after a month i finally decided to finish this set

Only One - Part 6

This weekend at the end of April, it was an usual busy day for Matsui Jurina. Dance practice, vocal, theater performance, photoshoots, and those other activities that made her want to scream out of tiredness.

But, no matter how tiring or depressing her schedules were, Jurina was always being professional and always do her best for her fans and team mates’ sakes. Beside that, Jurina was a senior and an experienced idol , even adored by her own group’s producer; Akimoto-sensei. These… were a piece of cake for her.

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Long time no see xD

I’d been dead for two months, quite a long time without drawing. I’d been busy with my graduation and also I started dating with I got busy these days..and the vacations got me laaazy too.

But finally I decided to start drawing again, after all the new settings released these days. Really got excited about the covers and settings, It gave me a lot of inspirations actually, but I choose this one -I don’t know what’s the costume’s name- to start with.

As you can see It isn’t finished yet, I might finish it tomorrow..but I just can’t wait to share the piece, just make sure you guys know that I’m still alive haha.