after an hour or whatever

“Who’s this, Malice?”

“…why, this is my Little Devil.”

i’ve drawn so much for Gency week and I can’t share it with anyone so last night I spent five hours doing this after the internet got cut for whatever reason eugh

~tried a new approach to style and used a reference or two~

love you guys - peace

A thought on the Reset theory

With the reset theory, where either 707 or Jumin (or both) know about the rests an remember even when you reset and all that just imagine what the actual reset is like.  (this is mostly written with Seven in mind, but whatever.)

First off, I’m pretty sure there are two different types of resets. 

1. The game resets after the party. The player does not go and watch the after ending for whatever reason, maybe they’re saving up hour classes or just aren’t that interested but for whatever reason the reset happens after the party.

2. The second type is with the after ending. 

This is the one I imagine to be so much worse. 

I imagine that time flows like normal. Eleven days is still eleven days, but two or three years still feels like two or three years. 

Imagine waking up next to MC for years. And imagine the terror that one day you’ll wake up and it will all be gone and being unable to fall asleep because of this fear (maybe one of the reasons 707 is always so sleep deprived) so just staying up all night looking at MC and trying to be happy because the reset hasn’t happened and just being terrified. 

And years pass.

And there’s no reset. 

And everything’s okay and you’re waking up together every morning. And you have a life together and it’s real and you’re growing old together…

And one day you wake up and you don’t open your eyes but something feels wrong

But no, MC would never have reset, not after so long. Not with all you knew about each other and after all you’d been through. She wouldn’t do that to you. 

So you open your eyes, about to laugh it off, to tell MC how weird it was, make a joke maybe…

And you open your eyes…

And your phone is on your pillow on the other side of your bed. Or maybe you’re sleeping on the couch (like you used to when you were still in school, or when you still lived alone and didn’t have MC to take care of you and make sure you went to bed.)

And worse yet, you’re completely alone. 

And you’re living in your old apartment, or your old room, or maybe just MC’s stuff isn’t scattered among yours.

And you just not knowing how to react or what to feel and you want to scream and cry but most of all, you want MC to come and comfort you and tell you it’s all a bad dream. 

Or you want MC to at least explain why they’d left you. What you did wrong. 

And your phone is vibrating. 

That’s what woke you up in the first place. 

So you open the RFA Messenger.

And Yoosung is complaining about school and this is all so familiar because you’ve been here before.

But that was years ago.

And you realise that the mark on your hand from when you cut yourself slicing an apple isn’t there. 

Because it was made two years in the future. 

A future that, now, probably won’t even exist. 

And MC enters the chatroom young and confused and utterly terrified (you never realised how terrified she was before) but you know her now.

You know her favorite songs, and sleep habits and too many little things and you’re so angry that she’d do this to you and just forget, but most of all, you miss her so much. 

And you say something to her because just maybe she’ll still remember. 

And instead she asks who you are and what is going on. 

And you know her and she doesn’t know you.

And maybe you mention something about her something that you remember because you know her very well. And she’s terrified of you. And very offended. And may be she tells you that you shouldn’t do a background check on someone without asking. But you didn’t, you hadn’t since the first time MC appeared in the chat room. You didn’t need to since the past few years told you more than any background check ever could. There was no doubt that she was to be trusted.

And she flirts with your friends again.

And that’s so wrong because you two belong together you were happy.

-Admin Unknown  

Advice to daddies #3

Every couple ends up fighting at some point. Unfortunately. If you drive your little into needing alone time, you must’ve messed up pretty bad. After about half an hour-ish (depending on how bad whatever happened is) is when we calm down enough, but if you’re like me, and are super stubborn, then you’re gonna have to make the next move. Say sorry, bribe with gifts (like we’re gonna complain), just do your best to make it up. I hate when my daddy doesn’t try to make it better. It makes me feel unwanted. Make your little feel wanted.

Someday, once humans are extinct, I hope whatever species rules Earth makes chicken nuggets in the shape of us like we did for dinosaurs. 

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i know you'll disregard this if i start with "i'm a larrie but" but really why do you need to have a problem with literally /everything/ B does? your tags about the halloween picture... what does it matter if he's sitting between her open knees?? i don't like her as much as the next person but having an issue with ////everything//// comes off wrong

If you don’t see that as a bad thing I’m sorry, buddy. But that looks very sexual to me, especially because her costume is supposed to be a very sexy riding red hood and she called her months old baby a big bad wolf in that pic - is like when Louis tweeted the lyrics of a song about daddy kink when his kid was born. Like don’t you see it?? 

oh gorl. part 2

“Cerise smiled, and the teeth that peeked out made Raven wonder how people hadn’t realized that Mr. Badwolf was her father a long time ago.”

Shannon Hale, Unfairest of Them All


||| key tips for a successful school year |||

1. study hard!
whether you are paying for your education or not, study what you are learning in your classes. soak up all the material you can! become a walking book full of intelligence and knowledge!

2. be kind!
say hi to your classmates inside and outside of class. this will be way easier to form study groups for upcoming midterms or exams. also be a light in whatever class you are in! be respectful of those who can’t comprehend the material being covered. everyone works at their own pace so be nice.

3. play hard!
take a break from your studies and go have some fun! maybe go to a midnight showing of a brand new movie or attend a party you heard about during the week. whatever it is, reward yourself from time to time. your body and brain will thank you after you’ve been studying for five plus hours.

4. get shit done!
whatever it is, be it an essay, a presentation, a job interview… get that shit done pronto! you’ll feel sooo much better knowing that a large amount of your to do list has already been conquered and you’ll feel a little bit more relaxed.

(artwork + words all done by me)

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There's this soulmate prompt I really like where you wake up in your soul mates body on the meowing after your 18th birthday and you have 24 hours in there body to do whatever you please and find out who they are

oooooh i like


When a student is in trouble and they won’t stop grumbling and pouting and muttering things about me under their breath.

highschool au in which denmark and norway meet up for studying but instead of actually doing something den always ends up doodling all over nor’s desk or playing with six-year-old icey hide and seek. and even though nor’s really annoyed at first he gives up after an hour or so and joins den and ice at whatever they’re currently playing and at the end of the day neither of them actually studied at all and little icey is so tired he just takes a nap sprawled over den and his older brother.

Okay so today went:

I woke up and drank two cups of coffee.
I ate a turkey sandwich with some chips for lunch around like 11:30
I made fresh squeezed lemonade, cause I’m just that kind a’ girl.
While I was in the process of making the lemonade I missed a call, thank goodness cause I would’ve ruined it for myself if I had answered right away, but the call was for an interview at the store my dad works at.
I called back an hour later after making the interview appt or whatever.
Freaked out some more after having a pretty fucking terrible panic attack and shitting on myself internally.
Lots of “You’re going to mess this up like you do everything”
I persevered.
I got ready in under an hour and my sister and mom helped me come down from my panic attack.
Went to the store half an hour early with my dad.
Got interviewed and I thought I did horribly but it turns out it should be fine.
Got a call like almost immediately after and the second interview is tomorrow.
Came Home and the girls were Home from school, they were super excited to hear how my interview went and I was super excited to hear how their days at school went.
We then got their homework ready for me to help them, and my sister made pizza in the oven.
They finished their homework and we ate pizza.
Then we played animal crossing for two hours until they had to get ready for bed.
Oh and we watched Kubo and the two strings amazing movie btw.

Overall guys it was a great day.
Just gotta try and get a handle on my nerves.

If I get this job I can finally pay @paskudne back for saving me from a terrible man who also through sheer fear helped me stop doing something that was self destructive anyway.
Then I can pay my parents back, and give back to those who have showed me kindness support and generosity while I was going through a majorly rough year.

I think last year was like truly the worst year for me, and a lot of people. I’m glad to have it behind me finally, hopefully I can do better for myself and everyone I love.

Gotta stay positive and try to “crush it” like @bones-over-brains told me to! Lol.

Also I need to catch up on duolingo I had a two week streak going and then just…. stopped.

Fuckkkkk hopefully everything can be better.

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OMG! Chemistry and How's this is like the death of me!!!! Are you even human? Like this is too good!!!!! I love your blog really much! And Gibbs honest, out of all scenarios blogs I follow! You're like the only one who follows up to date, sometimes they would say 'Gonna update after an hour' (or whatever shit) but there's nothing... while you!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• the sweetest of the sweetest and the best writer!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜ baekhyun and Kai are my biases so you helped me a lot! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

this is so sweet thank you so much!! i try to be consistent and I’m glad it’s working!! sending lots of love ❣️

// offline \\

see you a couple of hours after the episode! whatever happens, remember to take care of yourself and be kind to one another! into battle we go indeed!

💕✨ long lie TJLC! ✨💕