after all that trouble


                “Wait a second. I know you… don’t I? You’re that mage.
                   The one that caused the big fuss.”

A small smile made its way to his lips, though he imagined the mage did not think so fondly of him. The king was once a templar, after all. 

                  “Still causing trouble, I see.” 

Prompt 71

Person A eats at the restaurant that waiter(ess) Person B works at and has developed a crush on the cute server. Unfortunately, Person A gets super nervous and fidgety when talking to their crush and tends to have their mind go blank when asked, “What are you ordering today?” or when Person B tries to make small talk or just when interacting with Person B at all (in an attempt to help Person B out by handing them a finished plate, Person A ends up accidentally dropping the contents on to Person B). Person A is convinced that Person B must hate them after all the trouble they’ve caused and apologizes profusely to Person B.

They’re surprised when Person B just laughs it off and writes their number on a napkin and asks Person A out on a date. Person A accepts and they all love happily ever after…!

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Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one time thing but fate had other plans.ย Originallyย a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard now who knowsโ€ฆ

4.2k | T | | AO3ย | Part 1ย | Part 2

The Arendelle castle was quiet and dark, the hallways lit only by moonlight and the occasional guttering lantern. As a clock gently chimed midnight a man dressed in black slipped from the dungeon and into the corridor. The scant light bounced off the silver of his hook as he moved purposefully toward the treasury. He kept to the shadows pausing frequently to listen for the sound of boots or murmured conversations. All castles, no matter how incompetent their guards, had roving night patrols and it wouldnโ€™t do to stumble into one after he had gone to all the trouble of escaping the dungeon.

Although for Killian Jones escaping the Arendelle cells had been no trouble at all not because he had lifetimes of experience escaping such brigs but because the guards were extremely negligent in their duties. They had not chained him, set a watch on him or taken his hook. They just shut him in a small cell and told him that Queen Elsa would judge him in the morning. He hadnโ€™t bothered to tell them he planned to be on his ship long before then. With free hand and hook the lock had been easy enough and the soldier guarding the dungeon entrance had been in such a deep sleep that Killian had walked right past him with a shake of his head. Had the man been one of his sailors Captain Hook would have given him a verbal and physical lashing for failure to perform his duties.

Normally Killian preferred to infiltrate during a ball, on judgement days or anytime there was a lot of strangers and busy overworked servants. But Queen Elsa was renowned for keeping to herself and so a more complicated plan had been devised. If he had known how incompetent the Arendelle guards were he might have dispensed with letting himself get arrested and attempted to break into the castle with a group of his sailors instead. It would have been messier but the lives of a few guards would have been worth getting his revenge on the Crocodile.

The smaller hallway turned and led to a much grander, wider corridor where portraits hung along the walls interspersed with alcoves containing ceremonial armor. Killian paused, consulting the mental map he had constructed of the castle. This was the main corridor which would take him to the treasury. He leaned against the wall listening for boots on the plush carpet or the jangling of a sword. As his ears strained to catch any sound his eyes fell on the large portrait hanging opposite the corridor he was in.

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i rmmbr seeing this animated somewhere: a girl challenges a guy to a wrestling match and just when it's about to start she leans forward and kisses him on the nose (i think) so she wins he gets all flustered and ask her out... this with iwachan pls?

“You want to what, now?”
“Oh, come on, Iwaizumi-kun, I know you heard me~ Wrestling time, one shot only!” She smirks at him, and is already standing in a somewhat relaxed fighting stance before he can voice any remote amount of protest.

“Iwaizumi, do ittt.” Hanamaki and Matsukawa, match the girl’s taunting grin as they egg him on. Iwaizumi’s lips flatline in the only form of protest he can manage, but he does reluctantly oblige. Probably can’t get into too much trouble; it is gym class, after all.

“Okay, in 3, 2, 1, and–” Iwaizumi gets ready to somewhat-gently tackle her when she springs forward, pecking him on the nose. 

It’s only when the ten seconds, that he’s been knocked to the ground, have passed, when he realizes he lost to a rather cheap tactic. 

“Ehh, ____-san, isn’t that a little unfair?” Another classmate watching laughs as Iwaizumi finally collects himself, clearly too confused–conflicted, even–to really process what just happened. She stuck her tongue out at the classmate, before turning back to Iwaizumi, looking very pleased with herself.
“Fair or unfair, Iwaizumi-san?”

He blinks, still somewhat recovering from the shock, and without thinking, blurts out: 

“Fair enough if you let me take you out on a date.”

Everyone in the vicinity goes silent, including her. Matsukawa lets out a low whistle, and herds Hanamaki and the other classmates spectating away. 

“I-I-I, I mean!” Iwaizumi cuts himself off, and rubs his neck sheepishly, before continuing, his tone meek. “Would…would that be okay…?”

She’s quiet for a moment, and he is, too, though he shifts between either foot anxiously.

“…I’d actually…really like that.”


Sleepovers with Davina on Saturdays were a tradition. Watching movies, gossiping, and eating far too much food were some of the happiest memories the pair had with each other as they continued to have them long after all the trouble in New Orleans began. Because Sleepover Saturday was a tradition that could not be broken. Not even for Mikaelson drama.
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aDaD - Day 17

5 of 6

After all, a trouble shared is a trouble halved, yes? Perhaps that analogy doesn’t exactly fit this situation, but Mycroft couldn’t help but feel it was the case all the same. Knowing that you’re not alone, that you’re not quite as different as you sometimes find yourself thinking, well… it’s a small comfort. 

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A walk sounded very nice about now, if only to clear his troubled mind for a bit.

After all, some fresh air never hurt! 

Walking through the gigantic stone gate labeled with a 5, the Professor left Lumiose City, and took a few steps out onto Versant Road… He took a deep breath and let it out, and already it felt like a weight was lifted. He smiled at the lovely sunny weather, the tall grass rippling in a slight breeze, the light rustling of tree branches… 

And then, after a quick glance to make sure nobody was looking at him, he stepped off the side of the Route entirely, heading off into the wilderness. 

It had been quite a while since he last did this… Grinning, broke into a run. Once he was safely under the veil of trees, he leaped into the air as he shed his human form- body growing and shifting, neck lengthening, vibrant blue antlers sprouting like tree branches- and landed on his newly-formed, swordlike hooves. 

-Whooh…! Okay, the excited leap was probably a bit much, seeing as how he hadn’t been in this form in a while… he stumbled a teensy bit and had to take a moment to readjust, shaking himself off and blinking.

Once that awkward moment had passed, however, he was back to walking on all fours like he’d never stopped, not at all minding the trail of plants sprouting up from his footsteps. 

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It was nice to take a little break…

i once got in trouble for having a picture of a homestuck panel where someone said fuck, because my mom didn’t know that it can be used as a normal swear word and doesn’t have to be taken literally, so she tought homestuck was some kind of porn

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The big question here is 'when' David Singh realized Barry was the Flash.

Hmmmmmm…I’ll have to go back and watch all his scenes with Barry, but I’m pretty sure he guessed the Flash was someone in the precinct when Barry stole his lunch from right under his very nose. I’m going to assume that sometime between then and the whole Weather Wizard incident he might’ve pieced it all together, because when Rob’s at the hospital waiting to see him, he tells Barry that David usually speaks very highly of him behind the scenes. Then again, David might’ve always had a soft spot for Barry (after all, Barry is constantly late, and he even pretended to have car trouble as an excuse when David knew full well that he didn’t have a car, so he’d have to have a soft spot for him not to fire him). All I do know is that Barry no longer bothers to vibrate his face and voice in front of David, and since that mask isn’t fooling anyone even on a good day, I’m sure a Captain of the police can solve the mystery of the Flash’s secret identity.


Idk what this little shit is doing but he posted that selfie Sunday afternoon with no caption and left it up for approximately 5 seconds and then last night between 3 and 4 AM EST he posted those text screen shots like 5 times and then retweeted a 15 second video of her just acting like a straight up whore like 10 times and then deleted all of them after all that fucking trouble and he’s been silent ever since… I don’t even know what to say about this motherfucker anymore 😂

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“You don’t need to worry about me.”

“the last of us” inspired sentence starters

         {{{ Desert Heart }}}

         That’s impossible.

Eyes filled with concern set on the young sand child.  It was very much like Shinki to not want anyone fretting over him; he was already so independent for his age.  Yet, that in itself worried Gaara.  It worried him that his adoptive son was not letting him know when he was in trouble.  After all, shouldn’t he be the person Shinki could confide in?   

         I must worry… ever since the day I became your guardian, it’s become my personal priority to always look out for your well-being.  No matter how many times you say I don’t have to, I always will.  You can come to me, Shinki.  You know this, don’t you? 

Excerpt from the next chapter of Shots Fired!

I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to update, but writer’s block kinda sucks lol. But here’s a sneak peek!

“You can stop here.”

Sakura jerks at the sound of Kakashi’s smooth voice, and her hands reflexively clutch her bag protectively to her chest. He has such a Disney villain voice, but he’s one of the good guys, right?

It wasn’t like he was going to just kill her after all of that trouble he went through, right?

Because that would be a complete waste of effort on his part! And it wasn’t like she was going to tell anyone about this night, anyway.

Well, except for, maybe, Ino.

And her Mom.

The cab pulls to a stop and Sakura swivels wide eyes to see where Kakashi has taken her and her heart drops to about where her feet are when she notices that they are in the middle of nowhere.

And it’s dark.

From what she can see, they’re on a dirt road surrounded by trees; and she thinks there’s a barn somewhere in that foreboding darkness because she hears a loud “Moooooo” among the sound of crickets and other forest critters.

Sakura has watched enough horror movies in her lifetime to know that this is the part where she dies and oh god he’s going to kill her!

He’s going to chop her body into little itty bitty pieces because she’s a witness, and then feed them to the cows and she’s going to be turned into manure and oh man she can already hear Ino nagging her at her funeral because “the one time I let you borrow my favorite Givenchy bag, you go on and get murdered! Who does that, Forehead?!”

Sakura isn’t aware of how close she is to hyperventilating and having a panic attack until Kakashi jerks open the door and the first thing she does is shout, “Manure smells!”

The silver haired man raises that perfect sleek eyebrow of his and cuts eyes to the cabbie who is staring at him dubiously. “Ignore her, she’s drunk.”

Shots Fired will be updated some time this weekend! So stay tuned!