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Running Lines- Jungkook Fluff

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Request: Hiii!! Can I request a scenario with Jungkook where he falls for a actor who’s a foreigner(but she knows Korean) and a ‘00 liner? Sorry if it’s to detailed I’ve just always wanted to read one like this😅 take your time!!

Word Count:1155

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Jungkook of BTS

A/N: I’m finally off for spring break, guys! I have a bunch of time to write for the next week, so send me requests. Of course, after spring break I have my end of the year testing and I’m only slightly dying while getting ready for my Algebra EOC. I hope nobody minds that I made the reader from America for this, I am from there and it is just easier for me to write this way because I know the cultural mannerisms. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy this!

 Lights flashed and camera shutters clicked as you walked out of the airport.

“(Y/N)! Look over here!”

“How is your new movie?”

Please, let us interview you real quick, Ms. (Y/N)!”

 You tucked your hair behind your ear and held your face down as you speedily strutted out of the exit. The black sunglasses you wore did little to block the camera’s flashes, but you still tried to look up and smile every once in a while anyway. The blinding flashing, the yelling of reporters, the screams of fans, this was your life now.

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…i should probably listen to my grandma and get a good night sleep so im not tired while driving 6 hours on the interstate tomorrow

so, uh — goodnight my friends! ill have things queued up in my absence while im driving tomorrow ;v;


Felt good to be back at it after a week of no gym and stuffing my face over spring break! Definitely felt a little weak today after all of those empty calories and being off track for the past month or so, but I know I’ll be back in no time. Next week I’m planning to start going to crossfit classes twice a week, so this week is dedicated to prepping for that in hopes that I don’t die on my first day lol. But I’m excited to start working out with people who will push me and hold me accountable!

Okay guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! I DID IT. I DID THE THING!

I (finally) have my associates degree completed, and I start working on my Bachelors in Psychology officially in three weeks after spring break! 

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Which means that as of tomorrow night (because it’s time for me to celebrate/rest), I also OFFICIALLY have time to answer the ask box questions! If anyone would like to celebratorily send anything last minute in, I’ll be starting to clear things out either starting tomorrow night or Friday afternoon! 

Best wishes to all of you, your bipolar parental friend that is me is sending you lots of love from my hypomanic section of the world! <3


@gradblrchallenge | March 2017 | 09

Okay, so everything I had planned on doing today had to be put on hold because I had a two-page statement to write for a summer fellowship and, of course, it was a grueling experience made even worse by the fact that I had to e-mail my advisor during Spring break after weeks of radio silence. At least she thought it was a decent statement. (btw, if you’re ever describing what you’re looking from student applicants, please describe what you’re looking from student applicants; I was stuck between a personal statement and a statement of grant proposal because i couldn’t figure out, for the life in me, which one they wanted).

I’m very upset because the snowstorm ended up being mostly sleet during the day, and there’s nothing whimsical about watching sleet fall. I still drank lots of hot tea and listened to videogame soundtracks to get me through the day.

PS: Thanks for all your wishes, my back is nearly 100% better now! I’m sure nurturing myself with some pizza last night had everything to do with it! :D

Listen, not to jinx myself and don’t give me evil eye, but the weather has been amazing and I’m finally on spring break this week after being exhausted from work and school, and my best friend who I haven’t seen in 8 months spent the last 3 days with me. Things are good rn

About a week until spring and I can already feel the essence of the season surrounding me. … It feels like more snow and waiting as my tennis shoes collect dust in the back of my closet. 

I just have to wait a couple months and then winter will be over. Then mother nature will turn on the summer switch and everything will melt and turn muddy. Then in less than a week, I’ll be dying of heat whenever I step outside. 

I love the weather here…

One egg per year

Just thinking about the “one egg per year” concept! There could be a ceremony at the start of each year where everyone gets their new egg inserted. School lunches are laced with a labor-suppressing drug so the eggs stay put year after year, but senior year they start to reduce the dose so everyone gives birth right after graduation. Those last two weeks of spring, the halls are full of huge, groaning tummies and kids struggling to hold on. It would be so embarrassing to “egg your pants” at school!

By fifth or sixth grade the kids have a bump as their largest eggs are now orange-sized. By 9th grade they’re visibly pregnant. The popular kids are the overachievers with the tightest bodies and the fullest tummies.

The morning of graduation, the kids waddle about the hall talking about how ready they are to birth their clutches at long last. It’s like a baby shower for hundreds of kids at once.

The valedictorian pulls up their robe to show off a massively egg-laden mound, stretched tight and slick with oil to prevent stretch marks. People whisper: “Look at the size of that tummy! I heard there are 25 eggs in there. It’s a new county record!”

The valedictorian struggles through their speech, belly gurgling, and then leans back in the ceremonial chair and bears down to birth the ceremonial first egg. That entire weekend is filled with graduation parties. Family and friends gather to watch and celebrate as they push out their eggs and experience an empty belly for the first time in 13 years.

I’m excited to go back to writing on Monday after a week of spring break. Trying to write with two kids is not impossible but I wanted to spend my time with my babies instead. But I feel refreshed, so I’ll finish writing another chapter of my destiel wip, and then I have plans for a one shot. I still have to decide between which story I want to write next. It feels good to have many fanfic ideas. Even if it’s slowly, I’ll write all my stories.

I hope you keep following my journey, reading my stories, enjoying them, and supporting me. Thank you ❤️