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OTP Questions Fill Part 2 - Collection

Hi guys this is a collection of OTP questions that were asked a few months ago. I am compiling them all into this post, so that it is linked better on my master post as I try to clean it up a bit.

Please note these little drabbles are not new, so you may have read them before.

There is a ‘keep reading’ break after the bath prompt.

On a side note I would love to do another one of these lists and may have something up my sleeve for if I hit 1000 followers ‘wink, wink’

Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

His hands were gripping the edge of the steel carriage, his knuckles turning white under the pressure. He managed to let out an exasperated ‘stop’ to her as she was bouncing around the small carriage in her seat. She stopped immediately to look at him quizically, before the relalisation hit her.  Jughead Jones was scared of heights, correction, not scared, terrified. The color had drained from his already pale complexion and his eyes were wide.  A sudden guilt overwhelmed her, here she had been moving from , pointing out landmarks to him and he had been begging her to sit still with him. She thought he was trying to be romantic, wanting her to snuggle close, hands linked with one another, possibly making out like so many of the other couples on the ride. But no it was because he was afraid and she hadn’t noticed too excited to see the worry and concern plastered on his face. She sat still quickly. She lay her hand over his, rubbing his knuckles gently, while whispering to him that it was okay, that she had him. He slowly loosened his grip, allowing her to take his hand in her own. She told him to look into her eyes and he did, not breaking his gaze until they eventually reached the bottom again. As they disembarked from the carriage she offered to treat him to whatever he wanted at Pop’s as way of apology. It was the first time she had ever heard him turn down food.

Who is always horny and will have sex at any time, at any place and at any time?

“You cannot be serious?” She chuckled making light of their situation. He had dragged her into the coat closet shortly after dinner.

“I am very serious.” His voice was low and had taken on that gravel like quality that sent a shiver through her right to her core.

“We are at a wedding, you have to make a speech very soon.” She tried to reason to him and in part to herself as well, reminding him of his commitment, appealing to his sense of loyalty.  

“And you are wearing the most hideous bridemaid’s dress I have ever seen and yet.” He pressed his lips to her neck, breathing in her scent. “I can’t seem to keep my hands off you.” His hand squeezed her bottom through the dress for emphasis. She clutched at the lapel of his jacket, a moan escaping from her mouth, as she leaned into his touch.

His hand moved further down, bunching up the hideous green fabric as his hand stroked up the outside of her thigh. While his lips were still preoccupied with her neck, teasing and sucking at the delicate skin. She could feel her resolve dissipating and knowing that he would convince her. He had before. Her hands moved to his shirt, her fingers running up and down his suspenders.

“I know how you like those.” He smirked. She pulled one back letting it go, it hit his chest with a satisfying smack. “I can make it quick.” He said his lips returning to her neck.

“What every girl longs to hear.” She muttered, before she felt his fingers slip beneath the material of her panties, gasping she lost her resolve completely, hands moving to his hair to pull his lips crashing against her own.

They emerged from the closet shortly after, her straightening the bodice of her dress, him pulling the suspenders over his shoulders, jacket in hand. They casually took their seats again at the bridal table. Veronica gave them both a look, while her new husband Archie seemed oblivious to the pair.

“Did you two just?” She hissed at Betty, who immediately blushed and looked down at her plate confirming her suspicions.

“What can I say Veronica, weddings just get to me.” Jughead answered proudly.

Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?

She admired her handiwork, candles surrounding the oversized tub, the scent of vanilla and coconut filled the air from the freshly drawn bath. She was ready to wash away the stress of the last few days. She lowered her bathrobe, stepping into the bath, letting the sensation of the water overtake her. She lay her head back resting it against the edge, her fingertips moving slowly through the water, the sound of the sloshing water filling her ears.

She jumped at the sensation of lips on her forehead. Opening her eyes to find her boyfriend staring down at her.She instinctively moved her arms across her chest.

“I couldn’t resist.” He advised, his hands moving from her neck, to her shoulders and down her arm, disappearing momentarily under the water to continue to her wrist.

“I think there is room for two.” She said feeling bold. “It’s been a hard few days.” He smiled as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

“It’s been a hard month.” He replied. She averted her eyes as his hands moved to his belt, hearing his pants drop to the floor shortly after, only returning to look as she felt the displacement in the water. “This is nice.” He said dreamily. Leaning his own head back, stretching out his leg coming in contact with hers. She stilled at the touch, it wasn’t as if they had not been intimate before but it was still new, they were still discovering each other. She noticed he had closed his eyes as he sank deeper into the water. She bit her bottom lip as she took in his form, the light flickering from the candles highlighted the angles of his face, and lower his collar bone and strong shoulders that she had clung onto more than once. A heat began to rise to her cheeks and she absent mindedly moved her leg up against his. His eyes opened at the touch, a questioning look on his face. Her eyes locked with his and she moved her leg against his thigh in a move she hoped came across as seductive rather than awkward. “I thought we were relaxing.” He said raising his eyebrows.

“There are different ways to relieve stress.” She said, purposefully lowering her voice. She could not believe those words had just left her mouth. He didn’t move, eyes challenging her to make another move. She moved towards him, trying not to slip as she braced herself with each arm on either side of the edge of the tub he was leaning against, her legs either side of his own. She placed a teasing kiss on his lips before raising herself out of his reach. He groaned at the loss of contact. His hand reached out to her waist holding her steady before it moved upwards brushing along the underside of her breast and she gasped at the contact. He shifted himself to recapture her lips, kissing her hard and hungry, before trailing them down her neck, across her collarbone while she continued to try not to lose her grip, while her heart pounded in her ears.

His hand groped the delicate flesh of her breast while she moaned her appreciation.

“Betty are you home!” She heard her mum shouting down the hallway, losing her grip she came crashing down on top of him and he caught her in his arms.

“Please tell me you locked the door when you came in.” She managed to say as they both turned towards the door with equal looks of horror.

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anonymous asked:

I dare you to tell another story from the apartment


Today, we’re going to talk about the time Paul’s desire for superior firepower turned into a mini arms race that ended with me setting Eric on fire with a homemade flamethrower.

No, Matt Boomer, you sexy motherfucker, I am not kidding you. Let’s begin with some details.

So when I was at the University of Iowa, several people, including myself, bought Nerf guns for impromptu battles in the hallways when we had free time. Mostly this was all good, clean fun, except for two of the guys down the hall, my roommate, and I.

We all thought, rightfully so, that factory built Nerf guns are bullshit. They’re weak, darts are too fucking light, the barrels cause too much friction, which makes them inaccurate and slow, and you have to re-cock them after each shot. That’s some fucking bullshit right there. So we fixed it.

We bought new, higher tensile springs. We bought PVC pipe and lubricant. We put BBs in the tips of our darts, and my roommate and even put in a second spring to automatically cock the gun, essentially turning them from bolt action pieces of shit into semi-automatic friendship-ruiners.

So when I moved back to Chicago, and into the apartment, I obviously brought my Nerf guns (my roommate gave me his when we moved out), and I obviously attacked my roommates the first opportunity I had. OBVIOUSLY this led to everyone buying Nerf guns and modifying the shit out of them.

However, some of us were terrible shots, so certain measures had to be taken to make it possible for them to keep up. Brad practiced in his room every day, Josh built an extended clip for his gun, and Kyle bought the fucking Vulcan and built a 600 dart belt for it because he decided aiming is for people who can’t fire 6 darts a second (he modded it for doubled firing speed using a small car battery and replaced mechanics).

And then there was Paul.

Paul was fucking terrible. Like almost so bad it couldn’t be for real. He once tried to ambush me coming around a corner from 2 feet away and missed by a good 6-7 inches. He literally could have slapped me and he missed. Whatever moving on.

So Paul decides to solve his aim problems in the most Paul way possible: online shopping. He bought 500 foam pellets for a marshmallow gun, two dozen foam discs, and a motherfucking t-shirt cannon.

You see, Paul, much like Kyle, decided aiming was for lames. So he would pour foam pellets into the cannon until it was half full, slip in a disc to keep them from falling out, then shotgun people in the face. I was his first victim and boy let me tell you that shit is terrifying.

So Paul became the big dog in the house during Nerf battles, and the rest of us found ourselves unable to compete. So we all escalated in our own insane ways. Eric and I, the former champions, modified our guns to fire faster, Brad added an extended magazine to his gun, Kyle built a harness so that he could shoot his fucking stupid fucking bullet-storm piece of shit while moving. Josh booby-trapped various parts of our apartment. Suddenly, we were all better than Paul again, so he decided to step his game up.

He started making paper cartridges that would explode open once fired. Suddenly, he could actually fire multiple times a minute, which meant once again, he was at the top. It didn’t help that our reluctance to shoot back out of fear of getting shot was allowing him to take his time, therefore drastically improving his aim.

So we stepped up again. I smooth out the cocking mechanism on my guns, improving my firing speed even faster. Eric adds more weight to his darts, making them heavier and faster and much more painful. Kyle buys a bigger battery, newer parts, and he perfects his belts, which increases his firing speed to 12 darts a second.

So Paul steps up to take advantage of his improved aim and buys something called a Pucker Chucker which basically is a t-shirt cannon except it shoots foam pucks. This means we can’t just shoot at him from the other side of the apartment anymore, so we all step up again. I modify the rail on top to make aiming easier, Eric modifies his grip to make it more comfortable, Kyle and brad modify their barrels to make them more accurate, and Josh jumps on board the crazy train and builds a goddamn under barrel cherry bomb launcher.

And this is where shit starts to spiral out of control.

Brad starts making smoke grenades, Kyle solves his weakness against close quarters combat by using his battery to create a cattle prod to keep people back. Eric breaks the head off an old golf club to use the shaft as a weapon, I put pins in the tips of all of my darts, and Paul realizes that the Pucker Chucker can also shoot real hockey pucks after he steals my bucket of pucks from my room.

So it escalated a couple more steps but I’m going to leave them out partially out of a desire to keep moving forward and partially out of shame anywhoozle when we pull out our final contraptions and modifications that day we shifted from light-hearted fun that was a bit too far to literally combat. Josh had a sword. I don’t know where he got it from.

That battle was terrifying. Our normal fights were like an hour, two hours tops, then we would clean up, get together in the living room with some beers, and laugh about what happened. Honestly we should have known this was going to happen because when we did this after our previous fight, the laughter was less “haha remember when I shot Josh in the butthole? Classic.” and more “haha remember when I missed your face with that puck? Next time I won’t miss.

So we somehow get into a battle again and this time things go south quickly which is bound to happen when you have a dude in a speedo swinging a sword around while rolling fireworks down the hall. It was literally chaos. There were fireworks and homemade smoke grenades and Kyle made the electrical current in his cattle prod too strong and it was too close to the muzzle of his Vulcan so every few seconds you would just see a flaming dart wiz past and I built a fucking flamethrower and I don’t know what the fuck is going on so I’m just firing it in the general direction of Josh to keep him the fuck away. At some point Brad barricades himself in his room, and so we all run back to our rooms and hide.

We do this for three days. THREE DAYS. I missed classes. We all had junk food in our rooms, and private bathrooms, so that’s what we sustained ourselves on for three fucking days. I, however, try to eat healthy, so I ran out of food almost immediately. After not eating for a day and a half, with food literally less than 50 feet from where I was hiding, I decided that I was willing to risk a trip to the kitchen.

So here’s something important about our apartment: I was the only one who knew how to cook. I had tried to teach the others, but all that had accomplished was several kitchen fires. This meant when Eric also ran out of food, he knew the only way to get a meal was to make peace with me. So he had snuck down the hall to my door, intent on asking me for help.

I did not know he was there.

So when I opened the door and saw a crouching figure in the shadows nearby, I assumed, I think justifiably, that it was the guy who had been swinging a sword at all of us the last time I saw him. So I pulled the trigger on my homemade flamethrower, only to see Eric’s horrified face illuminated by the flames for a split second before they hit his torso.

Luckily, I was using a scavenged fuel source (computer screen cleaner), so the flames were weak, but still fire is fire and fire fucking hurts. So Eric is rolling on the floor with first degree burns on his stomach and chest, and I’m freaking out because Eric is my friend and I just set him on fire, so there is now a lot of screaming coming from the hall.

Now, to lighten the mood slightly, here’s a personality test. You hear the sounds of fire, followed shortly by screaming coming from the hall outside your room. What do you do?

Do you assume the crazy sword guy has finally snapped and is going to kill you all, so you climb out the window onto the fire escape? Congratulations, you’re Brad.

Do you hear the cries of pain and grab a first aid kit before sprinting into the hall to help? Hey! You’re Kyle!

Do you hear the flames so you sprint into the kitchen to grab the fire extinguisher? You are Paul.

Do you come out into the hall to see what’s going on but also bring your sword just in case you have to stab someone? You are Josh and also mentally unstable please put your sword away.

So Kyle comes out and he and I start administering first aid and luckily through a combination of the weakness of my fuel source, how quickly I stopped the flames, and the quickness of our treatments, Eric only gets some first degree burns on his torso. Paul puts out the last of the flames, Josh decides he doesn’t want to stab anyone today, and Brad decides that the lack of screaming is a good thing and he comes inside. I spend the next hour apologizing profusely while cooking everyone dinner, and we decide that hey we should probably have some rules for our Nerf fights to prevent this from ever happening again.

So we all eat, we establish rules about modifications and ammunition, and at the end of it all, we grab some beers, head into the living room, and tell Josh he needs to get rid of the sword seriously dude where did you get that from?

US Presidents As Dril Tweets
  • George Washington: another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it
  • John Adams: "ah boo hoo hoo i want to post Foul comments to content leaders" Fat Chance, Dimwit. I will annihilate you under bulwark of the Law and God.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Q: If your post was proven by a counsil of wise men to be racist, or bullshit, would you bar it from the record? A: I do not delete my posts
  • James Madison: (sniffing a crumpled up one dollar bill i found on the floor of a dog kennel) ah.. thats greenbacks baby
  • James Monroe: for decades i have traversed the unforgiving mountains and rivers of south america, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled "ass downloader"
  • John Quincy Adams: "This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit
  • Andrew Jackson: handing Faves over to my enemies is FRAUD !! base, contemptible FRAUD!
  • Martin Van Buren: Food $200
  • Data $150
  • Rent $800
  • Candles $3,600
  • Utility $150
  • someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
  • William Henry Harrison: (spends all of 7 seconds skimming some blog posts) yep. just as i knew all along. having pnuamonia is good
  • John Tyler: fuck "jokes". everything i tweet is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. twitter dot com. i live for this
  • James K. Polk: thhere is no such thing as charisma, and art is fake. the only metrics by which we must determine the worth of a man are Strength and Wisdom
  • Zachary Taylor: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers tell me that im dying
  • Millard Fillmore: trying to heal..... please donate to my go fund me... $10 will make me less racist... $100 will make me extremely less racist...thank you...
  • Franklin Pierce: blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • James Buchanan: #NationalGirlfriendDay please cherish your gal's.. in honor of us, the single Boys who must sacrifice all companionship to #CarryTheBrand...
  • Abraham Lincoln: unloading an entire belt of ammo at me with a minigun or some such device will now get you "Blocked"
  • Andrew Johnson: who the fuck is scraeming "LOG OFF" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never log off
  • Ulysses S. Grant: i regret being tasked the emotional burden of maintaining the final bastion of morality and Nice manners in this endless ocean of human SHIT
  • Rutherford B. Hayes: using the toilet when i hear Our national anthem start to play. i do what i must. i stand tall in complete agony; as shit runs down my leg,
  • James A. Garfield: too much truth in such little time. feeling the heat cominh down to silence me... signing off........ for now
  • Chester A. Arthur: i WILL wise the fuck up. i WILL super charge my content for 2017. i WILL get blue check mark
  • Grover Cleveland: the way i see it, people who come on here and submit content that is not up to par, could possibly be considered the "Villains" of this site
  • Benjamin Harrison: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • William McKinley: boy oh boy do i love purchasing large amounnts of Fool's Gold. wait a minute... fools gold fucking sucks. this stuff is no good..!! Fuck !!!
  • William H. Taft: ah.. the perfect Souffle! cant wait to dig in to t(*EVERY PIPE IN MY HOUSE EXPLODES AT THE SAME TIME, COVERING ME IN SHIT AND BOILING WATER*
  • Woodrow Wilson: the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. "war is the most fucked up thing ever." he takes a sip of beer
  • Warren G. Harding: somebody please Bribe me
  • Calvin Coolidge: aggressively joyless oaf hhere. painfully obnoxious respect demander checkign in. extremely dim witted frowning man looking for pals
  • Herbert Hoover: it is really quite astonishing that I have yet to win The Lottery, given how good I am at selecting six numbers and saying them out loud
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: ive never heard of this “europe” but it sounds like a big bunch of shit to me
  • Harry Truman: everybody wants to be the guy to write the tweet that solves racism once and for all because it would look good as hell on a resume
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: my "F*&k It!! Let's Go Golfin" t-shirt maintains a tenacious stranglehold on my life. after 1,125 days of Golf my body is twisted, deformed
  • John F. Kennedy: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • Richard Nixon: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my “trolls”, as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Gerald Ford: shutting computer down until the shitty moods & attitudes can fuck off., if you need me ill be on my other computer, sititng 60° to my right
  • Jimmy Carter: i warnned you all that bad things would happen if you kept letting your wives wear jeans. AND NOW LOOK! the damn gas prices are up again
  • Ronald Reagan: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • George H.W. Bush: just thought off an idea i believe to be bad ass. lets find the address of the leader of isis, and mail him/ her pieces of our SHIT
  • Bill Clinton: were at the point now, that when i offer to impregnate my girl followers, people assume my motives are sexual. disgusting, grow the fuck up,
  • George W. Bush: friday night gathering up together a big pile of things i like to respect (flags, crucifixes ,etc) and just roll around in it ,give kisses,
  • Barack Obama: my IQ has increased 10 points ever since i stopped tollerating people mucking about, on the time line
  • Donald Trump: no
What if He Freaks? (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

A/N: I didn’t read this over, please point out any mistakes.

Steve had ushered you, Natasha and Wanda up to your room, telling you to “bond” and “relax” he was literally like the scolding parent. You all agreed that it would be nice to have a girls night and as most sleepovers go, you ended up drunk talking about your love lives and your impossible crushes.

Wanda was going on about Vis and how certain things would work, while you and Natasha were talking about Steve and Bucky, the dynamic duo.

“So, Natasha, if could sleep with either Steve or Bucky, who would you pick?” Natasha had to think, but she ended up picking Steve as you thought she would. Both your heads turned to Wanda, who blushed profusely.

“I’m spoken for.” She said, her light accent slipping towards the end of her sentence. Natasha wasn’t fazed, but you were momentarily shocked.

“I knew you and Vision had suppressed feelings, but you’re together now?!” She laughed and nodded and you smacked her arm.

“Tell me sooner next time, yeah?”

“What about you Y/N?” You had to think.

“Steve.” You answered after much thought.
“I feel like he’d be better. Bucky has been through… too much, he’d be … nervous.” You finished.

There was a pause and then Nat spoke up.
“I feel like Bucky has a Daddy kink.”

You nearly spit out your drink at the thought.

“Now, I really wanna call him Daddy, but what if he freaks out.” You said, recovering.

Both Wanda and Nat were laughing at the idea of the Winter Soldier freaking out over a silly nickname, but it was a serious concern. What if you called him Daddy as a joke and he got mad.

Why should you care? You decided you would do it.

“Alright alright, Y/N, truth or dare?” Wanda asked. You smirked, feeling brave.

“Dare.” The two girl exchanged looks and you knew you’d made a bad decision

“I dare you to ask Steve out.” You sighed in relief.

“Oh that’s not so bad.”

“With Bucky there, and you have to be flirty about it.”

“Well that’s a little bit worse, but I’ll do it.” They both watched you expectantly.
“N-not right now! Guys it’s two am!” You scolded. It was time to sleep, you’d all be nursing light hangovers in the morning, or afternoon, depending on when you woke.

None of you had hangovers as bad as you’d expected, except Wanda, who woke suddenly and rushed to the bathroom. After Wanda cleaned up and took some Advil she looked at you with pleading eyes.

“You should ask Steve out to dinner tonight, it’s Saturday and neither of you have any plans.” You agreed seeing as it was the only way to get the girls to leave you alone.

Your little trio took the lift down to the kitchen and you immediately spotted Steve and Bucky talking. You plastered a flirtatious smile on your face and walked over to the two soldiers.

“Hey Steve, can I talk to you for a moment?”
Both boys glanced at you for a moment before Steve answered.

“Of course Y/N. What’s up?”

“Are you free tonight, I was hoping you’d accompany me to dinner?” The intimidating super soldier was momentarily flustered.

“Y-you mean like a date?” Your smile brightened.

“Yeah, like a date.” He nodded.

“I’d love to. Uhm, I’ll come pick you up at 6?”

“That’s perfect.” You turned to the girls who were pretending not to listen. You sat at the table and they both pryed you for details. You answered all of their questions until eventually, they left you alone. You took the stairs this time, taking your time going back to your room. It was almost six and you needed at LEAST 15 minutes to get ready for your date. You didn’t bother showering, you had done that this morning, but you did put on makeup. You threw on the dress Nat had laid out for you and admired the finished product. You looked stunning.

Steve was on time, as you’d expected. What you didn’t expect was for him to be the perfect gentleman, he even brought you flowers. He held the door to your car after insisting that he drive because he already picked a restaurant.

When you arrived, Steve ran around the car to let you out, against your protests. He even linked your arm with his.

“For someone with no experience with girls, you’re surprisingly good at this.” His face flushed red and he thanked you, obviously pleased that you approved.

The date went smoothly, since you were already friends you discussed missions (wow what a great date topic) and your lives. You honestly had a great time and you were pretty sure Steve did too.
Since you didn’t have an apartment for him to drop you at, he walked you to the door to your room. You both stopped and turned to look at each other.
“I had a great time tonight Y/N, thank you for taking me out.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, I had fun too.”
He looked down at you and stepped forward, taking your hip and pulling youa bit closer, he leaned down and captured your lips in a soft kiss. You kissed back a bit harder, telling him it was okay. When you realized what was happening, you pushed him away.
“I’m sorry Steve, I-I can’t. I have to go.” You hung your head and retreated into your room. You stripped from your dress and put on shorts and a sweater.
You couldn’t sleep, you were tossing and turning, but you felt really bad. You tossed your blankets off and walked to your desk, taking parchment and a pen. You couldn’t just leave Steve hanging, so you wrote him a note.
Hey Steve, I had a great time last night and that kiss was great, but I don’t like you as anything more than a friend. I’m sorry that I lead you on like that and I hope we can stay friends.
From Y/N

You walked the hall, following the familiar path to Steve’s room. You slipped the paper under his door and made your way downstairs, maybe some tea would help you sleep.

You were relieved that no one was in the kitchen, otherwise you’d have to explain what had happened on your date. You grabbed a tea bag out of the box on the counter and put some water in the kettle. As high tech as Tony’s kitchen was, you preferred to do things the old fashioned way.
You were fiddling with the tea bag and almost jumped out of your skin when you looked up. Bucky was standing in the door frame. You cocked your eyebrow at him.

“What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said quietly. You moved out of his way so he could grab an apple from the fruit bowl behind you.

“How was your date?” He questioned, eyeing you out of the corner of his eye.

“I don’t know, I had a great time, but I don’t think I like Steve like that. I think I have feelings for someone else” Bucky halted his actions.

“But you kissed him?” Your face flushed red.

“You saw?” His jaw clenched.

“Yeah. You don’t like Steve because you have feelings for someone else, who would that be?” Your eyes widened a fraction and you flushed red, stuttering to find an answer. You couldn’t outright say it was him, that’d be too embarrassing. So instead you stuttered to find and answer.

Bucky smirked and you flushed even harder because it was evident that he knew.

“Oh c'mon, it’s just me, doll, nothing to be nervous about.” He took a step closer and your heart stopped.

“You can tell me.” He said, stepping closer and placing a hand on your waist. You back into the counter, your face was the color of flame and you couldn’t find the words to speak.

The kettle broke into a whistle and the air rushed back to you, you ducked out of Bucky’s constricting grasp and spun to grab your cup. You had your back turned to him, pouring the boiling water over the tea bag, you couldn’t believe how much you were shaking and you nearly dropped the cup when Bucky’s hand was placed over yours to help steady you. You placed the pot back on the stove and leaned on the counter, facing the man with the metal arm.

The smirk he gave you spoke volumes and you tried to smile back.

“I’ll just be going then, back to bed.” He said, turning on his heel. You debated whether or not to call after him, you wanted company, especially if it was his.
“Wait.” You called at his retreating figure.
“Stay.” You said, barely suppressing a whimper.

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear.” He said, his voice deep and gravely. He turned back around and walked towards you, he took the mug gently from your hand, placing it on the table a few feet away.

“Hey! I was drinking that!” I scolded.

“You’re not anymore.” He stated with finality. The dominance in his voice had the heat pooling between your legs and you knew you were done for.

He positioned himself between your legs and brought his hand to your waist, pulling you flush against him. You gasped at the sudden contact, almost loosing your footing. He brought his other hand up to steady you and slowly leaned down. He stopped when his lips brushed yours, asking for permission. You leaned up into him, giving him all the permission he needed. The second your lips touched he trailed his hands down your back until they were resting on the backs of your legs. A sign for you to jump. You did as he asked and he hoisted you up, hooking your legs around his hips. A soft moan escaped your lips when he attached his lips to the sensitive spot on your neck.

“We can’t do this here, sugar, let’s take this to my room.” He suggested. Words failed you, so you nodded, detatching yourself from him and taking his hand instead.

You abandoned your tea and walked hand in hand with Bucky down the corridor in complete silence, you didn’t need words. He was rubbing comforting circles over your knuckles.

He opened his door gently, making sure not to wake the whole tower. You smirked to yourself and slamed the door behind you, pushing him up against the door and capturing his lips with his own.

He gasped at your sudden dominance, grabbing your hips and pulling you flush against him.

He slid his hand up under your sweater and you raised your arms for him. He threw it across the room and then followed it with his own shirt.

He only let you marvel at his body for a moment before he brought himself back to you, picking you up. He carried you to the bed and dropped you, taking a step back to admire you.

“You look so good laying there for me, doll. Take your shorts off.”

You did as you were told, stripping yourself of the constricting garment. He watched your every movement with lust-filled eyes. He dropped his pants in one fluid movement, stepping out of them.
Your eyes dropped to the massive bulge in his pants and you heard him laugh. He straddled your hips, trailing kisses from your neck down.  You tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled his face back you yours, kissing him passionately.

One hand dropped from his hair to his boxers as you palmed him through the fabric, he groaned and you could feel him twitching beneath your touch.

“Fuck doll, you gotta stop” you did as you were told, instead, pulling down his boxers and wrapping your small hand around his cock. He inhaled sharply, tensing under your touch. He pulled your hand away and for a moment you were discouraged.

He laid a chaste kiss on your cheek and whispered in your ear.

“You first.” The bed shifted as he got off, kneeling next to the end. He adjusted you so that your legs were around his neck.

“I like this view.” He added and you blushed at the comment, choosing not to answer. He placed a kiss on your clothed core, causing you to buck your hips upwards. He laughed and removed your panties, placing another kiss, but this time he held your hips in place. He licked his way from your entrance to your clit, nibbling on the bundle of nerves.

His eyes never once left your face, when you moaned his name he stopped, you groaned at the loss of contact and opened your eyes. Bucky had a stern look on his face.
“What’d wrong Buck?’ You questioned.

“That’s not my name tonight. You call me ‘Daddy’, understand?” The combination of his deep voice and the dominance had you shell shocked.

“Y-yes Daddy.” You ignored the embarrassment of him obviously overhearing you and instead enjoyed his praise. He went to work on your chest, massaging your hardened nipples with both hands.

“Do you like that doll?”

“Yes, Daddy, please, more.” You begged.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not done yet.”

He lined himself up with your entrance and slid himself into you. You gasped, adjusting to his size. He paused a moment, letting you adjust before he pulled out, slamming back into you not a second later. He transitioned between soft and hard, looking for your g spot, when he hit it you moaned his name, loudly.

“Tell Daddy how much you love to feel him slamming into you”

“I love it Daddy, please, harder."  He groaned and slammed into you at an alarming rate, both of you were chasing your high. The sound of your moans and the slapping of skin resonated through the empty room. The bubble that had been building in your stomach popped and you bucked your hips upward, screaming Bucky’s name. Not long after you felt the warmth if his seed on your stomach and his body collapsing next to you. You both sat, catching your breath.

Bucky spoke up in the silence.

"Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”



Clean up after your dog.

I live in a very nice condominium complex in a pretty decently sized city in the South. I managed to buy a unit at the ripe age of 23, after making a pretty penny in the stock market - making me easily the youngest person in the complex.

The units are one building with 4 condos per unit, each is two stories with a balcony for each bedroom and for the downstairs area. Not very important, but I want to paint a mental picture here.

The outside of my condo, when it comes to lawn space, is VERY small. I’m talking like a patch of grass no larger than most individual blocks of sidewalk.

About a couple of months ago, this woman moved in a few units over with a large boxer. Having two large dogs myself, I was happy to see more big dogs in the area (most the people around here have little foofy dogs).

One day, I walked outside to see a large pile of dog shit and this lady hastily walking away. I called out kindly - “excuse me ma'am, please clean up after your dog”. She looked back, gave me a sour look, and continued walking away.

Okay, whatever, no big deal. I’ll give her a freebie this time so I cleaned up after her and threw it away trying to be a good neighbor.

I want to mention now that I’ve REALLY tried to go above and beyond the neighborly call of duty - as I said earlier, in the youngest here and I want to make it clear to my neighbors that I’m not just some spoiled little bastard that is going to make their lives hell. I sweep my older neighbors porches, swap recipes and have even babysat one of their grandchildren. I do my best to be a good neighbor, it’s just how I was raised.

However, this lady hit a sore spot. I let the first one slide, but this happened FIVE MORE TIMES IN THE SAME WEEK. Finally I confronted her and said “ma'am, I’m sick of cleaning your dogs shit and stepping around it every day. Please clean it up.”

I shit you not, and I wish I was exaggerating. She looked me right in the eye and said “I paid for a condo too, I’ll leave my shit wherever I want”. She then briskly walked off while I stood in shock.

Finally, I snapped. So I began to save every piece of shit that dumb bitch left in front of my house for around two straight months. I had a HEFTY GARBAGE BAG FULL OF IT (imagine what you use to clean leaves up in, it was that big). I won’t lie, I threw quite a bit of my own dog’s excrement in there for good measure. I mean come on, just her dog wasn’t going to cover the amount needed. That bag was F*CKING. HEAVY.

(where I stored it: Great question actually. All the condo units have individual cellars for storage. I stored it down there until I was ready to make my move. I probably should have mentioned that so you all wouldn’t think I’m some psycho dog-shit hoarder who has a closet full of feces.)

Yes, it smelled like shit every time I opened the damn door to add to the pile. It took an immense amount of patience and gagging to pull this off - but it was well worth it.

I waited until 4 am on Monday morning before I walked up to her condo and dumped that bag right on her small tiny condo lawn. It was worth every second of patience.

Sure enough, come 7 am there’s a bang on my door - and it’s my lovely neighbor.

“You need to come f*cking clean this shit up RIGHT NOW!” - she screamed in my face.

I smiled “sorry ma'am, I paid for a condo here too. I’ll leave my shit wherever I want.”

In short - Lady kept leaving dog poop on my lawn, so I saved it all and dumped about 2 months worth on hers.


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February; Forward

It was a very bad January. Became worse than expected after I let you guys know things started out tough. Repairing to make a great February happen with a very long, uninterrupted run of continuous and constant uploads. 

The plan is very simple: I’m cleaning up all that remains of January’s business, making sure nothing short of the most major events get in the way of continuous uploads. Once I’m prepared to ignite the machine again, I’m back on. It will start with my next upload.

Not a single damn person is as irritated or upset about the lack of activity this winter as I am. Tried to get up after December was a wash and got knocked down hard. Started to recover, managed to make the Wyoming Incident video and got hit even harder as I was preparing to make another new video and really get back to business.

I’m tired of it. February is here now. I am going to make this a very good February. Stay tuned, and thanks for being here through all of this.

Two cute neighbours.

Hello, love bugs!!
Dan x reader
Warnings-fluff, kisses. Also, swears because Dan

1887 words yo, Its a long one.

hi !! i love your writing soooo I was wondering if u could do a dan x reader where the reader moves in next door to dan n Phil n the reader has an emotional support dog (preferably a mini chocolate lab) n dan n Phil loooooove the dog n it’s cute n fluffy !! then it time skips to when dan n the reader are dating n the reader tells dan why they have the support dog (anxiety n panic attacks) n dan is supportive n its just cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee –anonymous

“Dan!” Phil practically screams as he runs up the stairs.

“What, are you okay?” Dan says jumping from his couch crease to make sure poor Philly isn’t to hurt.

“We have the two cutest new neighbors ever!” Phil announces. Coming face to face with Dan on the landing.

“Phil!” Dan moans putting extra emphasis on his part. “I thought that fucking aliens were outside. Christ!” Dan says walking back into the living room.

“But Dan you don’t understand,” Phil says smiling. “One is possibly the prettiest girl I have ever seen. The other is the prettiest brown lab I have ever seen.” Phil recounts as he moves into the living room staring down at Dan trying to make a point.

 "Prettiest girl ever?“ Dan questions as Phil nods his head in agreement. “Well, I suppose we should be gentlemen and go see if the two of them need help moving in,” Dan says closing his laptop.

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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 2)

pt. 1

Genre: fluff/romance

pairing: Jaebum x Reader

summary: You wake up after spending your first night in the dorm. When you wake up all the other members are asleep except Jaebum. 

Last night you had given out all the presents and you remember feeling exhausted after all the thank you’s and you’re welcomes. “Hey, guys I am going to go to bed the flight was just really exhausting.” “Oh my god we’re being so inconsiderate you must feel like dying,” Jinyoung said. You like him a lot already since he was the same age as Jackson and treating you like his own sister “I should probably go anyways it’s getting late.” Youngjae said. Jackson put his arm around you as the maknaes cleaned off the table “Come on ________ you need to rest. I have some organic tea if you want?” “No maybe in the morning. I’m pretty tired.” “Okay but promise we get to talk all day tomorrow?” Jackson said sticking out his pinky finger. You wrapped your around it and rested your head on his shoulder “Promise.” 

You didn’t even remember falling asleep after Jackson showed you the mattress he had laid out for you on the floor. But now you were wide awake but noticed the light from the window was barely there. Your phone read 6:03 am. “Damn jetlag.” You say sitting up. You managed to quietly manoeuvre yourself off the mattress and grab one of Jackson’s sweaters from the floor, putting over your pyjama dress. You left the room deciding and fumbled around the kitchen finding the tea Jackson mentioned last night, a funny mug with a moose on it and a kettle. 

You wanted to sit out on the balcony and take in the cool summer breeze. But as you opened the sliding door a figure sat silhouetted by the morning light. It was Jaebum who was sitting with a pencil, notebook, some sheets of paper and drinking a coffee. “Oh ______,” He said with surprise as he shuffled all his papers together. “Sorry I was just coming to…well anyways,” You said turning around to leave, feeling embarrassed you interrupted him. “No, stay. I don’t mind the company. It gets boring out here.” He said nonchalantly scribbling more into his book.  “Umm okay.” You took a seat across from him and sat your cup of tea next to his coffee. Even though the morning air was chilly you still feel your face getting warm with a blush. “So what are you doing? If you don’t mind me asking.” “Working on some stuff so I can start using that music pad.” He said smiling as he wrote. He looked different than the stage version of himself. Laid back, still serious but in a charismatic way. Every once in awhile he would scratch out something or write over it and for some reason, all his movements were fascinating to you. “Well I’m glad it will get some use” you say half talking to him and half to yourself. You stared at his hand free hand as it tapped the side of his chair. But Jaebum suddenly broke your concentration “Hey, can I ask you something?” He said only glancing at you for a moment. “Uh, sure?” He pointed at you with his pencil “Where’d you get the sweater?” “Oh it’s not mine, I found it on Jackson’s floor, I was a little cold” You nervously laughed. “Oh I see,” He said nodding slightly, pursing his lips. And that was the last of your conversation for awhile.

 Occasionally he would bite his pencil or tap it against the book which you found delightfully cute. You looked away from him so you could stop blushing, you didn’t like how flustered he made you feel. Usually, you were the type to be the charmer but for some reason, Jaebum was an exception and these new circumstances made you feel nervous, You stared off at the cityscape admiring the new place you called home. 

When the sliding door to the balcony opened Jaebum was genuinely shocked. None of the members would ever wake up at this time if they didn’t have to. But when he saw her walk through his heart jumped. And right away he noticed she were wearing his sweater. But he had no idea how ________ got it. He ushered her to stay because he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to talk but he also wanted to know why she was wearing his favourite sweater. Which he thought looked amazing on her, just for the record. Regardless, he kept shaking his head at all the different ways to bring it up and each one worse than the last but eventually, Jaebum worked the courage up to ask about her clothes, trying to act as casual as possible. 

 “…found it on Jackson’s floor…” as soon as she said it Jaebum remembered lending the sweater to Jackson when he went to the airport yesterday. A strange feeling of disappointment waved over him; which Jaebum tried to disregard because the thought of him enjoying ________ borrowing the sweater from him made Jaebum feel embarrassed. He could tell she were staring at him which made his heart flutter but he was doing his best not to make it obvious he was looking at her back. When he was confident she was looking at the skyline he took in the sight. Her pyjama dress went to just above her knee and Jaebum took in her long legs and the way her hair cascaded down her shoulders. The early morning light kissed her features and made her look like a dream. It was even more attractive to Jaebum that she didn’t make any comment about her morning appearance like “Oh no I should go you can’t my face like this” or “no no no my hair is a mess”. It was just her being herself and being real, and it had been a long time since Jaebum had met a girl like that. 

You must be a little cold,” He said as he took the blanket off his lap and reached over to lay it on top of your legs. But in the process, he jostled the stack of papers and some of them fell at your feet. “Oh thank you,” she said shyly but also holding back laughter as she picked up the paper. Jaebum knew his ears were red and pulled the snapback he was wearing a little backwards hoping it would conceal them better. “Oh is this something you’re working on?” She held a sheet of paper staring at it intently. Jaebum’s chest tightened, usually he hated it when people read his music before it was done. But this feeling was more out of anticipating her reaction. “Oh wait I shouldn’t just look at these sorry,” She said rubbing her neck and heading over the small stack “Oh it’s okay. Yeah, I’m hoping this will make onto the next album.” He said embarrassingly tucking the paper in a folder next to him. “Didn’t you say you wrote music? I wouldn’t mind your opinion some time” he said now looking at ________ with hopeful eyes. “Oh yeah. Well, I guess. I mean I learned piano, guitar and ukulele. I write songs ad stuff but just for fun or when I’m bored.” Jaebum thought this shy side of Jackson’s sister was adorable. Her chic charm from last night had drawn him in but seeing this vulnerable and real version of her made him want to know her even more. “Maybe I can hear something sometime.” He said, trying to sound cool.If you’re lucky.” She replied as she raised her glass to sip some tea. God she is tricky.  He thought as you conjured your charming nature again. 

The way he was looking at you gave you a rush. It was like you were playing a game of personality chess. There was a spark in the air when your gazes collided, but the rush of that feeling always made you both break away. You gazed at the clock on Jaebum’s phone sitting on the table and somehow an hour had passed. It had only felt like a minute. “I think I’m going to go in. You coming?” Jaebum said gathering his stuff. “Yeah, I am.” You picked up both your mug and then your hand and Jaebum’s grazed each other’s as you both reach for his mug.  “I don’t mind bringing mine to the Kitchen,” He said pulling his hand away from yours, but he did so rather slowly. “No it’s just one extra mug, I’ll be fine, ” You said walking back into the living room first so he couldn’t see how much you were smiling. “Okay, thanks.” You watchedJaebum disappear into the hallway to his room. 

“Ugh what am I doing?” You said sighing and shaking your head as you walked into the kitchen “I don’t know _________ you tell me.” Jinyoung said stirring some sugar into his coffee staring at the doorway. He had been nice to you but his face conveyed this I know more than you know kind of smirk at all times. “Oh, I was just being really dumb and was going to leave them in the living room for some reason.” “Weren’t you outside?” He replied placing the milk back in the fridge. “Yeah, that’s what I meant. Like the balcony attached to the living room.” “Oh okay…” He said, not even a bit convinced. “Hey, so I was thinking I could make breakfast for you guys.” “Did you want some help?” “Yeah, that would be lovely! Since I don’t know what you guys like and-” “Well let me go get Jaebum, I think he’s awake. He’s the best cook out of all of us.” “Well-I uh….” Jinyoung was already leaving the kitchen. And what you didn’t see was the devilish smirk plastered across his face.  

Who I Am || BTS

Originally posted by jeonsshi

AN: If any of you have read “I Love You || Jeon Jungkook”, then you know what this is going to be. This is my warning, my disclaimer. This imagine does get graphic and does breach some very sensitive topics involving drugs and abuse. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE OFFENDED AND TRIGGERED EASILY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND NOTIFIED.

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst

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Meow Cafe, part 8

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Bucky and Rhodey have a plan to make Tony and Steve met. Unfortunately, someone keeps following Tony around.

length: 6 246 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, there is occasional tickling, but not in this part,

trigger warnings: some brutality and abuse at the end of the fic, but nothing too drastic,

a/n: the next part of Meow Cafe!! I am soooorrry it is so late! because of popular demand, the drama continues! hope you like this part and if you do, please drop me an ask! (you might want to read Meow Cafe part 7 to refresh your memory)


Meow Cafe, part 8

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

As soon as he had left the apartment, Rhodey started to regret his decision for many reasons. First, approximately five minutes before he reached his destination, it started pouring like crazy and he didn’t have a hoodie or anything else for protection. Second, he didn’t want to talk with Steve’s friend about what happened between Steve and Tony. In his world, Steve didn’t deserve a second chance. Steve’s friend also didn’t deserve a chance, seeing that it was his stupid speeding years ago that started this wheel of misfortune, and the grand prize, a whole ton of misery, had all go to Tony.

Yet, Tony was miserable without that blond bastard. And if Rhodey could help, maybe even with just giving his friend an opportunity to close that sorry chapter of his life, he would do it. Then he could work on getting Tony’s job back. One thing at a time.

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Natsume week - May 19 - Ten Years Later

An idea i’ve been throwing around in general… maybe i’ll take it further? we’ll see. 

Rating G - 946 Words

“Has it really been 10 years?” The tall lanky fair haired man asked to his cat as they walked off the train onto the deserted platform.

“You wouldn’t know it by looking around” the Cat replied wit ha huff. “This place never seems to change.”

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Kiss It Better (Sara Lance x Reader)

Request: Hi! It’s the sara lance anon. Can you do a prompt where sara had a crush on the reader in high school and recognizes the reader instantly when the reader is out and about with their new superpowers?

Prompt: You bump into the white canary who recognized you during a fight and after cleaning up your wound, she confesses her high school crush on you.


Warning: Some violence but not a lot. Like the reader gets punched once and a guy gets knocked out. Some mention of blood.

A/N: This is my first time writing for female EVER!! Let me know what you guys think:) Happy Readings!

Originally posted by randombiohacker

Originally posted by thedarkoneswan

“Let go of me!” you heard a woman scream as you patrolled through the streets. You followed the screams and found two guys harassing a girl for her money. The tall and skinny guy went through her purse while the other guy, who was a bit smaller but built held her down.

You raise up your hand and send vibrations that knock the guy holding the purse against the alley’s wall. Speed was not one of your strong suits so when the other guy swings a punch you don’t duck down in time. You take a few steps back and bring a hand up to your mouth and see some blood on it. You look up in time to see him raise his clenched hand, ready to swing when a blond lady hit him over the head with a crowbar that was on the ground. The guy falls to the floor in pain and you knock him unconscious.

“Y/n?” you look up at hearing your name and finally get a good look at the blond girl who you now recognize.

“Sara? are the white canary?” you say looking her up and down, taking in her appearance.

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The Pros and Cons of Monopoly

* Lafayette X Reader
* 335: Why don’t they just kiss already
* Modern

A/N: Lafayette has a few long french parts which I don’t translate as they aren’t very important. Use you’re imagination. Also John Laurens is kind of a jerk at one point but I couldn’t figure out how to move the story along. Sorry if I made him look bad…

“Ha! Pay up french fry!”

Someone thought it’d be a good idea to play Monopoly. So you headed over to the apartment that Alexander shared with Hercules, John, and Lafayette. And Laf had the bad luck to land on New York Avenue which you happened to own.

“27 bucks please.” You said holding your hand out. Lafayette grumbled but paid the money.

After about an hour of playing it was down to you, Lafayette, and John. Herc tapped out early and went to get drinks for you all and Alexander was run bankrupt but was watching intently.

John paid Lafayette for landing on one of the three trains he owned. “Who thought this was a good idea again?” He questioned.

“You and Alexander.” You answered.

“Oh yeah…” he sighed and looked at his money and the only deed he could afford to keep. “Crap. See it was a good idea when I thought I’d win.”

“I hear ya there.” Alexander said. John rolled again as he had doubles and landed on the orange St. James Place, which had three houses on it.

“Heck yeah!” You celebrated.

“Ugh fine. Laf, I selling this deed back. Just give it to Y/N. I’m out.” John took his game piece and threw it back into the box.

“Me and you Lafayette.” You said.

Alexander snorted. “Oh this’ll be so interesting. I wonder who ever will win.” He said sarcasticly.

“What do you mean?” You asked. The two of you seemed to be at equal places with a few deeds you could buy still.

“Oh nothing at all.” Alexander told you. “Come on, roll the dice.”

The two of you had quite the game going. Herc returned some time ago with some drinks. When Alexander told him who was left in the game he laughed and said he knew who was winning. The boys weren’t really making sense tonight. You reluctantly admitted Lafayette was winning. He got the upper hand buying some of the deeds that were sold back. You landed on North Carolina Avenue which had two houses on it.

“Crap!” You exclaimed. You looked down at your money and tried to see if it was possible to pay without mortgaging any deeds.

Lafayette was holding the deed about to read the price but instead said. “You know what mon cheri, you don’t have to pay this time.”

“Huh? You sure?” You asked.

“Of course. You can pay more next time when I have trois houses on it.” He said with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes. “Fine then go.” You said pushing the dice toward him. Alexander and John exchanged a look.

That wasn’t the only time you got out of paying either. Lafayette rolled before he asked you to pay, or offered up a pass. Eventually the balance shifted. You bargained for the last deed you needed to complete the yellow set. And when Lafayette landed on Marvin Gardens you had him beat.

“Yes!” You shouted and jumped up.

“You play a good game mademoiselle.” Lafayette said smiling.

“And you Lafayette.”

“I don’t know.” John said. “I think Lafayette kinda played a little weak. All those freebies he gave you.”

“Yeah.” Alexander agreed. “Hey Laf, why didn’t I get away without paying?” He had slightly changed the tone of his voice like we all knew the answer to his question. You shot them a confused glance.

“Ignore them.” You said. “Alexander is just mad that he lost and now has to clean up for it.” Alexander grumbled but started cleaning as that was the rule you guys came up with.

You started cleaning up bowls from snacks and empty bottles. Lafayette started helping you while the other boys started wispering.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Alexander asked while gathering up the deeds.

“I hope so.” John said. “I mean why don’t they they just kiss already?”

“Because Y/N is blind and Laf won’t say anything.” Hercules answered.

“Well either way, Alexander I think you should do it.” John said.

“Why me?” He asked.

“Cause you’re a scoundrel.” John said with certainty.
“Thank you Lafayette.” You said as he carried the last of the dishes.

“My pleasure Y/N. It is my home after all, it shouldn’t be your job to clean up.” He said.

“Ah well its no problem.” You said shrugging.

“Hey Y/N.” Alexander called to you from the doorway.

“Hm?” You inquired.

“It’s pretty late. You should just crash here tonight.”

“Oh sure. That’s actually a great idea. I hate driving at night. Who’s bed am I stealing or are you guys gonna make me sleep on the couch?” You questioned.

Alexander answered before Lafayette could hope to. “You can stay in my room and I’ll sleep on the couch. Or we could just share the bed?” He offered and gave you a suggestive look.

“Ha. Dream on Hamilton.” You responded.

“Oh come on Y/N.” He said walking towards you.

“Alexander.” Lafayette said. He voice sounded like a warning. “We need to speak. Now!” Lafayette said and pulled him from the room. You stared after them in confusion. Suddenly you heard them arguing. However, you couldn’t tell what it was about as it was in French. You stared at them in complete bewilderment before shrugging and going back to clean.

“We need to move this along.” Hercules told John.

“Agreeed. I hoped Alexander would accomplish this but I guess not.” John said. He sighed. “Oh well, here I go. Hey Y/N can you come here for a second.”

You walked back into the main room. “What’s up?”

“Sorry about this. I’ll explain in a minute.” John said.

You look at him confused. “Sorry about what?” You asked. He grinned sheepishly before suddenly pulling you close and kissing you. The room fell completely silent. Suddenly John was no long kissing you, and when started registering your surroundings again Lafayette was yelling at John. Again in french.

“Comment oses-tu? Ont ypu aucune décence? Et qu'en l'honneur entre amis? Vous êtes un porc Laurens John” Lafayette rarely spoke in full French. That only happened when he was really upset. The boys were trying to get Lafayette to stop yelling while you stood completely stunned.

“WILL EVERYONE SHUT UP!!” You shouted. That did the trick, everyone quieted down and looked at you. “First of all its late and you have neighbors. Secondly, will someone please explain what the hell is happening?”

“Nothing you need to worry about mon cheri.” Lafayette answered.

“No. No more of that. Tell her.” Hercules commanded.

“Someone needs to explain why John just kissed me.” You said.

“And I promised to explain didn’t I?” John asked.

“That you did.” You assured him.


“Arrêtez!” Lafayette shouted. “Y/N can I speak to you privately?”

“Uh sure.” You followed Lafayette to his room. He was pacing the room and running his hands through his curly hair. “Dude are you ok?”

“Non mademoiselle.” He answered.

“Well what’s wrong?” You asked him.

He took a deep breath and started talking. Only he reverted back to French once more. “Je ne sais pas comment vous dire cela, mais je vous aime. En fait, je l'ai toujours. Depuis le moment où j'ai posé les yeux sur vous. Vous étiez si beau et drôle et intelligent et-”

“Dude stop.” You interrupted. “I can’t understand you. Care to translate that?” You asked.

“Basically, I think I love you Y/N.” He said quietly looking at the ground.

The events of the night came back in a flash. Him yelling at John after he kissed you, arguing with Alexander when he was flirting, even the damn free passes I Monopoly. It should have been obvious.

Lafayette was staring at you waiting to see what you said.

“I’m so blind…” was you’re reply.

“Quelle?” He asked.

“Oh no I mean, wait. You love me?” That you just couldn’t believe. Lafayette was funny and smart and sweet. Not to mention he was handsome and such a gentleman. There’s no way he could like you.

“Of course mon cheri. You are smart and zophisticated. You are beautiful and confident, not to mention strong willed and funny. Everything about you is beautiful and breath taking.”

“Is that why John kissed me? To get you to admit to this?” You asked.

“I’m afraid so. I’m truly sorry, had I told you he wouldn’t have done that.”

“No its fine.” You said.

“And I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” He said quietly and sadly.

You realize you never told him how you felt. “Oh no Lafayette it’s not like that at all!”

“Non?” He said, sounding hopeful now.

“No! I always assumed you didn’t like me so I tried to just be your friend but I’ve always liked you.”


“Really.” You told him smiling.

He walked over to you and placed a hand on your hip. The other hand came up and cupped the back of your head and pulled you into a deep kiss. He pulled apart but kept his face close to yours. “Je t'aime Y/N L/N.”

“I love you Marquis De Lafayette.”

Artist diary #2

Hello everyone!

As promised, here’s a new entry of the artist diary. This time, I’m gonna show you the work behind  a scene, step by step. It’s not a big mystery, but I thought you may like to know more about the way I work and the way the pictures will look. I chose one mild picture and spoiler free, as we don’t want to reveal much.

First of all, I start making some quick sketches that match the description of the action the Oonyx guys sent me. Depending on the place I am, I do these sketches on paper or using Paintool SAI. I do some of them, and then choose one. These are not very detailed and are kinda rough.

Once the Oonyx staff have approved the sketch, I do a more detailed one on Paintool SAI and send it to them, and wait for approval again. 

At this stage, they may suggest me some changes. After we reach a point where the sketch is liked by them, I do a clean lineart of the scene. Again, I use Paintool SAI (Ink Pen.) I only do the lines for the characters, as the background is worked later in a different group of layers. 

After the lineart is done, I do the colouring in the characters and add details, as the nipples, the eyeballs shinning, clothing prints and stuff. I use both Paintool SAI and Photoshop for painting.

When the characters are painted, I work on the background. As I’m not an expert on background painting, I do a lineart for the background too and then paint it. Once the background is ready, I add final details such as glowing (like the one in the water) and do final colour adjustments with Photoshop. And then the picture is done.

Of course, this may not be the final stage of this scene, as I always keep working on past pictures while I work on new ones. 

And this is the way I work. I hope you enjoyed this entry, and if you have suggestions for the next artist diary, just let me know what you like to see.

Take care, and as always, excuse my poor english hehe. Thanks for reading!


1p + 2p Allies Headcanons (Russia)

1p Russia: “Don’t look at me like that. You know better that I can’t just watch him take away my Sunflower from me.”

  • (I can only see Nyo!Belarus in him, to be honest with you. Like sister, like brother, I guess??)
  • U L T I M A T E S T A L K E R
  • Seriously, though. He stalks way more than any of the allies combined. You will never catch him, and if you do, this one slick bastard will make you believe that the two of you just passed by coincidentally!
  • Honestly, you won’t even realize how this guy became ten times more creepier since he fell in love with you, because you know everyone is terrified of him (I feel bad for him, actually).
  • You probably hang out with him more than anyone, considering how good he is at not scaring you away (he really deserves an award for this).
  • And because you hang out with him a lot, you probably won’t realize when he is trying to scare someone on purpose or he’s just doing it without realizing it.
  • He gets jealous. A lot. Not to mention how easy it is to happen. So, if you see him smirking at you with dark aura emitting from him, you probably should run. Probably.
  • He got jealous of someone? Congratulations! You found out how to turn on a killing machine! With his trusty iron pipe, he is a formidable foe. If you look like you are enjoying your time with someone other than him, he is guaranteed to get jealous.
  • Just a headcannon, but I have a feeling that he can make that pipe longer. Like, you can unfold it and stuff. This is a bad thing, because he can hit anyone more than a meter away from him (depending on how long his pipe is).
  • He can also control his scarf, so he can strangle someone to death if he wants to. But that would rarely happen, since he wants his rivals to experience the most exquisite of pain.
  • He is messy when he kills. Often staining his clothes with blood, and leaving some evidences behind by accident. Not to mention how everyone distrusts him. Everyone will be suspicious of him.
  • He won’t hurt you, but he will psychologically torture you. As a punishment, he will make you stay in a white room with no windows. Everything is white, even your clothes, and the food you will eat will only be white. It’s a good thing that he wouldn’t isolate you for a very long time (because you will actually lose your mind if he does). (If you’re wondering, this is called White Torture, and is actually being used by people today.)
  • As yandere as he is, he also still cares about his country and men. Even though he would choose you over his own freedom, he will be heartbroken about his decision (better make yourself worth it, or else~.)
  • He trusts you a lot. So if you even lie to him just a little bit, it will cost you someone else’s life (unless it’s about who burnt the food, then he’s cool with it).
  • Oh, you want to go somewhere? Tell him first. If he can’t find you and he has no idea where you are, he will go i n s a n e. As soon as you come back, you’ll find him huddled into a ball with torn furniture around him (I advice you not to EVER leave him by himself without his notice. Sweden will be pissed if he found out his latest IKEA furniture was torn to shreds lol).
  • He’s impatient af. If he confesses his feeling for you, you’re either going to get brutally killed by a crazy Russian man, or be happy ever after. Your choice.

2p Russia: “I don’t understand. Why am I feeling strange?” (He probably asked himself this at least once.)

  • The guy won’t be as bad as Russia, but he is very highly intelligent. Meaning he can strategically get rid of anyone without getting caught or even suspected.
  • Unlike his counterpart, he is VERY tidy when he cleans up after a clean kill. I don’t know, but he would make sure no traces of his fingerprints or blood is left. This guy knows his stuff, alright.
  • Now, I’m wondering as to how Russia gets away with his killing, even though all the evidences are everywhere.
  • His way of cleaning would be similar to how a wild cat kills his prey. Fast and clean. He would hit the weak spots of the body (mostly the neck), so the kill would be quick.
  • Unlike the others, he doesn’t take great pleasure in killing his enemies. He just wants to get rid of the vermin as fast as possible.
  • He has many tactics on how to get rid of them, but all of them include poisoning, using his pipe, shovel, or scarf (If he is smart as they say he is, I’m pretty sure he can use chemicals to kill people. Not only is it clean, but quick, too.)
  • Like his first player, he can control his scarf. He usually uses it to strangle his enemies, so he doesn’t have to clean any bloodstains.
  • Of course, there is his pipe and shovel. It would have to be an emergency or unique situation for him to use these weapons.
  • Considering how logical he is, he doesn’t understand the concept of love and it isn’t something that can be explained emotionally in textbook. The first time, he wouldn’t understand as to why he is going this far for someone like you. Someone would have to directly tell him that he is in love.
  • He probably found out he was in love when he went to a therapist to get checked.
  • Poor baby would be in denial…
  • Unlike his counterpart, he is extremely patient. Maybe even more patient than 1p England.
  • He wouldn’t blame you if you got scared of him. But that doesn’t mean he is going to let you go.
  • Oh, he’s jealous. How cute! You probably don’t realize that behind that sulking face of his, he is actually planning when and how he would get rid of that guy/girl, and how he will clean it afterwards. But hey! He’s cute when he is sulking!
My boyfriend came home to our tiny apartment at 1 AM on a weeknight with 4 of his obnoxious, drunken friends in tow

He knew I had to work the next day, he knew I absolutely hated those particular friends, and he knew I hate surprise guests.  So I just went in the bedroom and tried to sleep, unsuccessfully.  

This guy is a massively neurotic neat freak- he is physically unable to relax in a room that is not clean to his standards.  So after he finally passed out, I went into the kitchen and poured maple syrup all over the floor and told him one of his idiot friends did it.  

He just about had a panic attack.  It took him hours to get rid of the sticky.  Those friends were never invited back.

EDIT:  This happened years ago, we are long since broken up.  To those of you saying I should have just talked to him: I did.  8,000 goddamn times.  This guy was an enormous scum bag, so all of you telling me what a bitch/cunt/whatever I am, fuck you too.  Also, I am a guy, so your misogyny is wasted on me.  I poured syrup on the floor FFS.  He was inconvenienced for a few hours, give me a break.  The panic attack line was a hyperbole.  Finally, thank you to all the people who understand the point of this sub.

EDIT2:  Don’t worry, Canada, it wasn’t real maple syrup.  And thanks again for all the nice comments!

Dare (Wonwoo)

Summary: You’re dared to date Wonwoo for a month.

Genre: Angst//Maybe Fluff?

Words: 4691

A lovely anon requested this so, Anon-sshi, I hope you read and enjoy this! Thanks so much for this request! <3  I hope it’s angsty enough ><

“I DARE you.” Seungcheol smirked at you, causing the rest of your friends to laugh. Glaring back at him, you shook your head and threw back another shot. “Oh c’mon (Y/N)~ It’s a dare! You gotta do it~” The older boy winked, raising his cup towards you. The others in the circle agreed. As you looked back at them, you raised an eyebrow and chuckled. Seungcheol crawled over towards you and nudged you. “C’moooon~”

You smirked and swiped his drink out of his hand. “How long?” You asked, finishing it off.

The boy smirked back at you. “A month. You gonna do it?” He asked. Looking at all your friends gathered in the circle and seeing their anticipating faces, you shook your head once again. They started arguing, telling you you had to do it, that it was a dare, et cetera. Seungcheol clicked his tongue. “You’re such a pussy~” He teased, shoving you playfully.

Glaring at him, you sighed. “Fiiiiine, fine, fine, I’ll do it~ But only for a month.” You gave in. The others cheered, pushing you playfully and giving you maybe-too-hard pats on the back. Looking to the side, you thought about your newest dare. The loner boy who was always on the roof. He always looked angry or bored. Never any other emotion. And you’d never even heard him speak. The only people who ever talked to him were Kim Mingyu, who you barely knew, and Kwon Soonyoung, who was at this party somewhere. But Soonyoung talked to everyone. You’d probably go ask him for help later but for now, you needed to forget that you were at another stupid party and playing truth or dare with the stupidest people ever.

Next to you, Wen Junhui handed you another cup of some gross, cheap beer. It was all you guys could afford. Sighing, you downed it in a couple gulps and tried to push dating Jeon Wonwoo for a month to the back of your mind.

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A Night to Remember

Summary: You and Bucky finally have a night off when Steve offers to watch the baby and Bucky suggests a romantic evening for your anniversary. My first fluffy Bucky fic, Based on the following request:

I’d like to request a bucky x reader where he and the reader his wife have a baby and they need a night to themselves

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1386

Warnings: fluffy Bucky (swoon), some language, VERY light smut at the end (Pretty much no smut, but I’ll still warn you about the one smutty paragraph, lol)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

You hurriedly packed the baby’s bag and raced around the apartment.

“What am I forgetting? Milk, pacifiers, blanket, diapers, wipes, powder, pajamas…” you frantically ran your hands through your hair and felt someone come up behind you and hug you, hands around your waist, kissing your neck.

“Don’t worry, Steve can take care of him for one night, sweetheart.” He murmured.

“I know he can, we’ve just never NOT had him before.” You admitted worriedly.

“It’ll be FINE.” He assured you as you heard the doorbell ring, making the baby cry in the other room.

“I’ll get him.” Bucky walked off and you ran to answer the door.

“Hey Y/N!” Steve beamed. “You all ready for your date night?”

You sighed. “I’m just nervous about leaving the baby. He’s only a month old…”

“That’s a whole month where you and Bucky haven’t had any time to yourselves. I’m bringing him back in the morning. 8 am sharp. I have a place for him to sleep all set up, I’m ready to get up in the middle of the night for the little guy. He’s in good hands.” He assured.

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anonymous asked:

Got anything else on Fluffy and Bubbles?

I genuinely am surprised you guys have interest in my two tentacle monster ocs, like I’m all flattered and stuff btw they’re both highly intelligent creatures


• if ya gonna get rowdy with him wear something that you won’t care if it gets torn to shreds

• curls around you after the deed is done, not super affectionate, but will give you a massage to take care of sore muscles


• tugs on your clothes as his way to nicely ask you to undress or will undress you if you’re ok with it

• cleans and redresses you after it’s over before cuddling up to you and falling asleep, he’s warm so it’s good