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So after months of work I can finally do 90% of a chin up. Maybe other people would say its a chin up, but I wont be satisfied till I can do it from a complete dead hang. But, I’ve been working on going lower and lower and its improving fast! So I’ll get it soon. :) Gotta learn how to get those legsies in order too, heh.

Imagine person A of your OTP/OT3 finds a pill that gives someone the ability to experience pregnancy before they make any decisions to have a child. Person A is very interested, despite not being capable of having a child, and reads up on what it does. The list goes on and on about what it does, but what catches A’s eye is their two favourite things listed. It says it will guarantee weight gaining and a belly that matches. Without reading any of the warnings, they buy the pill and rush home to try it without telling anyone else. 

The pill started off slowly, which made A certain it was just a phony, but person B(and/or C) began picking up on a few things, one of them being A’s odd cravings. Pickles and frosting? Pancakes and mashed potatoes? Bananas and honey? It was all so odd..After months pass, they notice person A has plumped up quite a bit and decides to confront them about it. 

Person A is hesitant to tell them what they’ve done but eventually cracks under pressure, telling their partner(s) what was happening. B/&C decide to help A with anything they needs and even help with any cravings they experience.

After 9 months, person A has rounded out very well. They have soft, squishy thighs, a plump ass, a plush chest, and the best part of it all was their large, distended gut.  Person B/C is very proud of A and they promise to help A lose any weight if they wanted, but A has something else in mind. They pop another pill in their mouth, wanting to do it all again! Person B teases A about it at first but can’t wait to see A after another 9 months! 

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One website I saw said that John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, The Gilded Age Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Jimmy Carter were all peacetime presidents. Are there any presidents that should be added or removed?

It all depends on what your definition of “peacetime” is. Pretty much all of the Presidents faced some sort of military action during their time of action, so arguments can be made about many of the so-called “peacetime Presidents”. So, it’s all about whatever you consider “peacetime”. A lot of the Presidents you included on that list were Commander-in-Chief during a time in which American troops were actively fighting Native American tribes in full-scale combat on the American frontier. There were still Civil War battles that took place in the first few months after Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln, so there was probably more bloodshed by American soldiers under Johnson than there was under Eisenhower in the final weeks of the Korean War.

It’s definitely not a black-and-white issue. War and peace is never a black-and-white issue.

Sitting just beside her girlfriend of only a few month was Amanda Winters. She and her girlfriend had just recently gotten a place together after talking it over for about a month or so. The idea was Amanda’s as she had always wanted a place of her own and more than anything else she wanted someone to share it with. Looking over to her girlfriend she’d smile briefly giving her that look that said everything was going well. It was the sort of thing that’d tell you she was happy and would rather be no place else than here with her.

This weekend with George was really nice.

On Friday, we ate Mexican food and I finally got to eat a torta after so many months of wanting oneeee. We also played a bunch of Jet Set Radio Future.

Saturday, we went thrift shopping!!! I got myself a Wrestlemania shirt, two shorts, and skinny jeans. George got himself two pairs of old man slacks, which look super nice on him, and two new shirts. Also, we made a cappuccino stout pie at like 10pm, which turned out rly bitter and runny, but at least we had fun making it. ✨

Today, we woke up early and went to Jewel to buy pineapple jam and crackers to eat for breakfast because he told me that’s what he used to eat as a kid, it was yummy. We tried making music together, but I realized the piano I brought over was too modern and didn’t have enough good synth presets :( I also started playing Vagrant Story which is KINDA frustrating…. aaanndddd we had like an hour long discussion about how good the Castlevania series is.

I’m SO POOPED!!!!!!!! I was so busy having fun, I forgot to feel anxious, but now I’m home and it started hittin me good when George was driving me homeee uuuugghgggg I love him so much he reassures me that I’ll be okay so many times in a day and holds my hand whenever I feel scared.

6 1/2 hours.

Three days and I am running on almost no sleep. Finally got home and am exhausted. Don’t know how I made it with barely any sleep, but I did. And this weekend was amazing. My best friend came back from the UK after four months so I spent most of it with her.

And guess what? I barely ever thought about my herpes! Sweetness.

This summer is going to be amazing! I’m going to visit my best friend in Italy in 12 days and now I’ve fully confirmed and sorted out being an au pair in Madrid for a month in the summer. I am so ecstatic, after years of waiting for someone to travel with I’ve finally said fuck it and am doing it on my own and now have chance to do so thanks to these amazing opportunities. 

F O U R  S C Y T H E  C H I L D

After the series finale; Rory and Jess

[Interview] BTS Explains Why an Album Comeback Took So Long

BTS has come back.
 After eight months since its first full-length album Dark&Wild was released in August 2014, BTS has returned. And that′s why the new mini album In the Mood for Love Pt. 1 is a long-awaited album for both the fans and BTS.

 Having put their hearts and souls into In the Mood for Love Pt.1, BTS can brag about the high quality of each song.

 From Hold Me Tight′s modern piano melody, the retro funk hip-hop song, BTS Diss to Outro: Love is Not Over, which highlights the vocals in the minimal composition, not one song was created carelessly. BTS also expressed its satisfaction in the completeness of In the Mood for Love Pt.1.

 "We′re satisfied in this album and the response is good within the company as well,“ said Suga. "They said that the title song I Need U seemed especially new with melody. We spent three to four times more working on I Need U in comparison to other title songs. There are four different versions with the same beat. It′s a song that kept coming out with constant editing. We′ve put in that much effort and everyone is satisfied.”

Having debuted in June 2013 with the single album 2 Cool 4 Skool, BTS has continued activities in Korea without resting. After releasing the full-length album Dark&Wild in August of 2014, BTS went on hiatus for eight months - the longest the group has had. People can say that the comeback in Korea is happening quite late. It can be because of the focus on Japanese promotions, but it′s also because BTS was struggling and worrying musically.

“Because it′s the time for BTS to become better, we as well as the company suddenly had much to think about. It′s the most important time period. As we worked on our music, we made the most interventions this time. We don′t feel the burden when we express our opinions about the music, so we said everything. It felt like we should. Because of that, we wre able to have satisfying results. We′re anticipating the music that we′ll be letting many people listen to.”

BTS′ In the Mood for Love Pt.1 includes a total of nine tracks including an intro and an outro. The number of tracks that can basically make it a full-length album has come as a surprise.

“We think of every album as a full-length album,” said Rap Monster. Suga added, “It′s the concept of The Giving Tree. We wanted to tell a lot of good stories.”

Another reason why In the Mood for Love Pt.1 stands out is because the members participated in the creation of it. The BTS members have been part of the song composition and lyric writing, as well as the overall production, proving themselves as idol group members who are exceptional when it comes to creating music. It especially showed the growth of the vocal line, which includes Jung Kook, V and Jin.

Jung Kook produced Outro: Love is Not Over, while V participated in the melody-making of Hold Me Tight. Jin also flaunted his lyric writing skills in BTS Diss.

As usual, the rapper line had a big hand in creating the album this time as well. “The amount of participation in the album by the members is getting bigger,” said Jin.

“The members all have greed when it comes to music,” added Suga. “At first, they didn′t participate a lot, but these days, they′re really into it. The speed of growth is blinding.”

Then what songs on the album are the members′ favorites?

“I have the most affection towards the title song I Need U,” answered Jimin. “Because people listen to the title song the most, we put in the most work and practice the most with it, so a lot of affection goes towards it.”

Jin chose BTS Diss, saying, “It′s the first time I wrote lyrics for a song. The song itself is very exciting so I listen to it often.”

J-Hope picked Move. “It has the most sincerity in all the songs that I′ve written, so I like it.”

Jung Kook liked his self-produced Outro: Love is Not Over, and V also chose Hold Me Tight, which he worked on the melody for.

“There′s something emotional about Move. When you move and organize everything, it also stands for a fresh new start. That′s the implication that I received,” said Rap Monster.

“It′s Intro: In the Mood for Love for me. It′s the beginning of the album, so it was a bit burdensome, but the results were good. It′s the track that I have the most affection for,” said Suga.

Through the new mini album, BTS will draw out a picture of a youth in danger. When asked what this album meant for BTS, Suga answered, “It′s the album that comes after the third school concept for Dark&Wild. With this album as the starting point, I think we′re in the situation where we′re growing. In that sense, In the Mood for Love Pt.1 is going to be an album that gives a student the feeling of growth.”

BTS released the In the Mood for Love Pt.1 on April 29.

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isolation; open rp

Years had passed ever since the incident. In fact, it has been about a decade ever since then, and everything had changed for the pale gem.

She hadn’t learned to move on, finding it too difficult to do so day after day, month after month, until finally, she gave up. As time went on, Amethyst and Garnet would leave, the beach house would fall apart due to lack of care and maintenance, and she had cut herself from any contact from the outside world, even to the point where she tore apart the warp pad. A few years after that, her gem had cracked from the stress, guilt and sadness.

Pearl was sitting in a corner of Stevens old room, hugging his cheeseburger backpack. The only thing she wasn’t expecting, was a visitor.

okay but baby harry getting embarrassed because his crush louis caught him being an idiot gives me LIFE


The is my current body image after carrying my son Atticus for 9 months and 2 days. By society standers its deemed unattractive and gross but they are wrong. When I see my stretch marks, saggy skin, and C section scar it makes me happy and warm inside.
If I didn’t have them I would have not had the love of my life<3


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It’s amazing that after so many months, I still come across the ugly anti-korassami arguments, the worst, the most frustrating and painful for me are the ones who try to portray Asami as a flat, undeveloped and flawless character … ugh

I mean it’s not everyone’s aesthetic. But it’s mine.