after a long debate with myself

Not pro-cap or anti-cap: I’m pro-animal.

After the Kalia post, it’s understandable this blog is getting questions about if I’m pro- or anti-cap. The tendency seems to be to assume that I’m pro- cetacean captivity because I won’t actively condemn SeaWorld, won’t stand for the accusations against trainers, and because I hold that cetaceans can exhibit normal behaviors in captive environments. I don’t ascribe myself as agreeing with either ideology - as most long-time readers of the blog know by now I prioritize what is most important for the animals involved, and neither side of the pro-/anti- captivity debate does that. I am pro-animal, and that is what is truly important and where my ethos about husbandry, research and education comes from. 

When you hear about SeaWorld or other institutions that house captive cetaceans (and for the moment, we’ll just focus on them), you only hear two things right now; you either hear that the parks are horrible and awful and inhumane and animal abuse and that the whales are crazy and suffering, or you hear a story about a romanticized paradise where whales bond lovingly with humans in a perfectly Disney way and have every need fulfilled perfectly. Neither of these viewpoints are true. 

More importantly, neither of those viewpoints are useful. What do I want to see, as a pro-animal person? I want everybody to stop yelling, shut up, sit down, and I want actual, unbiased research. I want studies of captive whale time budgets, enrichment usage, and stereotypy behaviors. I want time- and technology-intensive studies of wild whale populations so we can have real data on the true behavioral needs of their captive peers. I want a cost-benefit analysis of possible improvements to habitats compared with their benefits to the most deficient areas of behavioral repertoires. I want studies of actual cetacean well-being and mental health, which means finding an equally scientific metric for establishing a baseline for comparison with wild populations. 

I want fucking science. I want as much research and study and collaboration across disciplines and viewpoints so we can figure out what the goddamn whales actually need and what they don’t. And you know what? When we keep fighting ourselves and mis-representing data and twisting people’s words, we don’t make that happen. SeaWorld has had to completely stop communicating about their internal operations due to attacks from the animal rights movements. They’ve been doing research as required by the AZA for decades, but now that information is highly guarded because nobody knows who they can trust. There’s no way they can admit any failing they’re aware of, even if the intent is to figure out how to do better because the news cycles are going to pull it out of proportion the moment they’re forthright about it and turn it into more hate rather than recognizing it for the progress it indicates. That. Is. Stupid. And. Ineffective. 

The two sides of the captivity debate are putting human catharsis before the actual welfare of the animals they purport to be advocating for. So for fuck’s sake, folk, if you’re really pro-animal and not pro-ego, listen to the people who know what they’re talking about and support collaboration instead of infighting. 

I’m pro-animal, are you?

Cody Theo

A/N: OMFG I am so sorry that this took so long! I’m soooo sorry. I hope that you enjoy this imagine that you have been waiting for.

Pairing: Shawn X Female reader
Requested: Yes| 8, 10, 13
Word Count: 3,057
Warnings: Drama, angsty stuff.

Years have gone by since everything happened. Shawn left, without knowing he was even existing. Shawn left to go be famous, he left you alone. With him. Your guy’s son. You two were seventeen. You didn’t know better, but you didn’t know how to tell him. His career had been starting out, and he couldn’t afford being a father. It’s not something that is good for his reputation.

You decided it would be best if he didn’t know. But you needed help. Your parents kicked me out. Leaving you alone to raise a child. Every so often they would help you with money, but not often enough. Those years were dark. It was you and your baby. That’s all. The medical bills, were also something you didn’t know if you could handle. You was a teenager, raising a baby with down syndrome.

        You were scared, You’ve never been more scared in your life. This was not the life a baby needed, especially a baby with down syndrome. Once yourparents actually realized that You were struggling, they let you move back in with them. But it took a while for him to warm up to your parents and younger sibling.

You are now twenty-one, with your son being the age of four. The last four years were tough for you and your baby. But, your family started to help you with everything, and you have started to feel happy for yourself and your child. But there will always be a hole in our hearts for Shawn. But he doesn’t know about your guy’s son, and you don’t want him to ever.

“Y/N, just wanted to let you know, Cody has a doctor’s appointment-” “Mom, I know I scheduled it. I am taking him to the store with me, then we will go to the doctors.” You interrupted your mom. Ever since you and Cody moved in with your parents, your mom has been trying to control everything for Cody. It has been getting on your last nerve.

“Are you sure taking him to the store is such a good idea? I mean what if he throws-” “Mom, I know Cody, I know my own child. I appreciate the concern but I know what I’m doing.” you sighed while walking into the living room where Cody and your younger sister, Alexa, were playing.

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After a long day of gym class, I stripped my clothes off onto a pile on the floor and tossed them into my laundry basket. 

I was drenched in sweat from head to toe and just really needed a shower. I could feel my nipples greased out with my sweat.

I am a Malaysian studying in a local university, studying in design and environment faculty. I rented an apartment near school with this fellow Malaysian student. I wasn’t expecting anything romantic happening between us other than the fact that he has a very hot body but was very cold towards me. Okay… except the times he asked me out to our neighbourhood gym.

They call my Sierra in school, P.S. it wasn’t a name given by my parents. My housemate went for orientation camp and wasn’t supposed to be home for a few days.  That meant I could walk freely from my room, tuck in the corner of our apartment, to the bathroom… since I had forgotten to grab a towel. 

Humming myself as my bare feet smacked against the cold tile floor, I yanked the hair tie holding my ponytail, taking a couple strands with it.

It was probably close in the afternoon but I had done enough hard work to sleep through till tomorrow.

I turned the water on, adjusting the temper to the cooler side considering sweat still beaded down my chest. I looked myself over in the tiny bathroom mirror.

My hair hanged matted and limp in random places, forehead glistened, cheeks pink from exertion, but my hazel eyes were alive with the excitement I felt every time I got another thing finished for my school project.

My gaze lingered down to the rest of my body with my breasts being the center of attention. I mean it’s not like they were that big but they were definitely noticeable. At my 160cm height I wasn’t necessarily tall, but I had long legs in proportion with my body.

Finally satisfied that the water was not going to burn or freeze me, I hopped into the shower. 

At first I just stood there, letting the water cool me down. After what felt like awhile of doing nothing I decided to wash my hair, followed by my body. I debated on whether or not to shave, ultimately, giving in since it has been a couple of days.

Not long after I cut the water and stepped out onto the shower mat…

“Ahhhh!” I screamed.

I struggled to pull a towel off of the bar, trying to cover myself as I listened to my roommate chuckle. He was standing in the door way looking very amused.

“What the hell!” I yelled, flipping him off.

That only made him laugh harder…

“You’re the one who left the bathroom door open,” he grinned.

“Yeah” I bit back. “Because you’re not supposed to be home today…”


He stood there, arms crossed, leaning against the doorframe, “Maybe because I got sick halfway through the camp?” he stated innocently.

I glared at him real hard, still clutching a towel to myself haphazardly. “You don’t look like you are all sick…?”

His eyes deliberately traveled up my body, looking in appreciation. “Oh,” was all he said. 

My hair was dripping water down my shoulder as I stood there waiting for, I don’t know, something. That’s when he smirked and took a step into the bathroom, closer to me.

Faintly he whispered, “Why are you hiding?” as he reached for my hand grasping the towel.

I looked at him wide eyed. Never in the seven years that I’ve known him has he ever hit on me. Never in the three years we’ve lived together has he ever tried to make a move. I mean we’ve both had our share of other people over, dates, whoever, but him and me, always just friends.

Not to say I wasn’t enjoying the way he was looking at me. 

His dark eyes captivated me as I forgot that his hand was on mine, and very close to my boob I must say.

‘What are you doing?“ I replied back hoarsely.

I was losing my mind and my body did not want to listen anyhow. I could feel myself growing wetter with each passing second, and it wasn’t from the fact that I still hadn’t dried off from my shower.

"I don’t really know,” he breathed against my face. He took another step, looming over me. I could almost feel his body against mine. His eyes searched mine like he was seeking out the answer. 

That’s when I did something crazy… I dropped my towel and then it was my turn to smirk.

His mouth hung agape as he looked me once over. When his gaze returned to my face I was a goner. Passion burned in his eyes but more than that was the uncertainty. He was hesitant on his next move. I liked the idea that I had thrown him off…

So I sauntered past him towards my room, hips swaying a little more than normal.

“Where do you think you’re going…?” his voice was low as he came and bear hugged my naked body from behind. I squealed in surprise. 

He carried me back to his room, effectively closing the door with his foot. My heart was beating fast while I flopped on his bed, laughing when I noticed the huge wet spot left on his shirt from my hair. He took care of that problem by pulling it over his head and tossing it on the floor.

Ok so it’s not the first time I’ve seen him shirtless. I mean come on I live with him, work out with him. He’s been shirtless around me before but this time it was different. It was intended for me only. I swooned, hard.

His chest was well defined and he had a slight tan. But the thing I loved the most was that nothing about him was overdone or showy. He didn’t want attention on his body; he was real. And then he was looking at me.

I stood back up, looping my fingers through his belt loops and yanked him closer. That caused my nipples to barely graze his skin. I moaned.

My hands moved to the button on his pants. Once undone, I slid the zipper down and ceremoniously pushed his pants to his knees. He stepped out from them, standing only in his boxers then. 

My eyes wandered to his erection. Oh boy. 

I reached for the elastic holding them on his hips. He stilled my hands.

“Sierra,” I looked up at him. “Are you sure?”

I bit my lip and nodded my head.

He watched my fiercely, “No regrets,” he said. “You know what you are getting into.”

Again I only nodded.

His lips brushed my ear, “Say it.”

I was having a hard time concentrating. His breathy voice in my ear sent my spine tingling in the most delicious way.

“No regrets.”

And then his lips were on mine. I pushed his underwear down, freeing his cock. 

I broke the kiss so I could look. His circumcised penis was average in length, close to six inches if I had to guess, but it was thick. 

Oh fuck, I wanted him inside me so bad.

He picked me up and laid me at the top of the bed. My head on his pillow… Readily for him to devour me… 

He smiled sweetly at me as his hands roamed, running a clear path from my breasts to my thighs then back. He trailed kisses from my lips, to breath in my ear, to my neck. I gasped when he bit lightly, leaning away to give him better access. 

He chuckled, “You like that?”

I mumbled something incoherent.

“Huh? I can’t quite hear you Sierra.” He did it again.

“Yes!” I practically screamed, not caring. And all he had done was pay attention to my neck.

“I bet I could make it better,” he lowered down to my boobs and took one in his mouth and the other on his hand. 

I squirmed. It had been awhile since any part of me had received this much attention. His hand gently circled my areola and pinched my nipple while his tongue was flicking the other.

He grazed his teeth against it next then swapped while taking the other in his mouth. 

Once he was done there he continued to trail kisses down to my stomach. He smacked his big, wet lips against my belly button, eliciting a series of giggles from me. That is until he ran his finger slowly against the most inner part of my thigh, as close as he could get without actually touching me. 

I moaned, completely lost in the sensation of it. He was teasing me and I was at his mercy.

He kissed my lips lightly as he continued trailing his fingers close but never close enough. I gripped his shoulder for leverage and as soon as he pulled away slightly I threw my weight into him till he was on his back and I was above him.

I grinned wickedly was he looked up surprised, then he leaned back, hands behind his head like he was relaxing as I straddled him. I don’t think so.

It was hard to ignore the feeling of his cock underneath my sex but it was my turn to tease. And tease him I would.

I bushed my breasts against him with a purpose as I moved in to kiss him. Then I continued down his naked body, kissing his chest while rubbing my body down his agonizingly slow. When I made it to his cock, instead of avoiding it like he had done to me, I immediately took him into my mouth.

He groaned, one hand tangling in my hair. I felt him eagerly trying to move freely in my mouth, thing was it’s not his turn to be in control. I let me teeth make contact with the soft skin and he stopped. Then I just barely grazed him while making sure there was extra saliva so it didn’t hurt.

“Shit,” he grunted, fist pulling on more of my locks.

I circled my tongue around the tip, and sucked slightly going back down. Then I stopped and smiled at him. He moaned again and opened his eyes. They were alive with a fire and I knew I was in trouble.

He tossed me over roughly, holding my wrists in one of his hands while he rubbed the other over my clitoris. Again, I screamed out.

“I like it when you are loud,” he was next to my ear again.

I moaned in response when my muscles spasm. I was already close to an orgasm.

And the he stopped.

I groaned, frustrated.

He had a cocky smirk on his face, “Don’t worry babe, I’ll take care of you…” he paused. “But I don’t know if you’re ready.” He plunged two fingers into me and I gasped, clutching the pillow at my head. 

“Damn, Sierra, you’re soaking.”

“I… I need. Please, Daniel…” I let out breathy.

Suddenly, his fingers were gone as he removed a condom from the side table and rolled it on.

He positioned himself directly above me, just barely poking my entrance. Damn it just hurry up, I thought. I can’t take it anymore. 

He kissed me, pushing for access to my mouth. Greedily, I tangled my tongue with his, waiting in anticipation. 

I didn’t have to wait long. He pushed into me slowly, letting my vaginal walls stretch to him. Fuck it had been a long time since I had somebody inside me.

“Ugh, you’re so beautifully tight. It feels amazing.”

He felt amazing inside me. 

And then he hit my g-spot. I jerked, crying out in pleasure and dug my nails into his back.

That seemed to boost him onward. He started pounding inside me, rough and fast. His mouth was on my boob again and I moaned, arching my back and raising my hips. In the process I effectively gave him more access causing him to hold onto my slightly lifted hips. 

I was on fire, every nerve in my body was awake and it pushed me over. His lips greedily soaked in my cries as my body quaked and a dam was released. But he didn’t stop, he was on a mission for his own release.

His hand returned to my clit as he continued to wreck my pussy. Already a second climax was building. 

“Sierra… I’m so close…! Fuck…” his breathing sped up.

I started to clench and release my vaginal muscles in rhythm with his movements. I was rewarded with a drawn out, “Fuuuuck, Sierra!”

And then he slowed, emptying everything he had into the condom. I could feel him shuttering and it was even more arousing.

Damn, I didn’t get a second orgasm.

Daniel kissed me sweetly as he pulled out. 

I sighed as he threw away the condom next to the other side of the bed. He returned his mouth to my ear, gripping it between his teeth and pulling lightly as he breathed into it.

I couldn’t help it, I moaned, loudly.

“My sweet Sierra, you didn’t think I would leave you like this did you?”

Again his fingers were in me, moving deeply and fast. I felt was he slid another inside, stretching me to the max.

“That’s four,” he said.

I started working my muscles to the pace he set, needing release.

“Come for me babe,” he sucked on my nipple, hard. 

My second orgasm ripped through my violently and I writhed in pleasure. When I was done, Daniel held up the mess I had made on his hand and smiled.

He disappeared for a second. I heard the faucet run in the bathroom for a second and then shut off. He returned with a devious grin on his face.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing… You’re just too damn beautiful Sierra,” he pulled back his covers and I crawled under as he did too.

“And this…!” He ran his freezing cold, wet hand down the front of my skin.

“Aghhh!” I shoved his arm away as he snickered.

Holding his arms wide, “Come here.”

I looked at him warily then gave in, falling to his arms. My head landed on his chest and he kissed the top of it.

“You’re gorgeous completely naked…Sierra,” he whispered. “Daniel,” I mumbled as I drifted to sleep. 

Why Spider-Man is my favorite MCU movie

SPOILERS (I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to do the “after the cut” thing. Sorry.)

- This is exactly what high school sophomores are like, oh my goodness
- Michelle flipping him off for fun at the dance
- Michelle trying to get in some light protesting at one of the embassies before the tournament
- Michelle reading On Human Bondage instead of like interacting with other humans (am I remembering that correctly???) (UPDATE: I did not remember correctly. It appears to be Inhuman Bondage by David Brion Davis.)
- Michelle is MJ
- This is exactly what high school is like
- The giant stupid hall pass
- The bad school announcement video broadcasts with awkward script reading and also Comic Sans
- Okay, the diversity of that school was amazing.
- “We don’t want a student to die at a decathlon meet … again” (as a debate coach myself, I’m thinking the coach probably strangled a kid with his own bare hands after a long tournament, but that’s just my interpretation)
- Every. last. teacher.
- The chemistry teacher has ONE LINE and ITS A BAD CHEMISTRY PUN
- No wait, come back
- Michelle sketching people suffering
- All of Peter’s nerd shirts
- Webbing came from shooters, not out of his skin
- Ned is the man in the chair
- Spider-Man has at least THREE people who know his secret
- HAPPY is so grumpy and proud of himself for working hard
- Happy never responds to Peter but keeps Tony up to date on everything
- Pedro is such a bad dad joke
- Villain is a Hufflepuff
- The villain R&D guy was adorable because he was so excited about his technology
- YouTubing how to tie ties
- Aunt May
- I think he lurbs you
- “You might wonder why you’ve waited so long for something so disappointing” (I laughed so loudly I think my sister wanted to disown me.)
- Peter leaving notes for the cops
- Tony has an invisible jet
- Interrogation mode voice (lay off the Batman, Stark, yikes)
- this was a test, right? Yep, you passed.
- I’ve been carrying this everywhere since 2008
- When the door opened at Liz’s house. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Audible gasps from the audience.
- Using a TI-83 to hack his way out of a top secret containment facility
- Spider-Man vs. The Suburbs lol
- Training montage: 37 minutes passed
- Easter Eggs: Cap’s NEW shield??? Thor’s magic belt thing? Coach WILSON knows Captain America? ????
- Basically all of it

I mostly just post other people’s dreams, but yesterday I had a dream that I think was worth sharing, so I’m gonna do that. 

I was shopping for a dress, and it was somehow really important what I chose for myself, because I was not shopping for just any dress, I was shopping for The Perfect Dress. I don’t even know why there was so much emphasis on this, but it had to be just right.

I found a couple of options that I really liked, and they were all so gorgeous in my dream, Marchesa Spring 2012 kind of gorgeous.

I finally chose one after a long debate with my entourage (why did I even have an entourage for shopping?), but the dress suddenly disappeared and I could no longer remember what it looked like, no matter how hard I tried, and that somehow made me vaguely aware that I was dreaming, but I couldn’t do anything about it and went searching for the dress regardless.

The rest of the dream was just me being lost in a giant dress shop, trying to find the dress from before and failing to remember where I left it or what it looked like. I just knew that all the dresses I stumbled upon were not the one.

This is even funnier if you take into consideration that I am actually a fast and easy shopper, I see something I like and I buy it without trying it on because I like buying loose clothes, so I can never go wrong with a size bigger than I normally wear, and I’m usually done with shopping after a couple of minutes.

William Nylander - Part 5

I didn’t go back and revise because I’m lazy, so hopefully its readable. I’ll fix errors tomorrow

“So you edit and send them back?” Will asks, tucking his hands in his pockets and barely glancing at me in fear of someone seeing beneath his ball cap.

               “Kind of,” I nod slowly as we walk towards the only store Will came here for. “Basically I’m the person that decides if someone’s manuscript goes to the next step to get published. At least at our publishing company.”

               “Sounds a little intense,” Will responds nudging me slightly so I walk into the right store.

               “It can be. But I try not to let that get to me. I do my best to give the right kind of criticism and they get the option to revise a bit more and try again, or they can simply try another publishing company,” I say, following after Will feeling slightly out of place in a high end men’s clothing store. “Do you get all your clothes here?” I ask, flipping a price tag on a hideous sweater and almost falling over at the price.

               “No,” Will chuckles. “Some, but not all. There’s a jacket I wanted to look at is all.”

               I follow him to the rear of the store, shaking off two overly eager salesmen in the process. Will takes two jackets down from a display, one black and the other a dark blue that’s practically black. It takes him an absurdly long time debating between them.

               “Why don’t you put them on and then decide?” I ask after several minutes of listening to him talk to himself.

               “Oh,” Will says like the thought never occurred to him and he shrugs off his jacket and makes to lay it across another display but I hold out my hand for it. “Thanks,” he smiles softly at me and I nod.

               I try to ignore the thinness of his shirt that leaves little to the imagination but I can’t help myself.

               “Maybe you wouldn’t need a new coat if you actually wore clothes under it,” I mock him and he turns to look at me again.

               “What? You don’t think this is enough to keep me warm?” He smirks, looking down at his shirt. “Besides, it’s not about being warm, it’s about looking good.” He adds, winking at me and I can’t help the snort that comes out of me.

               Will raises his eyebrows and pretends to take offense, his hand over his heart. “Are you attacking my ego with a snort?”

               I make a face at him and roll my eyes. “Put the damn coat on, we’ve been in here over fifteen minutes.”

               “Whoa, a girl who takes charge. I like it,” he teases, his eyes traveling from my head to my toes. My cheeks heat but thankfully he doesn’t notice as he returns his attention to one of the coats, a smirk still resting on his face.

               I watch silently as he zips up and moves to one of the mirrors just off to the side. I would love to say that I’m bored, but I don’t think I could ever get bored watching Will. He checks himself out for much longer than necessary and strips the coat off to replace it with the other.

               “Which do you think?” He asks, back in front of the mirror and putting his hands in and out of his pockets.

               “Hmm,” I move to stand behind him and look into the mirror as well. I’m shocked that my mouth doesn’t start to water. Taking his elbow and swinging him around to face me, his face a mask of surprise, I do a once over. Sweeping the coat he first discarded over one arm, I reach out and fix a button that he missed, a little disappointed that the coat is thick and shields my hands from the thin t-shirt.                

               “I think,” I begin, bringing my hands up to the collar and adjusting it just so. “This color for sure,” I say, refusing to meet the hot gaze that I feel on my face.

               “The black? Why?” He asks quietly and only then when I feel his breath on my face do I realize how closely I’ve stepped into him.

               Hesitating for just a moment, I pretend to busy myself with the zipper of the coat, pressing it between two fingers tightly. I raise my eyes to his and bite my lip, his eyes go straight to my mouth like I wanted and take the opportunity.

               “It helps make the baby face a little less pinchable.” It works. I gently squeeze his chin in my hand, ignoring the flash of heat in my fingertips.

               “I’ll be waiting outside,” I wink at him and turn on my heel and walk back out of the store. Adrenaline courses through my body and a cocky grin takes control of my face, the weight of his eyes on my shoulders until I’m out of sight on the benches just outside the store.

               Sitting down, I’m still holding onto the jacket that he wore here. I lay it across my lap after crossing my legs and people watch. A few minutes pass by and I feel vibrating against my leg and reach for my own phone, but there aren’t any messages. Realizing Will’s phone must be in the pocket of his jacket I sit back again. The buzzing occurs every few seconds and I know it has to be a phone call, still I refuse to go through his pockets. It stops after another few seconds and I relax, an odd feeling hitting my stomach but I brush it off.

               When Will emerges from the store I watch his eyes scan the surrounding benches and tables before finally seeing me in the secluded corner. Relief shows on his face as he maneuvers towards me, bag in hand.

               “Black?” I ask when he stand in front of me.

               “Black,” he murmurs and I grin.

               “Any other stops?” I ask again, accepting his hand when I make to stand.

               “None,” he says and a little disappointment flashes across his face. I’m surprised when it flows into me as well.

               The silence stretches on a bit, both of us staring at the other. “Oh, you’re phone was going off like crazy,” I say coming to my senses. I hold the coat out to him and he takes it, brushing his hand against my arm and I throw an annoyed look at my coat sleeve.

               “Thank you,” he says and I smile. Will fishes out his phone and his face twitches in what looks like annoyance when he taps his screen.

               “So um…” I say awkwardly as he types out a heated message to someone, his thumbs hitting the phone screen harder than I would think necessary. “I’ll just be ah…” I take a step back, meaning to turn around when his head snaps back up to me.

               “No, don’t go,” he says and his cheeks turn a faint pink as he reaches out to me on an impulse. “I mean, uhh,” he raises his hat, running a hand throw his long floppy blonde hair and then replaces the hat. “You want to go out to dinner with me?”

               My jaw falls open and I look back and forth between his eyes, waiting for a laugh or a joke. I see neither. All I see is the nervousness that comes with sincerity.

               “Dinner?” I croak out, my throat suddenly the Sahara Desert.

               “With me,” Will nods and he shifts slightly on the balls of his feet.

               “I’m not really dressed for…” I trail off when I glance down at my outfit. Goddamn it, why did I dress so nicely to go to the damn mall?

               “Yes you are,” Will says before I can finish my sentence and I look back up at him. “Got another excuse?”

               I eye him a moment, pressing my lips together before answering. “If you bring me back to the food court I’m ditching you.”

               A blinding smile flashes at me and I lose all train of thought.

               “I can’t bring a girl there twice in one day!” He tries to look offended as he shrugs his coat back on.

               I narrow my eyes at him and quirk an eyebrow. “This is a friend thing right?”

               “Nope,” Will says with a jerk at his jaw, taking my hand before I can protest. He need not pull me, I would have followed him regardless.

               Being a foot behind him, my smile was hidden. Once I was even with him again I dropped the smile and leveled him with a severe stare. “You barely know me. How could you take someone you don’t know out on a date?”

               “How else do you get to know someone who refuses to text you?” Will asks, throwing a grin in my direction.

               I don’t have an answer. Remaining silent, I let him lead me through the mall. Only when we step out into the cold of the late winter air so I pull on his hand and bring him to a stop.

               “My car is over there,” I nod my head to the right and he frowns.

               “So? I’ll drive you,” he says and I shake my head.

               “How about you follow me to my apartment and then you can take me out?” I ask tilting my head and putting on the face that I know no one will argue with.

               Will eyes me a moment before rolling his eyes. “You always get what you want, don’t you?”

               “I wouldn’t say always, but most times,” I flutter my eye lashes at him and his eyes go slack. “Will?” I ask, snapping my fingers in front of his face.

               He clears his throat and shakes his head slightly, blinking rapidly. “Yeah, so I’ll just uh follow you,” he stammers and I give him a weird look.

               “Right…” I say slowly, confusion plain on my face. “That’s my car,” I nod towards the first one in the row. “I’ll see you in a few.” I wink at him and shake his hand off mine, strutting towards my car.

               Once I’m inside the tinted windows I let out a squeal and lean my head back against the headrest. Oh my God.

               I watch Will walk a little ways down the row to his own vehicle and wait until he starts it up to back out of my spot and head down to the road. I’m overly aware of his car right behind mine the entire short drive to my apartment. What the hell did I say yes for? Am I insane? The mental fight with myself takes its toll on me and by the time I pull into my designated parking spot I just want to go upstairs and take a nap.

               Instead, Will idles in the driveway and I can see him clearing the passenger seat as I walk towards him. Climbing in I take note of the surprising cleanliness of the interior. All black and chrome. Figures.

               “Ready?” Will asked, smiling over at me.

               Not even close. “Ready,” I grin back and settle back into my seat.

               Will takes off like a shot and laughs when I squeal and cling to the door handle. He slows down immediately, mostly because of the red stop light I think.

               “Are you insane? How do you even have a license?” I snap at him, pulling my seatbelt even tighter around me as he continues to laugh in the driver’s seat. “Or do you do that to impress every girl you get into your car?” That shuts him up.

               “Oh Y/N,” Will says, a playful smile still in place. “You think I bring girls into this to impress them?” He raises his eyebrows and I want to slap them off. “I think you’re the first girl that I’ve had to work at to impress.”

               “Who says I’m impressed?” I protest. “I just asked if you were insane!”

               “Which I took as a compliment,” Will says simply, his attention returning to the flowing traffic around him.

               I ignore him and look out the window, mumbling to myself.

               “Do all editors talk to themselves?” Will asks, breaking me out of my thoughts.

               “Yes,” I snap at him and the corner of his lips twitch. I hate myself for noticing.

               “Well, now you get to talk to me,” he replies, pulling into a parking spot in an unfamiliar part of town. I glance out the window as he climbs out and I don’t wait for him to open my door, much to his dismay. Will scowls at me as he offers his hand to me as I step up onto the icy sidewalk. I take his elbow instead, not giving him the satisfaction of touching my skin.

               “What is this place?” I ask my eyes still roving over the simple building in front of me.

               “Just a place I go to occasionally,” he says quietly, leading me slowly up the sidewalk to the front door.

               “Place you bring a lot of dates?” I ask, hating the distain I hear in my own voice.

               His face softens when he glances at me. “No, actually. I’ve never brought anyone but my friends here.”

               “But that’s what I am,” I counter, meeting his steely blue gaze. “A friend.”

               We stare at each other a moment, our faces closer than need be. I can see a touch of silver interweaved in his eyes.

               “For now,” he says quietly, swinging open the front door and holding am arm out for me to go first.

               The unspoken rest of his sentence hangs thick in the air around me. My cheeks heat as I brush past him and into the soft lighting of the restaurant before me. There’s original hardwood flooring, dark accents that complement the older furnishings, all looking worn from years of use. My eyes roam the room as I try to take in everything.

               “Like it?” Will asks, pressing behind me as he follows me inside.

               “I love it,” I murmur, letting him take my hand and lead me to a table in the very center of the room. He isn’t afraid of getting recognized here. A waiter nods at him and greets him by name before shaking his hand. I don’t hear their conversation, too distracted by the original wood work around the door frames and windows.

               It isn’t until Will squeezes my hand do I come to attention and notice both him and the waiter staring at me.

               “What?” I ask, blinking a few times and blushing.

               “What would you like to drink?” The waiter asks me, a friendly smile directed at me.

               “Oh, just a water. Thank you,” I say a bit breathlessly and move unconsciously into Will’s side as he chats with the waiter another moment. Will takes notice but he doesn’t shift away, instead his hand releases mine and moves to the small of my back. It’s an intimate feeling and it makes my breath halt in my lungs.

               A moment later he presses slightly and pulls out a chair for me, sitting across from me once I’m settled.

               “You come here often,” I say, it’s not a question thought Will nods.

               “I do. Not a lot of people seem to know about it. Not that I get recognized a whole lot when I’m out, but they know who I am here. It’s kind of a place where we can go and not be interrupted,” Will shrugs, resting his elbows on the table before him.

               I feel myself lean into him as well but catch myself, instead reaching for the menu.

               “Well then, tell me what’s good to eat,” I say, opening the first flap and eyeing him over the menu. He doesn’t even pick of his own.

               “Burger,” he says simply and I frown.

               “This doesn’t look much like a burger place,” I say, glancing again at the interior that seems more foreign.

               “It doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make a mean one,” he winks at me and thanks the waiter when he returns with our drinks.

               “I’ll take your word for it,” I reply, setting the menu back down before even looking at anything else.

               Will watches me for a few moments, his eyes trailing over my faded bruise.

               “When can your stitches come out?”

               “A few days, Nathan will take them out,” I say without thinking and my stomach churns with guilt. Nathan.

               Will nods, a blank expression on his face.

               “Just because he’s studying to be a doctor,” I add, trying in vain to rid some of the awkwardness. It only adds more. So I just fold my hands in front of me and stare at my chipped nails.

               “You don’t like talking about him in front of me,” Will says and I don’t look up.

               “I don’t mind it, you just make me feel… funny about it,” I mutter, picking at one of my nails.


               “I don’t know.”

               “Well there has to be a reason.”

               “You’re right, but I don’t know what it is,” I retort. “Why are you so observant?”

               Will chuckles. “I’m not actually, you’re just easy to read. I can always tell what you’re thinking when I look at you,” he says and I finally lift my gaze to his. “It’s reassuring.”

               “Reassuring?” I ask, tilting my head to the side in confusion.

               “You haven’t once looked annoyed or like you want to leave… makes me feel like I’m doing something right,” he says and I wonder how someone can be so open and honest.

               “Or maybe I’m doing something wrong,” I grin at him and he laughs.

               “That’s very true. But for now,” he leans forward and taps my fingers with his. “I think you and I are both right.”

               I look at his long pale fingers as they move to slide back across the table and reach out to stop him. I lift his hand and flip the palm up. Will looks at me oddly and run my finger across a callous.

               “Hockey players have rough hands,” I say, eyeing the marks and scars of years of taking a beating.

               Will laughs again. “You say that now, but you’d be surprised at what I can still do with them,” he smirks at me and I know he expects me to drop his hand. I don’t. Instead, I pull it closer and wrap both my hands around his one.

               “I’m sure I will be,” I say with the same tone he used and his laugh stops short, his eyes darkening. “I’m referring to hockey of course.” I add and he gives me a skeptical look but I keep my face blank. “I don’t usually watch you, I’m more of a Matthews’ girl.”

               Will makes a noise in the back of his throat and I can’t keep the straight face anymore. Giggling, I lower his hand back to the table and grab my glass instead as he just shakes his head at me.

               “Didn’t read that, did ya?” I ask, crossing my legs and leaning back in my seat, overly pleased with myself.

                arrive at communism
                                                  from below  -  
by the low way of mines,
                                                   and pitchforks  -  
But I,
      from poetry’s skies,
                                      plunge into communism,
           without it
                           I feel no love.
           I’m self-exiled
                                  or sent to mamma  -  
the steel of words corrodes,
                                          the brass of the brass tarnishes.
      beneath foreign rains,
must I soak,
                       and rust?
Here I recline,
                    having gone oversea,
in my idleness
                    barely moving
                                           my machine parts.
I myself
           feel like a Soviet
manufacturing happiness.
I object
         to being torn up,
like a flower of the fields,
                                        after a long day’s work.
I want
       the Gosplan to sweat
                                        in debate,
assignning me
                     goals a year ahead.
I want
       a commissar
                          with a decree
to lean over the thought of the age.
I want
        the heart to earn
its love wage
                   at a specialist’s rate.
I want
        the factory committee
                                            to lock
My lips
          when the work is done.
I want
        the pen to be on a par
                                           with the bayonet;
and Stalin
              to deliver his Politbureau
          about verse in the making
as he would about pig iron
                                         and the smelting of steel.

Vladimir Mayakovsky, Back Home (1925)

coincidentally | kim jongin

❀ scenario: going for a morning jog seemed simple enough, right? Wrong.

❀ kim jongin x reader (mermaid!au)

This morning’s sunrise was a breathtaking display of radiant colors. Bright streaks of red, pink, and orange slowly overcame the dark blue and purple of the twilight sky. The sky resembled a prism; all the colors blended perfectly into each other. The sun itself was just peeking out of the horizon, and its brilliant rays already shined brightly and began to warm the air. I marveled at the glistening reflection of the sun on the ocean and a thrilling feeling of awe swept over me. Having moved here recently the sunrise was most definitely my favourite part of living here. 

I stood gazing at the art of work slowly coming up behind the horizon for a few more moments before breaking into a jog and continuing my morning routine. Ladies Code vocals harmonized through my earbuds with their latest release, I’m Fine Thank You. I passed other joggers and a few old couples as i neared the more isolated part of the beach.

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Experiment: 707 x NEKO! Reader

*A/N: This is gonna start in Your POV. This is how most of the story will stay. But their will be the occasional times where 707 is gonna take over the POV. This will be posted chapter by chapter~ Enjoy the prologue.!* (sorry if prologue is bad, because I suck at prologues. It’ll get better, I promise.)

Warning: Swearing will be involved.

The moment I first opened my eyes, the world was against me.

It’s crazy to think about..even crazier to say, believe me.

I was an experiment. What was supposed to be a way to help humans without organ donors, turned into a disaster.

I would’ve been a normal person, just like you! However, I had cat cells placed inside of me when I was only a tiny egg in my mother. 9 months later, out came a hybrid. I definitely don’t look “normal.” I have pointy, furry ears on top of my head, and a long, fluffy tail. Because of this, people are a bit..weary of me. So, it’s best I don’t make much interaction with people. This way, no one is frightened, and I don’t get injured.


“GET OUTTA HERE, YOU FREAK OF NATURE! SCRAM!” A man yelled, throwing a greasy, brown bag of cold, stale food at me. My eyes widened, as I scrambled up from where I was sitting.

“Sorry, sir! It won’t happen again!” I frantically said, taking the bag of food and sprinting away.

My whole life has been this fight for survival. Staying behind restaurants like his at night, can provide you with some good food, if you’re patient. Finding a place to sleep is a different story, though.

I let out an exasperated huff, slowing myself down. I was weak, and tired. It had been another long day, and I needed to find somewhere to rest before I collapsed.

After thinking for a moment, I decided to make my way to the old abandoned playground for the night. It was a bit creepy, but it was safe. That’s all I needed right now.


*707’s point of view*

My phone buzzed, as I got a call from Yoosung.

“Seriously, Yoosung? Didn’t I just tell you I was going to go work..” I said to myself, debating on if I should ignore him or not.

After making a quick decision, I grabbed my phone, pressing ‘ignore call.’

“Sorry, kid. I’ve got stuff to do..”

I put my attention back on my computer, and began hacking into a scientist database. I had no idea what I was going to find, but the boss was scared about what they’ve been searching for.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I got in. I quickly made it so they couldn’t tell I hacked in, and trace me.

“Now let’s see what you’re trying to hide..”

I scanned the information provided, until something specific caught my eye.

“A..human cat..?? Am I reading this right?” I brushed any dust that could have built up on my glasses, and re-read the information.

Turns out, my eyes weren’t actually deceiving me. This was real.

“If the wrong person finds her, she could be in serious Maybe I should do something? After all, Vanderwood said I couldn’t have a cat, but never rejected this~ hehe. Here I come, Kitty! Defender of Justice, Seven Zero Seven, to the rescue!”

A knock on my bedroom door sounded, along with an angry voice.

“Are you talking to yourself again?! Get back to work, idiot!”

None other than Vanderwood herself.

“Isn’t it the maid who is supposed to listen to your orders, not the other way around?” I smiled, quietly slipping my jacket on.

“For the last time. I. Am. Not. Your. Maid. Stop joking around! God, when I come back here tomorrow, you better have something done.” Vanderwood threateningly said, before slamming the front door, signaling their disappearance.

“Got it~ I’ll have something done, don’t worry!”

Seven Days

I wrote this a few days ago. It seemed fitting to post it today. 


Seven days…

He’d been whispering that nonsense at random times all damn day. When I asked why, all he would do is smile that damn cryptic smile that he knew I loathed.

“What the fuck is going on with you today?” I snapped. “You’re being more annoyingly creepy than usual.”

He just laughed. “Just know, little flower, you have seven days. Keep count, my love.” Then he vanished.

Seven days? What would happen in seven days?

Six days…

When I checked the calendar, I saw that Halloween was in six days. Was that the big countdown he was talking about? What would happen on Halloween?

“Probably just some bullshit to scare me,” I grumbled as I washed the dishes. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tormented me like this before, he’s been going at it for months. I had become a prisoner in my own home; the only places he would let me go were work and school. If I went anywhere else he’d fuck with my mind in the most gruesome ways.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt his head resting on my shoulder. “Six more days, my little dove,” he cooed, turning his head to kiss my cheek.  "Six more days. Enjoy them.“

Five days…

I groaned as I walked into my home, immediately greeted by another ghostly whisper. "Show yourself,” I growled. “I’m not in the mood for your games today.”

The demon snickered as he materialized in front of me, a sly grin on his face. “Aw did you miss me that much?” he teased.

I scowled.  "No, I’m just not in the mood for your bullshit today.“ I sighed as I sat back on the couch. "What is the countdown for, anyway?”

“You’ll see, my dove. You’ll see.”

Four days…

Remember how I said he had made me a prisoner in my own home?

Well it’s gotten worse. Now he won’t even let me go to school. Whenever I try to leave, I can hardly move thanks to what he’s done to my mind. He hasn’t physically hurt me since the first week he started tormenting me, but I preferred the slashes and cuts to the horrors he stuck in my brain.

“Why are you doing this?!” I cried out, curled up in the corner of my room. “Let me live my life, let me free.” My voice faded into a scared whimper as I saw him come into view.

He just chuckled and knelt in front of me, grabbing my chin and forcing me to meet his gaze. “We only have four days, sweetheart. I can’t risk you ruining everything.” He grabbed my wrist and turned it over so that the brand he left on me was visible. “Remember; I own you, little pet.” He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my head; a gesture that would have been considered as sweet under normal circumstances. But as it was, his lips felt like a death sentence.

Three days…

I lay in bed awake that night, pondering what he had been telling me all day:

“Three days, little pet. Three days is all we have. Enjoy them.”

What did he mean? Why wouldn’t he tell me what was going to happen in three days? What made Halloween so important that it had triggered this maddening countdown to a fate I didn’t know?

I was pulled from my thoughts when I felt him lay down behind me, his arms wrapping around me like a pair of constricting snakes. He softly kissed the back of my neck, I could feel his fangs lightly scrape my skin.

“I hope you’re ready, pet,” he murmured. “In three days time, everything will change, I promise.”

I stayed silent.

Two days...

I hadn’t seen him since I woke up, and all he told me was what I already knew; I had two days until whatever life-changing event was going to happen.

I debated running away, but what good would that do? I’ve tried before, and all it did was get me punished in the most terrifying ways.

Maybe he’d be back tomorrow and explain what was going on. Or maybe, just maybe,

He was gone for good.

One more day…

Today was my last day before the big Halloween event. I still have no clue what’s in store. Maybe he’s finally going to kill me? Take my soul and feed my flesh to whatever creature wants it?

Well not if I could help it. He hadn’t been seen all day, so I started packing up a bag. It was a long shot, I knew. But if any opportunity to escape my hell on earth presented itself, I couldn’t just pass it up.

It was almost midnight when I finally made the attempt to leave, and only after hours of debate and convincing myself that I would regret it if I didn’t try.

Though he didn’t appear to be around, I still tried to be as quiet as possible as I snuck through the house and to the front door. Before I could open it, however, I felt something akin to rope wrap around my ankle tightly.

My eyes widened in panic as I tried to pull free; he was back. And he didn’t seem to want to let me go.

Before I could make a word of protest, I was yanked to the ground. Once I hit the floor I turned on my back and tried to scramble away from the shadow wrapped around my ankle, and his glaring acid green eyes. “Leaving so soon?” he purred, his voice dripping with malice. “And on our last day? Tsk tsk, darling, how impatient you are.”

The last thing I saw before I blacked out was his dangerous, gleaming grin.

“Ţ̧̣̫̱͚̭̝̦͑̈̀̉̀̎͝h̨̛͈͙̅̎͆́̾̚͜ͅę̸̪̠̫̟̩͊̈́̀̈́͢͜ t̷̢͓̞̪̩̑̽̀́̚͟i̧̢̢̼͚͍̻̝͂́̽̆͂̂͡m̢̹̯̗̭̉̾̌̀̓̂̚ȅ̜̣͚͕̝̀͗͑̔͟ ḩ̷̼̥̘̦͙̦̃͂̒̀̆̉̑̚ẵ̱̙̻͍̦̬̙͍͚̻̎̀͋̽ś̨͙̞̼͇̟̼̼̻́̅̍̋̆͛͌ ç͔̭̻̗̇̌̍͂̓͆̇͊͒͜͟͞o̶̮͕͓̭͚͙͙̓͐́͐̑́̏͛͜͜͢͠͡m͉̪̭̮̦̔͗͗̿̉͌̄̌ͅe̢̧̗̯͆͆̍̾͑̆̉̒͟.̸̪̙̟͇̗̗̉̍̽́̓͜.̷̨̛̟̘̦͕̰̱̩̯̐͛̋͂͋̾̓̓͘.̵̡̙̲͇͖̼̥̾̐̇̐̿̒̀͜͠͝ͅ

I woke up in a room that was not my own. In fact, it didn’t look familiar at all. It seemed almost… medieval, with its stone walls and high ceilings. It was dark outside, and when I got up to walk to the window, I couldn’t see anything. Just a vast, black darkness.

My heart dropped when I heard a familiar laugh from behind me. “Do you like your surprise, my pet?” he purred, grabbing my hand and spinning me around to look at him. “It took me a lot of work to get you here, you know.” I winced when his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his towering figure until he was holding me against him. “But all the work was worth it in the end. Because now you’re here, with me. And you can never leave me.” His lips curled into a sinister grin, one that promised nothing good.

I tried to pull free, but it seemed like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move.

He saw the struggle in my eyes and laughed in my face. “Oh my darling, I have much more power over you here than I did in your world; here I can make you do whatever I want. Let me show you.” He held out one of his hands, a dagger appearing seemingly from nowhere.

He placed the weapon in my hand, flashing a falsely sweet smile. I was going to question what he expected me to do with it, but when my hand moved the dagger to my unbranded wrist of it’s own will, I knew.

“D-Don’t,” I begged. “Please don’t. I just want to go home.”

He laughed yet again. “Home? Pet, this is your new home! Here we can play all the time! Isn’t that wonderful, my love?”

I screamed as my hand began carving into my wrist. Try as I might, I couldn’t stop it. I wasn’t in control of my own body. He watched me cry and plead with a wicked grin. When I was done, he released his control over my body, allowing me to drop the knife and see what he had made me do.

One word. One name carved into my skin. As if the brand wasn’t enough.


“I own you, pet. And now you can be mine… forever.”

Ruin The Friendship (part II)

Title: Ruin The Friendship (mini-series) Part 2 

Word-Count: 5k

Pairing: Jay Park/ Reader (kinda)

Summary: Best friends to lovers. Inspired by Ruin The Friendship - Demi Lovato. 

Genre: Smutty Fluff

Part 1 Part 3

He leaves with a kiss in the morning. I’ve been hyper-aware of his body presence through the night, clutching his body against mine. At some point between two am and three, I’d pulled off my T-shirt and the underwear he’d taken the time to get. We’d made love in slow, lazy, sleepy pulls. Silently, he touched my body like he’d been born to do so. His mouth had moved against my skin so tenderly that there was no mistaking what it meant. Love is easy to fall into. You fall in love at least a hundred times a day; with the sky, the moon, the feel of somebody’s hands touching your body. I think Jay fell in love with my skin. Even as he pulls away, his fingers press against the side of my neck, drawing me closer to his mouth. Light streams in through the peek behind the curtain that I never bothered to close last night. I groan as he stands upright, pulling his boxers and sweats back into place. I watch him move around my room, picking up my discarded clothes. I can only imagine what his day entails with so many artists depending on him. As much as I wish he’d stay in bed kissing me dumb, it’s highly unlikely. Finally, when he’s done cleaning up our late night mess, he stands beside my bed, hovering over me once again. “I don’t want to go,” he whispers. His face falls into my neck when I wrap my arms around him. The thick duvet between us is the only thing keeping my bare chest from touching his. I run my fingers over the wings that cover the lower back of his scalp. My nails scratch against each line slowly. “I don’t want you to go,” I say around a yawn. “I’ll try my best to stop by tonight. I have a flight to New York tomorrow morning,” He grabs my bottom lip, pushed out in a pout, between his teeth before running his tongue against mine. 

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Salt 'n' Pepper-Tony Stark x Reader One Shot

(A/N: This is set just after the first Avengers film, so we still have JARVIS as an android and everyone is happy. Also, Tony and Pepper aren’t a thing, sorry Pepperony shippers.)

Summary: Tony can get so busy managing his company and being Iron Man that he sometimes forgets about his partner (Y/N). As she sees how close he becomes with Pepper Potts, she can’t help the rising jealousy consume her, making her a very unhappy woman indeed.

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Pepper Potts x Reader (sort of enemies?), Bruce Banner x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name



“JARVIS, where is Tony?” I asked the android as I exited my shared bedroom with my partner.

He hadn’t come back to bed that night and I had a feeling I knew where he was.

“Mr Stark is currently in his lab, Miss (Y/L/N).” he replied.

“Has he eaten anything?”

“Mr Stark has only consumed an alarming amount of coffee.”

I sighed.“Thanks JARVIS.”

Of course he hadn’t eaten. He never worried about himself, his brain was taken over with science. Stopping by the kitchen, I grabbed a glass of orange juice before making a bowl of cereal. My mind did think about making him some pancakes but he needed something relatively healthy. Carrying it down to the lab I knew what sort of mood he was going to be in. He would just want to get on with his work, not be bothered with anything or anyone else.

It was hard loving him though I wouldn’t ever change it. We met at a party (surprise, surprise), I had tagged along with a friend, it was was for some sort of science convention; we bumped into each other and of course I knew who he was. We had talked the whole night, he too wasn’t the most enthusiastic about the event. One thing led to another and then we ended up becoming a couple.

Unfortunately that did mean that paparazzi and journalists were following my every move. I was introduced to a whole new world, not only with the media but with his superhero side. I was an easy target for his enemies, he knew that and was so hesitant to announce us. However it accidentally slipped out after the battle of New York where he almost died; I couldn’t help but dote on him afterwards, mistakingly showing off PDA, but what was done was done. He was fighting aliens and risked his life for the human race, there was no way I wasn’t not going to show my affection.

When I arrived to the lab, the doors were locked which meant he didn’t want to be disturbed. That didn’t mean anything to me anymore.

“Tony?” I knocked on the glass door with my foot.

“Who is it?” he called out.

“(Y/N). Can you please let me in? I have food.”

The doors slid open and I hopped in as if they would quickly trap me inside them. I found him standing at a desk which had tools laid about, he was tinkering with a circuit board.

“When you said food I thought you meant something interesting, not slop.” he commented as he looked up at me.

I chuckled.“It’s not slop. This is better than nothing. Come on, put your stuff down and eat.”

I took his arm, dragging him towards a table free of any technology, sitting him down and kissing his cheek. He whined like a child, only making me laugh more. Tony stared at it, not moving an inch.

“You know, you haven’t even come to bed.”

“I know.” he started to drink the orange juice. At least he was having something.

“I miss you. Are you working on something big?”

“Just upgrading the suits. Trying out a few new things on them. Everything is damaged after the fight though.”

“I can imagine.”

Tony looked so tired. S.H.I.E.L.D just swooped in and took over, dumping the whole alien attack on the team. What with him almost dying things hadn’t got any easier. He would have nightmares constantly which meant he tried to keep himself awake, he was always always trying to improve the Iron Man suits as a distraction from everything. It was going to take time for him to get back to normal.

“Morning Mr Stark.” a voice came from the entrance of the lab.

I internally groaned. Pepper Potts, the CEO of Stark industries and former assistant to Tony had just walked through that door. I wanted to get along with her, I really did, but after I saw how she acted around Tony I couldn’t fathom it. Always flirting and constantly around him; I knew that they had to be together quite a lot of the time seeing as she too ran the company but she didn’t have to be so flirty with him.

“Oh, Miss (Y/L/N), I did not see you there.” she greeted almost rudely as she placed a bag of McDonald’s breakfast in front of Tony.

I didn’t miss her hand stroking the back of his as she passed the bag. Tony disregarded the food I brought, digging into the fast food. He must have seen the hurt in my face before he started to explain.

“I asked her to bring it.”

“But I made you cereal.”

“Yeah and I appreciate that, but I need this instead. She was passing one as she came here.”

“Speaking of,” Pepper pulled out a tablet from her bag, tapping away,“you have people to see and things to sign.”

He gathered up his food.“Nope, I’m out.”


“I’m going out and by that I mean staying in.”

I interrupted.“Tony you need to do these things. If you keep putting it off it’ll just build up. Maybe it will be good to get out.”

“She’s right Tony.” Pepper added, my eyes rolling.

He bit into his breakfast burger, contemplating it.“Neither of you are gonna give up, huh?”

Both of us shook out heads. Tony sighed after swallowing, turning away for a brief second.

“Fine. Seems like it’s important.”

Pepper smiled.“Great. Well I’ll arrange everything to be transferred to the afternoon, you can rest up and get cleaned up-”

“No. Leave it as it is.”

“Ok, your first appointment is in two hours. I’ll uh, leave you guys alone.” she was hesitant to go, probably thinking I would instead, it was evident in her face but she did so anyway.

Tony munched on his breakfast, clearly enjoying it. I didn’t want to mention anything about how uncomfortable to was with Pepper, he had enough on his mind already. I trusted him not to do anything, even if she advanced; though I prayed she wouldn’t either to maintain a professional relationship with her boss.

“I’m sorry about the breakfast.” Tony suddenly said, offering me a bite of his burger. I knew he was trying to hunt about Pepper.

I smiled, taking it from him.“It’s ok.”

“Didn’t want to bother you. You looked peaceful in your sleep.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.“Wait, so you did come back to the room?”

“Yeah, but then I had stuff to do.”

I grabbed one of his hands.“I wouldn’t care if you woke me you know. It would be kinda nice to see you once in a while.”

He squeezed it back.“Sorry, just keeping myself busy.”

“I know that’s how you cope. Could you just come to bed tonight? Please? Just tonight and I won’t nag anymore.”

He chuckled.“Course.”


Tony and Pepper had left for the meetings now and I was left with nothing to do. I didn’t work, I used to before dating Tony. The job I used to have wasn’t a good pay, I was living off bare minimum really. Although I wasn’t a particular fan of work (based on past experience, I wasn’t a brat) it was common knowledge that you had to work to get money. Tony saw how unhappy I was, lending me money whenever I needed it until he suggested that I move in with him and quit my job. Never had I said yes quicker.

After being together for a couple of years, he started to trust me with the money by myself. Because I wasn’t working, I decided that charity work would suffice. Tony was charitable himself meaning it wasn’t a problem with him. However, there were no events coming up that needed to be planned so I was stuck in the tower. I had already worked out that morning, watched tv and even attempted cooking (I wasn’t very skilled in the kitchen). I could have gone out but I didn’t want to deal with paparazzi and all of my friends were working.

Heading into the kitchen to grab a snack, someone was already in there. I recognised the lab cost and dark, wavy hair.

“Hey Bruce.” I greeted walking towards him.

“Oh, hi.” he sent me a small smile.

“What you doing up here? Aren’t you in the labs all day?”

“Well, people do need nourishment.”

“True, could have asked one of your workers to get it though.”

“I’d prefer to do it myself. Not good with all these people get.”

“Well you do what you want Bruce.” I grabbed a bag of crisps about to walk away before he stopped me.

“Uh, a-are things ok with you and Tony?”

Why was he asking me this?

“Um, yeah. Why?”

“He asked me to keep an eye on you which sort of led me to believe that you had some sort of argument?”

“No, no arguments….” my sentence trailed off as I realised why Tony was curious.“It’s because of Pepper.”

“Pepper? Pepper Potts?”

“Yeah, she…I don’t really like her being around Tony, she can get a bit flirty.”

“Oh. Have you talked to him about it?”

“I can’t right now. He’s so stressed from everything that has happened. He’s not sleeping or eating well, his social skills are out the window; I just want him back.”

“I know I’m not an expert on love and relationships but I think it would be wise to speak with him. Maybe he’ll see how you’re feeling and spend time with you, it could make him feel better too.”

Bruce’s words played on and on in my head throughout the day. He was right. It had to be said soon. I just didn’t want Tony getting any worse; his PTSD had got worse, he didn’t need my whining on top of it.

“What are you thinking about?” Tony’s voice made me jump.

After a long debate with myself on what to do, I had found myself in the lab. Perhaps it was because Tony was always there and this was one of the only ways I felt close to him.

“Can…can I talk to you?” I stuttered, hating that my nerves were getting the better of me.

“Is this about Pepper or the neglect?” he asked, though I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be mean.

I was caught of guard.“Tony…that’s not how I want to word it.”

He loosened his tie as he stood nearer.“But that’s the word for it.”

“I’m just not a fan of her, she’s always trying to push my buttons by flirting with you.”

“It’s her nature.”

“No it’s not!” my voice raised.

He seemed taken back.

I groaned, pusing the chair back, making it screech against the floor.“I don’t want to argue. I want my Tony back even though I know you’re dealing with things but so is everyone else. You know what, just get Pepper to live here with you cause she might as well.”

“Don’t make this about her-”

“Why not Tony? She’s always here, let’s decorate one of the rooms for her. Better yet, she can take my place!”

His fist slammed onto the table.“I am not going to argue about this! We trust each other, we love each other! Have I ever once cheated or given you a reason to believe so?”

I could feel myself start to cry.“No.”

“So I don’t understand this. You know that Pepper has been a loyal, valuable member of my team, I wouldn’t just throw her away. I will talk to her about this but never have I reciprocated her feelings.”

My voice had turned to a whisper.“I know…I know that.” I could feel my knees buckling, having to lean against the wall.“I just want to help you and I hate that she has so much more in common with you. I have so much jealousy built up in me because of it, in ashamed of that. But I really want to help you.”

His hands pulled me towards him into a hug.“You do help me. It would help me even more if you just stayed happy.”

“You shouldn’t be comforting me, it needs to be the other way around.” I sobbed, clutching onto his suit.“I want to help.”

“Then stop crying and hug me back. Stop worrying about Pepper, just be happy, for me.”

After debating with myself mentally (as one does), I’ve finally decided to share some more OCs with you guys. Clone ones. Obviously. Remember the logo things I designed about a month ago, more or less? They went with this mess.

Yes, these guys are the so-called “Tackle Box” Crew/Squadron/what-have-you. I also realize I can use any of those designs because most clones mark up their armor any which way they want to. BUT THAT IS ALL DIFFICULT and I’ll figure that out later maybe. Maybe.

Anyway, long post short: this was all done some time last year and I don’t really know what I was trying to do with it. It got all colorful. Ew. I mean, YAY COLOR.

"We're Next" Sodapop x Reader

Summary: Y/N asks Sodapop to be her date to a wedding

(This is probably going to be super lame, but I think the idea is cute;) Super long guys, bare with me though!)

I stared at my reflection admiring the dress I was planning on wearing to my older brothers wedding. It was only a few days away, and the dress was appealing, but not overwhelming. Of course I was excited, but I was still lacking a key component. A date. I wasn’t looking to go by myself, and my brother advised I bring a plus one. I had someone in mind, but I wasn’t confident he’d agree to going with me. After debating with myself over the situation, I decided I’d ask him. What the worst thing he could do? Say no?

I walked down the street to the DX, where Sodapop was working. Like all other girls, I had a crush on the oh-so attractive boy. We had been friends for a while, I helped tutor him when he was still in school, and things just sort of escalated from there. Even after he dropped out, I’d still come by his house and say hello to him and his brothers, or I’d swing by the DX just to chat. Although typically, it was packed full of girls, and paying customers as well. So usually, we’d step into the garage and chat there, every now and again Steve joining.

I walked through the front door of the small gas station and the bell above rang, signaling I had entered. Today seemed slower than it had been, at least every time I went in. I walked to the counter and called out for Soda. He walked around the corner with a dirty rag, cleaning his hands, and a grin on his face.
“Hey Y/N, what are you up to doll face?”
I smiled at his comment, even though he had called me ‘doll’ or ‘doll face’ often.
“Oh, not too much,” I paused and bit my bottom lip, mentally preparing myself for the big question, “Hey, are you busy this Saturday?”
“For once, I’m not,” He sent a smile my way, “Why, you got plans?”
“Yes, I do actually. I just need someone else with me.”
He raised an eyebrow, urging for me to continue.
“Well, my brothers wedding is this weekend, I was wondering if maybe, ya know, if you weren’t busy, maybe you’d come with me?” I avoided eye contact with him, scared I could read the answer in his expression. He didn’t answer for what felt like forever.
“That sounds like a lot of fun Y/N, I’d really love that.” I felt my heart stop for a second, and I nearly jolted upright.
“Oh, that’s great!” I cheered.
I finished explaining the details to him, and he said he’d see me Saturday. I left baring a smile that stretched from ear to ear on my face.

Saturday came quickly and I was quaking with excitement and anticipation. I was dolled up for the wedding and was currently waiting for Sodapop to pick me up. I sat in front of the mirror and put some touch ups to my makeup, when I heard a knock at my front door. I was the only one at home at the time, my mother and father were already at the wedding. I slipped on my heels and jogged carefully to the door. Waiting outside, was Sodapop. He had a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie on. He looked so handsome. Even more-so than usual, if that’s possible.
“Hey, you!” I exclaimed. Soda just stared at me. Shyly moving his eyes all across my body. He finally met my gaze and cleared his throat.
“Y/N, you look… Great. Just, uh gorgeous.” He choked up. My face was beet red. Soda never looked at me this way before, but I wasn’t complaining.

We soon arrived at the soon-to-be ceremony, it was a truly beautiful set up. Soda and I walked next to one another, and neither of us talked much. Something was wrong with him I knew, he was never quiet. Although it was my brothers wedding, I wasn’t too involved. I just wasn’t interested I guess. So, Soda and I sat out in the crowd, waiting until it started. My brother spotted me in the crowd, and gave me a nervous smile. I grinned back, giving him a thumbs up. Soda and I had a bit of small talk here and there, but he still seemed off. Eventually, the wedding kicked off and we sat in silence until it was over. The reception was the fun part, and it was about to start.

Music played out loud, and I could see Sodapop slowly getting into it. Like he would usually. We danced to several fast songs, then sat down for a break. A slow song played and I could see Soda staring at me from the corner of my eye. Finally, he spoke.
“Care to dance?” He stood up, and put his hand out for me to grab. I smiled and took it graciously. “I thought you’d never ask.”
He pulled me on the dance floor, and we stood together, swaying to the soft beat. I rested my head on his chest, while his hands stayed on my waist. I could hear his heartbeat, and it was pounding nearly out of his chest. Mine was doing the same, I’m sure he couldn’t tell though. Suddenly, I felt him speak.
“Hey, you know, I’ve always thought you were beautiful.”
I felt my face begin to turn pink. He then continued,
“I’ve really liked you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I always thought that you thought of me as a, I don’t know, an idiot I guess.”
I stopped dancing and looked at him, “Why would I ever think that of you?”
“I’m a drop out Y/N I couldn’t even finish the most basic schooling there is, even with the smartest girl I know helping me out.”
“Soda, you’re not an idiot. You just don’t learn the same way as others, but that’s what makes you different. And you know, different is beautiful.” I met his eyes, and he was beaming.
“Oh yeah, and I like you a lot too Sodapop.”
“Can I kiss you?” He asked without hesitation. My eyes widened, and all I could do was nod. He leaned in and met his lips with my own. It wasn’t a long, or heated kiss, but it was full of affection and care. We finished the dance and sat down, this time though, our hands never parted.

The newly wed couple stood up to dance another song, and everyone watched, and admired. I was truly happy for my brother. I felt Soda move my hair and lightly press his lips to my ear,
“Something tells me that we’re next.” He whispered.
I looked at him confused. Next for what? He then pointed to the bride and groom
“That right there, that’s us in a few years.” I smiled at the thought of this.
“Don’t you think it’s a bit early to suggest that?” You could hear the grin in my speech.
“A guy can dream, can’t he?”

“Alright, ladies! Let’s see who the next lucky girl is. Who will catch the bouquet?” I ran into the group of unwed woman. The bride turned around and tossed the flowers into the crowd. Tons of arms shot in the air, but somehow, the bouquet managed to fall into mine. My eyes widened in surprise, as I got a lot of congratulating pats on the back, and some irritated looks from woman in their 30s who had still remained single. Still surprised, I looked at Soda and smiled. He shrugged his shoulders and mouthed, ‘I told you so.’

“Then I thought of the drive back, late at night, along the starlit river to this rickety antique New England hotel on a shoreline that I hoped would remind us both of the bay of B., and of Van Gogh’s starry nights, and of the night I joined him on the rock and kissed him on the neck, and of the last night when we walked together on the coast road, sensing we’d run out of last-minute miracles to put off his leaving. I imagined being in his car asking myself, Who knows, would I want to, would he want to, perhaps a nightcap at the bar would decide, knowing that, all through dinner that evening, he and I would be worrying about the same exact thing, hoping it might happen, praying it might not, perhaps a nightcap would decide - I could just read it on his face as I pictured him looking away while uncorking a bottle of wine or while changing the music, because he too would catch the thought racing through my mind and want me to know he was debating the exact same thing, because, as he’d pour the wine for his wife, for me, for himself, it would finally dawn on us both that he was more me than I had ever been myself, because when he became me and I became him in bed so many years ago, he was and would forever remain, long after every forked road in life had done its work, my brother, my friend, my father, my son, my husband, my lover, myself. In the weeks we’d been thrown together that summer, our lives had scarcely touched, but we had crossed to the other bank, where time stops and heaven reaches down to earth and gives us that ration of what is from birth divinely ours. We looked the other way. We spoke of everything but. But we’ve always known, and not saying anything now confirmed it all the more. We had found the stars, you and I. And this is given once only.” Call Me By Your Name, A. Aciman

scully-loves-ruthie  asked:

11 for the writing prompts

“You’re a monster.”

Took forever to answer and think about. Hope it is okay. I live for iwtb era angst. Tagging @today-in-fic .

I did not remember when it happened. It had been so long. I thought we were getting better. I honestly allowed myself to believe that. We were better. After our trip to St. Martin, there was a little light come back into our lives.

I told him I was going to be late from the hospital that night. I left him a voicemail. I texted him twice, even though I knew he doesn’t use his phone like that. I debated emailing him as well, just to cover my basis, short using carrier pigeons or a messenger. Who am I kidding? He would probably shoot the messenger on sight in lieu of the old age adage of “Trust no one.”

Shit. I barely wondered if he trusted me anymore.

I’ve been down this road before. You remember me telling you about Diana Fowley?

I know it’s been years ago but the hurt is still there. I never want to feel like that again. It was beginning to feel like that again before the FBI came knocking on our door, asking for his help in exchange for his freedom.

His freedom.

It’s been a month and what has that gotten me? Nothing. I feel like he keeps himself locked back up in that corner office even more now. Hell, the beard is coming back. I’m sick of the fucking beard.

I thought things would be different. We could build an actual life together. Both of our names on the house and on the car. I know I haven’t talked about marriage, but maybe he would ask the question again and I would say yes. I will say yes. I’m tired of being life partners. I want to get married. File a joint tax return. Get a golden lab and he can build that white picket fence. Actually being normal and happy.

But no. I haven’t felt this alone in a long time.

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I’ll Take The Grave; Chapter II.

Résumé: You cognized very well the consequences of dating a vampire, but you did not expect your own self to betray you under the effect of blabbering mouths, to the point that you could no longer handle your indifference among them you decided, you’d take the grave, for Jimin.
Length: 1 961 words.
AU: Vampire.
A/N: I bloody did not expect this to become a series but,,, after a long thoughtful debate with myself I have decided it is best as series. also sorry this chap is much shorter but I promise to work better on the next one!

Chapter I

Originally posted by pangguk

II - Devil Eyes

“You’re going to stay here until I come back later, do not get out of here or I will make sure you regret it once I return. Understood?”

The words kept echoing around you from nowhere, gnawing and crawling up your skin and making you flinch as you curled back in your reserved place. It got darker outside and you only knew it when your nibbling on your wrist came to a halt and your head snapped up when the same scent from the morning earlier hit you in strong waves. You couldn’t help but huff the heavenly odor until you started getting light in the head and before you knew it, your fangs tore out and you were leaping out of the bed, hurrying to the open window from which the aroma was slipping in like the luscious flow of wine from bottle to glass, and you could already feel yourself getting drunk on that mirage.

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Number Four - part 2

Here it is part two of my little Omelia family story. You can read part 1 here, if you haven’t yet. Enjoy and there is far more to come.

‘Where are you?’

‘Are you ok?’


‘Talk to me’

‘I didn’t mean to upset you’

‘Babe, please’

‘Seriously where are you’

I know I shouldn’t be mad at Owen, it’s not like he can do anything to solve the problem. But at the same time, he is the reason we are in this mess. He is the reason I am pregnant, which is the reason why I have to give up my trial. So, despite that logically I know I shouldn’t be mad at him; here I am, mad at him, ignoring his texts. Than my phone vibrates again with another message saying, ‘I love you.’

Even though I am still pissed at him, at the situation, at having to give up my chance at a Harper Avery; his last message broke through my anger. At least enough that I realized I really should respond to his texts, just so he knew I was okay. So, I texted back, ‘I love you too.’. But I am still mad, and since I don’t have any more surgeries today, I head to my office to work on some paper work.

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I Remember You... (Midoriya Izuku x Male!Noumu Reader x Bakugou Katsuki)

Originally posted by clownrobo

Prompt: The reader was a childhood friend of Midoriya’s and Bakugo’s before being abducted and turned into a noumu.

In this AU…

•There’s small skirmishes between small bands of noumu, villains and noumu under villain control. Reader is the leader of the noumu resistance.

•All Might isn’t wounded by Toxic Chainsaw and is still up and not dying, still chose Izuku as successor.

Sidenote: Bakugou isn’t as big an ass as he was in canon and has an okay relationship with Izuku. Still a dick, but that’s his character.

Relationship status: Friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The place they put you in is small, not as small as the cell in the laboratory, but still roomy enough to stretch your limbs. You’re not sure where you are exactly, but that doesn’t matter; you had a promise to complete. You made a promise to make the rip the strings and stop those like you, even if it meant you had to kill them. These people were finally able to catch after you freed several like you from their own minds.

Nobody deserved to be trapped in a body like yours and be stripped of their humanity, turned into heartless monstrosities that attack so ruthlessly.

Nobody deserves to be a Noumu.

You spared a fairly decent number of your brethren from this madness during the time you escaped from the lab. Two dozen to be exact on your own and three with the help of some small children who claimed to be ‘heroes’.

You found them pinned in a suprise attack and you knew that they weren’t going to last against the three noumu that cornered them. At best, they were going to last a minute, 2 if you were gonna push their luck. Of the three Noumu before you, the one in the center was evidently stronger than the other two, who looked easy enough to let them fight. You were an ambush predator and infiltrater by design, with your painful chimerafication made you far taller (All Might levels of tall) and bone-thin looking, giving you an appearance that seemed fragile.

You are anything but fragile. With the quirks and upgardes at your disposal, you were incredibly difficult to keep up with in speed, power, and technique.

Unfortunately, you did most of the fighting and was heavily injured. Too much so to regenerate fast enough and collapsed. Finding yourself here in this predicament in the first place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Something is odd about your would-be ‘captors’. More specifically, the giant blond-haired one and the one with the green hair. Something about the giant one made your heart sore and thump uncontrollably.

If this wasn’t fear you were feeling, then just what was this bizarre anxious feeling inside you was…excitement? Why?

“I’m telling you right now Bakugo, there is something different about this noumu. It’s saved us!” this ‘Kirishima’ said in a pleading voice “don’t try and hurt it!”

“Dont worry I wont, and also…Are you out of your fucking mind!?” A blond kid quipped while pointing towards you in a hostile manner. “That thing is THE Albino Noumu that was on the loose for years! It coulda tore your throat out and–”

“But it didn’t. We probably would have been killed if it didn’t jump in and helped.” A green haired girl said, albeit saying it rather bluntly. Even though she spoke as plainly as possible, the frog-like girl looked in distress. Her legs were starting to shake as she finished her sentence.

Poor thing did get showered in blood when you tore one of the nomou in two.

“She’s right, even with it being one of them, it saved us from any form of severe harm. It still would be safe to keep a distance as a precaution–lashing out could occur and, as we’ve heard of the albino, weve never seen an albino variant of these creatures before.” A person with…engine legs(?) said while observing you, trying to predict your next movement.

“Oh come come on Iida!” The red head pouted “Look, it even has a cape on and everything! Not to mention this thing was also seen fighting villains too! Maybe it wants to be hero too. Do you guys think–”

“Hell no! No fucking way. Don’t wanna hear it! We’re not gonna try and make that…thing a hero.” Ouch, his words stung a bit, but the words were familiar somehow. You don’t know why.

“Maybe the Noumu isn’t all noumu–maybe it’s still somebody somewhere inside.” Tsyu spoke again.

“Maybe it’s defective?” Iida added in.

“Revenge? I’d fuck over the others too if I became that and still had a brain to think for myself.” Bakugou quietly muttered, now pondering the idea. He sure as hell would go for blood if anyone did that to him.

No long after, theories were erupting in the room and people were debating hardcore as to why you acted so differently than the other Noumu seen before. While everyone was starting to calm down, you were still staring at the same person who was staring back; the green haired boy. There was something about this kid that drew your attention to him like a moth to flame. Something was on the top of your tongue, but you couldn’t lay your claw on it.

“You…got…in…this…place? Proud.” huffing at the final word.

At that moment it looked as though Izuku’s eyes were about to pop out of his sockets as he bolted out the door to tell everyone what he heard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“I swear you guys, the Noumu spoke to me!” Izuku yelled out to his friends, making the whole room go silent.

“Really!? What did it say?” Uraraka spoke in an exited tone. True, most noumu would attack on sight, but you were a special case to them and the Heroes–you hunted others like you and attacked villains.

“It said…how did I get in this place and that it was proud of me.”

“What did it mean by that?” Kirishima asked, clearly just as confused as his green-haired friend. “Like, ‘how did you get in the room’ or ‘getting into yuuei’ kinda get in?” Izuku only looked at him with a stupifid look like he’d been found out.

“Hey, no need to get all worked up Izuku, I’m only brainstorming here.” He said with his hands held up.

It caused Izuku to jump at that very thought. Did it somehow know that he was quirkles? the very thought of it caused him to go into overdrive and mumble up a storm.

“Hey, Deku, you’re mumbling again. Get a hold of yourself, idiot.” Bakugou grumbled, his thoughts to preoccupied with the pale monster in the cell.

It was at that moment a memory was recalled. One of you giving him confidence after he was told he was quirkless.

(“Dont cry Izu-chan! I know we can still be heroes!“

[NAME], what are we going to do? We don’t have quirks. We can’t be–“

“Zuzu-chan…we can do it.”


“I know we can! Just you wait and see! We’ll get big and strong with any stupid quirks. I bet that when we make it into yuuei when we’re older they’ll be like ‘how did we’”–)

“Get in this place.” He repeated to himself with horror now plastered on his face. You were only a child back then, small and vulnerable, like him. Now you were…you were something different–too different. The claws, teeth, and elongated body was too much to bear. What you must’ve went through…

He fell to his knees crying and wailed.

“Izuku!? What’s wrong!? Why are you–” All Might asked, baffled how fast the young man’s emotions had flipped so quickly. He cut himself off as he noticed you walking to the window and sticking your hand out as if to offer comfort.

“He was a friend of mine!” The sobbing boy screamed as he held onto Uraraka’s shoulder, who was taken back by his bold statement. Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words as silence took over the room. He only looked up to you and said with a whimper, “[N-name]…what did t-they do to you?”

“What!?” All Might couldn’t help but feel the blood drain from his body at those words. He only looked at you as you placed your hands against the glass. “My god…”

Without so much as a warning, Bakugou pushed Uraraka away, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and began to shake him violently.

“What the hell did you just day!? That’s not him, fucking stupid ass Deku! The Noumu in there isn’t–”

“I-I’m not lying Kacchan! I think he’s…he’s…” was all he could finish before he started crying even harder.

Iida and Kirishima had to pry him off of Midoriya before he could do anything he’ll regret.

“Bakugo, unhand him!”

“Jesus, dude calm down! Stop, before you so something stupid!”

Before he could land a swing, a scarf ensnared him, dragging him away. Aizawa has just stepped in and seen enough unfold to do something before shit got worst.

After the incident, Iida went to check on Uraraka while their teacher kept him restrained, wanting to know what the hell that was all about. For him to snap like that and attack so blindly wasn’t like him, even by the ‘normal’ Bakugo standards.

“Let me go! Let me go! That shit stain is lying! It’s not him, fuckwit! Hear me!? NOT HIM!” He screamed at the top of lungs while trashing about, trying to get at Deku.

Aizawa decided it would be safe to put him elsewhere and away from Midorya so he could talk to him alone. As he released him, however, Bakugo’s legs gave way and was on his knees with his head hanging low. As if he had been defeated.

“Bakugou.” The closest thing to one was a small sob and trembling, as if Midorya was telling the truth. What sealed the deal was the mantra of ‘I’m sorry’s’. “Bakugou” he repeated, this time more softer than before. The young firebrand did give him some sort of response, one that took him by surprise– he brought him into a tight embrace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few minutes seemed to go by until he finally calmed down, but it was ruined when screams for a specific boy were heard that he got worked up again.

“Izuku, get out of there! It’s not safe!” Iida frantically yelled out in disbelief. Upon entering the room Bakugou and Aizawa were greeted to a horrifying sight. Izuku was in the cell and making his way to you, completely unafraid. As he was standing in front you, you loomed over him to get a better look at him.

That’s everything started coming back to you.

The teary face and that mop of hair, it’s exactly the same as all those years ago. Those eyes belong to the familiar crybaby who was also one your bestfriends growing up several years ago. As you gently cup his face into your hands, you find yourself smiling in the first time in what feels like in forever.

“Zuzu…chan?” That’s all it took for him to breakdown and jump into your embrace, knocking you over by the force of the impact. You simply held each other like your lives depended on it, like this was a dream and you would vanish if he woke from it.

As Izuku was still clinging to you, you looked over to find Bakugou, who was completely stiff with eyes as large as saucers, simply staring at the scene before him. Offering an extended hand to him, you told him to come over. He was hesitant at first, but he ultimately gave in, pushing past the others and running into your free arm and letting himself cry into your shoulder. Anybody who had a problem with would get chewed out from him.

Everyone else couldn’t help but be taken aback by the scene playing out before them.

“Ah, I remember the case.” Eraserhead whispered next to All Might.

“[NAME] [L. NAME]: kidnapped at park near place of living. Witnesses say that they saw a 2 hooded figures make a grab for both kids [L. NAME] and Midorya, who were both tested and declared quirkless a few days ago before said incident took place. They only got the one child when he struck the figure with a Gran Torino action figure in the eye; giving Midorya a chance to run on his que. Not long after, he was teleported away from the scene of the crime. He is still declared missing to this day.”

All Might can feel himself becoming both simultaneously enraged and distressed at the memory. After you were declared the first abduction, dozens of reports followed one after another of missing children to the police stations and photos of missing children were going up on bulletins, ads, and wherever anyone can see them. Most of which were quirkless children, who had outnumbered the ones who had one 5:1.

During that time, most heros looked high and low for the whereabouts of the children, from human trafficking to organized crime watches. Some, however, didn’t see the point in looking anymore, those people had the mentality of ‘who cares? They’re just quirkless’ attitude.

He remembers blowing a fuse and yelling at a hero who dared to speak so ill of the poor souls who were spirited away from their lives. He also remembers watching said hero rank take a freefall not long afterwords.

“Hey, All Might, What kind of sick bastard would do this to someone?” Kirishima said in a choked sob “how could somebody so heartless do this to a kid!?“

All Might was too hesitant to try and give the young man an answer to a question he honestly doesn’t have answer to. Luckily he didn’t have to, since you decided to speak once again.

“An edge against the Pro-level heroes.” your voice pierced the silence again, gaining the attention of all the people in the room.

“Please, tell us what you know.” All Might said while bowing to you in an almost begging sort of tone “I know you’ve been through so much [Name], but we have to know and–” you unfortunately make a sound of a disgruntled cat.

“T-there’s no need to come off as begging All Might.” you shyly squeak with a clear blush growing on your very pale cheeks. Damn that Izuku and getting you super hyped about this man as kids.

“I shall tell you what I know.”