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"Only a short while after coming out, both of Lauren’s big ships have been killed. This means they are running the risk of losing a large portion of the fanbase that feeds on Lauren’s relationships and personal life. I have already seen multiple big accounts leaving the fanbase or distancing themselves from the situation." Actually this part has been covered by the PR team, on Social media while Lauren is bringing attention to her activism, she's also indirectly bringing attention to her +

+ ‘personal life story’ and sexuality from before as a follow-up. There seems to be a pattern after the photoshoot release. People would focus on her activism but at the same time they will look up what she is angry and complaining about. It’s killing two birds with one stone


yeh I’m finding it really weird how lauren denying camren gained a load of media attention. everything going on is fucking weird and suspicious. I feel like a kind of blank space has been left to set some future pr move up. idk its quite subjective but its just a feeling i have. it’s almost like they’ve wiped the slate clean for the next album cycle’s PR campaign. But at the same time it kind of hasn’t been completely wiped clean… there still some continuity

Viktor and Yuuri do an engagement photoshoot after the season ends and after they get officially engaged. I say ‘officially engaged’ because Viktor thinks they’ve been engaged this whole time, but Yuuri Katsuki probably won’t accept anything other than Viktor getting down on one knee in front of God and everybody and carefully announcing the words, “Yuuri Katsuki. Yes, you. Love of my life. Light of my world. Will you marry me? As in be my husband? As in be bonded to me by the rite of holy matrimony for as long as we both shall live?”

So they do an engagement photo shoot once all of this happens, mostly because their fans cry ugly tears at them over multiple social media platforms until they do it, but also because Phichit has this Shiny New Photography Degree that he’s aching to do something with, and because they both agree that they want something to remember the whole thing by.

And of course, the whole world is going wild imagining what Viktor “Extra” Nikiforov’s engagement pictures will look like. There will be skates. There will be gold medals. There will be costumes with either sequins or feathers or maybe both. The eye make-up will be able to kill a man and it will look like a Cirque du Soleil publicity release. There might be doves? Probably artificial snow. Will Katsuki even be IN them or will it just be Nikiforov, standing there and looking profoundly and intensely Russian.

When the photos are finally released, they are posted very quietly to Instagram at one o’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Phichit posts the whole roll on an account he has exclusively for his more professional photography; they are all captioned, “Celebrating the engagement of my two good friends and two good people, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov.”

They aren’t what anyone was expecting.

The pictures are taken in the Saint Petersburg flat. Yuuri and Viktor are both barefoot in most of the pictures. They are wearing matching sweaters, both in subtle and calm shades of blue. Black jeans. In one picture, Yuuri is kissing Viktor’s cheek and Viktor is looking at the camera with soft eyes and soft mouth and imperfect hair. In another, Yuuri is sitting on the couch with Makkachin draped over his lap; Viktor is standing behind with his arms braced on the back, almost like he’s presenting them; this is them, my little family, the two beings in the world who mean the most to me. 

The picture that gets the most likes–the only one that Yuuri reposts; the only one that Viktor cross posts to all of his social media; the one that ends up being printed out and hung in apartments and houses around the world, from Hasetsu to Saint Petersburg to Bangkok–is taken on the little balcony off their bedroom. The sun is setting, and Viktor has Yuuri between himself and the railing. They are facing away from the camera. Phichit told them to hold their rings up to the sun, and they did. The shot is done over Viktor’s shoulder–silver hair, the top of a raven-haired head, and two hands stretching out towards the sky, rings glinting gold.


Lili is the Queen of seducing her instagram followers haha she’s mastered the art of the wink and pouty look xD after her hot peachy photoshoot session….. and then there’s Cole with Salem a cat in his lap sending hearts to his followers. Just a daily round up of these two’s instagram stories. 


[#빅톤] 데뷔 후, 첫 화보! KWAVE M 공개! 빅톤은 지금 빅톤만의 색깔을 찾는 중! 더 자세한 인터뷰와 화보는 KWAVE M 47호를 통해 확인해 주세요!

[#VICTON] First photoshoot after debut! KWAVE M release! Victon currently looking for the color that fits them! For the interview and photoshoot please check out KWAVE M edition 47!

So i had like one break time to do this and it is so sloppy and gross but figured I should  just post it since it’s all I did during my break

Quick doodles of something colourful and vanilla as a break after that au kekekekekeke~

This photoshoot was 10/10 though!!! 


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