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oh look, kim kardashian is papped for the first time with saint west 7 months after his birth (and only because she’s filming kuwk) so are you telling me that kim kardashian managed to keep paps away from her son this whole time and louis tomlinson couldn’t not even for 2 days in the span of 6 months? organic 


*whispers* I got something planned, but I gotta be mushy for now.

I only got 6 hours of sleep, but I have to work later today, so I want to do this now. So I’ve hit a milestone last night. There are 1,000 of you who like what I write enough to follow me. That’s insane, that’s unbelievable. I started this blog on March 31st, when I first published Gilded Butterfly and have received unending support and met some of the most amazing talent that I’ve always admired from afar.

I never thought my writing could get the recognition it does. I don’t know if this is a personal thing or writer thing, but I have always been insecure as a writer. I have always been a meticulous, scared writer. But I’ve been able to publish some things I never thought I’d ever have the confidence to even write on this blog and I really have to thank you guys. This means so much to me.

I want to greet and thank my new followers. So good to meet you, I hope you’ll stay with me. My name is Sica, I can’t focus on one series at a time, but I’ll always give you my best efforts. I’m 21, I can be a fake deep heaux, and if you ever need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. I follow back from WANG-SICA, so if you’ve been wondering who that creep is, it’s my neglected main blog. Because you can’t turn side blogs into main blogs.

Thank you so much to the readers who have been with me since March 31st, I remember you guys and I see you guys in my notifications and I am so grateful. And of course, thank you to @parkjinyoungology, @jinmeowie, @imdifferentshadesofpurple@thepervynoona, @got7imaginations, @m-yien, @leosinset, @hansolturnt, @bossnoona, @hobihell, and all my readers. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I haven’t slept, but you are no less loved and appreciated. 

Thank you to @got7writersnet for having me and accepting me into a community of writers that I have nothing but love and respect for, I hope to continue contributing to the network.

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(i'm the same anon asking for the psd) is it private or you think you could release it? it's okay if you don't, it's just so pretty :)

Hi anon, sorry for the late response (I’ve been in classes all day today and I’m so ready to go to sleep now lol)

Okay, so the only reason I don’t feel comfortable sharing that psd is because I literally just perfected it to my liking after so many months. But I goofed around in Photoshop a little bit, and I created a coloring that’s pretty similar? (I might actually like it better than my original one lmao)

Here’s what it looks like:

It even works on night scenes! (Basically a miracle psd lmao)

I’m enclosing the files for all 4 scenes (the Riley and Maya gifs have the same exact coloring though). You can play with the adjustment layers to your liking. Enjoy!

Download here :)

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The book I'm working on right now has a love story element. The story takes place in about two months. The meet close to the start, but like at the end is it bad if they are already saying I love you? They are thrown into this crazy adventure together and they become best friends really fast (neither one has many other friends to speak of). It becomes life or death pretty quickly so there's that. Is it too insta lovey? I don't know what to do with it. Thanks in advance you wonderful cyborg!

People say “I love you” after two months in the real world without life or death stakes, so I don’t see why you would even think that this is an instaromance. An instaromance is when two characters meet and are instantly romantically involved or in love. Two months isn’t “instant.” 

New opinion piece on Eric coming your way very, very soon!! I titled it “an introduction to”, but it’s more like a journey through learning to understand him better that I really hope will be awesome for you guys to read. Working hard on it and cultivating it into a stream-of-consciousness type of knowledge that just flows out onto the page as we speak.. please consider it my gift to the community after so many months of me being hot and cold about the case. <3

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Hey so don't worry about the girl, please don't give up, my girlfriend is the girl I want to marry and she thought I was straight until I randomly grabbed her face and kissed her after we've hangout for at least 3 months, so please don't give up

hah omg

i mean that would be nice if it turned out that way but idk. genuinely i just don’t know right now. things are a total grey area and this is one grey area i don’t enjoy.

After so long (i.e. months) this blog has finally hit this milestone! Thank you guys so much for the opportunity for me to do something as fun as being part of this suggestions community. I know I don’t post much on this blog, and most of what I post is reblogs, but I really enjoy being a part of this that and I somehow missed the milestone with @yushirosuggestions

And special thanks to @ichigosuggestions, @karinsuggestions, @masakisuggestions, and @isshinsuggestions for being awesome and giving Yuzu people to fuss over, and to @tessaisuggestions for giving Jinta the Goddess Yuzu to crush over

@californiadreaminxxoo tagged me to post my top 10 favorite bands - thanks!!

(in no particular order…)

1. Switchfoot

2. Anberlin

3. Skid Row

4. Guns n’ Roses

5. Demon Hunter

6. Shotgun Messiah

7. Nirvana

8. Palaye Royale

9. either OM&M or BVB

10. well Crashdiet somehow seduced me into buying like all their albums after listening to em for less than a month so I guess I should list them ;p

 i’ll tag: @mysticalgalaxysalad @beautigrohl @ubetterhurrytogetapieceofbach @thats-the-teen-spirit @bury-the-demon @cobainlove1994 @hopelessmusicaddict @electricblue-al @speed-boop-ritchie @brxng-me-the-bxnds @chartreuseabstruseness @switchfootcat

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Hi! One of my rats passed away a month ago, so shortly after I got a pair of females to keep my remaining girl company. In the past I've had REALLY EASY intros but this one seems to be going all wrong. I've had them in separate cages near each other for a long time and have tried bathtub intros with yogurt on their backs, vanilla extract, u name it. My existing rat seems overly aggressive, pinning the new girls and pulling out fur. Any tips or should I just keep them separate :(

Hey there!

I personally tried everything with my two girls (I got another rat after Lilly’s sister passed suddenly at a young age to keep Lilly company but it didn’t work) and I eventually had to keep them separate through fear of them seriously injuring each other.

If any one has suggestions, please reply to this post!

the story of the first boy i ever loved,

i chose you over him,
i walked over a mile everyday to see you,
you never met me halfway but i didn’t mind,
because we held hands,
and you never let go,
we walked to your favorite hiding spot,
it was green,
and alive,
and the sun shined down between the trees,
and you told me
“if i disappear one day,
this is where i’ll be”
i smiled,
and said i would visit you,
if you wanted,
we kissed later that day for the first time,
and you tried to take my bra off,
i stopped you,
and apologized,
but you told me it was okay,
that we could wait,
so we did

two months after you chose her over me,
you invited me over,
and we laid in the grass behind your house,
you didn’t look at me the same way,
and i could tell it was different,
but i didn’t care,
we left our friends and went up to your room,
and i said i didn’t want to wait anymore,
immediately after,
you texted her,
someone new, 
and you told her about it,
you said,
“you fucked him, now we’re even”
she told you she didn’t want to do this anymore,
and she ended it,
the next morning,
you were gone

a year later,
you took me to your new favorite hiding spot,
and you kissed me,
and held my hand,
and talked to me
about how much you loved them,
and how much you wished you loved me like that,
i should have ended it then,
but i didn’t love me much either,
so i stayed

i don't know where you are,
or if you’re happy,
and i don't know if you think about me, 
but i still think about you,
and how i wished i had been strong enough then
to leave,
but i am now,
and wherever you are,
i hope you found someone new,
and i hope she feels loved,
and i hope you stopped feeling so empty,
and i hope this stays over,
because this,
whatever it is,
whatever it was, 
has never been fair,
to either of us

—   2012, 2013, 2014, and a little bit of 2016 | a.g.

I’ve got demon blood in me, Dean! This disease pumping through my veins, and I can’t ever rip it out or scrub it clean! I’m a whole new level of freak! And I’m just trying to take this - this curse… and make something good out of it. Because I have to.”

Hi all !👅

Macam mne feedback dari cust ? Puas hati or tak ? 👅 . Just to let you all know malam ni turn cust ke5 for this month . So akan ada new feedback after this . Hm cikgu rasa maca nak update sikit , apakata cikgu buat live update with cust ? 👅 . 300 reblog cikgu buat , jgn tunggu lama pukul 7 cikgu tutup ni sbab nak jumpa cust pukul 9 👅👅👅😂


“Ahh. Remember that time we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First!

And, ehm, Duke Roadhog?

I saw this post by @trans-junk-rat and took it upon myself to draw junkrat in the crown jewels

full size versions here and here