after all this time she spent telling me that she hates this band now she likes it lol

@kadarakings okay I hate you because now I’m actually thinking about this gd Moulin Rouge AU. I haven’t written fanfiction since I was like 12, but here’s a long ass synopsis that I’m literally making up as I go. 

Scott Ryder is a young Romantic searching for freedom, beauty, truth, and above all else: love. His mother always urged him and his sister to fall in love once, but a life lived under his father’s strict rules made it difficult for him to follow her advice. He enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was old enough, following in his father’s footsteps, and has spent the last five years watching others go off on to bigger and better things. However, he finally gets his wish to see the world after his family is involved in a scandal that tarnishes their name. I have no idea what the 19th century version of AI research would be so you’ll have to fill in that blank yourself lol. 

Naive and full of big dreams, Scott is absolutely starstruck by Kadara Port. His father always warned him that the city was full of nothing but criminals and unchecked debauchery - so of course that’s why it’s his first stop. He also hopes it’s the one place where people wouldn’t immediately connect him to Alec Ryder. Scott’s lucky that a smuggler named Vetra Nyx is the first to run into him; anyone else would have mugged him and left him for dead in the Badlands, or so she tells him. Vetra is charmed by Scott’s spirit and takes him under her wing, which is how he ends up spending his first night in Kadara drinking and getting high with a ragtag band of artists and thieves. One man in particular has Scott’s attention, a charming smuggler named (of course) Reyes Vidal. The two are drawn to each other from the moment they meet and after a night of flirting that has Vetra rolling her eyes every time she overhears them, they finally head up to Scott’s hotel bedroom and sleep together. Scott is convinced that this must be love at first sight, and he says as much. 

Unfortunately, when Scott wakes up the next morning, Reyes is already gone. Scott is heartbroken and it’s only made worse when Vetra just laughs and tells him, “Welcome to Kadara, kid.” Scott spends every night after that partying with Vetra and her group, low-key hoping that Reyes will turn up, but he never does. One night the gang, already trashed, decide they need to finally show Scott the jewel of Kadara Port and, more importantly, get him laid so he can finally shut up about his one night stand. They take him to Tartarus. It’s a dance hall, a brothel, a place where dreams come true; it’s like nothing Scott has ever seen before. He’s sucked into the club’s wild party and almost forgets why they came in the first place, until suddenly the dance floor goes still and all eyes turn to see the main event. A man dressed in sequins, a mask, and little else descends down upon the crowd like an angel from heaven, sitting in a hoop that’s being lowered from the ceiling. He begins to sing and Scott recognizes him immediately. He turns to Vetra and asks, unable to believe his own ears, “Who is that?” Vetra doesn’t seem to see what he’s seeing, because she tells him, “That’s the Charlatan.” When she notices the lovestuck look on Scotts face she laughs and tells him, “Normally I’d tell you not to get your hopes up, but we came here to cheer you up, right? How would you like to spend a night with Tartarus’ biggest star?” Obviously he loves this idea.

Vetra calls in a favor and gets Scott set up for a night in the Eiroch suit (named such because the building is shaped like a beautiful, colorfully painted eiroch. Naturally.) If you’ve seen Moulin Rouge, you can guess where this is going. Scott professes his love, Reyes is mortified that he’s been found out and adamantly refuses to admit that he even understands the concept of love. Scott can’t believe this of course because how can someone not believe in love? Love is like oxygen! All you need is love! Too bad for Reyes, Scott’s paid up for the night so he has no choice but to listen to this innocent boy’s ridiculous song and dance. But as the night goes on, Reyes softens and finds himself genuinely warming up to Scott. Eventually Reyes admits that he hopes to run Tartarus one day. Being Reyes Vidal gives him freedom, but being The Charlatan gives him power over so many hearts and minds. He says that’s who he really is - that Reyes is just one of the masks he wears - but Scott doesn’t believe him. “I know you’re better than that,” he insists. Reyes shakes his head, because how could Scott possibly know that, but he’s smiling. “You have terrible taste in men.” 

After that night, Scott and Reyes carry on a relationship in secret. The Charlatan is supposed to be whoever you want him to be, but no client wants their lover to already belong to another man. If Sloane Kelly, the woman who runs Tartarus, ever found out, Reyes could lose everything. Cue jealousy on Scott’s part - “You’re free to leave me, but just don’t deceive me! And please believe me when I say I love you!” Zita, another dancer and an ex-lover of Reyes’ - only fans the flames, whispering to Scott things like, “why would he ever stay with a penniless army brat when he could have anyone here?” Up until that point Scott had been sure that no one knew who he was, but if Zita obviously realized who’s son he was, then Reyes must know too. Things come to a head when Reyes comes to Scott with a plan to take over ownership of Tartarus, which requires killing Sloane Kelly first. Scott accuses Reyes of using him, saying he’s been leading Scott on just so he can seize power for himself. “I’m not a mercenary,” Scott insists as he storms out, “and you’re not the man I thought you were.” 

Things are bad after that. Reyes’ plan goes on without Scott, and all of Kadara hears that its epicenter is under new management. Scott is miserable and inconsolable. He tells Vetra that he was stupid to ever believe in love, to believe that he would ever escape his father’s tarnished legacy. He begins preparing to leave Kadara; the city has lost any of the magic he once saw in it. But!!! As he says goodbyes to Vetra and the group and leaves behind the shabby hotel that’s served as his home, who else does Scott find waiting outside for him but, of course, Reyes Vidal. Scott almost doesn’t hear him out, but Reyes is so earnest and hurt when he tells Scott that he was wrong to have kept his plan a secret, that he just didn’t want Scott to look at him differently. He says that if he has to choose between Kadara and Scott, the choice is easy. He’s given a mutual friend the reins of Tartarus, certain that she’ll treat the dancers better than Sloane Kelly did. The club once seemed like the whole world to Reyes, but ever since Scott showed up things seem so much bigger, and he can’t bear to lose that. Obviously that’s all Scott wanted to hear, he forgives Reyes in a heartbeat, and they live happily ever after seeing the world together and doing whatever the hell they want because they’re free and in love. 

lets freefall and see where we land

prompt: “AU where Killian and Emma are actors and were in a movie together, and they had to kiss and now they’ve won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, and “have” to do it again on stage. Only this time it’s different, it’s real, and things shift from then on.”

word count: ~4500

rating: k for kisses and r for rip-my-heart-out-angst

an: the ever lovely katherineswan came to me with this prompt a few weeks ago- sorry it took so long my dear! Thank you so much to thejollypirate for beta reading this with such fabulous side commentary. You make me swoon. <3

Rule One: don’t take roles that involve a romantic interest

Rule Two: if there are no other roles available, then ensure that everything stays professional on (and off) set

Rule Three: don’t make things out to be more than they are

Rule Four: love is nothing but pain, never give into it

The rules are written neatly, tucked away in the top drawer of the bedside table, and its existence only came to be because of a few mistakes Emma Swan would like to forget.

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the one when you're pregnant while on tour with Michael



in which (y/n) is pregnant with Michael’s baby and he ask her on tour so he doesn’t miss the majority of the pregnancy

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im 14 and I just feel depressed and lonely , I feel like if I try and get help no one will understand me .

nope nope nope nope nope nope!!! 14 youre at a young age. you have not even lived half of your life. you have so much to live for! so im going to take this from another prospective ive never tried this. but im going to tell you my story. 

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you've been gone so long ! i know you're probably busy with life but could you make a quick like valdaya dialouge or something.. dying here lol

Just tell him, Zendaya convinced herself. It’d taken 5 minutes of a mental pep talk but she’d finally found her nerve.

After pacing their sunny New York apartment for the millionth time she finally dialed his number. In typical Val form he picked up after the 5th ring sounding all gravelly and sexy. 

“Promise you won’t  yell at me…”, Zendaya exclaimed before he even had a chance to utter a simple ‘Hello’

From the sound of the ruckus in the background she already knew he was in the  dance studio.

“Okay I promise because you asked nicely.  I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. What’s up?” Val asked trying to keep his voice even with his girlfriend of 2 years.

The last time she called him like this she’d crashed her brand new BMW  into a fire hydrant-4 days after receiving it. 

“How’s your day going?” Zendaya asked sweetly trying to deflect from the conversation.

“Good,  i’m tired as all hell ”, Val played along. “ But i’d be better if you’d stop beating around the bush. What’d you do?” He asked squeezing the bridge of his nose.

Every since they moved in together 6 months ago it’d been one disaster after the next. A week before she’d nearly burnt the kitchen down attempting to cook and do her nails at the same time.

And 2 weeks before that she’d lost her house keys for the millionth time.

He could only imagine what she’d done now.

“Babe I swear to god if you went on another one of those crazy shopping sprees i’m going to kill you”, Val gently threatened.

In the last 2 months Z had racked up over 67,000 dollars in clothes, shoes, and accessories. Val had flipped when he got the credit card bill. Z had burst into tears,  they’d broken up for 2 minutes, and made up 4 minutes later  with Zendaya promising to curve her outrageous spending habits. 

“No, no. Nothing like that… well actually yes?" 

He couldn’t see her, but he already knew she was sheepishly biting down on her bottom lip looking like a puppy who’d been caught.

"Zendaya are you kidding me right now ! ” He yelled followed by a slew of Russian curse words she didn’t understand.

“You said you wouldn’t yell…”, He could hear the pout in her voice.

Val took a deep breath trying to center himself before speaking to her again. While he was straight forward and hard as a rock Z was not. She was sensitive.

“How much?” He asked quietly trying to level out his voice.

“Huh?” Z asked trying to ignore the question.

“Zendaya Maree Coleman…”, He warned her. His patience was wearing thin and they both knew it.

“How much?” Val repeated.

“There was a sale…”

“Baby…”, He warned her again. 

“12,000 dollars”, Zendaya blurted out like she was ripping off a band-aid.

There was silence.

And then…

“12- 12 thousand dollars !? ” Val screamed unable to hold back anymore. “What kind of sale was it if you spent 12,000 dollars babe?" 

Val couldn’t understand how she could be so reckless with money. Spending what some people made in a year in a matter of minutes. 

Sure they were well off, but he’d grown up rough and his parents had instilled in him the value of a dollar.

Z on the other hand had been raised like a princess her entire life, being the only girl and all. 

"You promised you wouldn’t yell and now you’re yelling”, She whined hating whenever he raised his voice at her.

It made her feel small, and reluctant to tell him things. 

“I’m sorry but you broke a promise too ! We had a deal you said you’d cut down on your shopping”, He reminded her.

“I know, but this was really important to me…”

“How exactly are Christian Louboutin’s important?” Val quipped, already knowing her weakness for  luxury shoes.

Her closet was filled with enough designer shoes to feed a small country for life 

“I didn’t buy shoes this time !” She promised.

“Then what ? Some overly priced designer clothing?” He asked bored.

“No I didn’t get anything for myself. It’s for somebody else… this is for us”, She trailed off sounding nervous.

Now Val was confused.

“Babe you better not have gotten a dog…”

“I bought a crib”.

Now he was even more bewildered.  ” A crib? Why would you buy another house?”

He was going to kill her. 

“No no”, she giggled. “ A baby crib…”

Realization washed over him like a cold bucket of water. He slid down the mirrored wall of his dance studio at a loss of words.

Joy. Excitement . Fear. More confusion. And joy again.

“Wh-what? Are you saying…”

“I’m pregnant Val- we’re pregnant”, She let out a nervous chuckle and he already knew she was probably biting her lip even harder now.

She took his silence as disappointment.They weren’t even married yet. She was barely 23…

“Are you mad?”

Val finally snapped out of his shock at the sound of her angelic voice. The voice of his future child’s mother.

“No! Of course not . I’m beyond excited I think I nearly fainted ! I love you. God, do I love you. I’m coming home right now ”, He breathed feeling butterflies shoot up in his stomach and erupt in his heart.

“Okay and one more thing…”

“What is it?” He asked positive nothing could break this high.

“I also spent 4,500 on this new Gucci purse. Bye. Love you !” She quickly explained before ending the phone call with a click.

Val shook his head with a smile sliding his iPhone back into his front pocket  deciding to give her  her a free pass on that one. 

Now that she was carrying his unborn child he already knew it’d be impossible to tell her ’NO’  to anything from here on out.