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In this silly swap au, Taako would take Ren’s place (since she took his).

After the events of Glamorsprings, Taako was disgraced and attempted to hide himself from the world. He settled in Refuge and when the bubble went up, he was more than relieved to finally be free of consequence. He started up a little bar, only serving drinks and, still incredibly traumatized by what happened, he vowed off magic.

To him, it’s only been months since Glamorsprings, when it’s actually been 6 years.

Ren adores Taako; he’s the sole reason that she finally left the Underdark to live her own life. She considers him her greatest inspiration. You can imagine her shock when she sees him running a bar in a bubbled city.

imagine steve making a youtube channel to share his coming out story, just fully embracing who he is. he has to introduce bucky bc no one has actually saw him on video of his own free will but they know who he is (former pow/former soviet assassin/caps wwII boyfriend/childhood best friend/super soldier). the camera pans to him with his hair loose, sleeveless shirt that shows his metal arm and on his face is a deadly WS glare. steve just wordlessly leans over and kisses him, shows the world the softer side of bucky barnes just by existing and gently touching. from that moment on he becomes the internets fav smol adorable trained killer (though he only appears in the background of videos like when he’s walking to the kitchen in his boxers)

As much as I don’t think Mace truly understands how much Fitz means to Jemma, I do think it’s true that pretty much every agent on that base knows about their relationship.

Think about it, a lot of them probably came into the fold after they were dating so they would know that they were dating but imagine the first time something goes down and they watch them just cling to each other like they’re scared for their lives. Imagine older agents seeing the looks of confusion on their faces and going “Don’t you know about those two? They’ve got like this crazy epic love story” and then proceeding to tell them all about it. 

Because let’s be real, everyone knows the stories of how he dragged her from the other side of the universe and how she pulled him up from the ocean floor and so no one questions why they react the way they do because they don’t even understand how they are still alive. 


Day 3:  Dreams

AU: Superpowers

Headcanons about this AU:

  • Everything happens similarly to the original history, but in a world where most of the people have powers.
  • Victor can transform into other people, like Mystique from X-men, and not just in a girl. 
  • At competitions, when Yakov goes to the bathroom or something, Victor transforms into him and starts to act really nice and warm to freak everyone out.
  • Yuuri likes to use his power to skip sites in the queues. 
  • At the banquet, after all the dance-off stuff, there is a moment where Victor and Yuuri separate and Yuuri passes out because of the alcohol while he’s invisible. Victor never isn’t able to find him again.

Fire Tornado

~ Gouenji Shuuya (Inazuma Eleven)
~ Kozoumaru Sasuke (Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin)
~ Kuroiwa Ryuusei (Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy)
~ Amano Keita (Youkai Watch)

Sherlock, let me in
I want to give you myself
It’s…all I have left
—  John’s haiku to Sherlock

Prince Harry September 2016 Photo Challenge
↳ [18/30] Favorite photo(s) of Harry during his 2016 trip to Toronto