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Sweetest Jongdae hyung taking care of baby maknae (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]

So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.
The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

hina + yams hanging out in chapter 244 (。’▽’。)

Flint (barely) standing upright with Jack in the room and then slumping down with exhaustion once he’s gone 😭😭


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

“What am I to you? Am I a joke, your knight,  or your brother? What am I to you? Do you look down on me ‘cuz I’m younger?”

Got inspired while watching Adventure Time the other day and decided to do something involving my favorite song/episode/scene from the show. 

Alibi (M)

Detective Jungkook keeps getting himself into trouble… But he can’t stop. Not until he’s caught.

Originally posted by sugutie

Member/Pairings: Jungkook x Reader, Jungkook x Jimin, Jungkook x Yoongi, Jungkook x @jeonjiah, Jungkook x OC
Genre: Detective!Jungkook, SerialKiller!Jungkook, drama, mystery, horror, smut. 
Word Count: 20.1k
Content/Warnings: Very graphic depictions of death/mutilation/gore, LOTS OF SMUT, necrophilia, strong language, BTS member deaths
A/N: This is my first time writing mxm smut so forgive me if it’s not… idk accurate? and I know all the medical stuff isnt 300% accurate please forgive me.

Also special thanks to jeonjiah for letting me use her as a character, @hipsterminseok and @pasteljeonggukk for helping me brainstorm ideas, @taendencies for encouraging me to keep going even when I really did not want to, and @4oclockvmin for being my beta 💕

Where the fuck am I?

Jungkook pried his eyelids open to find himself lying on a bed, the room completely silent aside from the soft whirring of the ceiling fan above him.

I don’t have a fan in my room.

It was dark, but the room was just faintly illuminated by the street lamp shining through the window.

He reached a hand out and swept it across the sheets next to him, only to be met by a warm, sedentary lump.

Jungkook sat up, a bit too abruptly, and was met with an intense pounding in his head. He pressed a palm to his forehead, trying to still the room that was spinning around him.

Oh god, how much did I drink?

He always drank too much. It was a habit he picked up during his college days and he could never seem to shake it. However recently, he’d been blacking out more than usual, and it was starting to affect his work.

Jungkook looked over at the naked woman passed out next to him.

Please be alive.

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I’ve hit art block something fierce on all my projects (a common side effect after a busy show and all the prep work that goes into it) combined with only being in the studio 3 days this week and having to move next week, I’m trying to unblock by drawing literally anything that comes to mind and all I can think of is skeleton dragons.

Inspired by @mnstrcndy and their amazing renditions of GB Swap Papyrus, I took a shot at Underfell GB Sans, and how I imagine kid Papyrus would react to that in the Underfell AU

(Note: I headcanon that the UF skelebros act similar to their original incarnations, just meaner, more cynical, and with darker senses of humor, kinda how the Addams family movies work.)

My brother and I were talking about the new Ducktales and when we heard Darkwing was confirmed, we got to admitting that if he showed up, we’d rather not see him as Darkwing.

It’d just be way more fun to have Launchpad have this “Great buddy” named Drake whose daughter Gosalyn he looks after from time to time. And occasionally has to drop everything immediately “Right now! Gotta go! Sorry!” before running out the door.

And when everyone finally meets Drake, he’s constantly telling Launchpad what to do and Launchpad’s still in his early hero-worship phase so he’s falling all over himself and nearly calling him “DW” once or twice.

Scrooge, Donald & everyone else just assumes Drake is his boyfriend and Launchpad is whipped.

At least one person tries to tell Launchpad that he “deserves better” and “Man, Mr. Mallard bosses you around a lot. Doesn’t that bother you?”

Then Darkwing gets the spin off show he deserves and we have the opposite: Launchpad constantly going off to his other job and Darkwing getting frustrated his pilot isn’t around. :P

…I want to write a fanfic about it now.


“what did we tel ya Harry?” Uma grinned, “your ‘pretty girl’ is a no show.”

“yeah you just got stood up.” Gil laughed.

as he said it, you appeared from around a corner. Harry grinned, “well? what did i tell ya lads? Pretty girl showed up after all.”

today is this tumblr turning 2 and i’ve been more active for this past year and made a lot of lovely mutuals (and friends) here so i thought i’d do a follow forever as a thank you for sticking with me.

i’m going to do only 2 shoutouts, firstly to edda @lirrycollab​ who asked to be put first (ily) and secondly to all the gcs i’m in (that are still alive). especially lirry gc i love you guys with my whole heart you are the bestest!

and to all the other ppl who i’ve ever talked on here, through messages or replying to each other’s posts (i’m doing it this way bc i’m afraid i would forget somebody if i put you all up here lol): i love you so much thank you for acknowledging my existence :’) ♥

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me: listen i will be more than content if we get a frank/karen hug and if frank says karen’s name

frank: *says karen’s name in a tiny clip*


also me: SAY IT AGAIN