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 Here’s your real gift @scribefigaro! I figured Miroku and Sango would probably settle down in a home all their own pretty quickly after the final battle (this is move in day). 

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↳ DAY 4: Lucifer

You people misunderstand me. You call me “Satan” and “Devil” but…do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that he betrayed me – punished me. Just as he’s punished you. After all, how could God stand ideally by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, Nick – either, he’s sadistic…or he simply doesn’t care.

AU where Gamzee made it to Earth C, and after earning back trust for his wrongdoings, ended up getting therapy from Rose to get over the mental manipulation he was subjected to when he was in a bad place all those years ago.

Though things may never be the same again with his friends, he has a chance to be happy and free for once.  No more sopor slime, no more of Lil Cal’s lies.  Just freedom and a quiet mind.

Btw where’s Damon’s apology to Stefan for falling for his brother’s girlfriend and sleeping with her the day after they broke up?

Everything Damon did to get Elena was done without any thought for his brother, from trying to kiss her, to dancing with her, to the necklace drama, and all of that was while Stelena was still a thing.

If anything, that’s the apology this final season should be focusing on. Not an apology for who turned Damon, because guess what Damon? Half this cast are vampires and most of them have their shit together.

Dragonoid AU
“Legend says that whenever you see strange auras, the path to the other dimension has opened and a dragon crosses to it.”

A notorious thief, Levy was being chased by the guards after escaping from the prison. While in the forest, green auras floated all around. She followed where is it heading and ended up in a cave where she hide from the guards. But as she walk further into the darkness, she stumbled upon a seemingly dead armored person. But the person is full of mystery, she noticed his cheeks are seeming reflecting the moonlight to a manner of how iron reflects it. To her curiosity she knelt and tried to touch his cheeks only to be stopped by the person’s hand. The person looked to her with his glowing red eyes. Thats when she realizes that he is no ordinary human, but rather the one from the myths. A human with dragon features… a Dragonoid.

Gajeel is the captain of the Order of DragonKnights. The Dragonknights are tasked to secure the safety of The King. Due to the King falling into a grave illness and the threat of the Demon Legion attacking them, Gajeel was tasked to search for the dragon’s son (the only key to stop the war) who was thrown to the human world for its own safety and bring him back to their world. However, coming to the human world diminished most of his enery and he then feel exhausted and felt asleep right before the portal where Levy found him.

What I’ve been working for more than a week now. Phew I finally finished this //cries


Macbeth [d: Orson Welles, 1948]

So, cinemaocd and I are watching the Orson Shakespeare films at the mo (last year we watched the Larry ones after a lifetime of me avoiding them because I firmly believe that it’s wrong to criticise things if you’ve not seen them, so now I can lay into them all I like) which I have shamefully not rewatched for ages

I know Macbeth well enough to annoy myself by finishing people’s lines, but I really had forgotten how great this version is. Yes it’s cut and edited and rearranged a bit, that’s the often joy of Shakespeare. It’s definitely the joy of Orson, as he does it to benefit the story, rather than himself. (He does insert Macbeth into Banquo’s murder scene, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking it’s to underline how brutal and insecure he is as a king). 

The design - New Look Brutality: Feudal Scots edition - is fucking tremendous. I bloody love it. (I’m aware it’s divisive, but holy moly this really does feel like the dark ages). As with most Orson-directed films, you can take any shot and it looks amazing; the lighting is fabulous, the camera angles always interesting, he has such an awareness of space and how to use it. But it’s there to serve the story rather than show off how clever he is. Kudos to everyone for their scottish accents, double kudos to the costume designers for a tremendous range of helmets (and the fur dear god the FUR), and triple kudos to Orson for his incredibly flattering beard. Oh yeah, and for the acting. Because it ranges from good to great, and Orson in particular is really bloody great. And gives my favourite ever line reading of ‘Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him that first cries “Hold, enough!”’. 


Marveyweek Day 5: Scary Movie

You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? 

It won’t happen immediately. One day, you’ll realize things don’t look the same, don’t feel the same. Or maybe it’s you, you’re the one that changed. You’re not the same, but most frightening of all, you won’t be sure you ever knew who you were, how you were. We all tell stories ourselves stories, after all. The seams of your world will come apart in front of your eyes, stitch by unforgiving stitch. And then it will be too late. 

The uncertainty will grow inside you, not like a tumor that can be extracted, but like an organ, alive and pulsing with a purpose. Its tendrils twisting around your lungs, choking the breath out of you. You’ll try to fight it, but you can’t fight what’s inside of yourself, can you? You can’t slice out what keeps you alive, and it will be what keeps you alive. You’ll try to pretend that it isn’t happening. But it will be happening. You’ll only be able to look on with dread as it happens. It won’t matter where you are, who you’re with, who you thought you used to be. It will be real. It will be unbearable. 

And when you think you can’t bear it anymore, when you’re ready to surrender, that’s when the nightmares will start. 


Therefore do not bend, Ancalimë. Once bend a little, and they will bend you further until you are bowed down. Sink your roots into the rock, and face the wind, though it blow away all your leaves.

Gong Li as Tar-Ancalimë, First Ruling Queen of Númenor—the daughter of Tar-Aldarion and Erendis, and successor to the throne. Her mother’s tragic married life influenced Tar-Ancalimë’s future rejection of her husband, as well as her policy regarding Númenor’s relationship with its colonies in Middle Earth.

Ancalimë was succeeded by her son, Tar-Anárion. She died in year 1285 of the Second Age, after a rule of over two centuries.

(part of the series YOU LOOK UPON A WOMAN, a project which reimagines Tolkien with a cast of women of color)

Think about it… Siri letting Anakin co-pilot for her on return journeys after successful missions because she thinks that Ferus spending time with Obi-Wan would do him good.

And ( just as importantly – if not more importantly ) so she and Anakin can do flashy maneuvers and speedy tricks that she knows Obi-Wan hates just to try and ruffle his feathers, because she thinks that Anakin seeing Obi-Wan lighten up would do him good.


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The 100/Divergent Meme → Jasper Jordan

Amity Born – Dauntless Transfer

Aptitude Test Results: Dauntless

Growing up on Agro Station, Jasper would definitely possess the knowledge and skill a member of Amity would, and his few peaceful moments during season one further supports an Amity upbringing, but that’s where the simplicity of placing him ends. He seems to show an aptitude for every faction at different points during the show. He’s smart, but not overtly curious or eager to learn new things (intelligence does not equal an Erudite aptitude, after all). He’s selfless, but only when it comes at an advantage to him or the people he cares about (if he hadn’t had a crush on Maya, he probably wouldn’t have cared about her well-being honestly). He’s had his peaceful moments and bouts of honesty, but not enough to support a full aptitude. There seems to be only one consistency throughout the seasons: Jasper’s a brave motherfucker. Sure, a lot of what he does is to impress girls, and that would definitely be a big reason behind a transfer to Dauntless, but he proves time and time again that he’ll do what he has to in order to protect the people he cares about. (I mean, he took a freaking sword to Dante Wallace’s neck!) He may not be the most competent Dauntless there is, but you know damn well that he’d try his hardest and somehow just barely scrape by in initiation. Plus, his hijinks and love of chocolate cake would make him a good fit with some of the more “stereotypical” Dauntless.

A star so bright

An encounter at the Faerie Market has consequences beyond little Sansa’s mismatched ears.

Nineteen years after her mother visits the Faerie Market, Sansa crosses the wall once more, in pursuit of a star. On her journey home, she meets witches, dragons, lightning-thiefs and a hairy lady, and finds something else she never thought to find along the way.

Read the final chapter, The final steps on the homeward path here.

I want first kisses done right.
I want them shy, I want them soft,
I want them sweet on my tongue for days to come.
I want their name imprinted on my lips,
forever stuck to the moment they were mine.

The story sounded so pretty, back then.
Harmless children playing fantasies
of all the people we would love, when love
seemed like a thing for the innocent,
when it was a happily-ever-after and the end.

My first kiss was a boy I did not know,
who I called nothing at all as we danced,
as his mouth dragged across my jaw,
as I accepted that the fairy tales were wrong,
and perfect would have to wait.

I did not love him, if you didn’t catch that,
but falling for someone seemed too much effort
when all I wanted was a moment’s touch.
Movies told me this was the better option,
before people just stopped asking.

And isn’t that the catch?
I polished the image of what I should be,
mostly because I was none of the things
people seemed to see in me.
Not a prude, not a dork, not a princess.

I did not have the romance in me
to support their claims of self.
The poet has never fallen in love,
and so she kisses the stranger, before someone
realizes maybe there’s something odd there.

They all have the wrong questions.
Never-been-kissed to virgin to slut,
but no one wants to know if loneliness
buries deep into my covers, settles against
the cold feet and the shaky hands,
if I even want it gone.

It does.
I do.
—  Sleep brings out the pain in me (LM)