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Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries

Lance challenging Shiro in episode 8

ok, i’m still really fired up about black paladin!Lance, so i wanted to post more about this after talking to a few people on the subject. also kudos to @ironinkpen for making that post earlier because i’m so?? blessed???

anyways, i want to talk about this scene.

this scene is arguably one of the most uncomfortable, stressful moments i’ve ever seen on the show. not because they are on a very dangerous mission, not because they don’t know if they can trust the blade of marmora, no.

Lance challenges Shiro’s judgement. 

Lance challenges Shiro’s judgement. Shiro, who is the pilot of the black lion. Shiro, who is their highly respected leader who always knows what to do. Shiro, who everyone on the team has followed without question. Shiro, who Lance looks up to and is his so called hero.

Lance angrily raises his voice to the point where he is actually yelling, his voice even cracks! and he gets all up in Shiro’s face! Shiro has to push Lance back by the shoulders to make him back off!

and you know what? Lance has every right to get upset. he makes a really valid point in how Keith is impulsive and will let his stubbornness get the better of him (WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENS AND ALMOST COSTS THE MISSION TO FAIL).

literally nobody on the team has challenged Shiro’s decisions like this before. this could also be another forshadowing moment for Lance becoming the black paladin, because he’s the only one who has ever questioned Shiro like this. 

and you know what makes this even more possible?

right after this scene, Shiro and Keith are flying in the red lion, and Shiro brings up how he wants Keith to lead someday. and Keith is very quick to change the subject and reject the idea of something happening to Shiro

basically what i’m trying to say is i’m overanalyzing the fuck out of this but this could possibly be forshadowing something

Self-Promotion Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

There’s something I’d like to discuss with you guys – something a lot of us feel guilty for doing, but something that all of us should do – self-promotion. Specifically, I want to talk about promoting your content. 

Most of the people I follow on this site, I follow for their excellent writing, or their beautiful art, or their fantastic graphics. Tumblr, for all its flaws, is a platform that lends itself to sharing your preferred means of creative expression. I also follow people for their great taste. Tumblr lends itself very well to content curation – sharing things that you like with other people you think will like them. And no blog consists of just created content – everyone needs to curate, too. 

Therefore, it’s important both to content creators – people who make pretty stuff – and content curators – people who collect pretty stuff – to see all the good stuff you make. Now – how do you make sure your followers see that art you made or that fic you wrote or the meta you came up with or that rec list you put together – so that they can enjoy it, and share it with their followers, too?

That’s right – you promote that shit. Not all your followers are online at the same time. Any content you create needs to be shared multiple times, during different times of day. Some of your followers might not be online every day, so that means promoting it a few more times after the initial posting day. If your creative online presence goes across multiple platforms, share on all of them! That means you share the story you posted on AO3 on tumblr, and that you share the painting you posted on Tumblr on Twitter, so on, and so forth. 

Now, my point thus far has been that your followers want to see your stuff – but that’s not the only reason you should feel comfortable promoting your work. It’s your work. You made it. You spent time and energy and effort on it. You should be comfortable putting that out there. And if you’re not comfortable, it’s good fucking practice. 

I know we’ve all been told that it’s bad to want attention – especially the women and teenage girls among us – but when it comes to your professional life, especially if you intend to go down a less-than-conventional path, asking for attention is sort of a necessity. It’s how you get feedback from people who are more experienced than you; it’s how you get mentorship; it’s how you get someone to see you and give you a chance. 

So yeah – reblog your drawing or your story or your graphic or your playlist one more time. Your followers want to see. But more importantly, it’s good practice. 


Find the Tiny Moog as shown in the image above, and circle her in the picture below

show me the circled moog to win!



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any headcanons on Viktor dealing with a pregnant Yuuri?

MPreg Warnning: If you don’t like that, don’t read this. Tagged MPreg if you want to block it.

*We all know Victor is a drama queen so it takes him awhile to learn to chill when it comes to Yuuri’s pregnancy.

*In this instance being one of Russia’s National Treasures is a perk. They all know him and Yuuri so it makes it easier for Victor to get what he wants to spoil Yuuri and the coming baby.

*Victor learns how to make katsudon for Yuuri because he got tired of asking Yurio’s grandfather to make them large batches for Yuuri.

*Yuuri is one of those people who gain a lot of weight when they are pregnant. The more weight Yuuri puts on (and the more ample his bottom is) the more he has to remind Victor when they are in public that he has to keep his hands to himself.

*The first time he felt the baby kick he picked Yuuri up and spun him around the room grinning manically. He then kept Yuuri on his lap so he could continue feeling the baby move for the next hour or so.

*The first time Yuuri had Braxton-Hicks contractions (fake contractions) Victor called an ambulance. Imagine Yuuri’s surprise when the EMT’s rushed into the living room to find him in his pj’s and bunny slippers eating ice cream out of the tub?

*Victor finds himself getting more and more possessive of Yuuri the further along in their pregnancy he is. He didn’t notice it until he tried to hide Yuuri from Yurio one time when he came to bring some Katsudon for Yuuri.

*Yuuri is a horny pregnant person. Victor loves that.

*He also loves that Yuuri will let him carry him more around the house. Yuuri really just likes being in Victor’s arms and it’s another excuse.

*Victor insists on setting up the baby’s nursery himself and Yuuri finds him sitting in the middle of the room, paint everywhere, crib pieces in disarray and a poodle decal stuck to his shirt. Yuuri has to reassure him that he still loves him and that he’s a wonderful husband. 

*Victor flies all of their friends (and Yuuri’s family) to Russia for the epic baby shower he plans for Yuuri. Phichit has already posted the pictures on his Instagram.

*When Yuuri enters labor, Victor, runs around the room panicking for a few minutes before he gets it together. 

*Victor is amazing in the labor room, much to everyone’s surprise. Nobody is going to make his Yuuri uncomfortable. He is so supportive, helping Yuuri through labor and delivery.

*Victor is the proudest Daddy and husband on the planet. He has hundreds of pictures of the both of them on his phone and will not hesitate to show them to anyone who shows even the slightest interest.


A post appreciation of my dog and I when I was a wee child of 7 yrs


hey guyyyyyys i have a spare physical copy of Harrys pink album that im giving away to an Aussie resident… i would prefer to give it to someone who wasn’t able to afford their own copy as i think we should all be able to share the Harry love. send me an ask if you want it! first in best dressed! Love you all!! MWA! x x x


this is the last set for now!

1-3: everyone! (minus saeran, of course)
4-6: jumin and zen

anyways!!!! Harry has been nothing but incredibly humble, sweet and grateful to everyone since day fucking 1. He tried to stop every time he could to take pics with the people who were waiting for him, he was being constantly mobbed at airports and stuff yet he STILL tried to make time for fans, he tweeted thank you’s and I love you’s over and over again, he organised marriage proposals during their concerts, he recorded message after message for his fans, he got on stage pretty much every day for 5 years and thanked one direction’s stans for everything they did over and over again. There was absolutely not one interview or concert or meeting with fans that he didn’t use as an opportunity to say thank you and to show how much he loves us. So if after all of this, if after SEVEN YEARS of this, you need a few more tweets and posts on instagram to be sure that he is a good person who loves his fans, then I’m sorry but you don’t deserve them AT ALL.