after all this time merlin has waited

~ A Sorcerer’s Loneliness ~

After hundreds of years passing without any sign of Arthur, Merlin has lost all hope at seeing him again. He doesn’t see any point in maintaining the facade of a normal life, so he isolates himself within the long forgotten ruins of Camelot. He doesn’t eat, sleep; doesn’t live. Only waits and prays that his immortality will just…burn out.
It’s around this time that a young prince begins to have strange but vivid dreams about a land of myth and a time of magic…


sort of a prequel thing to Wedding Vows by the Lake
(turn on sound, there’s cheesy music :P )

lol not really sure what this is, storyboards? animatic? Anyway it was super fun to do. But does it mean I’m in reeeaally bad denial/fear/dread if I am making reincarnation headcanons without even finishing season 5 yet? I’m not sure my heart can take it haha…T_T

Still waiting

I keep thinking how Merlin is still waiting for Arthur after all this time. How lonely it must be for Merlin, the world has kept changing all around him. Merlin would always be an outcast not fitting in. He has had to wait so long and he only has the words of a long dead dragon to give him any hope. It that was not worse enough the once and future king will come back when he is truly needed. So as he longs for Arthur he knows that when he comes back that somethings bad is going to happen. Merlin must feel so guilty wanting Arthur to return to him. Knowing that by wanting Arthur back he is wanting something bad to happen to the world. Poor Merlin stuck waiting for what will be truly bad enough for Arthur to return. Wondering what will be worse than what’s already happened.

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