after all he was in the room

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Has Anti ever tried/succeeded at kidnapping Chica?

Mark has to leave for the weekend, just a short trip away from home, and Chica has to be left behind. Ethan is supposed to swing by every few hours to check on her, and he assures Mark that he can handle one dog. Chica is a sweet bub, after all.

Chica hears the squeak of her toy and gets up from her bed to investigate, and following the noise, she eventually wanders into Mark’s room where someone is waiting for her. Chica looks up at the strange new person and boofs at him. They both disappear in a pop of static electricity.

Ethan shows up not ten minutes later and can’t find Chica anywhere.

At Sean and Signe’s house, Sean is taking a five minute break from recording when he hears the distinct noise of a dog’s bark that sounds very much like it’s coming from inside his house. Without even having to wonder, Sean goes to Anti’s room to find the glitch on the floor playing with a very excited Chica.

Sean recognizes the dog from Mark’s videos and countless pictures that the other man shows to Sean every single time they meet up. Sean leans his head against the door and sighs. “Anti, you can’t keep her.”

“Says who?” Anti doesn’t even look up from petting Chica who licks his nose and wags her tail happily. “She’s adorable, and she’s mine now.”

Sean pinches the bridge of his nose. “Oh, I didn’t sign up ta be a parent today… Anti, you’ve got ta take her back. Mark loves that dog.”

“Then why’d he leave her all alone so that I could take her,” Anti asks, rubbing his nose against Chica’s.

“If ya take her back, I’ll buy ya pizza.” Sean nibbles on the corner of his mouth and hopes his bribery pays off.

Anti glances up at Sean out of the corner of his eyes and smirks. “How many pizzas?”

Forty-five minutes, a lot of loud arguing, and seventeen pizzas later, Anti agrees to take Chica back. “Bye, bye, puppy dog.” Anti leans in and whispers. “I’ll come back fer ya soon, ok?” Chica licks the stray pizza sauce off Anti’s face, and the glitch disappears before Mark can find him and wring his neck.

Chica goes to find her human, who is even more happy than usual to see her. Sean is still apologizing to Mark over the phone when Anti gets back, snickering and disappearing into his room.

FINALLY caught a wee snippet of Asher’s yodeling

Things that the vk’s definitely do at Auradon Prep

- the core four saying “what do you mean you have to go to class everyday” 

- hiding candy and other sweet foods the isle didn’t have in their rooms even though they know they can get more whenever they want 

- sleepovers that fairy godmother pretends not to know about  

- mal practices magic with jane 

- evie tutors people in chemistry and also math because she is so smart and pure 

- carlos wears jays jerseys 

- people start to come to jay to get their hair done because have you seen his hair he knows everything about styling 

-  group hugs always 

- girl talks every week after their first group girl talk in the grass 

- they all have the auradon prep therapist on speed dial because life on the isle was awful and they are not okay all the time 

- their classmates can’t figure out if they are actually all together or just really close buds

- comforting each other after nightmares until they feel safe again no matter what time it is 

- convincing evie she’s beautiful without makeup  

- being her models with no complain 

- reminding each other their parents can’t hurt them anymore 

- making sure carlos knows he is a free person and doesn’t need to do anything for anyone anymore, protecting him from his past 

- jay gets a job on campus and uses the money he earns to buy trinkets that he would have previously stolen and he gives them to the other three as presents 

- they all know how much it really means for him to buy things instead of feeling like he needs to steal it for his father, he is his own person now 

- mal still uses her mother’s spell book to help her friends and it’s her way of showing them she loves them all 

- she is also very sensitive and craves contact, so someone is always touching her

-holding hands, hugs, light arm touches, she loves it all   

- getting better slowly but surely together 

Your first date with Peter after finding out about his powers would include:

•you lying on his bed as he shows you his web-shooters and various new gadgets
• him bouncing all over his room showing off to you, only to get told off by May
• him being so proud of his suit and all of “Mr Stark’s upgrades”
•you giggling and sneakily pressing the button on his chest that deflates the suit
•"y/n stahhhp" *reflates the suit*
•"oops, wrong button…“ you press it again and the suit deflates
•"y/n I swear to god”
• him obviously taking you to top of the tallest building in Queens
• him spotting a bike thief but being so torn and not wanting to leave you alone
• your heart fluttering (partly because of watching him in action, partly because of the height you’re watching it from)

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i fell for my best friend in junior year, so i told him and he thought it would be fun if we messed around. one day during after school tutoring, he had the whole art room to ourselves and he fucked me so hard on top of our teacher's desk. his cock was fucking amazing, and his tongue made me cum. he choked me, spanked me, and made my eyes roll back. best fuck i ever had

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Bucky likes to edge himself thinking about you; he doesn't think he deserves you. He's been doing it for weeks and punishing himself ever since he broke and started playing with himself in the shower after training with you. He hasn't cum in almost a month, he doesn't deserve to. After one particularly rough session, Bucky strips as soon as he gets to his room, not knowing you're on your way to see if he's okay after leaving in a hurry...

He was in such a hurry that he forgot to close his door all the way, causing it to fall open just enough to let you peek. His shirt’s thrown on the floor, gym shorts pushed down to the middle of his thighs. 

You watch, frozen in place, as he flicks his thumb over the head of his cock. He peers at the precome for a second before he pops his thumb into his mouth, whimpering a little at the fact he just tasted himself. He teases for a moment, trailing his fingers up and down his cock before he circles his metal hand around it. The low moan he looses when he strokes is enough to have your knees buckling. He fucks himself with his fist slowly, drawing out the sensations as his hips roll in a dirty grind. 

You watch quietly, ignoring the throbbing between your legs as he works himself into a babbling mess. “Fuck,” he draws the word out, head tossed back into the mattress as his thighs start to shake. His body gets taut the closer he gets to finding his end, and just when you think he’s going to let go, he drops his hand, clenching the sheets as he whines loudly. 

You think he wants to draw it out even longer, postpone his orgasm until he can’t take it. But, he starts to drag his shorts back up to his waist, hissing quietly when his knuckles brush against his sensitive flesh. He sighs, nearly resigned, tucking his hands behind his head as he situates himself comfortably across his bed. In minutes, his eyes slip shut, erratic breathing evened out. You slip away just as quietly as you came, mind swirling with way too many questions to handle.

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rolling with the idea of the marquet getaway being their secret honeymoon, percy trying to calm vex down after the Shenanigans between vax and tary that ruined their room and belongings and him trying to save the first night after they've relocated to their new room?

I may come back to this later and get a little more, ahem, involved, but for now…

It takes both of them some time to calm down after the runaway prank war, especially Percy, who’s not quite as ready to forgive Tary and forget as Vex is. But there’s also not much point in dwelling on unpleasantries, especially once they repair to their new room and Vex declares, “After all that…”

She pushes open a door inside their suite to reveal a small bathroom, one that’s mostly filled with a respectably sized tub. Vex looks over her shoulder at Percy.

“I think we both ought to freshen ourselves up, don’t you?” she finishes.

Percy pauses for a second, looking down at himself. He’d taken care not to step in anything…well, untoward…that the dogs had left behind, but after all the running about trying to solve the issue, and whatever might have gotten kicked up along the way, and who knows what else, there’s really only one reasonable reply. “You present a valid point.”

Vex sidles up while he tugs with distaste at his rumpled clothing. “Darling, that’s not the only one I was making.”


He looks up again to discover that Vex, standing very close now, is wearing a distinct smirk. Suddenly the urge to see her wearing nothing but is hard to resist. “We could share the bath,” she says archly. “Again.”

“Ah. That’s…yes, that’s a better point.”

“I thought so. I mean, this is supposed to be our getaway together. Seems appropriate.”

He actually blushes at that, at the implications they’ve been trying not to make in front of the others. Here, though, out of earshot… “That it most definitely is.”

She smiles, more softly this time. “Is that also why you asked for our replacement room to be a bit more private?”

“Well, for one thing, I wanted to be well away from the nonsense that just happened…but yes, in fact, it was.”

Vex, going up on tiptoes, almost brushes his lips with hers when she says, “Such a smart man I’ve married.”

Percy chuckles, feeling Vex’s fingers slide in alongside his to unfasten a button. “I did lock the door,” he tells her, trying to continue to be helpful. “So hopefully we won’t get any interruptions this time.”

“Oh, everyone has been well and thoroughly informed that we are not to be disturbed again tonight.”

“Have they now.”

“Oh, yes,” she says lightly, as she pushes his shirt off his shoulders. It lands in a puddle behind him, while her fingertips slide over and around his bare shoulders to begin drawing him closer. “I think we deserve the peace and quiet.”

“Peace, maybe.” Newly inspired, he leans in and murmurs in one ear, “I’m a little less interested in being quiet.”

Vex’s eyes brighten, and she gives him a very we’ll see about that sort of smirk as she tugs him into the room.

And he does try during the activities that follow not to add water damage to the list of things on their bill, but if they both get a little overenthusiastic, well…

It is a honeymoon, after all.


Modern Erik enjoys to go skiing because he can wear a ski mask and face the public without a single person even sparing him a passing glance. Christine regrettably tags along, as she is absolutely dreadful at it and Erik thinks to himself that she vaguely reminds him of a fawn feebly attempting to walk for the first time. Christine thinks it isn’t so bad after all because Erik, insisting only on the best, makes sure to book a reclusive room at the Solhyllan Lodge in Björkliden, Sweden; one of Europe’s finest luxury ski resorts. Christine knows he chooses this particular resort for her sake, as she jumps at any chance to once again be immersed in Swedish culture. She thinks to herself that a few tumbles were certainly worth the opportunity to be in her home country… And after all, Christine ponders, those tumbles do end with her in Erik’s sneakily strong, sure arms. How unpleasant could that truly be?

I’ll be something better yet

–Hey guys!  This is my first fic so I’m sorry if it’s god awful.  Kind of my idea for what could happen in 2x18.  The title is from All My Heroes by Bleachers–

The loft was dark as Magnus sat in his living room, head in his hands. His drink sat forgotten on the coffee table.  He’d had to summon a bottle from the Hunter’s Moon after he’d destroyed his own collection in his anger.  For hours he’d been reliving it all in his head:  learning that the Clave had lied, that Alexander had lied.

Magnus knew logically that Alexander was trying to be a good leader, to unite the Shadowhunters and the Downworld.  But he’d lied, and logic didn’t make that pain any lesser.  He’d trusted Alec.  Trusted him with his past, something he’d before only ever shared with Ragnor and Catarina.  Ragnor had been worthy of his trust all the way to his grave, and Magnus knew Catarina would be as well.  But Alec, he didn’t trust Magnus.  The thought made Magnus’s blood run cold.  How could he expect Alec to be worthy of his trust when Alec himself didn’t trust—

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BTS Reaction to there GF beging a Gamer

//So this is my first Reaction. I hope you enjoy and remember this is how I personally think they would react. Here we go!//


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Jin wouldn’t mind, as long as you didn’t play all day and night. He wouldn’t like it, especially if he was gone for a long time and couldn’t spend much time with you. He would tell you to stop for a couple of hours so he could cuddle with you. He would look after you and tell you to eat something else that junk food. “Come here and eat with me Jagiya”


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He wouldn’t mind it, as long as it weren’t bloody or killing games. He wouldn’t ask to play with you, and would just work when you were playing. Both of you would be in the same room, him working and you playing, and not saying a word. But it wouldn’t be uncomfortable and you two would stay awake for hours. At some time he would just turn the TV off and tell you to sleep. “Come. We should go to sleep”


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He would watch you from the coach, as you play your games. He would sometimes smile a little as he sees you immerse in it. When he needed you, he would just hug you and place his head at your shoulder. “Let’s go to sleep together”


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He would be surprised. You played games? Why didn’t he know? He would ask you a lot of questions and maybe even ask you to teach him how to play. He would be cool about it and sometimes play with you. When he had the feeling that you were playing too much he would start to dance in front of the TV. At first you would be mad, but after seeing him you would just laugh. “Dance with me”


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Tae would like it a lot. He would ask you to teach him how to play your favorite game and often watch you as you play and yell at the TV. Sometimes he could sit behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. When he needed your attencion he would just do ageyo. “Jagiya come and cuddle with me *does ageyo*”


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Jimin would be similar as Tae. He would like it, but at the same time wouldn’t. He wouldn’t like it, because he couldn’t spend much time with you. He would often say to you that you spend less time with him because of playing your games. “Jagiya can you please stop playing for a couple of hours?”


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Jungkook would love it! And I mean really love it. Finally he had someone with who he could play video games all day long. Beginning at home and play video games together would be something you two would do very often. “Y/n I just bought overwatch. How about we try it out?”

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SFW headcanons were the female reader and Wilford discovered they're going to be parents. Sorry, but since Dream Daddy I'm always imagining the Egos as dads! Also, hope you're feeling better and that the inspiration strikes back, I miss reading your work!

- You’d tell Wilford after he tries feeding you heaps of treats. Lavishing you in kisses, giving you all the affection and just making the moment as sweet as possible. 

-There was no occasion or reason to this affection other than to make you giggle. 

-But after some giggling and further sweet talk, the news just falls from your mouth. 

-Wilford tilts his head, continuing with your words. Thinking you were making a cute joke about him being a cute parent. 

-But when he realizes you weren’t jesting, he’d gasp and jump to his feet. Grabbing your hands and spinning you in circles about the room. 

-He’d laugh and hug you. Kissing your cheeks and lips, pure joy radiating off him. 

-But then he’d quickly calm down, asking if his excitement had hurt you or the baby. And scolding you for eating so much “junk” when you should be eating healthy and drinking water.

-But you’d just laugh and kiss him. Hugging him tight as he picks you up again and spins you around.

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Okay, I have an angst sentence thing. "Do not justify what you did to me by saying you love me" and either Otayuri or Victuuri (Please, I need all the angst I can get)

“Babe, please, just talk to me,” Otabek said as he stumbled to the couch.

“You were drinking again, weren’t you?” Yuri spit out.

“Just one drink, was a bad day,” Otabek slurred out.

“This was not just one drink!” Yuri said as he stood up and walked to the other side of the room, “You promised me you wouldn’t drink anymore… especially after the last time.”

“Are you still hung up on that?” Otabek said as he flopped on the couch and kicked his boots up on the coffee table.

Yuri just looked over at him. His face was drooping from alcohol, his speech was slurred and he could smell the rancid whiskey on his breath. Ever since he was forced to retire due to an injury, Otabek drank too much– too often.

“I can’t keep doing this. You drink all night and are hungover all day long!” Yuri yelled.

“Not like I have anything else to do,” Otabek shrugged.

“Do something else! DJ or work with music,” Yuri said.

“Are you really nagging at me again?” Otabek said and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m not nagging! I’m concerned.”

“Concerned? Why? You get to wake up and skate tomorrow,” Otabek growled at him.

“Don’t throw that in my face! Dammit, Beka!”

Yuri went to leave the room, he was fed up with the shit from Otabek the past few months. Drinking and guilting him as he could still skate. He could not stick around as Otabek wasted away under a bottle of whiskey. There was a grab at his wrist and Yuri spun and saw the drunken stare of Otabek piercing at him.

“Babe, I love you,” he said and crushed his mouth down on Yuri’s. All Yuri could taste was the sour whiskey.

Pushing Otabek away, Yuri wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Do not justify what you did to me by saying you love me”

“What have I done to you?” Otabek yelled.

“You keep drowning yourself in whiskey! I am not good enough for you to stay sober!”

Otabek signed, “Not this talk again… Yura, I love you.”

“You don’t love me enough… I can’t keep doing this!”

“Well don’t expect me to stop drinking any time soon.” Otabek said as he flopped back on the couch again.

“Then don’t expect me to stick around.”

Otabek waved him off as he laid on the couch to sleep the whiskey away. Yuri shook his head and went to cry in bed… alone.

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Babe, let me request #48 please? (/ω\)

I love this prompt to bits because, like, it’s such a flexible thingy? It has so much field to dig in and MAN ain’t I in for some ♥*-MINEDIGGING-*♥ – so yeah, galore with thy angst and get a grip on your nearest vodka bottle. 

Bakugou Katsuki was no friend of mistakes, misunderstanding or whatever the name one would have for it– but in that moment, he knew he had made a mistake.

A very big one.

He was now pacing all around his room, hands deep in his sweatpants’ pockets as he went around his dorm, his head shaking, rattling, telling him he had made the right choice– but man. wasn’t his heart crying inside his chest. The feeling of dread, regret and just… trying to imagine, without wanting to, how broken she had been after she was robbed of a wonderful night. It was all starting to eat him alive.

There was a pang in his heart that was, definitely, not going to survive this night. Uraraka had shown up at his dorm door, her hands shaking, unable to stop talking and beating around the bush. 

He had had to shush her with a glare and a twitching eye. “Uraraka, you’re making my head pound and you’ve been here for a fucking minute.”

Oh, right!” she seemed to remember that the point of her visit was, and he swore there was this spark in her eye flatering each second he glared at her. “Sorry, I didn’t intend to crash in this late, so uh.. I was wondering…”

He leaned a bit forward to get the sentence out of her spluttering mouth, but she was taking her sweet time. Something big must be bothering her if she’s such a mess in front of him, someone she would be unfazed by and, actually, was constantly headbutting for a make up with Deku.

Again, like hell making nice would cut it– but again, that was off topic. Her hands racked behind her head as she racked for words that would convince him to follow her plan. “Well, you see…” she trailed off for a moment before snap suddenly almost pouncing on him and what the fuck “there is this party at the town center that everybody is going to! But you need to get yourself a partner if you want to go in for free and– and I don’t really have much money to afford such expensive ball and–”

“Hold the fuck on, a ball?” she nodded, scared of what atrocities he’d bark at her at the notion of suits, dressing up, and snobs hogging him with questions about heroism. However, his response was rather surprising. “And why aren’t you asking Deku instead?”

That startled her, because in no universe would this be a coherent answer that Bakugou would give to a party invitation. It caught her off-guard. “It’s not him who I wanna go with, and– and promised Tsuyu he’d go with her, so… I was expecting to go with you!”

His side leant against the doorframe, eyes darting around as he searched for somewhere to look that wasn’t her, her eyes, the way her lips had that straberry gloss that must taste deliciously good against his or her rosy cheeks. Anything else than her would be fine as long as she didn’t murmur a word while he pondered the consequences of going to a ball with her.

It could either go incredibly well and end the night with her tucked in his chest or end horribly wrong with him screwing up badly– like he always did. And he had long ago accepted that they didn’t belong together, that having feelings for her was wrong, wrong, very very wrong and going to that damn ball wouldn’t help his turmoil. 

So he looked at her and all his doubts vanished. She wanted to go with him, right? Of course Uraraka was intelligent and would have known the risks of going with a explosive, aggresive and over the top man to a ball, who had more traits as a villain than a hero but was defying fate anyway. In a way, the thought of her overseeing his flaws came across as rather endearing.

But the fear didn’t go away. So when he nodded curtly and spat at her to get the hell out of his corridor, even if she smiled dashingly at him, the troubling feeling of something not being right throbbed and writhed inside of him.

And when there was only half an hour until they had to part to the ball, Bakugou still say by his window, pajamas on and his suit forgotten in a corner of his closet. His heart was tight in fear’s grasp, trembling with the thought of screwing the night up– of fucking er up, of marking her memories of what could be a great night on her own with a sour reminder of what his company was.

And when Kirishima came to knock on his door, fear had barked at him to go away. When his best friend demanded to see him, frightening curses flew towards his friend. His troubling thoughts, banging against the walls of his whole being fought to keep him at bay. But when Kirishima eventually left the door, his footsteps fading out, he felt no relief.

There was no pleasure on the way Bakugou punched the nearest wall and started cursing at his shitty feelings for gravity girl, screaming because she was the first one to actually give his heart a reson to beat, give his mind something to think of when days were gray, and have something to treasure.

He was no longer the same boy.

And he was torn between deeming it a good or a bad thing, still struggling to find the answer to his ever lasting war.

Were those shitty feelings there to hold him back? Where they there to lift him up?

Then, a sharp image of her crying came to his mind. He knew that everyone was still gathered down at the hall, and Kirishima was probably telling her the news. He still had time to dress up and run to her side, be a good friend– be a good date. The walls around him remained silent, and five minutes later, time dragging on, everything around him remained silent, as if chiding them menatlly for his rash decision.

And, much to his inner surprise, nobody came around. No one came to him to tell him off for being a jerk, and no angry Uraraka came to his door to beat the shit out of him, like he had expected. Would he have given up, though? Honestly, he didn’t know.

By this time, Bakugou knew everyone was away at the party, and he was glad that Uraraka had found the bravery to go there despite everyone going with a date. He also assumed that she had someone to pay the entrance for her. 

But then… why wasn’t that nauseous feeling going away? She was good to go now, she didn’t need him for anything. Why was the thought so unpleasant for him to fidget with?

Maybe… maybe this wasn’t her fault. Maybe it was his for being so goddamn stupid, for being a coward, for being afraid of facing her.

He stood up from his pity bed, removed all his pajamas and scrambled into his neat tuxedo, his hair a mess and his emotions all over the place– still, the thought of her smiling, her laughing in his arms, sweeping her off her feet… it all filled him with a bubbly feeling of cheer and enthusiasm, his fear all forgotten in the spur of the rise.

His heart was soaring.

So he ran.

He ran, as fast as his feet could carry him, he was flying in the midst of a crowded city, the city lights brushing past him and his blazer swaying in his pace, people staring at him as his sick smirk widened with the thought of her being only his for the night. He was determined to make things right.

For once, Bakugou was set on making her feel like the queen she deserved to be.

When he got to the palace at the center of the town, he could hear soft classical music soothing all his senses into a lulling tempation to just limp and sway with the rythm of the night. There was chatter in the air, people talking heatedly, and he was aware of some people commenting on how wrinkled his shirt was, or how his hair was disheveled– heck, some fans actually kind of squealed upon seeing him at the party.

Bakugou quickly paid for the invitation fee and made his way in, running in between dressed up women with lots of make up and overly extra dresses. He could already picture his princess in a simple, red gawn, smiling when she saw him and squirming in his strong hold.

Bakugou flew upstairs and crossed the threshold to see his people, all in the same area, some chatting and some dancing somewhere else. His crimsom, heated irises scanned the crowd to find her; where was that little thing with  red gawn and–

Uraraka came to view, dancing in the arms of another man, distant laughter filling his ears and the feeling of her in his arms twinkled to disappear as he stared at her, unbelieving– she was smiling in the arms of another boy, sharing experiences with another person that wasn’t him, and suddenly, it dawned on him that he had been too late to the party.

She had found somebody else to dance with. He wouldn’t be the one to sweep her off her feet. Suddenly, he was alone, and she wouldn’t need him anymore.

Frowning, head down and tie too suffocating, Bakugou turned around and left the party before it had even began for him. The void in his stomach only widened the more steps he took home

And in his walk to the dorm where he’d end up thinking what went wrong, all conclussions pointed to the fact that he had made a mistake.

A very big one.

Echoes. Bertholdt only caught one of their names and she’s the one making eyes at him: Maria, unfortunately. Her name could not have been more poorly suited to this situation and she doesn’t even know it.

[reibert week: reiner, no!]

Reiner’s been talking about blowing off steam for weeks.

At first, Bertholdt thought he meant doing the usual: sneaking a case of ale from the storehouse, drinking until they pass out, and wake up the next morning feeling sick, but all the better for it. That does the trick for most of the recruits, and often it’s how they celebrate the end of their exams. It’s how they’re celebrating tonight, packed like sardines into a rented room just off the training compound, passing bottles of sour beer and hushing each other to keep the landlord off their asses. Bertholdt thought that’s what they would be doing as well.

He didn’t think-

“I’ve set us up,” Reiner says with glee after giving Bertholdt a playful punch on the shoulder. “You can thank me later.”

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Oh joy. Just had to deal with an hour long meltdown from my anxiety-ridden youngest. We had a great night solving puzzles at the museum and swimming at the YMCA, but we had a fight because he refused to walk his dog then threw a paper at me. Which, yeah… I don’t deal well with acts of aggression, so I sent him to his room so we could both cool our tempers… where he promptly skyped his dad to complain about me… which led to his dad saying something about taking me to court so they could live with him.

Holy panic attack, Batman. Q freaked the fuck out about ten minutes after he hung up. He doesn’t even want to spend a weekend with his dad, let alone live with him. His dad is physically aggressive and short tempered and lacks predictable discipline strategies. He yells all the time. We’ve had conversations, the three of us, about how scared Q gets when my ex loses his temper, and how it makes him not ever want to visit. My ex is almost six feet tall, 350 pounds, and terrifying to my little 10 year old.


We talked, and I calmed him down, and Q decided he’s going to stop complaining to his dad and start writing in his journal instead. I told him that’s fine, though he could call Grandma too if he wanted to vent. Which, everyone vents about their parents, so it’s fine. I told him I’m not mad, and if he actually wants to live with his Dad, I would not be mad about that either. But he said the kid equivalent of hell no, and that was that.

Sheesh. Parenting.

A few things I’ve realized upon my re-listen to TAZ, specifically pertaining to Johan:

  • The first time Tres Horny Boys meet him, he feeds that composition to the Void Fish for effect, so that we, the audience, know what the Void Fish does.  However, as our boys are leaving the room, another Bureau member is bringing him Magic Brian’s information to be fed to the Void Fish.  Johan comments way back then, during this first meeting, that he hates this part of the job.
  • As Tres Horny Boys discover what happens to Boyland after his death, Johan admits that the idea of being erased from existence scares him.
  • As he is dying, Johan begs Magnus not to let them feed his information to the Void Fish.  He does not want to be forgotten.
  • The Void Fish released all of its knowledge to everyone, thereby ensuring that Johan’s music would never be forgotten.

The apartment felt cold.

Eunwoo walked from room to room, checking that all the windows were closed. They were. But then why did the place feel so cold?

He kept walking around the rooms even after he had ascertained there were no open windows for a draft to get in from. There was nothing to do. It was a fresh, clean Saturday afternoon, but all Eunwoo felt was bored. And cold.

Chapter 18 of Stray Romance is out!

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TL;DR: Jinwoo has worries, Minhyuk has hard feelings, Sanha has questions

Joe Sugg Prompt #5

1 and Joe Sugg please
ahah 1 & 47 with joe, please thanks xxx

“You can’t be serious!” You groaned going into Joe’s room “You ate all my fucking ice cream!” You said throwing the empty package of ice cream in his face

“Ouch, Y/N! I’m in the middle of a video” he said pointing at the camera and you quickly head over to him and put yourself in front of the camera “Joe Sugg is a sneaky lil ice cream rat!” You exclaimed and not long after that his arms where grabbed around your waist.

He pulled you down onto his lap and covered your mouth with his hand while the other kept you in place, you screamed but they came out as muffled and quite hysterical whimpers as you kicked around helplessly trying to break free.

“What did you said?” He asked you smirking as he took his hand away from your mouth
“You’re the worst roommate ever” you murmured standing up, as you walked away his hand quickly grabbed your wrist, stopping you from leaving.

“Oh earth angel, earth angel
Please be mine” he sang sweetly yet obnoxiously, you rolled your eyes

“Better luck next time,Satan” you sass leaving the room, even then you heard him laugh quite loudly.

Weeks later and after a lot of convincing you agreed to do the roommate tag with him, it was really fun honestly.

It became a little bit more interesting with the following question “Are you guys dating?” Both of you groaned before Joe started laughing nervously

“For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating” he was still laughing and soon you were too

“I mean I’m bi but…”
“Wait, WHAT?!” You scoffed at his surprise
“You didn’t know?” You asked chuckling at his obliviousness, but it wasn’t that big of a deal
“Do I look like I knew?” He raised a brow

“You look like my idiot roommate” before he could answer you turned to the camera “Nah, we’re not dating but to be honest he’s my type”


“Idiotic and deaf what a turn on, Sugg” you sass rolling your eyes, he didn’t said anything because he was still in shock.

Oh boy.

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Captain Singh taping a sign to Joes desk and Barry's lab door that just says "PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY" after mark mardon came into the CCPD to proclaim his everlasting love to Wally, who had been visiting Joe

YES. Joe takes a photo and puts it in the family groupchat. The only response he gets is a photo from Iris’ phone that’s just a shot of all of them in the living room of what must be a Rogues safe house watching The Get Down with the caption “lol what”