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Headcanon that at one point, Nana managed to steal Gran Torino’s mask and wore it herself, proudly taking pictures of it. She even re-enacted his grumpy expression and the similarity was stunning.

Gran Torino was flabbergasted, hissing angrily and embarrassed all at the same time when he finally found out where his mask had gone.

He still kept the pictures, though.

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im so here for a pokemon au omg what pokemon types do u think each paladin would use??

Oh man, haha I feel like this is going to get pretty long.  But I definitely see all of them having a type of Pokemon they prefer, but ultimately having a fairly balanced team.


  • His starter was a Torchic, which has since evolved into a Combusken. (Lance used to make fun of how small and cute Keith’s Torchic was before it evolved).  Keith and his Combusken spar together every morning.
  •  His second Pokemon was a Ponyta, which followed him home one day and he couldn’t bear to shoo her off.  Keith absolutely spoils her - when she eventually evolves they go running for the sake of running together.
  • The first Pokemon he ever caught was his Scyther - she’ll never evolve into a Scizor because Keith refuses to give her away/trade her, even knowing he would get her back
  • Keith hatched his Honedge from an egg that he’s had since he was a kid - Keith has a very strong attachment to his Honedge since he’s one of the only clues he has about his mother.
  • When Keith lived out in the desert, he caught a Trapinch, which has since evolved into a Vibrava.  They often sunbathe together.


  • Lance’s starter was a Totodile, who is a total ham.  While Lance loves his Totodile as he is, Lance was frustrated that Keith’s starter evolved before his did.  Totodile is totally Lance’s wingman when he tries to pick people up.
  • Lance’s second Pokemon is a Milotic.  When he was a Feebas, Lance absolutely pampered him with little regard to other people’s comments on his Feebas’s appearance.  It’s little wonder that Milotic evolved so quickly.
  • He also has a Rufflet.  Much like Lance, it takes a while for him to mature, but he’s extremely loyal, if prone to picking fights with Pokemon much larger than himself.
  • Lance was initially terrified of his Caterpie as much as he vehemently denies it, but he quickly grew on Lance to the point that Lance soon let his Caterpie ride on his shoulder everywhere.  With careful nurturing (Lance was very afraid of his smallest Pokemon getting seriously injured), his Caterpie has grown into a beautiful Butterfree.
  • Finally, Lance’s last team member is a Vulpix - he received her in a trade with a stranger, and both he and Allura coo over how adorable she is.  She’s very young and not yet ready to battle, but she’s a very enthusiastic learner as Lance trains her.


  • Shiro is the only one with a fully evolved starter - in his case, his first pokemon is a Typhlosion.  Despite his intimidating appearance, Shiro’s Typhlosion is very motherly and nurturing towards Shiro and the rest of the crew.
  • Shiro also has a Gengar, which he returned with after his disappearance.  It loves to play pranks, particularly on anyone who messes with its trainer. 
  • Shiro also has a Mimikyu - while it freaked everyone else out at first, Shiro immediately befriended it without hesitation, even going so far as to help it fix up its disguise (nobody had the heart to tell either of them that Shiro’s lack of artistic skills was evident)
  • His Metagross is the most serious of his Pokemon and seems to be constantly stressed out by everyone.  It definitely loves Shiro and the structure and patience he provides.
  • Lastly, Shiro’s Salamence is an absolute terror - he constantly seeks affection and doesn’t seem to notice how much larger he is than everyone else and is constantly knocking things over with his enthusiastic tail sweeps.


  • Hunk’s first pokemon was a Bulbasaur, and is almost always out of his pokeball. Bulbasaur often helps out Hunk, using his vines to reach things Hunk needs, and is very protective of his trainer.
  • Hunk’s second Pokemon is a Munchlax, which wandered into their camp when Hunk was cooking and befriended Hunk after being fed.  
  • Hunk’s Onix is large, but gentle.  While she doesn’t get to come out of her pokeball very often, she always enjoys cuddling with her trainer and his friends.
  • Hunk’s Teddiursa is definitely the most aggressive of his pokemon, and is fiercely jealous of anyone who spends time with his trainer - Lance has been the recipient of quite a few scratches .
  • Hunk’s Lairon is the most friendly of his pokemon, and is always herding the younger ones around.  


  • Pidge’s starter was a Rowlet, which loves to perch on Pidge’s shoulder as she works.
  • She has a Joltik, which might as well not have a pokeball for all the time it spends in it.  Her Joltik loves to help, and often will often scurry into little nooks and crannies that even Pidge’s hands can’t fit in as needed.
  • Pidge has had an Eevee since she was very little, like the rest of her family.  Her Eevee hasn’t evolved yet, but eventually will turn into a Leafeon.
  • Like Pidge, her Sableye has an eye for shiny things, and even helps Pidge find parts for her inventions.
  • Pidge’s Rotom is constantly inhabiting Pidge’s new inventions and tends to hover around her while she works. 
  • Lastly, Pidge has an Shieldon, which like Pidge is small, but very tough.  He’s constantly trying to prove it by head-butting the other Pokemon and picking fights.

These scenes are the best because, even though Japril are always so amazing and perfect together, you can really see and feel the intensity of their feelings after being apart for so long and the distance melting away when they finally come back together. They are a perfect example of what Callie said about making up, being “like coming up for air.”

You know you got yourself a best friend when you can go into a bro handshake with just one look.


Ch36 of Swung by Serafim came out today.  It’s wonderful and a hugs shoutout to @deadcatwithaflamethrower and her betas because they are all of them awesome.  Spoilers in the poem below.

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aggressive   /   callous   /   cannibal   /   careless   /   compulsive   /   cowardly   /   domineering   /   envious   /   greedy   /   hypocritical   /   impatient   /   impolite   /   incompetent   /   kidnapper   /   lazy   /   liar   /   materialistic   /   murderer   /   obsessive   /   overcritical   /   overemotional   /   patronizing   /   sarcastic   /   self - indulgent   /   serial  killer   /   torturer   /   touchy   /   traitorous   /   unclean   /  unpredictable   /   untidy   /   vain   /   vengeful

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White people can’t cook rice

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Reading your Coran analysis (which is great) I'm left wondering how Coran would react to purple!Keith. After all, he's probably known a lot of teenage Galra in his time, considering how close their races were. He could just consider Keith easier to take care of, he knows more about Galra than these odd humans he's been trying to parent :D

It’s hard to say for sure?

I mean, Coran went very quiet on the subject, which- again, that kind of moving to the background thing, but I feel like that’d be potentially nerve wracking for Keith if he’s picked up how Coran tends to sort his feelings- it might even be scarier for Keith to try and broach the topic with Coran because Allura, at least, is pretty honest if she’s not feeling good about something.

Now, I don’t think Coran would just calmly harbor a grudge on Keith the way he does Zarkon- that’s a lot of orders of magnitude different, and I think part of the thing is here… Coran has the advantage of age on most of the team. A certain amount of him can’t really not see Keith as a kid, and one in a vulnerable scared place at that.

I still think he’d put up a poker face and default to his sort of mild-mannered-but-blunt attitude on the subject just because… I feel like there’d be health concerns, with the team. Something is suddenly happening with Keith’s body and they’re not sure what triggered it or if this is just a symptom of something else, that’s worrying- and he can’t afford Keith getting shy and folding off away from the team at personal cost, because I’d assume that much like Allura, regardless of how Coran might feel about having had a secret galra on the team, I think he’d feel stronger about potentially endangering Keith because of it.

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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but are you actually travelling from Germany to go to the BSAS cos if so that's bloody dedication I hope you meet Danny and Ryan after travelling all that way 😘

This is not a dumb question at all, and yes, I am, which is probably dumb in itself.

But I was just sitting at home thinking about doing something nice for myself and then I thought: “Oh, well just look up how much the tickets are”, and then they weren’t that much and then I looked for a flight and it was a bit much, but I could handle that and then I looked at hotels and the cost was okay and yeah, here I am, flying in from Germany for one night to go to the BSAs!

They better be up for best partnership and both actually attend, that is all I ask for! :)

my family: “something’s different with you. you seem happier. you’re smiling more. it’s good. it’s great. keep it up.”

yes my life’s on the right track. i’m getting an apartment. i’m going to grad school. i’m working full time. i go to the gym now. i have healthy hobbies and supportive friends. i’m trying to be more positive. i escaped an abusive environment and opened up that intimate part to some of my family so yes. i’m happier! i really truly am