after about 7 months

Since I’m too excited to wait until it’s healed to share a picture, here’s my other tattoo that I got yesterday! Since I’m leaving Japan in about a month after 7 years of my life spent in this country, I decided to get a memorial piece done. I combined my desire for a Japan inspired tattoo with a cat tattoo, so I requested Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service done with some Japanese traditional prints and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Painful but worth it! 💕 I’m going to miss this place.

More Youtube!Percico Headcanons

-Fans requested Percy and Nico to read dirty fanfiction about them together. It was the most awkward thing either of them had ever done.

-After about 7 months, Percy announced his lease was up on his apartment and since Nico was moving out of his house around the same time, they agreed to move in together. The fans went nuts over the thought of Percico living together.

-Nico traveled with Percy on most trips. Vidcon and other Youtube meet-ups/conventions happened often so Percy decided to take Nico with him.

-Imagine Percy and Nico playing around with snapchat filters together.

-After been together for two years, Percy finally proposed to Nico. When it was “causally” (because Percy was just too happy and excited but didn’t want to look crazy) announced Percico was getting married… the internet blew up.

More Than Words

Hey :) could you do a Ricky Horror imagine, one where I have have been friends with motionless in white for about 7 months after mutual friends introduced us and Ricky has feelings for me but is to scared to tell me and one night me and all of the guys and their girlfriends are hanging out at Rickys place and their all dropping hints about Ricky liking me and then they all make a excuse 2 leave and its just me and Ricky so we watch a movie and we start to cuddle and he tells me his feelings 4 me

I’ve been sitting in my car for a solid 10 minutes, my bottom lip between my teeth and a small smile tracing along my face. I can see the lights are on and through the window I can see a few people, Kylie, Devin, Balz and Ryan. I know the others are somewhere else throughout the house as well.

Finally I gather up enough courage to turn off my car and get out. I smooth down my hair and shirt quickly as I go up the driveway to the door, knocking on the wood and then waiting patiently.

The one person to answer the door was none other than Ricky. I smile at him, a light blush on my cheeks.

“Y/N! Glad you could make it. Come on in!” Ricky says in an exaggerated tone of voice, making myself giggle.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” I reply back in my best attempt at a posh English accent, stepping into his house.

Immediately I can spot everyone else, all sitting in the living room with some sort of drink in hand and snacks on the table in the middle.

“Finally she’s here!” Chris cries out in mock exasperation, a grin on his face.

I simply shrug my shoulders, taking a seat on a pile of blankets as all the chairs are taken. Ricky goes to sit on the empty space on the couch, but Balz scoots over in the way. Ricky then goes to sit on a different spot, and again someone takes it before he can sit down. I can’t help but laugh to myself at the situation. Chris gives Ricky a pointed look, an amused grin on his face, and then Ricky sits by me on the floor. I swear, I could see a faint blush on his cheeks as well.

It starts to rain right then, but it’s just a light drizzle so far. Throughout the night, Chris, Ryan, Balz and Devin kept making comments towards Ricky, doing weird hand motions and giving him looks but I was oblivious to the glances being thrown my way as well with smirks on everyone’s faces. Even Kylie and Ryan were giggling to themselves, whispering unknowns.

Suddenly lightning flashes and thunder books through the night, the lights flickering for a second before going back to normal.

“Well we are going to leave before the storm gets any worse.” Balz says, him and Ryan getting up from their spots on the couch.

“We’re gonna hit the road as well.” Devin says, him and Kylie following them out the door. I look around, seeing as it’s only Ricky, Chris and I left. Ryan must have left without saying anything.

“I might as well leave too. Don’t get to crazy when we’re gone.” Chris teases, but I don’t know what he’s getting at.

“What do you-” I start to say, but he interrupts me as he opens the door, “Bye!” And then he’s gone.

“Since everyone else is leaving, I guess that’s my cue to go as well then.” I say, a bit reluctantly though. I didn’t want to leave, I kind of wanted to be alone with Ricky.

“Um, actually why don’t you just stay here tonight?” Ricky says, but I can see a faint blush on his cheeks, “So you don’t have to drive through the storm, of course.” He stammers out the last bit.

I smile slightly, nodding my head with my own blush on my cheeks, “Sure, of course. Could we maybe watch a movie then?”

“Of course. If you want, I think I have a pair of clean clothes in my room you can borrow for tonight. If, you know, you want something else to wear.” Ricky again stammers out.

I smile gratefully, “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. Thank you.”

I don’t see it, but as I’m walking down the hall to go change Ricky is grinning ear to ear, muttering something under his breath but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I get to his room, sliding off my jeans and trading them out for a pair of his sweatpants I find sitting on his bed. They hang low on my hips, but I don’t mind. I leaving my hoodie on, but take off my t-shirt so I just have a tank top on underneath. I also take my hair out of its bun I managed to throw it up in last minute, having my hair fall past my shoulders slightly messy.

Satisfied with my comfort level, I walk back out to the living room, seeing Ricky already put the movie in and was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

He smiles at me appearance, and we don’t say anything as I take a seat next to him on the couch. I sat closer than necessary, but I knew neither of us would complain. The movie starts to play and I notice it’s a horror movie, one of my favorites but it still can scare me no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

The lights are dimmed, and the storm is raging about outside. A scary part comes on, and just as someone is about to be killed thunder shakes the entire house and the lights flicker once again, causing me to jump closer to Ricky. I didn’t know he was resting his arm over the back of the couch, so when I jumped closer to him I guess I startled him a bit and he dropped his arm over my shoulders. I saw him blush lightly, and I’m sure I was as well, but before he could move again I took a risk and cuddled closer to him, wrapping my arms around my own body and resting my head on his shoulder. I could almost hear his heart pounding, and instead of moving he holds me closer to him, keeping one arm around my shoulders and hand holding my own.

“I like this..” I mutter out loud, unintentionally. I knew he heard me, and it only causes my blush to grow.

“Me too. I’ve… I’ve actually been meaning to tell you something.” Ricky says, and I can sense his nervousness in his tone.

“What is it?” I ask, although I could already kind of tell what he was getting at.

He’s silent for a moment then, as if figuring out what to say. And when he does start to talk again, I can’t help but smile to myself.

“I want to be able to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, cuddle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever and kiss you whenever I want. Every day. Meeting you was fate, being your friend was choice, but… But falling in love with you was completely beyond my control, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

I don’t look up at him as I talk next, knowing if I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his I’d completely forget what I would say.

“Before I met you, I never knew what it would be like to smile for no reason. When I’m with you, I’m happy. When we hug it’s like I don’t ever want to let go, and when you make me smile it seems to bring out the sunshine in me. When I see you and our eyes meet, it’s like something I’ve never felt before.”

It is only then I look up at Ricky, a shy smile on my lips, but when I see him my smile grows, and as does his.

We don’t need to say anything to let each other know we love them. Because that shows in the words we say and the actions we do. I know we’ve handed each other our hearts in our words, and I vow not to break his as I know he won’t break mine.

Because our love is more than words. It is the silent nights with the rain drizzling on the window pane. It is quiet mornings, a coffee our hands and his arms around my waist. It is rough nights, where I hold him and reassure that everything is alright because I know he’d do the same to me.

It is a love that doesn’t need to be proved, because we already know.

anonymous asked:

i was in love with this guy for 3 years and i waited through his 2 year relationship and even months after, and then we started talking more and we talked for 7 months and i always asked if something real was going to come of it and he always told me yes but after 7 months, for about a week he started acting different and i asked him about it and he said "i didn't want you to get stuck on me" and ever since then i can't shake the fact that i wasn't good enough. my heart is shattered.

what a fckin asshole? just that statement ‘didnt want to get stuck one me’ what an arrogant asshole. no shit, no one needs someone that says stuff like that. your better of without him trust 💖 💖 💖 

roadhog is trans, he and junkrat don’t use protection during sex bc they both think they’re sterile

zenyatta is the one who lets them know that roadhog is pregnant after scanning them during a battle

after talking about it for a long time and asking mercy about the risks re both of them having been irradiated, they decide not to abort and just see how it goes (with mercy closely monitoring the health of the fetus, of course)

the baby decides she wants out after about 7 months and roadhog accidentally breaks junkrat’s mechanical arm during labor (but it’s okay because he has a ton of backups)

she has a few extra fingers and faintly glowing eyes but after spending a few days in an incubator she’s perfectly healthy and they get to take her home to their rooms

junkrat wants to name her “something cool like Killer” and roadhog considers breaking his other mechanical arms while making sure his boyfriend knows their daughter isn’t a dog

What it would be like dating Bruce.

12 days of imagines day: 5


  • “Bruce, you won’t hurt me.”
  • Bruce treating you very fragile
  • Bruce being able to have sex but being scared that he will hurt you.
  • Bruce wanting to be lazy all day sometimes and you wanting to go out,
  • You can be lazy but i’m going to the book store!”
  • You and bruce getting kicked out of the bookstore for making out in an isle.
  • Rarely fighting.
  • When you fight, You get scared that bruce will turn.
  • bruce calling you kitten ALWAYS.
  • Cute ass coffee dates with bruce.
  • “Brucieeeeeeee!” “Kittennnnnnn!”
  • Snuggles(:
  • bruce proposing in the cheesiest way and forgetting what he was going to say so you say Yes for him.
  • small wedding with all the avengers.
  • You and Bruce adopting.
  • Bruce freaking out when you find out your pregnant about 7 months after you bring the adopted kid home.
  • You balancing food plates and books on your belly.
  • ‘No, no no! be careful, Y/n!”
  • Bruce not letting you alone with tony when you’re pregnant because he thinks tony will either accidently hurt you or convince you to turn your baby into a science experiment.
  • You and bruce ice skating every winter.
  • bruce falling, lots.
  • helping bruce’s anxiety and he helps yours.
  • “I’m here, Kitten. i won’t let anyone or anything ever hurt you.”
  • “Brucie, It’s okay. Look at me. Count 1-2-3. C’mon.”
  • Having cute photography sessions with bruce.
  • Him always taking you on picnics.
  • Bruce having bad anxiety over becoming a dad.
  • “Bruce. Your not your dad.”
  • Being a bit jealous of nat but being good friends with her..
  • becoming the only person who can make bruce turn back.
  • Bruce being the hulk during a mission and Steve and tony running to him to tell him your in labor.
  • bruce about to hurt Tony but Steve tells bruce the news and he quickly changes back.
  • You having complications and being alone for most of the delivery.
  • The baby being very premature and bruce being too scared to hold it for awhile.
  • Movie marathons with the kids.
  • bruce and you buying a cottage to take the kids to when he has to lay low and being in the country.
  • Campfires and roasting marshmallows.
  • Bruce being a complete family-man.
  • Your daughter being in love with bruce.

7 days ago I started counting calories again after about 4 months or not doing it. I had gained ten lbs in 3 months and did NOT realize all the little things I was eating that added up…
Half pint of ice cream a couple times a week, eating all the chips I want instead of counting out a serving, keeping snacks at my desk to munch on, chocolate… SO much chocolate 😳

It’s been eye opening and I feel really good about it. I’ve decided to only weigh myself on Mondays so I don’t get too caught up in the fluctuation… so I weighed by self this morning and I am down three pounds since last Monday :) 🎊

Picture unrelated idk…

Found out recently that many things regarding my trasition has been changed.
Mostly dates have been moved around alot and my shrink is sending annoyed emails all over the place to get things on track.

1. I was supposed to have a meeting with my endocronologist 3 months after starting hrt to update dosage based on values to get full effect. I finally got my appointment… 7 months after start is when I see him.

2. Logoped (voice training)
Was told I would get started in february ny the very person who would be my coach.
Silence so far.

3. Surgical consultation.
Was supposed to be after about 5 months from when the evaluation was over. 7 months next week… not a peep so far.

These things generate horrendous amounts of anxiety and with out the support from my gf I don’t think I would be able to function.

Sure there are probably valud reasons for all this, but at least contact me to give me these reasons instead of öeaving me in the dark silence!

some mark and cee headcanons 

  • cee and mark have broken up 8 times since they got together in 2006, the longest was for 7 months and the shortest was 4 hours
  • after about the third time it happened, cee made mark write out a list of all the friend that had in common that he had slept with so there was no more awkward moments
  • cee constantly changes marks ringtone to songs like hollaback girl and hips dont lie
  • if she’s drunk enough, after a night out cecelia will sit on the floor and refuse to get up until mark agrees to carry her home
  • mark’s phone is full of videos of cee sitting at her desk singing along to whatever she’s listening to, too loudly, from her earphones (celia can’t sing, but this is worse)
  • they’re car sex experts 
  • they’re anywhere sex experts 
  • mark: im really busy. cee: annoying mode activated 
  • *Spooning? More like let’s see how much “accidental” booty wiggling it takes to get him hard.*
  • as ridiculous as they are, mark is about the only person who can stop cecelia having a panic attack, usually just by being there
  • since meeting in 2004, cecelia has slapped mark a total of 47 times

I won’t have wifi on the17th for #NoShameDay so I’m going ahead and posting now.

I’ve had Crohn’s since I was 8, I was diagnosed after about 7-8 months in various hospitals, after doctors kept mid diagnosing and almost killed me they finally gave up locally and had me sent by ambulance to Columbus Children’s. There after scopes I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s. That was my 4th grade year. I’m now 17 (I turn 18 on June 6) and it’s my Senior Year of Highschool (12th grade). I’ve had numerous fistulas, abscesses, umbilical hernia, arthritis, endometriosis (I stared my period the same day as my first remicade infusion! Funny story!)

I’m now tube fed because of the severity of inflammation, which here in the near future will hopefully be taken care of with my upcoming surgery. I’m looking at a bowel resection and ileostomy. I’ve been homeschooled since my junior year due to my illness. On good days I can get up and walk around a bit, I crochet and take care of my gecko. On bad days I won’t leave the bed or couch because of the pain, except I leave long enough to use the bathroom. If I go outside the house it’s not without a cane or wheel chair because of the joint pain and pain in my gut which increases as I move. I try to stay positive about everything. And I’m super excited for my surgeries oddly enough because I know it will give me back some of my life. :) I’m not ashamed of my illnesses and disability.

Again sorry for posting this early, but I won’t be in town this weekend :) I get to go places!

Niall: * stays off about zayns topic for about 7 months*

         * Follows fan after she asks him if hes grateful 4 zayn*

         * follows zayn both in niazkilam and zayn*

* was in Australia for sports stuff but got to L.A a day before Zayns bday and stayed there for days*

       * understands Zayns reasons of leaving better than anyone will ever*

       * loves and craves Zayn* 

Someone: So zialls dead right?


The closet door closes...

I recently saw a video (I don’t have a link, I don’t know where it came from) of the boys outside a photo shoot on 8 August 2011.

These “bulletproof weeks” are my favorite era, because I think it was the last time we saw them truly relaxed and natural. Here are a couple of screen caps from the video. They know they are being filmed:

(It’s possible they are holding hands here, or Harry is fixing his pants, but regardless, Louis’ hand placement is my favorite)

The natural body language makes me weak.

I saw a gifset today of the Detroit 95.5FM Meet & Greet on 26 February 2012 and it really drove home just how quickly their world changed and how much Louis, especially, struggled with that in early 2012 as they did their promo tour in America.

This meet & greet was about 7 months after the photo shoot video in August 2011. Louis hovers near Harry, reaching out to grab his arm at one point, and Harry senses his discomfort and rubs Louis’ back.

It hit me…this was only their second meet & greet at a radio station in America. They didn’t do meet & greets like this on the first leg of the UAN tour in the UK. They had done book signings and met fans backstage, but not quite like this. This was also the first meet & greet like this where there was video allowed. 

So consider 8 August 2011, when they were 2 weeks into promo for an album that came out in November and hadn’t even released a single in the UK, let alone signed a contract for U.S. distribution. 

And then consider their behavior as they began their promo tour in America at the end of February 2012.

They’d been thrust into this whirlwind promo tour that was, in Louis’ own words, “relentless” with an entirely new set of rules that only applied to Harry and Louis. They had likely been told not to interact as they had before in front of these new American fans and Louis was floundering a bit, struggling against his natural instincts, which is to reach out for Harry when he’s feeling unsure.

And then March 2012 happened.

The effects of this on their relationship must have been profound. But they didn’t back down. They still haven’t. They’ve worked so hard to counter these natural tendencies, going so far as to stop looking at each other, but they still slip through every once and a while.

[gif source]

Okay, I have to leave for a doctor’s appointment in 25 minutes, so this will be quick. The screenshot above is from the official walking dead Tumblr, under the Bethyl tag (X). An hour ago they posted this gifset (X) of Bethyl moments, with the caption “Relive every Bethyl moment this Sunday starting at 4:30am|3:30c.” because of the marathon, and all of us on TD just cackled from the obviousness. Anyway, I just want to point out that this is thewalkingdead’s third Bethyl post. THIRD. The first they posted immediately after Coda - it was the MSF poster after all. The middle post, which documents Bethyl moments from beginning to end in gifsets, was posted last month. That’s right, folks. They’re posting more about Bethyl 7+ months after Beth’s “death” leading up to the season premiere. As I explained in my analysis of the June post (X), there’s no reason for them to. Bethyl, according to the show, is a sunken ship. Beth is “dead.” It makes sense to post the occasional C@ryl piece because, according to the show, C@ryl is still a possibility. (It’s not, but technically speaking, you know).

bethgreenewarriorprincess predicted a media surge, and it is happening. Bethyl nods will continue. Because, Beth Greene is coming home, to Daryl’s arms.

Edited to add:

They actually didn’t post the latest Bethyl gifset. It’s a reblog from a post made over a year ago (X)! juicypapeach pointed this out, and also noted that the person who runs thewalkingdead must have gone into the tag, and used the ship name. Bethy lives, people! Bethyl lives!

Submitted to whatthefreak4272:

So recently my mother received another universal child care benefit payment a few days ago, about 7 months after they were supposed to stop for me. My parents have arranged for them to be received through direct deposit, however this one was mailed directly to her as a cheque. Conveniently sent a week before the election was called, instead of being quietly deposited the way it usually would have been. She’s convinced that the conservatives are just trying to buy parents votes, and is donating it to the NDP election fund.