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Utakata Hanabi

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 1 : First Love


So I just realized that though I have read hundreds of fanfiction, I haven’t actually written one for this OTP of mine. This is my first SS fanfic, and also my first entry to SS month. I hope I still have some dignity left after this :) 

This story’s been stuck in my head for a while, and it’s nice that I’ve finally written the words down. So… here it is.

It’s also posted at FF :D 


Uchiha Sasuke started to regret why he said yes to his teammates’ invitation to dinner until Yamanaka Ino did something that made him think otherwise.

After team 7’s mission that day – a day before the summer festival, both Naruto and Sakura urged him to join with the rest of their age group to dinner at a new restaurant. He insisted on staying home, but he couldn’t say no to pleading eyes greener than the fields in spring. Thus, he found himself surrounded with his peers.  

“Come on, forehead! Sing for us!” Ino shouted from the karaoke machine and pointed at Sakura using the mic.

Sasuke looked at the woman beside him whose cheeks burned bright red. “W-What are you talking about Ino?!”

“Sakura-chan can sing?” Naruto pondered out loud. Everyone turned to the pink-haired kunoichi, who started sinking in her seat – all the while glaring at her best friend. Right then and there she wished that the ground would just swallow her whole.

Ino smiled deviously. “Have you guys watched the movie Utakata Hanabi?”

“It was that super popular movie back then, right?” Tenten answered.

Kiba added, “That movie was sappy, but still good though. Heard it made millions.”

“Why haven’t I watched it then?” Naruto demanded. Hinata gave him a timid smile before answering. “It was back when you left the village to train with Jiraiya-sama, Naruto-kun.”

“And you guys know of its theme song, right?” As soon as Ino said those words, Sakura bolted from her seat and tried to cover her mouth. But her dear best friend quickly released the secret before she could kill her.

“It was sung by a singer named Cherry. That Cherry is actually Sakura!”

“Ino!” Sakura screamed while the blonde just gave her a peace sign. When she turned around to look at her friends, all of them looked at her with eyes wide.


“Why didn’t you tell us, Sakura-chan?” Naruto wailed.

“I think she wants to keep it a secret, Naruto. Though it is obviously not a secret anymore,” Shino responded.

“How troublesome, Ino.” Shikamaru remarked.

“Ne,” Chouji ate some barbecue before continuing, “I think you owe Sakura big time, Ino.”

“It is time to let your youthfulness show, Sakura-san! Sing for us!” Lee exclaimed with his usual passionate voice.

“Don’t humiliate yourself,” Sai stated while giving her a smile.

“Sakura! Sakura! Sakura!” All of them started to chant. Her eyes wandered to Sasuke, who kept silent throughout the entire time of her ordeal. He returned the gesture, and for a few precious seconds their eyes meet once again. Sasuke gave her a nod – and it was enough for the butterflies in her stomach to take flight.

With a defeated sigh, she grabbed the mic form Ino. “Fine. Let’s just get this over with.”

Ino immediately punched the numbers in, before Sakura could change her mind. As the opening notes started, everyone kept quiet, eager to listen. She could feel a certain pair of onyx orbs watching her, and a small smile formed on her lips.

I was thinking of him back then when I sang this. I guess it’s time to sing it in front of you, Sasuke-kun.

With a quick release of breath, Sakura started to sing her heart out.

Afureru hito de nigiwau hachigatsu matsu no omatsuri
Yukata wo kite geta mo haite
Karan koron oto wo tateru
Fui ni agatta hanabi wo futari de miageta toki
Muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo
Sotto nusumi mita no

Kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii no ni
Kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto
Mata omoidashite shimau yo

Konna kimochi shiranakya yokatta
Mou nidoto aeru koto mo nai no ni
Aitai… Aitainda
Ima demo omou kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi wo

To say that Sasuke was surprised is an understatement, but he didn’t let it show. Sakura usually just hummed while they were waiting for Naruto and Kakashi back in their genin days. He didn’t know about this talent of hers, but he was pleased.

Sukoshi tsukarete futari michibata ni koshikake tara
Tooku kikoeru ohayashi no ne hyururira nari hibiku
Yozora ni saita ookina ookina nishiki kamuro
Mou sukoshi de natsu ga owaru
Futto setsunaku naru…

Sakasama no haato ga uchi agatteta
Ahaha tte warai atte
Suki da yo tte kisu wo shita

Mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu
Konna ni mo kanashikute
Doushite deatte shimattandarou
Me wo tojireba
Ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de

Sakura remembered the time when the producer of the movie offered her to sing the main song of his movie. He heard her sing while she was helping out in the hospital and she immediately refused. The song was beautiful, but it reminded her of her beloved Sasuke.

But he intended to help with the finances of the hospital if she said yes. With a little push from Tsunade, Shizune, and Ino – she finally gave in.

Amai toiki binetsu wo
Obiru watashi wa kimi ni koishita
Sono koe ni
Ah… Sono hitomi ni kizukeba toki wa
Sugi satteku no ni
Mada kimi no omokage wo sagashite

Once more, her eyes locked with Sasuke’s. Can you feel it, Sasuke-kun? I sang this for you, Sakura thought. She closed her eyes as she sang the last chorus, still very much aware of his stare.

Hitorikiri de miageru hanabi ni
Kokoro ga chikuri to shita
Mou sugu sugi no kisetsu ga
Yatte kuru yo
Kimi to miteta utakata hanabi
Ima demo omou
Ano natsu no hi wo

When Sakura opened her eyes, she saw everyone looking at her. Naruto with his mouth hanging open, Ino smiling like the little devil that she is, while Sasuke… she didn’t know what was in his thoughts now.

“That was great, Sakura-chan! Like a real idol!” Naruto proclaimed, giving her a thumbs-up sign. Everyone started to clap, and she felt the blush forming. When she glanced at Sasuke, her heart leaped when she saw the smallest of smiles from him. One that somewhat showed that he was proud of her.

She had little time to dwell in her happiness, for Ino immediately requested another song. She thanked her lucky stars when a ninja suddenly appeared, requesting her presence in the hospital immediately. She ran off, somewhat thankful she dodged another round of singing and probably loads of questions.

But then she remembered that they were all going to the festival together tomorrow night.


The emergency lasted until morning, and she immediately went home to replenish her chakra levels. Sakura woke up from her sleep in the late afternoon, feeling well-rested. After taking a bath, she made tea and started reading the reports of her trainees in the hospital.

Her doorbell rang, and as she approached the door, she felt his chakra.


He looked elegant in his kimono, Sakura mused. When he just gave her a look, alarms went off in her head.

The festival!

“Uwaah Sasuke-kun gomenasai! I’ll get ready quickly!” She let him in before dashing to her room.

After a few minutes, Haruno Mebuki came to visit her in her apartment. Sakura was grateful for her mother’s great timing. With her help, she was able to get everything done early.  She and Sasuke left and headed to the festival grounds together.

“I’m sorry again for making you wait, Sasuke-kun. The festival just slipped from my mind!”

The Uchiha nodded. “You were tired. It’s okay, Sakura.”

She just gave him a teasing smile. “It sucks that you lost the bet against Naruto, huh? Now you have to attend the festival with him and the rest of us.”


When they came to the meeting place, not one of their friends were there.

“I think they left us because of my lateness,” Sakura sulked.

“Tch. That dobe.”

She turned towards him, a bit bashful. “Since we’re already here, let’s just enjoy the festival, Sasuke-kun!”

He found himself lost in her eyes once again. It’s becoming a common occurrence, now that he thought about it. Though he had the chance to leave, something inside him pushed him to say “Okay.”

When she gave him one of her brightest smiles, he felt like the luckiest man alive.


Surprisingly, they didn’t bump into Naruto and the others throughout the night. None of them minded though – both much content of each other’s warm presence. When it was time for the fireworks, they found a spot to stay for a while.

While waiting for the display of lights, Sasuke found himself blurting out, “You have a beautiful voice, Sakura.”

Her face turned as red as her kimono at his compliment. “T-Thanks, Sasuke-kun. I guess my secret is not a secret anymore, huh?”

“Why did you keep it, then?”

She looked up towards the night sky. “I just thought that it was unnecessary?”

A few moments of silence passed, when Sasuke surprisingly broke it. “Back in the academy, I heard a girl singing in the fields… picking flowers. The wind blew some of those flowers away, and I helped her get it.”

Sakura’s eyes went wide. That… that was the first time they talked.

The time when she started to love him.

“That memory… just came to my mind when you sang. Then I remembered… she was you.”

The first fireworks brightened up the night sky, but the two Konoha shinobi didn’t notice. They were busy looking into each other’s eyes once again. Sakura can’t believe it; he actually remembered the memory closest to her heart. She recalled that after that sweet encounter, she immediately ran off to find Ino and the other kids.

Listen up, everyone! I’m in love! Who do you think it is?

Her eyes started to glaze over. Whether it was from happiness or shock, she couldn’t tell.

Sasuke was reminded once again of Sakura’s love for him. He still found it surreal, though. How could someone still love him after all those years? After all he’s done? But Sakura’s love just shone like a beacon of light through it all – guiding him. Slowly, he reached out to hold her hand. “Sakura… arigatou.”

He couldn’t say the three words yet, but he hoped Sakura understands. She did though, ever since.

Uchiha Sasuke will always be Haruno Sakura’s first love. And she is certain it is the kind of love that will never waver despite all the circumstances. It’s a love that will bind them together – their red string of fate. Sasuke couldn’t be more thankful to have that kind of love. He knew that in this lifetime or the next… or even in another dimension, it will always be her for him. He will always be for her. 

The fireworks in the sky continued to shine, but it goes away as quickly as it came. The fireworks couldn’t represent their love. Their’s is more of a small, steady flame. 

Gaining strength, staying strong, one that will grow into something bigger.

Their love will continue to shine, always and forever.

*MY* Top 10 Animated Halloween Movies


- This may not fit under the “Halloween movie” category that well, but trust me when I say this: The dark elements in this film pretty much has Halloween in it. If you’ve seen this movie and understand what I’m talking about, that’s great; if you haven’t see this movie and don’t understand what I’m talking about, I recommend that you pick this up sometime- you’ll be surprised. With death, decade, and destruction everywhere, “9” has a spot in the Halloween category…just pretty low in it.


- Even though the characters in this movie are either oblivious idiots, total morons, or unlikable assholes, “Monster House” is, indeed, a Halloween movie. The story of an angered woman’s soul possessing her and her husband’s house, and attacking anyone who isn’t her husband comes near is an unique idea. But my god, why make the characters so unlikable? Well, apart from the main character, who actually TRIES to be likable; same thing goes for the main female role. But regardless, this movie is an okay Halloween treat. I’m one for Halloween movies any day, even if the characters are stupid. It’s quirky, fun, and stupidly silly: “Monster House” is a win for Halloween! :)


- I really like this movie. It’s fast-paced, energized, and knows exactly how to keep us (the audience) entertained. I’ve put it a little low on this list, because it wasn’t really what I was expecting. After viewing the first trailer, I expected a simple Halloween comedy with Dracula and his other monster friends. But instead, after finally watching the movie, that it’s just exactly that, but with an additional Romeo & Juliet with Dracula’s daughter and this human boy about her age, and a whole “Humans are bad” plot. Regardless, I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO DEATH! But again, it wasn’t what I was expecting. But you know what? I still love it; it’s okay to have these two additions. Heck, the more I thought about it, the more it kinda made sense to add-in the additional plots. It’s still a *new* classic Halloween film, but with something new to it. And that’s what’s great about it. So, keep in mind, I DO NOT hate this movie. I love it! :)


- Yes, I know that some of you are probably wondering how THIS could top number 8 and how THIS isn’t counted as a “movie”, but more as a “special”. Well, to be fair, it’s closer to Halloween. That, and it’s in full-length time as a movie would. Regardless, this is still a classic for Halloween. I remember watching this every Halloween, on Cartoon Network, when I was younger; I LOVED this to DEATH! This was my favorite Halloween special of all-time. Just like “Hotel Transylvania”, “Scary Godmother” has the whole “these people are bad, but we’re mistaken, and turns out they are actually good” message, but they do it differently. In “Hotel Transylvania”, Dracula would get rid of his problems by any means necessary; here, Hannah, the main character, FACES her problems and fears. I’m NOT dissing on “Hotel Transylvania”- It’s one of my FAVORITES- but I do feel like “Scary Godmother” is more of a classic. They’re both on the same level, but I just felt like “Scary Godmother” had more Halloween flair. It was a hard decision in placing these two films- they’re both that great!


- To be honest, I mostly see this film as a romance movie. But, hey, it’s a Tim *fucking* Burton movie!!!! Aside the whole wedding plot, “Corpse Bride” DOES deliver some Halloween elements, just like “9”- may not be completely Halloween, but has some darkness in it that makes it fit. The good majority of this film takes place in the “Land of the Dead”, and to top it all off, a MURDER plot. I see this as both a Valentine’s Day AND Halloween movie; I’ll be sure to add this movie in my “Top 14 Valentine’s Day Movies”. But for now, let’s focus on Halloween. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but “Corpse Bride” has a good majority of Halloween in it, making it a decent place on this list.


- I don’t care if this is one of the Disney movies that is hated. I don’t care if this is one of the lesser-known Disney films. I looked it up, and it’s a safe guarantee that THIS fits for Halloween. I use to watch this movie as a kid, and it scared me. After watching it again, I can see why this is a Halloween movie. It’s centered around some dark fantasy, and above all, the music and visuals are pretty interesting and full of fright. There’s nothing really worth mentioning besides that. I fell in love with this movie after viewing it after all these years, and I just had to put it in the top 5. I don’t care if you disagree with me; this movie will always be a good one for an animated Halloween movie, if you’re looking for some dark fantasy and violence. ;)


- Tim *fucking* Burton’s latest stop-motioned film, and certainly not his last (Tim Burton’s stop-motioned version of The Addams Family has been confirmed.) “Frankenweenie” was one of his most classics when the original was released. After bringing it to life once again- this time in stop-motion- it worked once again. Though it’s not as popular as Jack Skellington's performance in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Victor Frankenstein delivers ghoulish fun and heart-warming moments as well. This may have to be the first modern stop-motioned film- in 3-D, no less! It’s very fun, heart-warming, and with good child-friendly horror elements; “Frankenweenie” is a good Halloween treat! 


- A lot of people are probably wanting this to be number one on this list, considering how it’s the most obsessive film that Laika has released; their first one, too, no doubt. Now THAT’S impressive! “Coraline” is basically about an 11-year-old girl escaping an alternative version of her own world, after wishing for a better life. The Other World turns out to be EVIL, and her Other Mother tires to replace her real eyes with buttons. At first, the film seems child-friendly, until we get to the 2nd act, and figure out that it begins to take a very dark turn. With a very creative and dark plot, “Coraline” takes number three! 


- Here’s why this film hits number two on this list: WITCHES, GHOSTS, AND ZOMBIES!!!!! “ParaNorman” is pretty much a stop-motioned version of “The 6th Sense”- another movie about a boy who can speak to the dead. This quirky, child-friendly film with MANY adult jokes and themes now only has many Halloween elements, but it also has a strong message: Bullying. It teaches us how we shouldn’t judge people, just be cause they’re different. It also teaches us how it’s okay to be scared, as long as it doesn’t change who we are. The messages is so strong, that it hits high on the list. Laika’s life messages are awesome, and what they’ve done with this ghoulish film has made them seem a little more mature. Again, with dark touches, hysterical humor, and touching, heart-warming messages, “ParaNorman” will always be my runner-up.

And now, my number 1 best animated Halloween movie IS…..



- All of you probably saw this one coming. I can’t blame you. When it comes to Tim *fucking* Burton, I’m a sucker for his work. This film not only focuses on Halloween, but also mainly focuses on Christmas. Which, by the way, I must add onto my “Top 10 Christmas” list. It pretty much puts Halloween in the center of Christmas, scaring people shitless! Even though this is mostly seen as a Christmas movie, there’s no doubt that this is a good Halloween treat! And I’m going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida next week, so this film is getting me pumped for that! :) I’ve always LOVED this movie, and it’ll always be my number one for both Halloween and Christmas. But mostly Halloween. 

Thank you,


and like let me clarify here specifically what I mean
I have THOUGHT about this this isn’t just me talking out of my ass
what makes 1989 just BETTER is that
it’s so incredibly stand alone and so incredibly different
and at the exact same time it’s like this old Taylor???
it’s taking something brand new and sewing it together with old threads which I think she was toying with on Red when she made WANEGBT and 22 and IKYWT
I think at that point she in the mindset of just SOMETHING BRAND NEW, but of course she had to throw in some of the old stuff
which if you’re asking me
is why Red has weak points
because it was BRAND NEW SHIT!! and then off on the side some old shit as well
after she sat with it for a while she finally figured out how to combine them instead of separating them and creating a hodgepodge
she came out with straight GOLD LMAO
I MEAN IT’S LIKE EVERYTHING CAME INTO DAMN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!