some water on him (it was a tradition of theirs after a win) Kira and Scott soon approached the three of you. “No wolf powers, well done guys” he congratulated the natural win the team had made for the first time in a while. “You did good” Stiles spoke, walking over. He high fived Liam, Kira and Scott and looked at Isaac. He prepared himself for a sarcastic comment but was surprised when Stiles put his hand out to invite him into a man hug. He smiled and accepted. Malia and Lydia shortly followed and joined your little huddle. “Glad to see you two finally getting along” Lydia noted. “Is that a tear Isaac?” Malia joked, smelling how happy he was to finally be accepted by Stiles. “What? Pftt No” he brushed off, letting go of him. You shook your head and sniggered as he put his arm around you. You glanced across the pitch to see Brett, he was with a girl from his school. He looked really happy with her. He glanced over to you all, you smiled and waved at him, he appreciated that and did the same before you both returned to your friends. “Still think you made the right decision?” Isaac asked quietly. “I know I did” you returned, squeezing the hand that he was resting on your shoulder. “I love you” he said with a wide smile. “I love you more” you returned as he pulled you in to a kiss.

Sorry if you wished the reader ended up with Brett, but the majority of voters wanted it to be Isaac. Requests are closed. I hope you enjoyed this series, I’m going to miss writing for it x

Golshifteh Farahani to Topline Eva Husson’s ‘Girls of the Sun’

French-Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (“Paterson”) is set to topline “Girls of the Sun.” The drama follows a battalion of female resistance fighters, nicknamed the Girls of the Sun, who were former captives of extremists and have vowed to reconquer their own land.

Farahani will star as Bahar, a lawyer who turns into a fearless soldier and becomes chief of a battalion after being kidnapped while on a trip to her native village in Kurdistan with her husband and child.

Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™ ft. Adrian Rodriguez

So @queergirlwriting​, I finally finished his chapter. Hopefully, I did him justice and he had fun on his field trip.


Everyone loves Alex Danvers, but Maggie’s not alone.

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       Adrian clocked Officer Maggie Sawyer as a Little Shit™ from about ten minutes after she rescued him from bad T and worse decisions that could have gotten a little brown kid killed. Adrian came from a great family, really, his parents were amazing and supportive and so much that other kids didn’t get, but transitioning was expensive, transitioning was hard in a heteronormative society, and by the time Maggie found him he was already out of sorts because no insurance didn’t just mean no T, it meant no puberty inhibitors, if he could even find a doctor supportive of trans health. Maybe it was the smirk on her lips after he was knocked on his ass or those big understanding eyes or that teasing smile, but Officer Sawyer was safe and that wasn’t something every brown kid could count on, straight or not.

       As amazing as Maggie was when they met, she was still a Little Shit™ because she took him out for ice cream after the clinic and totally popped the bottom of the cone to smear Adrian’s face in chocolate.

       Adrian had a family. But Maggie joined it, the queer big sister he needed at the most important time of his life. She’d meet him after school to talk about the Queer Alliance club, take him to lunch on the weekends, basically be the big sister he didn’t have. They talked girls, Adrian’s crushes and Maggie’s.

       Maggie played jokes and she teased, but she didn’t relax around many people. Adrian noticed her girlfriends weren’t often among those people.

       For such an Established Gay™, Adrian’s adoptive big sister had shit taste in women.

     Until Agent Hot Ass.

     Oh my God, Adrian could not believe how much Maggie talked about the Fed who stole her crime scene. In hindsight, that probably didn’t help matters with the deteriorating state of Mag’s relationship with what’s-her-name, but the blonde wasn’t good enough for his big sis anyway. She talked about her over the empanadas he cooked to celebrate her not dying after being kidnapped. Her big eyes glittered while talking about how much fun she had being tied up in the warehouse, filed under things Adrian never wanted to know about his sister, and being rescued by Supergirl and that really annoying Fed who’s also a doctor–Did you know she’s really smart, Ade? She’s like a genius or something, because the med staff at her top secret James Bond base didn’t say a word when she patched me up.

         She’s really good at pool, Ade. Which was weird, because he’d played pool with Maggie, she was great. And then Maggie explained, I mean, I’m letting her win, you know, the Feds get their feelings hurt so easily. Right.

     Maggie had some bad nights sometimes. Sometimes he’d get a call from the bartender at Maggie’s favorite bar, and he’d swing by to give her a lift home in her cruiser (not that anyone on the force knew that) or just grab an uber if she brought her bike. Megan, she was nice. Megan slipped him photos of his favorite cop and her new bff “just grabbin’ beers, kid.”

     Then things got weird, and Maggie got quiet about Danvers. She didn’t talk about her as much. She looked sad when she did. Then Maggie got drunk, and Maggie talks so much more about herself when she’s drunk.      Alex came out to me, Ade. First. Because of me.     And Adrian smiled. But then Maggie confessed I can’t do that to her, I can’t destroy her, I destroy everything good.

     Okay first of all, bullshit, you didn’t destroy me, Mags, you helped me be a better me. Second of all, Adrian couldn’t exactly blame this fed for a sudden gay awakening because, and he could say this as an objective straight man, Maggie was hot . Of course  Maggie made her question her sexuality, Maggie was a cop who drove a motorcycle, wore leather jackets, and carried handcuffs hellooooo.

     Maggie was being stupid. Clearly she had feelings for this woman.

     Those photos Megan took? Adrian may have printed off extras and hung around Maggie’s apartment. On the cereal box Maggie had to jump to reach. Behind her toothpaste in her medicine cabinet. He even slipped one into “that” drawer in her nightstand (without looking, thank you, he did not need to be scarred for life). Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™, but Adrian took notes any time he got the chance.

     Maggie yelled at him for it.

     Adrian knows damn well that Maggie put one of those photos in her wallet.

     She’ll never admit it, but that’s fine.

     A few days later she and the fed were friends again. She wasn’t as talkative as before, but she wasn’t quiet like she had been after Danvers kissed her.

     And then she called him to tell him she got shot, but not to worry. What the fuck, Maggie?? Adrian was all set to come over and check for himself that she wasn’t dead but Actually, Ade, I’m not going to be home, I have to go talk to someone.

     Adrian had a feeling he knew who she was going to see.

     Judging by the mile-wide smile that met him for brunch, The Dimples™ seemingly multiplying, he was right and it went well.

     Seeing Maggie begin to open up, and so quickly, was awesome. It gave him hope, because be real, Maggie, you’re a damn cactus, and meeting      Alex     meant meeting a dorky, unsure, but totally beautiful woman who had heart eyes for his queer mom. It was great!

     Even better?

     Watching Maggie screw with the Alex and her friends.

     Hiding the last box of potstickers in a container of vegan yogurt (Kara), that time she tricked Alex into trying that one absolutely gross flavor of vegan ice cream so that her ice cream would remain untouched on sister nights, and watching Maggie crush that nerdy dude in video games online week after week while giving him “tips” over the phone was Adrian’s absolute favorite.

     These two were golden. Like, relationship goals.

     Which is why, when he heard about that photo shoot James did, and what happened with Alex, Adrian may have talked to James about getting some perfectly work safe thank you candids of the couple to make two collages. One for each of them, complete with glitter hearts and a couple sets of googly eyes (Kara was REALLY helpful). Those collages may or may not have found their way to Maggie’s desk at the precinct and Alex’s lab.

     Because Adrian was happy for them.

     And because Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™.

     And Adrian is her favorite. (After Alex).

Enemies To Lovers (6) Masterlist

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The Autobiography Of A Disaster (ao3) - touchoffiction

Summary: The one where Dan’s the bassist with issues and Phil is his (unwanted) security guard.

The Blind Boy - jilliancares

Summary: Dan Howell liked to think of his entire life as a series of tragic accidents. Because really, how many people can say that they managed to become blind and obtain a supposedly Cute Boy’s hate all in the span of one year? And Phil Lester has not had the best school life, so in order to avoid bullying or a bad reputation, he refuses to take shit from anyone at this new school. Even if that someone just so happens to be blind.

Conspire to Ignite - botanistlester

Summary: Virtuo and Nefaris have been in a war for hundreds of years, bringing death and sorrow to their people. After the Nefarians reign an attack on Virtuo, Phil is captured and brought to an unfamiliar planet where he is tortured for information. He gets assigned a prison guard named Dan, a cold and indifferent Nefarian who is prideful of his planet and always does as he’s told. Phil takes everything that comes to him without complaint, not knowing that his actions are slowly cracking down Dan’s hard exterior. (Written for the Phandom Big Bang 2016)

Dwindling Dawn (ao3) - wordsongs

Summary: Dan doesn’t need tutoring, and he sure as hell doesn’t need it from Phil goddamn Lester!

Dogs - dans-awkward-phanfics

Summary: Phil’s dog has the habit of getting him into bad situations and Dan is Phil’s next door neighbour that seems to hate him and his dog. Oddly enough, their dogs like each other. Really like each other.

Falling In Love With The Enemy - pasteldanhowells

Summary: punk!phil gets dared by Chris to ask rich!dan out. They hate each other and Phil doesn’t want to do the dare but he loves challenges. He only has two weeks until the deadline to make Dan fall in love with him.

Libertas Volandi (ao3)- Im_Innocent_I_Swear

Summary: Phil Lester is a 17 year old boy and goes to hell for the 3rd year in a row. Well, boarding school. He hates it here. As it is an all boys school, it’s like a gigantic wasp nest of violence and everyone who stands out a bit will be punished. And Phil happens to stand out. Dan Howell is the biggest bully and Phil hates him so much. But when he has to share a room with him, the tables turn. Dan turns out to be not that bad after all, even though he does act weird sometimes…

Life is a Test (And I Get Bad Marks) - botanistlester

Summary: Soulmate au where the first thing you think when you see your soulmate for the first time appears on their skin. Dan has always been known as the most badass guy in school; Until Phil Lester shows up, that is. Feeling like his image is at risk, he lashes out, causing an all-out war between the two.

Misplaced - jilliancares

Summary: Phil wakes up in an alternate universe. And then Phil… wakes up in an alternate universe. Both Phil’s try to navigate back to their own life while simultaneously trying to deal with each others’. (AKA YouTuber!Phil tries to deal with the fact that he’s in a band and he and Dan are enemies, and Band!Phil tries to understand how in any universe he and Dan could be lovers.)

Miracles Can Happen - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan and Phil hate each other, and everyone knows it. Dan gets hurt one day, and Phil helps him. Slowly, Phil starts to learn that Dan isn’t so bad.

My Love is on the High Seas (ao3) -The KidFromYesterday

Summary: After being accidentally kidnapped by pirates, Dan realizes that just maybe, his heart has been stolen as well.

Science Projects And Bullies (ao3) - Angel_Of_Darkness1

Summary: Dan Howell is one of the popular kids who is invited out to parties all the time and is every ones friend. Phil Lester is one of the losers who is hated by everyone and beaten up everyday by Dan and his friends.. So when Phil finds out that he has a science project, and his partner is the one and only Dan Howell, you can only imagine why he is so absolutely terrified and done with life.

Secrets and S'more (ao3) - flowerchilddeeno

Summary: In which Dan and Phil are coworkers who seem to hate one another, but then something happens at the staff Christmas party.

Take Your Chances, I’ll Take Mine (ao3) - Phanromaniac and red_lariat

Summary: Dan Hates Phil. Phil Lester, the boy who, frustratingly, got the best marks in the class yet never actually studied. Dan’s hands clenched in anger just thinking about it. Phil Lester, who was always surrounded with friends, despite being part of the chess club, debate team, and practically any other nerdy extracurricular activity you could think of. Everyone, even the stereotypical ‘cool kids’ liked, or at least respected him. Dan definitely didn’t hate him because of the way him, biting his lips, didn’t distracted him. Dan definitely didn’t hate him because of the bubbly feeling he didn’t give him in his stomach, because Dan definitely wasn’t gay.

They’ll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance - howellslester

Summary: Dan and Phil are both princes that have been taught to hate each other.

Vows (ao3) - lionkid

Summary: Phil works as a video producer for Buzzfeed UK. Dan, a coworker he’s not particularly fond of, comes up with a video idea: two single people have to act married for a week. He just so happens to volunteer to ‘marry’ Dan. Based on Buzzfeed’s “Single people get married for a week” series.

Damaged (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by grysamobojcow


Summary: Imagine being the Jokers Queen. And weeks after being kidnapped and tortured, you’re finally brought back to him

Warnings: Torture, Abuse, Gore, Death, Angry Puddin’ with a bat, and Teeth

Pairings: Joker x Reader

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Ted Bundy writes to Ann Rule after being sentenced for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch:

“I was whistling in the wind, yet in a curious sort of way, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. I felt relaxed but emphatic. Controlled, but sincere and filled with emotion. It didn’t matter who was listening, although I desired each word to strike the Judge as forcefully as possible. Briefly, all too briefly, I was myself again, amongst free people, using all the skill I could muster, fighting the only way I know how: with words and logic. And all too briefly, I was testing the dream of being an attorney.”

DamiRae appreciation post #1

So let’s talk about this ship and why it’s so good (this is going to get out of hand, I can already tell)

(Also I wanted to upload a better gif of this moment)

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think this ship is perfect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I honestly think that it could’ve been written into the JLvTT movie way better (like, does Raven see everybody’s past when she heals them? My money is on no. That was a moment that could’ve been written better).

But in spite of that, we still got something amazing.

You may have seen this tweet that was posted where Sam Liu, the director of JLvTT and Judas Contract, said this: “Both w/ huge legacies and destinies. Yet they are kids just trying to get by despite their past.“ 

And that’s super important to me.

Dick says it best about Damian in JLvTT, “Never had a childhood… spent most of his life training to kill, then moves in with the big bad bat, which I can tell you from personal experience is not exactly fun…”

But after the three Batman films (two of which were about Damian and then the third which was more about the DCAU bat family but was still heavily focused on Damian), he’s ready to help stand with Raven and help her stand up to her past and convinces her not to stay in hell after they beat Trigon. He’s grown into a good, selfless, person, even if he’s still a bit of jackass (points for character development though).

And then when Raven and the others first meet Damian, Jaime calls him creepy but Raven corrects him by saying, “No, more like… sad.” Even though Damian puts up a tough front, she can still see right through him, and nowhere is this more obvious than when she tells Damian that in his heart he is a kind and generous soul.

You gotta give points to Raven for being kind and generous, too. She didn’t have to be nice to Damian, especially not when she’s got problems of her own, but she reaches out to him. Why?

To help him become a better person. After losing his grandfather (who only trained him to kill), his mother (who executed his clone in front of him because it was “weak”), and getting sent away by his father (who barely treats him like his own son in these movies), you can only imagine how confused and lost he must be feeling.

Then he meets Raven, who tells him jokes to cheer him up and tells him that “Everyone needs a home”. No one knows this better than she does. After losing Azarath and being kidnapped and taken to hell, no one knows that everyone needs a place to belong better than Raven. And at the end of film, Damian is returning the favour and convincing her to stay with the Titans.

And one thing I do like is that it isn’t all fluff and stuff, like when Terra is having her nightmare and Raven tells Damian that if she saw anything it wouldn’t be his business. Teaching the dude boundaries and not being afraid to step on his toes when need be is also great. (can’t wait to see the anti-shippers take that moment and run with it lmao)

Seriously, I hope the next film has Damian doing more for her. Maybe comforting her when she’s having nightmares or trying to keep her mind of her father being stuck on her head. Or hell, have Raven lose control and turn into a demon and have Damian be the one to bring her back to her senses.

Now I’m gonna subtly transition and talk about the puppy.

I love and hate this moment. I love it because it’s adorable and since it’s only a twenty second clip that no one saw coming, you can make up all the fanon you want surrounding it.

But I hate it because we don’t know exactly why Raven gives him the dog. If you look at the scene closely, Damian is clearly troubled over Slade’s return (the guy was boiled in acid and left at the bottom of the ocean last time they met, only to come back with a grudge against Damian). Slade also tortured Damian and promised to take away his new family, and he already did that once with the League before (but I think we can all agree that that worked out for the best).

And this is the fanon I was talking about, but I think that Raven brings him the puppy so he can have something positive in his life. That’s worded really badly, but I don’t know how else to explain to it. I mean, can you have a puppy and not be happy? NOOOOO. Anyways, I hope the next movie starts off with right on the roof so we can see exactly what is said (that’s not going to happen but I can still hope).

And of course, probably the most important part of that scene is Beastboy’s narration. “But it’s not just about the cool superpowers, snazzy uniforms, and daring adventures. It’s about us helping each other grow, be better people.”

That’s the entire point of their relationship. I miss when writing was subtle man, because this is not. Lol.

It’s about Raven seeing a person inside the warrior Damian was raised as, and him seeing Raven not as someone below him, but as an equal, or maybe even someone better than he is.

And it’s going to be the slowburn, “I didn’t realize I was in love until it was almost too late” kind of relationship. I don’t think that these two would just fall for each other at the drop of a hat. There are definitely going to be bumps in the road, but the payoff is going to be something wonderful.