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Fanfic Master post!

So I am making a master post for future reference and for people to find and so it’s easier to find the ones you want to read!


  • Fancy Meeting You Here - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush). After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses. When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her.

  • His Queen
    Synopsis: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a oneshot or something where the reader is practically believed to be like Negan’s queen and all his people respect her like they respect him? She’s always where he is and they’re inseperable kinda thing please? :) - Via Anon

  • Ankle Biter
    Synopsis: Your dog ran away from Alexandria and when you went to find her you found someone else had already found your Golden Retriever.

  • You Can Look, But Don’t Touch
    Synopsis: Can you do one where the reader is really tiny and she has long 4c hair(which is Afro hair) and she’s in the lineup with the group and when Negan sees her he sees she’s really pretty and he kneels down to inspect her and he’s close and he goes to touch her hair and she head butts the crap outta him! And when he looks back at her she just shrugs and goes “don’t touch my hair”. He takes a liking to her😊 - Via Nonnie

  • Unforgettable
    Synopsis: You and Negan get in a ferocious fight… A tickle fight?

  • My Father - Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    Synopsis: When you’re Negans daughter and you get taken by another group as revenge and Negan comes to save you.

  • Nurse
    Synopsis:  Where the reader lives in the Sanctuary with Negan and goes off on a run with a few people, but she gets hurt, (idk shot in the shoulder or something) and she tries to hide it from Negan but he finds out and gets mad that she hid it from him. -Via Anon

  • Goddess
    Synopsis: Negan x Plus Sized reader. You’re one of Negan’s wives and you’re feeling insecure about your body size. Negan of course puts that to rest.

  • Saviour
    Synopsis: Imagine you have been in a relationship with Negan for the past few months. Ever since you arrived he hasn’t dealt with the wives & he is obviously devoted to you. One night a horde of walkers get in to the sanctuary. When he arrives at the saviours safe spot you are nowhere to be found. You are cornered on the other side of the compound & he has to fight to get to you. - Via Anon

  • Blood Rose - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: You have a crush on Negan. You leave him little drawings of him and flowers and poems and it secretly becomes his fav part of the day. One day you accidentally get caught by him. -Via Nonnie

  • Things You Need Too Know
    Synopsis: Can I request where negan teaches the reader how to defend themselves and even gets her, her own bat? With lots of fluff? - Via Anon

  • Hide and Seek
    Synopsis: It’s night and you somehow escaped the Sanctuary, only to end up in a forest, you get lost and Negan is following you and toying with you. -Via Anon

  • Tease
    Synopsis: Negan wanted you, oh how he wanted you. But you decided that you’d tease him a little before he got what he wanted. Original prompt was: You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!!”

  • It’s Okay Darlin’
    Synopsis: One where the reader was in a different group before she met Negan and she was raped by someone in that first group and she’s in a relationship with Negan but she doesn’t feel comfortable with having sex yet because of what happened and Negan finds out and gets mad and wants to find the guy who did it but she calms him down and just fluff. -Via Anon

  • Med Kit
    Synopsis: negan x reader where during lunch amber keeps making fun of a new girl in the compound who is plus size and the reader is pissed off so she tells amber to shut up b4 she punches her and later in her room negan comes and asks her and is impressd+fluff.

  • The Scars We Bare
    Synopsis: You are Negan’s wife and your face gets a cut that will scar and you’re extremely self conscious but Negan puts that to rest! - Via Anon

  • Wounds - Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    Synopsis: You found Negan in a sticky situation and you help him out of it. A bit of smut in the last chapter.

  • Promise
    Synopsis: Male!reader is feminine and gets picked on by the saviours a lot but Negan takes a liking to him and is always giving looks and being over-protective of reader

  • Paradise
    Synopsis: NeganxDeaf!reader where he meets her at Alexandria and is immediately attracted to her

  • Laundry
    Synopsis: You are falling behind on points, especially after a fight with a fellow Saviour. Negan has a solution, be his bride.

  • Baby Lucille
    Synopsis: Negan finds you crouched over the toilet so you have no choice than to tell the big man that he’s going to be a father. His reaction surprised you.

  • A Game Of Tag
    Synopsis: You have a maternal instinct and that’s why you became a teacher at the Sanctuary’s school. But what you didn’t account for was Negan.

  • Staff
    You are being chased by the Saviours by taking out four of their men, when you finally meet the infamous Negan he is amused and enamoured by you.

  • At Least
    You jump in front of Glenn to save his life and Negan seemed rather enamoured by your action and decides that he rather likes you.

  • Ten O’Clock
    You (A Lesbian) and Negan begin to compete for one girl. eventually, you come to a compromise that fits the both of you.

  • Fury
    Negan carries on trying to push you over the edge and when he eventually does, he is not disapointed.

  • Sanctuary
    Negan comfronts three siblings who were abused by their father and he makes them an offer

  • Smirks
    Negan has been flirting with you for a while now but when he finally makes his move you reveal to him that you are actually gay. Prequel to Ten O’Clock

  • Strong as Steel
    Kaitlin and Carl are together but when Negan arrives one day and takes a liking to you everything goes to hell

  • Survive
    Synopsis:  You are Daryl’s 19 year old, kickass, niece, Shauna, and when you and your group were at the line-up Negan decided to take a little souvenir. You. Since then you have grown to love the man who had imprisoned you and you had recently found out that he had Daryl, Negan promised to take you to him…

  • Stretch Marks
    You have many stretch marks that you are self conscious of, but Negan puts that to rest swiftly and easily.

  • Head Start
    You come across some of Negan’s men and they take you to see the man himself, he seems rather impressed by you.

  • Twins
    You have a protective twin brother, Dylan, who tries to protect you from Negan. Tries being the key word.

  • Claimed
    You are Rick’s daughter and unfortunately the Gods have decided to punish you by loving the wrong man, Negan. You and Negan are just getting down to business when your little brother, Carl, walks in.

  • Father’s Love
    Negan’s daughter (you) has recently started a relationship with Rick Grimes, the leader of a community called Alexandria. Negan geting into protective dad mode and has a little chat with Rick on how his little girl is to be treated.

  • The Danger of Caring
    You are an artist who has been at the Sanctuary for four years now and since the day you arrived you have loved Negan. He, however, doesn’t feel the same. (Angst Fic)

  • Lucille
    You and Negan have a child of 5 years old and she seems to have picked up on some of Negans vocabulary. So when she says a bad word Negan steps in and tells her that it’s a bad word while you are stifling your giggles and Lucille is looking completely confused!

  • Boo Hoo
    Synopsis: You are a mercenary who’s only love is battle, though negan seems to be trying to change that. You share stories around a campfire about your past.

  • Use Your Voice
    You are very shy so when Negan comes to town and begins to try and coax you out of your shell you’re reluctant, but eh, who are you to refuse?

  • Okay
    You are weak and beaten after a particularly bad row with your husband. Negan finds you laying on the floor, blood all around you. All he wants you to know is that you’ll be okay.

  • Double Standard
    You decide to question Negan on his double standard. On how he is free to sleep with whomever he likes while his wives must remain loyal to him and only him. This gets Negan thinking.

  • Thank the Lord for Repairs
    You are physically disabled and unfortunately your wheelchair is in repairs. But hey, why have a wheel chair when Negan can carry you everywhere!

  • Old Friends - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis:  You and Negan have been friends since you were kids yet when the apocalypse hit you were separated have been ever since that is until one day when the Saviours come knocking at your communities door.

  • Bertha
    You were a model before the apocalypse, not just any model, but a model who did sexy photo shoots and one day Negan gets his hands on one of your sexy magazines.

  • Proud
    You are Negan’s daughter and when Negan is getting stressed about Alexandria you have to go and being him back down to earth.

  • Kissed By Moonlight
    You are trans man and have fully transitioned. Everything is going well until Negan starts dreaming about you and he comes to confront you about said dreams.

  • May we Meet Again
    You are Daryl’s twin and suddenly Negan seems to take express interest in you. Merle and Daryl try to stop his advances but it’s going to take a little more than that to dissuade Negan.

  • Moonlight
    You suffer from breast cancer and you tell Negan about this fact.

  • Open Doors
    You are physically disabled and when a new arrival at the Sanctuary and starts making ablest remarks you try and keep it to yourself. Until Simon walks in and like a good boy he goes to Negan and tells him about the verbal assaults. You are left feeling low, but Negan puts a stop to that.

  • Coach
    You have been on your own for a long time now. Your mother and family were dead and you had no one left in the world. At least that’s what you thought until you run into your old coach, Negan.

  • A Romantic
    Negan has been attempting to woo a woman for months now but what he doesn’t know is that she is Aromatic! (Warning severe second hand embarrassment) 

  • What Are the Chances
    You were Lucille’s little sister and when the end of the world occurred Negan was the one who looked after you. That was, however, until you were separated. You finally found Negan, but when you were in a lineup with your group. 

  • Trichotillomania
    You suffer from Trichotillomania - a mental disorder which compels you to pull out your hair in large clumps. One time Negan finds you in one of your states and he makes sure to help you.

  • Acne
    You suffer from bad acne but because it’s the end of the world you can do nothing about the zit’s that haunt you day and night. That is until Negan has had enough of you hurting your face by popping them and comes up with a solution.

  • Drinks
    It is your birthday and you may have had a little two much to drink … more thank a little really. Negan takes it upon himself to help you out of your drunken state. (Negan x Physically Disabled Wife!Reader)

  • All I See - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: You are blind and your day was going really rather well until the Saviours turned up and Maggie shoved you into a small cupboard. Soon Negan and Rick come round and you, unfortunately can’t keep quiet for long.

  • Satisfied
    You are trying your best tome keep under the radar, disguised so that Negan does not recognize you but when you see a little girl being threatened you step in and blow your cover. 

  • Snuggles
    You are Negan’s husband and with him working late you have to wait up to ungodly hours to see your husband. Though, it’s all worth it in the end.

  • Seared
    You are Daryl and Merle’s sister and after a fight Negan takes you to the Sanctuary, you and him have an interesting car journey. 

  • Stakes
    You’re a teenage boy and we all know that being a teenager is tough but when you call your boss and your idol (Negan) ‘dad’, unironically, it all gets a whole lot worse.



Lips part two? Continuation? Sandbox? Thing? Because someone said this scenario should continue… And I agreed cause it’s a weakness and I had a plan… or did I? I don’t know, it didn’t pan out…

I encourage you to read Lips before this one though.

It would be a lie for Harry to say that he didn’t stare at you a lot. Specially after the little incident a few weeks back. 

If he was to be honest with himself, the small interaction only made him more aware of his staring, and it only made him stare more. It wasn’t a lie that he looked at your lips, and now he wasn’t stopping. The few days after the fated incident consisted of him stumbling over his words cause he was so lost in every conversation. It was a horrible cycle. He stared at you which made him lose his train of thought and not be able to speak properly, which in turn made you stare at him messing up his sentences and laugh or just stare in wonder, which would make him focus back on you and start it all over again. 

Somehow, he understood you. He didn’t know why he did it, he just knew he did, and something about knowing you’re doing the same to him just turned on some natural response that was out of his control. He had to look at yours too. And maybe you didn’t know why you looked at him, you just did, which was what he was going through now more than ever… He was okay with that. He wanted more, sure, but he didn’t know how to make it more, so he stuck with looking and pining and pinching at his own mouth whenever you licked yours; something he now knew you did very often and was driving him insane little by little.

Staring is what got you into the mess you and Harry seemed to be in right now. No words had been spoken about that day after you had bolted away from each other at the sound of your best friend coming in the kitchen; and there hadn’t been another chance for Harry to inch close to you and finish what he thought had started that night. Staring is what made him so itchy and needy. 

Staring is what got him where he is right now, and he’s glad. 

For some reason the pile of loud people you called your friends seemed to always end up close to your place, even if it was for a nice afternoon outside, which was the case today. You avoided Harry’s stare, having become more careful with your looks since that other night, but he was fixed on you more than he liked to admit. The lads were being lads, tossing a ball around and having a laugh, again poking fun at Harry for calling soccer ‘footie’ and for his not so amazing coordination while playing the game. 

It would be like watching a movie from a different perspective. As you spoke to one of your friends Harry would just trace your mouth with his sight and analyse how it moved. Your small Oh’s and very big Ah’s. Your throaty laugh and shiny lips. And then he was in pain. Staring at you is what got him a ball to the face as he stood in the middle of the impromptu soccer game which he had forgotten about for a second too long.

The metallic taste of blood was eminent as he spit some out, and you rushed to him, immediately asking him to follow you inside. It was your house after all, so you were in charge of getting the med-kit and treating his bloody wound. 

A busted lip. Your favourite thing of his to look at was now busted open and bleeding and your palms were sweaty at the thought of touching it just to make sure the wound cured properly.

He sat on your bathroom counter, legs open as you stood between them soaking whatever pad with whatever liquid and warning him it would sting.
“Stay quiet, please” you mumbled dabbing at the open skin. His eyes focused on your busy mouth. Whenever you were focused on something you tended to bite your lip or leave your mouth open in a twisted ‘O’ that he adored. Your tongue would pop out every now and then and he found himself wanting to bite at it.
“Will I be okay, doctor?” with his accent and the position he was in it sounded more like ‘Doh-tah’ and you had to keep yourself from giggling. Sure you were trying to stare less but that didn’t mean you didn’t still find his mouth and accent fascinating. 
“Perfectly fine. Just have to put sugar on it” His brow arched in confusion. 
“Sugah?” What for? You had brought the sugar from the kitchen with you. Brown sugar to be precise, and it made no sense to him whatsoever. Turns out brown sugar helps cuts in the mouth area to heal quick, it sort of urges the skin to reconstruct faster and it helps stop the bleeding. You told him this, to which he payed no attention to anything other than the way you formed your B sounds and your lips parted, as you gathered some grains in your hand.
“Look up” you instructed and let the sugar fall and stick to his open gash. It was a strange feeling and he pouted trying to keep his bottom lip from touching his upper one and taking off the sugar. “Now, don’t lick it off”

You were very close, patting the sugar down with your index finger carefully, making sure the whole cut was covered and Harry couldn’t help but smirk as the rest of your fingers reached out to touch his chin and cupid’s bow. You couldn’t help it. You didn’t know why his mouth was so hypnotising to you but the trance was on once again and at this point it was almost as if you couldn’t even hold it back.

You were staring, and so was he. He didn’t know if you wanted to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss you. Ever since that day he has wondered what it would be like but never actually reached for it in fear it wasn’t what you were after. But right now it felt like you were both on the same page. Like you were having a silent agreement that a kiss would be nice right about now. His eyes just stared at your face, running over it, paying attention to your eyes – that were downcast to his lips – and then your nose – it was pointy but round and he liked it. Wanted to bump his against it – and then his latest fascination; your mouth. He loved the arch, the natural pout, the rosy colour. It was like looking at it through a magnifying glass and he could see all the little marks and lines. And he wanted to taste them. In his mind it was impossible that this wasn’t some sign that something had in fact started that night.

His hand reached around your body, grabbing at the belt-loops in your jeans and tugging you closer to the counter, closer to him.
“Harry…” you whimpered. Your mouth felt dry from the tension, but you knew that if you were to lick your lips you would end up touching your tongue to his and the thought of it made you shiver as his fingers pulled you closer.
“Won’t lick it off…” he started as you regained your breath from the close proximity of your faces. His nose bumped with yours ever so slightly, making chills run down your spine and goosebumps raise on the back of his neck as he finished with a whisper “if yeh promise not to lick it off me, either…”

I still don’t know what this is but I might know where it’s going? Not completely sure. It’s another piece like Lips and kind of like a second part but then again… Lips wasn’t even supposed to exist in the first place. So I’m not sure giving it a part 2 was the best idea. Giving it a part 3 might be an even worse idea but whoops. Feedback?

kay, bye.
Iv. xo.

Lipstick On Your Collar (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Based on a request.

It was a running joke between your friends that his lips were always a shade darker than before he had spent time with you, and that yours had mysteriously become lighter. It wasn’t as if you tried to rub your lipstick off on his face -it’s not exactly the cheapest- and then spend time with your friends. His lips just always looked so damn tempting, and sometimes you had to fight silently with yourself to keep from pulling his face down towards yours and snogging him until both of you were out of air; most of the time you lost that fight.

Your signature red lips had caught the attention of many at Hogwarts, the vibrant color standing out against your dark uniform. Perhaps it was the Gryffindor in you that wanted to make a statement, be different from the other students and show that you weren’t afraid to do whatever you pleased.

Your relationship with him had gone public after he made his way into the common room -five minutes after you, of course- with red lipstick smeared on his lips and the collar of his shirt. Everyone had been hooting and hollering at the both of you; you laughed it off, allowing him to grab on tightly to your hand and breathe deeply so he wouldn’t double over in embarrassment. He had never liked the attention from other students, and you had seen the anxiousness build in him.

“Where’s the red, Y/L/N?” James called out with a smirk as you entered the boy’s room one morning before classes began. “I’m sure Moony is going to miss his lips being colored by yours!”

Remus watched you carefully, his glasses slipping down his nose as he tried to piece together why you weren’t wearing the lipstick.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He whispered quietly in your ear as he tenderly wrapped his arms around you. You looked up into his concerned eyes and inhaled his familiar, almost honey like scent before shaking your head.

“Nothing, Rem, why?” You asked.

“I know you’re lying, love,” he told you with a small frown. “Let’s head to class and you can tell me the truth, yeah?”

You nodded and allowed him to lead you out of the room. He told you to ignore James, Sirius, and Peter, who were all making jokes about what you and Remus were going to do. James shouted out a particularly crude comment and Remus whipped around to glare at him.

“Rem, let’s go, alright?” You pleaded softly. “He didn’t mean it, you know how he is.”

He grudgingly let you pull him out of the room, his arm hooked around your waist so he could keep you close. Before you could get too far down a corridor, Remus quickly ushered you onto a small supply closet. His lips pressed against yours as soon as the door closed, a squeal escaping your lips as he pushed you back against the door.

“R-Remus, what are you doing?“ You gasped out as his lips began to trail down your neck.

“What’s this?” He questioned as his hands found something tucked into the side of your skirt. He pulled it out, backing away and squinting his eyes at the object in his hands. “Is this your lipstick?”

“If I can’t have it on, then I should be able to have it with me,” you explained.

“Who said you can’t wear it?” He asked lowly. His chest bubbled with protectiveness towards you; if anyone was bothering you about your choices, he would make sure that they were never even in the same room as you again. “Y/N, you love wearing this, I bloody love when you wear it!”

“You’re not embarrassed when I get it all over you?” You meekly questioned. You looked down, not wanting to know if he was angered by the lipstick.

“Baby, I would never be embarrassed,” he reassured you. Remus stepped forward before he nudged the lipstick into your hands. “I love that everyone knows I’m yours. I would it on you myself, but we both know how that would go.”

“I love you,” you murmured, moving to press your lips to his. Both of you smiled into the kiss before you pulled away and uncapped the lipstick. “I trust you to put it on me, Rem.”

“Alright, but you asked for it, love.”

James and Sirius looked up to the doorway of the classroom as they watched Remus clumsily stumble into the room a few minutes after class had started. Lipstick was smeared across his lips, and red prints of a set of lips up his neck.

“You and Y/N have a nice time?” Sirius snickered as Remus plopped down at the table beside them.

“Absolutely brilliant, can you tell?” Remus shot back with a lopsided smile. Sirius chuckled and gave his friend a wink.

“Mr. Lupin,” the professor called out as she took note of him talking with Sirius. “Perhaps you should tell Miss. Y/L/N to not make you late to class? And perhaps mention that she should make sure that her… signs of affection aren’t as obvious next time.”

Remus felt his face flush at the professor’s words, but he couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face. If loving you and being loved by you meant having lipstick marks all over his body, Remus knew he would willingly take it all just to have you in his life.


A/N: just another quick bullet point list! enjoy. xx

Drunk Shawn would include…

  • Him starting out in the giggly stage after a few drinks
  • Him stumbling over his feet because he can’t support his tall frame
  • Throwing his head back every time he took a shot and sucking on a lime
  • “I’m just tipsy, Y/N!”
  • “Yeah, I’m gonna disagree on that, Mendes. 
  • Rolling your eyes because he says this every damn time he’s shit faced
  • But you let him enjoy himself anyway
  • His random laughs at the most dumbest things
  • Dragging Shawn out from whatever embarrassing thing he’s doing
  • After his giggly stage, he would move to the horny stage
  • His intense stares at you from the other side of the room
  • His sudden urges to fuck you right then and there
  • A drink in his hand, flushed cheeks, beads of sweat on his forehead, enough said.
  • “Are you seriously hard right now?” 
  • Shawn showing off a smirk in response
  • Then, the confused stage.
  • “Baby, can we go home? I think I’m drunk.”
  • You noticing his red eyes starting to close as he leans against the bar
  • “Ya think?”
  • Driving both of you home in his Jeep
  • “Shawn don’t touch that”
  • “No! Don’t puke in here!”
  • “Who the hell is talking?” Shawn would look at you confused
  • “Babe it’s the fucking radio.”


you should know she is prone

pairing: daveed diggs x reader 

request: @wellillbedamneddiggs: either an angsty Daveed x Reader with lots of pining (but a happy ending!) or something super kinky? Like size kink/blowjobs/face fucking/facials?

summary: reader is an ensemble replacement in hamilton who befriends daveed while also trying to suppress her overwhelming sexual attraction to him

warnings: NSFW! alcohol, swearing, clippng lyrics, semi-public sex (?), dirty talk, face-fucking, size kink, and a whole lotta smut. get ready. 

word count: 3,501

a/n: title from clippng “body and blood.”don’t expect new fics every day, but this prompt took me and wouldn’t let go until I finished it. drunk diggs is really fun to write. if you have requests/comments/other concerns or anything, shoot me a message! part two is here

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When you wait up all night for them- Got7 Reaction

Anon: “How about a Got7 reaction to their girlfriend staying up all night just to see them because she missed 
Here you go Anonie! I hope you like it, and that it doesn’t sound like it repeats itself to much! <3

This boy would be so touched that you waited up all night just to see him. Coming in to see you struggling to fight sleep, Mark would smile and pick you up from the couch to bring you to your bed. Laying you down, he’d kiss you on your forehead and tell you to go on to sleep and that he’d join you in a few moments.
(Pretend you’re Jackson)

Originally posted by ktandkpop95

Jaebum / JB:
Jaebum would be sneaking into the house, trying to make as little noise as possible, thinking you were asleep. He’d hear the TV and chuckle to himself, thinking you left it on, only to find you awake on the couch. When you got up to greet him, he’d teasingly scold you for staying up so late. But as soon as he heard your reasoning he’d melt inside and pull you close to him.

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Jackson would smile as soon as he laid eyes on your form slumped in a kitchen chair, waiting for him. If you had already started to doze off he would take a few seconds to admire you, trying to stop himself from squealing at how cute you looked. After a few moments, he’d wake you up enough to guide your stumbling figure into the bedroom.

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Jinyoung / Junior:
Jinyoung would walk into your shared apartment to be met by your arms wrapped tightly around him. Giving you a small smile he’d ask if you waited up for him. At your nod he would sigh, setting down his stuff, the proceed to walk you back to your room with your arms still wrapped around him. Once you were laying down he sat on the edge of the bed, gently moving stray hairs behind your ear as you drifted of into sleep.

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The first thing to great this boy would probably be Coco, let’s be honest. Youngjae would pick up the dog, trying to shush her before walking towards your room. On his way, he saw a figure slumped over in one of the chairs in the living room. Walking closer, he saw that it was you, obviously having failed at waiting up for him. He’d smile his precious smile and replace you for Coco in his arms as he carried you to the bedroom.

Originally posted by j-miki

BamBam would come home to find you lying awake on the couch watching one of their latest performances on the TV. Smiling, he’d jump over the back of the couch to sit beside you, while succeeding in scaring you. Laughing, he’d pull you close to him and ask why you hadn’t gone to bed yet. You’d reply, saying you waited up for him, and he’d hide a smile from you as he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. The two of you would cuddle on the couch and not even make it to bed before the two of you had fallen asleep.
(Imagine he’s holding you like he’s holding that trophy XD)

Originally posted by jypnior

I feel like Yugyeom would come home tired from practice and being with his hyung’s all day long. He’d be dragging his feet, looking forward to nothing more than curling up in bed with you by his side. It’d be a pleasant surprise when he heard your voice softly calling out to him. He’d turn to you, noting the tired look that overtook your features. Winding his arm around your waist, he’d lead you to the bedroom without a word coming from the two of you. You noted how he was practically asleep before his head even hit the pillow and smiled to yourself, kissing the top of his head and following him into dream land.

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anonymous asked:

Still taking Bechloe prompts? How about SuperChloe with secret identity and normal human beca that has a crush on Chloe's secret Identity?

So I got waaaaaaaaay to into writing this. Hope you enjoy!


Beca looked down at her phone before looking back at Chloe, squinting.

“What?” Chloe asked, confused. “Do I have something on my face?”

“No,” Beca said, still looking puzzled. “It’s just… the Barden Bella really looks like you.” She looked back down at her phone.

“Who?” Chloe asked.

“Are you kidding? The superhero that’s been whizzing around Barden saving people all month? Do you not look at the news? Or Twitter? Or anything?”

“Let me see her,” Chloe said sitting down on Beca’s sofa beside her.

Beca showed her the blurry photo someone had snapped of this new mysterious superhero.

“I don’t see it,” Chloe said, tilting her head.

“I mean, you’re cuter, obviously,” Beca said, zooming in on the photo. “But I think if you took your glasses off and put on one of those masks then maybe…”

“Well without my glasses, I’d be blind,” Chloe said, standing up and returning to the kitchen.

“I wasn’t saying this is you, you just look like her,” Beca said laughing. “I like your glasses anyway.”

Chloe laughed and shook her head. “You’re full of the compliments today.”

“Yeah,” Beca said. “Hey, chuck me a coke will you?”

“Sure,” Chloe said, tossing Beca a can without thinking.

The sheer force of the throw caused the can to explode all over Beca as soon as it hit her.

“Dude! Did you shake this up?”

“No!” Chloe said, half amused, half terrified. She had to be more careful.

“Well maybe you should stop working out. Jesus, the Hulk would throw gentler than that,” Beca said, standing up. She went into her room to change and Chloe chastised herself for being so careless with her strength.

“You don’t have to look that guilty,” Beca said when she came back into the room. “It was just coke.” She reached into the refrigerator and got her own can, tentatively opening it over the sink. “You okay?” Beca asked.

“Yeah,” Chloe said, smiling. She ran a hand through her hair and it cause her top to ride up, exposing a graze on her hip.

“Dude, what happened?” Beca said, rushing over.

“Oh, I just hit it on a wall,” Chloe said, pulling her shirt down. “No big deal.”

Beca raised an eyebrow to show she didn’t believe her before lifting the shirt up slightly so she could see the scrape again. “Looks like it hurts,” Beca said. She lightly touched the area around it, and Chloe’s breath hitched slightly.

She had gotten the graze when she had been out last night, patrolling the streets. She’d been moving too quickly and caught her foot on something which sent her crashing to the ground. It hadn’t hurt, and she didn’t even notice it until she showered when she’d gotten home. Her knees were also scraped.

“It doesn’t hurt,” she said, softly.

They were quiet for a minute, just looking at each other. Beca was still holding the hem of Chloe’s shirt.



“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Beca asked.

Chloe swallowed. She wanted to tell her. So bad. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t tell anyone.

Chloe shook her head.

“If you say so,” Beca said, letting her shirt go and heading back into the living room.

Chloe let out a breath before joining Beca on the sofa.

“What are you doing tonight?” Beca asked. “Wanna hang out? Watch a movie?”

“I wish I could,” Chloe said. “I’ve got this thing to do tonight.”

“Okay,” Beca said, not quite hiding her disappointment. “Maybe when you’re done with your thing you could come over?”

“Sure,” Chloe said. “I’ll try.”

She hated lying to Beca, but she couldn’t exactly tell her that she was planning to patrol the streets of Barden fighting crime all night.


It was around 11pm when Beca finally left the radio station that night. Since Chloe had had other plans, Beca agreed to take Jesse’s shift at the radio station so he could take his girlfriend out. She locked the doors to the station and began meandering back to her apartment.

It had been so quiet since Stacie had moved out and then in with Aubrey and Chloe. Beca had been secretly hoping that Chloe would want to move in with her but she’d never had the courage to ask. So Beca was alone for now.

If she hadn’t been so preoccupied thinking about Chloe, she would have heard the footsteps rapidly approaching her from behind.

Chloe was halfway across town when she got the… feeling.

It was stronger than usual.

She closed her eyes and tried to pinpoint where it was coming from.

Her eyes snapped open.

The University radio station


Beca groaned as she pulled herself to her feet, leaning against the wall.

She reached up and touched the spot on her forehead where she’d been hit. When she saw the blood on her hand she threw up.

She reached for her bag so she could get her phone and call someone but of course, she no longer had her bag.

She looked around to see if there was anyone about, and she saw something red and blue streak past her. Was that… the Barden Bella?

It felt like seconds later that they were back, carrying her bag.

“Shit,” they said, “you’re hurt.”

“Hey, you got my bag back!” She said happily. Then she looked into the eyes behind the mask and studied them. They were so familiar. “I know you…” She said, before throwing up again, thankfully missing the costumed superhero in front of her.

“You need to go to hospital,” they said, their voice loaded with concern. She knew the voice too, even though they were trying to disguise it. “I’ll take you.”

“Can you call Chloe for me?” Beca asked. She was still feeling dizzy, and stumbled after taking a few steps.

“Sure,” they said before scooping her up, carrying her bridal style.

“Are you going to call her now?”

They laughed. “Not yet. My hands are full.”

She knew that laugh.

“Chloe,” she mumbled, almost drunkenly. “Chloe’s my favourite. I think… I love her.”

“Okay,” they said, their voice faltering slightly. “You need that head injury looking at. Hold on.”

Beca didn’t have time to ask what for before they were speeding in the direction of the hospital.

Beca was placed unsteadily on her feet at the entrance and she managed to make it two steps inside before her legs buckled.

“Shit,” they said, lifting Beca to her feet again. The people in the hospital turned to face them. “Someone take care of her!” They shouted before the shot out of the door again.

Beca winced as the final stitch was pulled through the cut in her head.

“Ow,” she mumbled.

“Don’t worry,” the doctor said. “It’s all done. Now, have you got someone who can take you home? You really shouldn’t be by yourself tonight.”

“I’ll take her,” a voice said. Beca turned her head and saw Chloe standing at the gap in the curtain which had been pulled around her cubicle.

“Chloe!” Beca said, finally smiling. “Dude, you won’t believe the night I’ve had.”

“Come on,” Chloe said, holding out her hand. “Let’s get you home.”

“Chloe,” Beca said, after they’d been walking quietly for a while. “Why didn’t you ask me what had happened?”

“I, uh, I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.”

“Chloe,” Beca said again. “You don’t have to pretend with me you know. I know who you are.”

Chloe swallowed. “I don’t know what you mean,” she said.

Beca brought them to a stop. She reached up and took off Chloe’s glasses.

“I don’t know how you thought you could fool me with these,” Beca said, placing them on her own face. “They’re just glass. They’ve just been glass for about a month now. Ever since the Barden Bella first turned up.” She handed Chloe her glasses back. “And your eyes. Chloe… I’d be able to pick your eyes out of a line-up. They’re the most beautiful… most perfect eyes I’ve ever seen. When I see them, I feel safe. And not because they’re the eyes of a superhero, but because they’re yours.”

“How long have you known?” Chloe asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Since the first time I saw those pictures online,” Beca said.

“Did you mean what you said to her-” she stopped herself. “To me?”

“Yes,” Beca replied. “I love you. Always have. Always will.”

“I love you too,” Chloe replied, leaning forward and kissing her.

“So,” Beca said, smiling as they broke apart. “Now that it’s all out in the open, how about you speed us back home?”

“Actually, the speed is all part of the suit,” Chloe said, laughing.

“Oh. You’re gonna have to explain this all to me,” Beca said, linking their hands again as they carried on walking.

Chloe smiled. She gently squeezed her hand, fully aware that if she didn’t watch herself, she could easily break Beca’s fingers if she wasn’t careful.

“Well it all started when I was sixteen.”

Guardian (XIV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,772

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Jongdae is your guardian angel)

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Older!Damian Wayne x Reader - Intoxicated Galas

Request from this prompt list for @rebecca-x4, I hope you enjoy it <3

Warnings: Alcohol use, alcohol mentions

A/N: Both Damian and reader are 21 or over in this. They are legal to be drinking alcohol. Also, I love doing these so please keep requesting them!

#92 - “Are you drunk?”

It was no secret that Wayne Enterprise Gala’s are large and extravagant. It was also no secret that the attendees to these events drank their fair share of the expensive liquor being served. I mean, honestly, who would want to miss out on the best tasting and most expensive alcohol available in Gotham City?

In your opinion, it’s what made the parties as great as they were. You absolutely hated them until you were twenty one and could get some of the intoxicants into your own system. You weren’t worried about getting hurt or anything, seeing as your husband Damian Wayne always kept a very watchful eye on you during these events, so you allowed yourself to indulge every once in a while. 

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about damn time

@omnipresent-yaoi (I’m sorry this took FOREVER) Thank you SO MUCH!!!


[once in awhile - time flies]


‘W-what?’ Zhan Zhengxi’s eyes were wide.

Mo Guan Shan looked like he’d been slapped in the face.

He Tian smirked.

A wicked smile played over Jian Yi’s lips.

‘You heard me.’

‘You want to…’ Zhan Zhengxi couldn’t seem to force the words out.

‘He wants us to have a foursome, Zhan Xixi, and it’s about damn time someone brought it up.’

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Imagine teaching Castiel how to dance

A/N: Did you want some fluff? Well I’m giving you some anyway. Tags below the cut.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Ow! Ow, Cas, you’re supposed to lead, not step on me!” you yelled.

“Sorry, I um, I’ve never done this before.” he confessed.

“I know Castiel, that’s why I’m teaching you how, remember?” you laughed, reassuring him that you weren’t made he stepped on you.

You weren’t sure why, but Cas had asked you if you would teach him how to dance. Being the good friend that you were, you agreed. The minute Sam and Dean left for their hunt, you let him drag you into the kitchen, which was filled with candles, wine, and music. If you didn’t know any better you’d say that he was up to something, considering how nervous he was, but Cas surprised you sometimes, so who knew?

“Okay so just-” you trailed off as you grabbed his arms and put them back on your waist, before wrapping your own arms around his neck- “and then just, step forward, and we go in circles, like this.”

You watched him as he tried to coordinate his steps with yours. Dancing seemed to be just one of those human things that Cas would never fully understand. But after a few minutes of some stumbling and laughter, Castiel was swinging you around the bunker’s kitchen, even dipping you a few times. This was definitely the most fun you’ve had in awhile.

As the music came to a stop, so did you and Cas. He held onto your hand and had his other hand on your waist, looking into your eyes as if he never wanted to stop. It was then that he dipped down and placed a warm gentle kiss to your lips. Another song started playing as if on queue, and you and Castiel danced, and kissed, and held each other all night.

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Hotter Than Coffee

Title: Hotter Than Coffee

Drabbler: @jewelphan

Doodler: @sexyassphan

Beta: @softnerds

Warnings: None

Summary: In which Phil’s a famous actor and Dan’s just a small town barista

Words: 490

link to doodle

Dan didn’t particularly enjoy working in such a big brand coffee shop. He didn’t enjoy writing down orders day after day. He didn’t enjoy dealing with picky customers. He didn’t enjoy any of it, but sometimes, such as today, he didn’t mind it so much.

Not because there were significantly fewer customers than normal or because this was his last shift of the week, but because today Phil Lester, one of Dan’s favorite actors, had just walked through the door.

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Derek x Reader

Requested By Anon

You glared at Scott who was giving you the puppy dog eyes. Of all the times he and his pack had to be attacked was now, half of the pack was at the church where you were going to marry Derek in less than twenty minutes and you were across town following Scott to help stop something rampaged across Beacon Hills.


“Scott we don’t have time!” Isaac objected when you followed him.


“Look phone Erica and tell her to stall.” You said hurriedly.


It took another half an hour to find and catch the creature long enough for Isaac, Scott and Allison to tame it and lock it up. Scott jumped up when the four of you sat down, answering a call and talking quietly.

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BTS Scenario - (B) walks in on (A) listening to a fan made audio of (B)

Jin bit his lip to keep quiet as his hand sped up in time with the sounds coming from his headphones. He reached his high quickly, his toes curling as he clamped his teeth down on his knuckles. Breathing roughly, he took out his earbuds and stood up, heading to the bathroom. Or at least, he would have if he hadn’t collided with a solid chest. Head snapping up, he came face-to-face with the boy he had just orgasmed over, Jungkook. The younger boy had his arms crossed over his chest and his hip cocked out to the side. He had that stupid smirk that he got when he knew something he shouldn’t.

Jin cleared his throat, “Jungkook-ah, how long have you been standing there?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, “Since I heard you call my name. I thought you needed something, imagine my surprise when I found you in a…compromising, position.”

Jin’s face flared, “I can explain-”

He was cut off by the younger pushing him back down into the bed, crawling up his body and seating himself on Jin’s waist, “Hyung, you talk too much.”

Jin groaned, “Jungkook, you don’t have to do this-”

The end of his sentence was drawn out into a stuttering hiss sound as Jungkook scraped his teeth bluntly over the hollow of his throat. All coherent thoughts went out the window after that.

Yoongi knew doing this in the studio where anyone could walk in was a stupid idea. But he had been editing Hoseok’s solo song, Boy Meets Evil and goddamn, he was beyond turned on. Halfway through trying to quickly get off, he had remembered the video he had stumbled across a few days before and after a thought of absolute ‘fuck it’ he had turned it on, without headphones, and got to work. He was close, so close he almost cried when he heard the key in the door behind him. Freezing in panic was his first mistake, not counting the many before that, his second was only muting the computer instead of closing the tab altogether.

Hoseok, of course it would be him, lunged at Yoongi and placed himself firmly on the older’s, thankfully now clothed, lap, “Yoongi hyung! Namjoon-ah told me you were editing my song! Can I hear? Is it done?”

Yoongi swallowed hard and cleared his throat, “Its not done yet Hobi.” He hoped the term of endearment would keep the younger from looking at the computer.

He hadn’t counted on the fact that Hoseok was a persistent little shit as he, did in fact, turn to look at the screen. Yoongi clenched his fists and stared at the floor off to the right, waiting for the anger or teasing. When it didn’t come, he risked a look up at Hoseok.

The younger was staring down at him in fascination, “I’m insulted Hyung, you waste your time on garbage like this, when you have the real thing right here.”

Yoongi froze, confused, “What…” he mentally punched himself in the face, thinking to himself, ‘How fucking pedestrian Min Yoongi.’

Hobi giggled and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders, “I’ll show you exactly how I sound while screaming your name. There’s a price though…” he leaned down to whisper in a very stiff Yoongi’s ear, “I get to have you screaming and writhing under me next time.”

Hoseok would be the first to admit that he was a complete idiot sometimes. Especially in situations like this. He was currently locked in the small airplane bathroom, trying to quickly get off while listening to one of those fake audio videos on YouTube through his headphones. The object of his current sexual frustration was his flight-buddy and roommate for this trip. It wasn’t that he wasn’t excited to spend so much time with Taehyung, he was just really getting tired of cold showers and picturing wrinkly old ladies during performances. After he finished, he washed his hands and went back to his seat.

About 5 minutes later, he felt a tap on his shoulder, “What is it Tae? I was almost asleep.”

He could almost feel the younger’s pout, “Hyung is being quiet. It’s like I’m rooming with Yoongi hyung again.”

There was a grunt of, “Fuck you.” From the row behind them followed by a light slap noise and, “Watch your mouth Yoong-ah.”

Hobi yawned and leaned the other way, laying his head on Tae’s shoulder instead of the window, “Hyung is just tired Tae.” He heard the younger murmur something about watching over him while he slept as he drifted off.

Once he woke up, and they landed, they were all quickly shuffled to the motel. After getting settled into their room, Tae laid face down on the bed and moaned at the softness. Hobi stiffened for a second before deciding he was just too tired to care. Instead of laying in his own bed, he curled into Tae’s side, laying his head on his chest.

They laid in a comfortable silence until Tae suddenly and bluntly said, “I saw what you were listening to when you went to the bathroom.”

Hobi froze, “What are you talking about Taehyung?”

The younger tightened his arms around Hobi for a moment before swinging up and over him, straddling his hips, “While you were asleep I wanted to listen to music but my phone was dead so I was gonna use yours. But when I opened it up, I saw what you were listening to.”

Hoseok stared up at him, speechless because of one part Tae’s beauty and one part because he had been caught, “I’m so sorry TaeTae. It’s just, I really like you…”

They stared each other down until Tae leaned down to press his lips to Hobi’s and then whispered, “I like you too Hyung. Though, I have a request.”

Hoseok nodded, “Anything.”

Taehyung whispered against the older’s lips, “The next time you need to get off, if I find out you so much as even touch yourself, I will tie you up and have my way with you.”

To say he was dominant was the understatement of the century. Every time he slept with someone in the past, he was the one calling the shots. That’s why he was so confused at the almost needy want of being pinned down by Jin and to let him have his way with him. The fact that it was Jin didn’t surprise him at all, he’d been in love with his Hyung for a while now. But just recently this new idea of being so controlled by the other, had been plaguing his life. It had started when they had released their song Blood Sweat and Tears. Something about the overly sexual theme had brought this up. So now, here he was, in the dorm at 2 in the damn morning, listening to one of those audio things on YouTube. ARMYS were miracle workers. He hadn’t counted on the fact that Jin normally wakes up about this time to get a drink of water and use the bathroom. He also hadn’t counted on the fact that his headphones were wayyy too high and his Hyung could hear everything.

He felt the bed dip before his headphones were taken out and thrown across the room. Then soft lips were pressed along the column of his throat, “Namjoon-ah, you’re very naughty. What if the kids had heard.” Namjoon whined at that and Jin chuckled, “I’m going to have to punish you.”

Namjoon was about to retort with something sassy but his words turned to a low moan when a strong hand replaced his own.

Taehyung was a very blunt and open person, anyone around him for 5 minutes could tell. That’s why Jimin was getting worried at his his behavior lately. He was all but ignoring Jimin and had even asked to switch rooms so he wasn’t with the older anymore. Taehyung knew that Jimin was worried, but he just couldn’t take being that close to the older all the time. He was still young, he had no control over a boner and it was very inopportune to have one 24/7. No amount of cold showers could get the images of Jimin out of his mind, all it did was raised the water bill substantially. He figured he was safe in the bathroom at the moment, quickly “letting off steam” while listening to an ARMY made audio of him and Jungkook. Only, he had forgotten to lock the door. So engrossed in what he was doing, he didn’t hear the door open or hear the slight gasp come from the doorway. In fact, he didn’t know anyone was there until two strong hands ran down his sides. He froze in place, pajama pants pulled low, forehead resting on the wall.

His phone was paused which means whoever was behind him, he had a good idea of who, had seen what he was listening to. Jimin’s low voice murmured, “Do you have absolutely any idea what you do to me..?”

Tae slowly shook his head, “N-no…”

Jimin bit lightly at the junction between Tae’s shoulder and neck, “How about I show you and you don’t have to use fake fan made stuff?” Taehyung nodded and Jimin pressed a kiss to the same area that he had bit earlier, “Lets go to bed, I want you to make me scream.”

Jimin, panting hard, quickly made his way to his dressing room. It wasn’t an uncommon thing to get turned on after a performance, but this hadn’t been a normal performance. Him and Yoongi had performed Tony Montana together for the first time. The younger couldn’t get his Hyung’s rough, gravely voice out of his head and it was doing things to him. Popping his headphones in, he hit play on one of the audio things he’d happened to find one lonely night. Quickly, desperately trying to get off before the others came looking for him. He didn’t even hear the knock at the door, the voice asking if he was in there, the handle turning on the door, or the footsteps that paused before striding forward with determination. It wasn’t until there was uneven breathing hitting his shoulder and the side of his neck that he noticed.

He froze and opened his mouth but before he could speak, that rough gravely voice spoke lowly in his ear, “Looks like you could use some help baby boy.”

Jimin nodded and curled back into Yoongi who took the headphones out of his ears before leading him over to the desk, “Don’t worry, Hyung will take care of you.”

To say Jungkook was sexually frustrated was the understatement of the century. Being the youngest, he was still viewed as a “baby”. Even by Taehyung who didn’t demand he call him Hyung. Speaking of the bastard, he was the reason for Jungkook’s “little problem”. Currently, Jungkook was the only one in the dorm, and he was taking it for granted. The others wouldn’t be back till that night, at a concert that he hadn’t wanted to go to. After taking a bath to relax his muscles, he played video games in the living room, completely naked just because he could. About an hour into his game, he got a text.

It was a video from Taehyung, “Hi Kookie!!! Wish you were here!”

Jungkook could tell his Hyung had been screaming along with the music cause his voice had gone deep and rough. Not good for his libido. Innocent as it may be, Taehyung’s voice was one thing that never failed to turn him on. Since he was all alone, he pulled up one of those Tae audio things made by ARMYS that he had seen a few weeks ago. He heard the door open and scrambled to shove his headphones in the headphone jack to mute the sound, while simultaneously ripping the blanket over his lap to cover himself.

He heard, “Jungkook-ah..?”

Letting out a breath of relief that it was just Taehyung, “In the living room Hyung, why are you guys home so early?”

He rolled over the couch and sprawled across Jungkook’s lap, “Just me, I missed my Kookie, it was no fun without you.”

He shuffled to get more comfortable, making Jungkook groan out lowly, “Hyung…watch it.”

Tae looked at him in confusion for a moment before it dawned on him, “Jungkook-ah! Anyone could have walked in on you!” Jungkook gave him a pointed look, “Besides me! I don’t count.”

Kookie raised an eyebrow at him, “And why don’t you count?”

Tae had a gleam in his eyes as he looked up at Jungkook from his lap, “Cause we all know you want me to fuck you into every hard surface.”

In any other circumstance, Jungkook probably oils have slapped him, but honestly he was so turned on he couldn’t think that far ahead. So when he whined, he wasn’t that surprised.

Tae laughed darkly and sat up, straddling Jungkook, “We’ve still got hours before the others get back, why not be a good boy for Hyung and let me ruin you.”




Request: N/A

A/N:  I said I would write this for one of @bucky-plums-barnes fuffly Friday anons asking for a Lance x Plussize!reader.  So… here ya go!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance x plussize!reader

Word count: 2056

Summary:  You’re pretty much over not being thin, you’re beautiful just the way you are!  But words can still hurt…

Warnings:  Lance being a dick, accidental bullying (body shaming), insults, mentions bullying, mentions of sex, drunkenness, FLUFFY APOLOGY AND ENDING

(GIF not mine)

Originally posted by mackievanstan

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I’m not sure how long this story will run. Basically until my love of Batjokes dies down. lol This won’t be like a traditional story, more a series of drabbles that flow in chronological order but don’t have a big arc going. I mean, things will develop, but not the way they do in novels. Anyway, this one was inspired by a headcanon I saw on tumblr.


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Keep it or Leave it (Part 3)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol Poisoning
*If you do feel triggered by something else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 770

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1  —  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Your home was silent since 10 o'clock when Bucky went out to his Saturday night fun.

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Fancy Meeting You Here

Part 2

Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush)

After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses.
When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her” - Thank you for the prompt! @perseusandmedusa C:

Ships: Negan x Reader

Words: 2,007

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of smut, violence.

“Well you know what, Daryl?! Fuck you! Go to hell!”

You were having another one of your frequent arguments with Daryl. He was insisting that you shouldn’t go out on a run when you were perfectly able to go and help the group. You didn’t know if it was because he though you incapable or because he just didn’t like you getting some of the limelight for a change, but he would argue with you every. Damn. Time.

You had stood up and went outside for some air, making sure to slam the door loudly so that it woke up everyone in a kilometres radius of you. You put your hands on your head and took in large lungful’s of cold air. You stood there for about ten minutes, calming yourself down until you felt someone poke you from behind.

“Hey! Watch it- Oh. Sorry, Carl. It’s been a rough night, you know?” You said apologetically to the boy before you. He didn’t reply and he was determinately not looking at you in the eye. “Carl?”

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Speaking of Teba, tho 

Teba kind of falling into the role of a parental figure for Link and eventually, growing to see Link as his adopted son 

Teba respecting Link for the warrior that he is but, at the same time, still recognizing that he’s a young man without a father figure or really anyone there for him so he decides that he’ll at least attempt to be that in some way. He often offers advice, comfort (in his own way) and what not. It starts out simple, just him trying to be kind to a kid in a crappy situation but over time, the bond between him and Link grows until he thinks of the Hylian as his own

Teba flying over the plains of Hyrule, through the snowy winds of Tabantha, and sometimes even into the Hebra Mountains (or possibly even further), not really looking for Link but still using his keen bird eyes to try and pick out his familiar shape. It’s not conscious at first but after a few times of stumbling across him, he starts actively looking out of the corner of his eyes for the Hylian 

If he does seem him, he always takes the time to fly down and talk to him - helps him out with some monsters, makes sure he’s got food and medicine, makes sure he has warm clothes, always always ALWAYS offers him a safe place to sleep back in Rito Village. If Link takes him up on the offer of a warm, safe bed, Teba has no problem with the Hylian clambering up onto his back and him safely transporting him back

Link and Tulin being closer than peas in a pod - whenever Link visits Rito Village or the Flying Range (which he does often), he always wears little Tulin out by playing with him too much. A lot of the times, once night falls, they pass out together on Tulin’s bed with the little bird tucked close to Link’s side. Teba just kind of shakes his head but feels like his home is complete with everyone there

Teba isn’t really one for physical affection but sometimes, he’ll stand by Link’s side and drap his wing over his head and shoulders, holding him close to his side and squeezing him in a one armed hug. Link always leans a little bit into him whenever he goes that and it reminds Teba of how Tulin does the same. He also ruffles his hair from time to time (which is always a little awkward given the whole wings thing) or pats him on the back 

Teba spending a lot of time worrying about Link when he doesn’t have him in his sights. He knows the kid is capable and talented but he can’t help but to worry what he might be getting himself into. Saki is the one who always talks him down from that place, though he can always tell she’s just as worried as he is. Despite him a warrior himself and knowing Link to be one as well, it always sends a shock of fear and anger through him whenever the kid shows up in Rito Village covered in bruises and scraps 

 Teba teaching both Tulin and Link how to make various kinds of arrows, how to repair their bows, what to do when caught in nasty flying conditions then looking on proudly as they grasp hold of everything with ease. Teba quietly teaching them powerful lessons of the warrior, guiding them with a patient, steady hand and encouraging them every step of the way 

Teba being a calm, quiet presence in Link’s life whenever things get too hectic. Link knows he can just show up in Rito Village without explanation, sit himself beside Teba wherever he may be and just stay by his side, working out whatever is bothering him by himself or hesitantly voicing it to Teba, who always responds in considerate, mature way 

Just…Teba being the father that Link never really had, Teba treating Link the same way he treats Tulin and adoring the both of them, Teba teaching Link everything he knows and encouraging him, praising him all the time, Teba just being Link’s stern but loving birb father, just <3 <3 <3 <3 

Phan fluff: Cinema

Soooo I wrote this fic in honor of me hitting 10k on tumblr today! (Yayyyyy) so thank you to all of y'all that follow me and I hope you like and appreciate this :)

 Dan stood timidly outside outside Phil’s door, he had been for about ten minutes now, contemplating whether or not to knock. You see, earlier that day Phil had promised him that they could go out on a cinema date this evening, right after he’d finished up some work he was doing. 

The only problem was that it was getting rather late and Dan was worried that he’d forgotten. He worried quite a lot to be frank, it was just the way he was, he was always panicking about being late to events or worrying that Phil didn’t really care about him (which of course wasn’t true). 

‘Come on… come on… I can do it, he’s just working it’s not like I’m intruding on anything’ Dan mumbled to himself as he tried to psych himself up 'Just do it Dan, knock on the goddamn door!’ He took a deep breathe 'Okay' 

Knock knock. 'Philll?' 

He knocked again after hesitating. 'Phil can I come in?' 

He decided then that it wasn’t worth standing outside the door again for another ten minutes so he took the silence as a yes. 

As soon as he walked into the room he sighed at the sight he was greeted with. So much for Phil being 'hard at work’, well actually he did look very much like he had been hard at work but he was currently collapsed from exhaustion and snoring on his desk. Dan rolled his eyes affectionately at the sight as he walked towards it. He’d always thought to himself that Phil looked cute when he was asleep, his fringe messy and his lips slightly parted. 

'No, this is no time to be creepily admiring your boyfriend when you want to go on a date Dan’ he said, internally chastising himself. 

'Philll’ he said just as he had before but in a whisper. There was no reply, not even a movement. 'Philllllll’ Dan tried again, speaking up this time. Still nothing. 'Phillllip Micheal Lesterrr, the most angelic being to ever roam this earth… wake upppp!’ Dan chuckled to himself and then jumped as he unexpectedly got the response he was actually after. 

'Hmmm’ a sleepy yawning Phil mumbled 'Dan?’ He got up with a stretch and looked up at Dan.

'You fell asleep while working again’ Dan exclaimed. 

'I did?' 

'Mhmm’ Dan smirked 'shame you had to wake up really, you look pretty adorable when you were sleeping' 

'Hey!’ Phil yelled, punching Dan playfully now that he was fully awake. 

'Now, I’d say you have about… hmm 5 minutes to get ready?’ Said Dan as he walked out of the room without elaborating. 

'Wait! For what?' 

'The date, stupid’ Dan shouted down the hallway. Crap, how did Phil forget about the date? 

Believe it or not both boys were actually ready in record time a few minutes later. After much stumbling around the apartment in a hasty rush to get changed they met up in the hallway five minutes before they had to leave. 

'Nice shirt Howell, I wonder where you got it from’ Phil asked, a knowing glint in his eye. 

'Oh I don’t know I’m pretty sure it’s mine’ Dan teased, playing along. It was one of Phil’s brightly colored plaid shirts he was wearing, having found it on his boyfriends clean washing pile. Phil rolled his eyes at this response 

'Come on then you lying thief, let’s go or we’ll miss the film’ he exclaimed as he took Dan’s hand and led him out the door. 

They took their seats in the cinema about half an hour later, after a short taxi ride and a considerably longer cue. They were sat almost right in the middle of the room, in the perfect spot, thanks to Dan booking the tickets a week in advance and for once being actually prepared. He really wanted to see this film (as Phil was well aware), he’d been rambling on about it for months. 

Phil on the other hand couldn’t really care less. He hated romance movies to be quite honest, though he never voiced that opinion due to how much he know Dan loved them. He knew the basic premises of the film from Dan’s explanation but he couldn’t say that he actually had any reason for going other than to please him. 

'Psst Dan, can we go get snacks?’ Phil said, nudging his partner a whole 30 seconds after they’d sat down. 

'Hmm? Oh, uh you can’ Dan replied, he was already captivated by the adverts, eyes glued to the screen. 

'But Phil’ he actually turned to face the other boy now 'don’t get lost okay?’ Phil snorted. 

'Hey I’m not five you know! Anyway I’ll be right back' 

Now when Phil said he’d be right back Dan knew that he would, he wasn’t dating some freak who ran away half way through a date after all, but what he wasn’t expecting was what Phil came back with. As it turned out he came back with his arms adorned with what looked like half the shop. He had two buckets of popcorn, two giant drinks of soda, various chocolate bars and a whole tub of ice cream. 

'Phil!’ Dan yelled looking slightly gobsmacked. 'Why did you buy so many snacks?!' 

Phil would’ve looked guiltier if he wasn’t currently trying to balance the snacks while trying to haphazardly place them down. 

'I er… wanted to make sure we had enough food and drink to last the whole movie’ He explained like this was a perfectly normal thing to do. Dan sighed. How he had grown so used to Phil’s embarrassing quirks? 

'Just sit down you dolt' 

The film was about half way through now (the snacks definitely weren’t though) and Dan was definitely fully captivated by the screen. Even Phil dared to admit that he found the film somewhat interesting, not quite as bad as the normal crap Dan made him sit through. 

Phil was definitely still way more interested in the sight beside him rather than the one in front of him though. With every moment he got he took advantage of the fact that Dan’s eyes were on the screen and gazed at him with what was probably a rather longing, sappy expression. He couldn’t help it, he just found the man so captivating. The way his hair fell perfectly in messy curls, the way his pale lips glistened in the dim light. 

From what Phil could hear the movie was just getting to the cliche part where the two characters confess their undying love for each other. Although, he still wasn’t looking at the screen, instead gazing at the light that reflected from it in his boyfriend’s eyes. 

He’d still assumed that Dan was fully immersed in the film at this point. So it really caught him by surprise when the boy turned and caught Phil staring at him for the first time. 

Those eyes had been intense enough from a side glance, but know he had them in full view and fully focused on him, he really didn’t know what to do. 

It came to him though, a moment later when he heard the quiet exchange of 'I love you’ coming from the film. He turned to face the screen for a second to see that the two characters were kissing. 

Then without thinking he turned back and kissed the boy sitting next to him, imitating the couple on the screen. Dan’s lips against his felt incredible as he felt them kiss him back. The feeling made him feel all warm and tingly inside and he felt a rush of adrenaline course through him. He knew that the people all around them were probably staring, maybe even a little disgusted by their public affection but Phil really couldn’t care less as he continued to kiss Dan. The boys wrapped their arms around each other in a warm embrace, neither ever wanting to let go. 

Did Phil ever mention how much he loved romance movies?