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One Wrong Move

Dean Winchester x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: After a rough night, Dean is woken up to find the reader has not returned home yet. Worried, he goes out looking for her.

This is for the SPN HIATUS WRITING CHALLENGE 2017 - WEEK 1. The prompt is “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”

Warnings: Angst!! 

Dean’s POV

“Damn it Dean, wake up!” Dean heard Sam yelling at him as he lay sprawled across his bed. Groaning, he picked up his pillow, attempting to cover his head with it, hoping it would make his annoying brother leave him alone for at least a couple more hours.

“Not now. You need to get up!” Sam continued. Cursing, Dean rubbed his eyes, glancing at the bright red numbers on his alarm clock.

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Morgan Rielly - Part Eleven

I’m going to be re-writing my Nylander fic on my Wattpad account (HockeyImagines_) soon! I didn’t like how it turned out, and like a few people have noted I ended it pretty abruptly and now I have a better idea of what I want to do. So, if you would like to read it just search for me! I’ll make another post here on Tumblr when I make my first post on Wattpad. 

Shortly after I told Morgan I had my own board to play on, I realized I in fact did not. Now I’m standing in the board game aisle of my local store trying to decide if I like the special edition theme board better than the original.

               A small part of me is holding a small thrill at the thought of tomorrow morning. Okay, maybe a big part. The last two days have been like night and day from my first couple weeks working for the most scrutinized hockey team in the NHL. It’s like I had been pent up in a boarded house for the last five years and finally was able to pry open a window to breathe unfiltered air. Now my lungs are filled with the smell of spring and the scent of Morgan’s scarf which is wrapped securely around my neck currently.

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Hello all, I’m proud to announce that JaeheeMC week is a go! Thank you all for the support so far!

JaeheeMC week will be a week-long event dedicated to the ship of Jaeee and MC from Mystic Messenger. The week will be held July 23-29, we’d appreciate any participation and support you have to offer!

Listed under the cut are the prompts and additional information you may care to know about the event.

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anonymous asked:

Victor dropped his professional career over one Youtube video of a dude who drunk grinded him one night to head on over to Japan and seduce him but Otabek and Yuri, fast moving and impulsive teens, becoming a couple after a week in the same competition where they finally feel like they're meeting someone just like themselves is too impossible, it just doesn't happen. 👀

Victor x Yuuri

Victor was already stagnating and becoming bored with what he was doing is also #extraasfuck so not surprising. He also didn’t “drop” his career. Athletes take hiatus’s all the time for personal, medical, or psychological reasons. Plus he had an attraction to Yuuri after that night which he probably let go of when he realized Yuuri didn’t seem to care it happened (ie episode ONE when Victor looked a bit crestfallen when Yuuri left without interacting with him) but he saw how passionately Yuuri preformed his program even though it was flawed which most likely increased the already budding attraction. 

People have been picked up as protege’s for less than that so again, not surprising. Victor left because he was attracted and curious to know this person which led to months of spending time together which makes sense. 

Its natural that it eventually led here just like it would’ve been natural if it led nowhere. Its all about the right circumstances and the people involved and not everyone is the same.

Otabek x Yuri

Otabek has always had an attraction to Yuri even if it was a friendly one in wanting to know him. Yuri may not have known which is fine cause Otabek asked to be his friend first. Otabek took the initiative to put himself in Yuri’s sight and spend time with him as a person not as a competitive skater, celebrity, or fanboy. He genuinely wanted to know who Yuri was as himself. 

Yes they are young, but its not impulsive or out of the ordinary to be sexually and romantically attracted to someone you’ve only just met and spent time with for a short time (see summer romances and high school sweethearts) On top of that, they’re age technically has nothing to do with the probability of them choosing to date in some fashion. Yuri being 16 has agency about himself and his sexuality even if its not fully developed yet. He practically begged to perform Eros because it was most like who he was. Its quite a testament of how much he resonates and feels comfortable with Otabek to include him in his performance in such a fashion. Otabek cares and is comfortable enough to allow Yuri to be who he is with him and obviously enjoys it. 

Its natural that it eventually led here just like it would’ve been natural if it led nowhere. Its all about the right circumstances and the people involved and not everyone is the same.

The Point:

People meet, become attracted to each other, and even fall in love in various ways that you probably don’t get the chance to see in your limited experience because you are only limited by what you are able to see and experience every day. Dismissing both these viable and logical attractions because they don’t confirm to how you believe things would work in real life as though serendipity is not a thing in occurrence is just shows you’re projecting only what you know and and have experienced on actually the most natural pairings I’ve seen in anime in a long time. It covers the various ways people can meet and become involved with each other whether it be slow burn like Viktor and Yuuri or balls to the walls finger biting stripteases like Otabek and Yuri. 

TL;DR: Get your negative ass out my inbox and let me enjoy these perfectly Realistic and Natural relationships! Jesus! Act like ya’ll ain’t never met PEOPLE before. 

Imagine moving day with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C)

The week after graduation, you started doing what you promised Chris you’d do once you got to put on that cap and gown; pack up everything you owned into boxes. You were finally moving out of your shared apartment with your best friend and moving in with your fiancé, so the two of you could really get started on the happily ever after thing. Although you were moving in, the two of you weren’t going to end the long engagement yet. There were a few things you needed to sort out before you focused on the planning of the wedding, like doing something with your writing and getting an actual job in the industry you’d gotten a degree for. The journey was going to be a long and winding road with a lot of sharp turns and road blocks. It was a journey you didn’t know if you were ready for, one you were terrified of. But like Chris would always tell you when you told him about your fears, “you have to throw yourself into doing what scares you, Y/N.” And you were, you were going to dive right into that pool of fear. After all, his advice had never led you astray before.

Chris had gone out of his way to get you meetings throughout the month with producers he’d told about you and your incredible talent so you could pitch your scripts. To say you were hesitant about the outcome of the meetings was an understatement, you were straight up ready to be rejected the second you stepped into the door. Why? Because you knew using Chris to your advantage- though you didn’t ask- was going to have negative repercussions. They were going to look at you and think you believed you were entitled for a meeting because you were Chris Evans’ fiancée. That wasn’t how you wanted to start out. Your initial plan was to look for an internship and start from the bottom up, but Chris was so excited when gave you your meeting times as a graduation gift that you couldn’t turn him down. It was beyond thoughtful and you loved him even more for it, you just hoped he wouldn’t be too upset when you came home with rejections. You were more than happy to work for success; to take the path not taken and find your own way; to let Father Time do his thing. Chris did all that and look where he ended up, so you were okay if you had to wait a little while too.

Which brought the topic back to the on-going status of your long engagement, which both moms didn’t understand when the two of you explained you weren’t going to tie the knot yet- even after your graduation. They’d both wanted the wedding when Chris finished his contract with Marvel, and argued when you said you wanted to graduate and find a job first that “you can still study and pursue a career while being married.” But Chris knew the real reason you wanted to wait, so he defended the decision even though he did agree with both moms.

Chris knew you weren’t just worried that people wouldn’t take you seriously they only saw you as his wife- which he thought was impossible once they saw your work- you were also worried about being married. He wasn’t worried about your worry because he knew it wasn’t about him, he knew you loved him wholeheartedly. He knew it was the whole concept of marriage and everything that came with it that scared you. You wanted the life you wrote about, yes, but were you ready for all that? To be a wife, to be a mother? It was scary and you were scared, he could tell and he didn’t blame you because you were only twenty-one. What was he doing at twenty-one? Something far from being a husband and father. You wanted to get married and have kids with Chris, but you didn’t know if you could handle all of it while trying to find your place in the world; you wanted to have found your place before you took on all that.

Chris was okay with that, with waiting a little while longer. He’d told you repeatedly- and again with more emphasis after reading what you’d written him in the notebook- that he would gladly wait for as long as you needed him to. How could he not? After reading everything you’d written, he fell in-love with you even more. So yes, while he was excited to start a life with you, to be a husband and a father, he believed that you couldn’t put the cart before the horse. He loved you more than the idea of being married and having children, and if you- the love of his life- wanted to wait then he’d wait. He knew you weren’t going anywhere, and he wasn’t either. He was with you, as Cap was with Bucky, “till the end of the line.”

As sweet and selfless as his offer was, you couldn’t take him up on it as you knew he couldn’t wait that long. He wasn’t getting any younger, and there was no certainty in the Hollywood industry especially for someone starting out. Even with Chris’ help- it could take years, decades even, for you to find success and gain recognition. Chris- who was remarkable at what he did- was still underrated and drowning under Captain America’s limelight. So you promised him six months; it was June now and you’d asked for until the end of the year. If by December you hadn’t had even the slightest success, you’d put a hold on that search and start planning for the coming September so you could have a Fall wedding like you’d discussed.

Chris found you sitting on your naked mattress in your cleared out room with your black cat plush cushion cradled in your arms as you looked around your room, deep in thought. All your personal items had been boxed and hauled into the moving truck he’d rented, leaving behind all the furniture you didn’t need as his house was fully furnished. He knew you were having a little trouble leaving the apartment you’d called home for three years, just like Sebastian knew Ava would too when he decided to propose and ask her to move to New York with him. There were a lot of memories even the guys weren’t ready to let go of, but it was time for all of you to move on.

“Hey,” Chris knocked on the door, drawing your attention away from your thoughts and onto him instead. He smiled at you and you smiled back, hugging your black cat plush cushion to your chest. “You know,” he chuckled as he walked over, “this is the only kind of cat I like.” He poked the cat and you giggled, “inanimate.”

“You’re an idiot,” you chuckled. He sat down next to you and wrapped an arm around you as you leaned your head against him. “I don’t want to go,” you admitted with a whisper and he sighed, kissing your hair. “It feels like the end of an era, even though I only lived here for three years. I was the one who found this apartment, did you know that?” He nodded, remembering the stories you told him. “Ava didn’t move over until February, so I had to live here by myself for the whole of December and January. I was genuinely terrified,” you told him with a chuckle, “flinching at every sound I heard in the middle of the night.”

“Aw, baby,” he cooed and you giggled, leaning into him as he squeezed you. “I wish I were here to take care of you, shield and all.” He joked and you smiled, kissing him on the cheek. “But hey, never again. It’s you and me against the world, kid.”

“And me!” You both jumped when you heard Ava’s voice. As it turned out Chris had been sitting on his walkie-talkie earlier and Ava had heard it all. Chris pulled it out from his back pocket and laughed as Ava continued, “don’t you think for a second that you’re stealing my better half, Evans. We were an old married couple long before you came along.”

Chris hunched over, laughing as he took his arm off you to respond to Ava. “Sorry, Ava. You’re not the one who put a ring on her finger, she’s mine now.” His hand grasped yours tightly and you laughed. “Like Beyoncé said, if you like it you gotta put a ring on it. Is Seb there? I’m also talking to him when I say that,” he added teasingly then released the button and waited for a response.

“Chris, stop it,” you chuckled softly, slapping his arm. Chris snorted then laughed with no sound, holding the walkie-talkie against his ear. “We promised him no more engagement jokes, he’ll do it when he’s ready. Just leave him alo-”

“Fuck you, Evans,” Sebastian’s voice came through, interjecting. You both burst out laughing as he continued, “you’re one to talk. What are you aiming for, the World Record for ‘Longest Engagement’?” You scoffed with a smile as Chris tried to stop laughing. “I’ll propose when you get married. Out of respect, of course. I couldn’t possibly overtake you with the whole marriage and kids thing.”

“Fuck off, Seb,” Chris chuckled into the walkie-talkie. “I’m turning this shit off before you open a can of worms I don’t have a container for.” You knew what your fiancé meant, but you still laughed because it was an odd addition to an old expression. “Honestly,” he turned the device off.

“You started it,” you reminded him.

“I know,” Chris grinned and slipped his hand into yours. “I guess it means he’s proposing next October then,” he pulled your hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles. You smiled at the thought of marrying your soul mate, then felt your stomach flutter at the thought of getting married. It was excitement, not fear. It had to be excitement, you were excited to marry Chris. “Are you okay?” He asked when he saw your angst on your face.

“Are you nervous?”

“About what?” He raised a brow.

“Getting married,” you swallowed. “'Cause I am, and I’m scared that I am.” Chris chuckled softly, gently squeezing your hand. “I shouldn’t be because I love you, so-” You felt your heart beating rapidly against your chest at the thought of walking down an aisle. “Why am I so nervous?” You pulled your hand out of Chris’ and pressed it against your chest, right over where your heart was.

“Because you’re turning twenty-two in two months,” he answered. “Getting married is a huge step, you’re young and you have every right to be nervous about it.” You let out a shaky breath, nodding in acknowledgment. “But I’m turning thirty-eight tomorrow.” His hand wrapped around your wrist and he pulled your hand away from your chest and pressed it against his instead. “I am not young and I am calm enough for the both of us. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, or causing you angst- we’ll work it out together. You just have to be honest with me, whatever you’re feeling- you have to talk to me, okay? I won’t know unless you talk to me, you have to talk to me,” he asserted, afraid the two of you would repeat history. The two of you were too close to the finish line, you couldn’t fall now.

“I will,” you nodded. “Believe me,” you gave his chest a gentle pat. “You are not going to lose me. I’ve learnt my lesson, I won’t let my idiocy get in the way of our relationship ever again.” He smiled, patting your hand. “And I know I want to marry you, it’s just- it’s scary.”

“I know,” he nodded. “It’s okay to be scared, it’s a big change. But hey, we’re going to knock it out of the park.” He smiled at you, drawing a smile from you. “Just like you’re going to knock your meeting with Geoffrey out of the park on Friday, and every meeting after. You got this, we got this. Power couple, am I right?” He held up his hand to high-five you.

“Power couple,” you chuckled, high-fiving him. He smiled and locked his fingers with yours mid high-five, leaning forward to kiss your forehead. “Okay,” you giggled as you untangled your fingers from his. “Let’s finish moving,” you rose to your feet, beckoning him to his. “We’ve taken up enough of Seb and Ava’s day.”

“It’s fine,” Chris waved his hand nonchalantly, getting to his feet. He wrapped an arm around you and steered you out of your bedroom and towards the front door, “they said them being my salves for the day was my birthday present, so obviously I gotta milk it. I’m thinking they can make us dinner tonight, or buy us dinner. Dealer’s choice,” he shrugged and you laughed. “Speaking of birthday presents, I hope you know you don’t need to get me anything after that notebook.”

“And I know you know I’m a 'plan-in-advance’ kind of girl and your presents have already been bought,” you poked his side and he shook his head with a smile. “I like giving presents, you know that. And what are you worried about? It’s not like I can afford anything extravagant considering I’m a recent graduate who only works part-time as a waitress. I just got you things I know you’ll like and use, like baseball caps.”

“See, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” You looked up at him with a raised brow. “Perfect wifey material right here,” he teased and squeezed you against him; you laughed and looped an arm around his waist. “Absolutely perfect,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on the top of your head.

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Part 4


This week has kicked my ass. The Marketing Director was in from NJ, and it’s been non-stop meetings about everything from process, to state of the union, to our Meyer’s Briggs types and how to work together (DEEP STATE INFP here), to new hires, to a tragedy for our most recent hire that’s all over the news, to me presenting on the software training and on the new social software I’ve been test-driving. Every night after work has been a meeting of some sort. I have done nothing but sleep and shower in my house all week, and the weekend is insanely full, too.

One more week of this and then it’s off to New Mexico for seven days. I can’t wait to move my body through the mountains.

Therapy yesterday was all about strategy for dealing with a co-worker who struggles with anxiety and ADD, and a couple of other mental health issues. His way of talking and behaving during meetings triggers such a visceral reaction in my body that sends my blood pressure sky high and makes my breathing so fast and shallow.

I’m not the only one being affected by it, and we’re trying as a group to work on reminding everyone to use library voices because the space has such a huge echo, and also to raise hands to ask questions instead of talking over one another, and to use those questions to bring us all back to the point rather than sending us off on another tangent.

I end up missing so much of what is being said because I have to work so hard to not spin off by putting my attention on my deep, slow breath and gently talking to myself in my head. Then I get into a self-judging spiral of feeling like I’m not performing at the level I should be and I worry that others notice.

My therapist asked some questions that I found myself asking about dozens of issues in my life over the rest of the day.

What if, she asked, you lower your expectations for yourself before you enter a meeting? What if you take a moment to do some deep slow breathing, and say to yourself that it’s OK if you miss some things? What if you tell yourself it’s OK to take care of yourself when you’re reacting to something that is so out of your control by focusing on your breath instead of on what’s being said? What if it’s OK to simply revisit things with people via email or a quick stop at their desk if needed?

What if, indeed.

The meeting I excused myself from to go to therapy was the worst one yet, and I arrived at the office with that agitation still vibrating in me. In the last fifteen minutes I popped another ocular migraine that blinded me for a half hour in my truck, so I was late returning to work, and then had such a hard time focusing for the rest of the day with that feeling of having my head in a vise and body fatigue that made me wish for a soft velvet couch in a very dark room. Alas, sleep was restless last night. I woke four times. Today will suck donkey dick.  

All this to say life is good, I’m busy and tired and learning so much, and feeling so blessed to get to work with people who care about us all as individuals with lives outside of work. Healthy communication is a huge priority for them, and thus for us. I’ve never had that before. I’m kind of blown away. And tired. Whoa with the tired.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Ruined Holiday


This holiday was suppose to fun; a stress-free week away from your responsibilities with your boyfriend and his mates, but after the past couple of weeks you and Joe had, you weren’t exactly looking forward to this holiday.

You and Joe had an argument a few weeks ago that the two of you never quite resolved. He had been stressed, no surprise, and had all of his focus this project paying no attention to his other responsibilities like tiding the flat or doing the simple tasks that you had ask him to do. He hadn’t actually been paying attention to you either.

You’d see him in the morning, usually still sleep after your alarm goes off and wouldn’t see him until he crawled into bed later that night after he managed to pull himself away from his computer. 

In the days leading up to the argument, Joe had told you that he was getting stressed. His work load was becoming too much but he didn’t really do anything about it. He didn’t take a break or relax, all he did was complain. The day you finally snapped was when you came home from work at the flat was still a mess from a video the boys had the other day. You had asked him to clear up the mess after they had filmed but was met with a very unconvincing, “I’ll get to it love.” 

You rolled your eyes are the sight of your living room before heading upstairs into your bedroom where you were met with piles of laundry you had asked Joe to either start washing or start folding. You marched your way back downstairs and into Joe’s office only to find that he wasn’t there. When he returned hours later having said that he had gone into London with the boys is when you blew up and ever since that day, the two of you exchanged very few looks and words. 

On the plane ride out to your holiday, you asked Mikey if you and him could switch seats. You weren’t really in the mood to sit next to someone you had no intentions of talking to and thought that you and Oli had a 110% chance of being able to have a civil conversation for the next 5 hours. The boys gave you and Joe questionable looks when you exchanged seats but neither of them said anything, not wanting to start something on a plane.

There were 3 days left of your week away from life and you honestly felt more stressed than you had when you left. You and Joe had bickered the past 3 nights and the amount of effort it took for you to not blow up on him when you were out with the boys was alarming. This was nothing stress-free about this holiday and honestly you were over it.

You sat outside on the balcony that you all had rented for the week letting the sun seep through your pours in hopes to replace the anger. You heard the door open and the sound of laughter from the boys briefly before the the door was shut. 

“Hey.” A familiar voice said behind you. 

You peeked an eye open before closing it again, just checking if it was in fact the person who you thought it was before deciding to speak. “I thought you were filming a video.” 

“We’re playing a game and I lost pretty quickly, thought I’d come out here with you for a bit.” Joe said with a slight chuckle as he looked back through the glass door at his mates still playing the game. He moved his attention back to you and frowned when you didn’t say anything. “Are we really going to do this the entire holiday Y/N?” 

Joe’s sudden change in tone startled you slightly, blinking both eyes open turning to look at him. “Seems like it.” You said simply before closing your eyes again. 

“Jesus Y/N!” He said standing up from his spot next to you. “What is going on with you? We’re meant to be on holiday, why are you still holding onto this just let it go!”

“Let it go? Are you really blaming me for all of this? You’re the one who’s been a dick the past couple of weeks and hasn’t even noticed that.” You said, letting the anger you had pent up inside of you out as you sat up in your chair. 

“I had a lot on my plate Y/N you knew that-”

“Yet you still had time to go out with the boys every other day doing god knows what but couldn’t put the washing on.”

“You’re made at me because I didn’t put the washing on?!?” Joe yelled.

“Oh my god.” You said running your hand over your face. “No Joe thats not why I’m mad. I’m mad because-” You paused as you and Joe heard a click, the both of your heads turning towards the door that led back into the house. 

Josh and Caspar were standing at the behind the glass, Josh’s hand releasing from the lock as he folded his arms. 

“What the fuck Josh, unlock the door.” Joe said walking over to the door and banging on it. 

“No, not until you two sort whatever the hell it is that you have going on between you two. We can hear you guys from in here and we’d really like to finish this video, tonight.” Josh said, his voice muffled slightly from the glass, before turning around and moving back to where the rest of the boys were filming. Caspar shot you and Joe a sad look before turning to follow his friend.

You watched Joe hang his head down as he let out a deep breath. It looks like your plan to keep the arguing to a minimum and away from the boys had failed as you and Joe were now locked out on the balcony with nowhere to go. 

“Joe?” You said quietly walking towards him a little. You waited for him to either respond or turn around but when he didn’t you grabbed his hand and pulled him backwards slightly. “Hey.”

“Whats wrong with us?” He asked looking into your eyes. 

“Couples fight Joe, there nothing wrong with us. We’re just both on edge and this holiday just bad timing on our part.” You said leading him back to the chairs where you had been sitting before. 

“Yeah, being stressed about wanting to finish all my work before the stupid holiday really took a toll on our relationship. I basically ruined this holiday didn’t I?”

“No love you didn’t ruin anything. It was ruined before we eve got here.” The two of you laughed. 

“I bet the boys don’t think that.” Joe said looking back over at them through the glass. They had seemed to forget about you two as the resumed their game pretty quickly.

“They’re just a little annoyed, I wouldn’t blame them honestly.” You said bringing Joe’s attention back to you. “We have 3 more days were, well 2 full days. Why don’t we just try to enjoy what time we have left.”

“Then when we get home we can plan a holiday for just us two and I can tell you how sorry I am for being a dick lately.” Joe said leaning in to kiss you. 

“I’d like that, but we’re canceling if you get too stressed. I’m not going through this again.” You said between kisses. 

“Deal. Should be interrupt they’re filming to tell them we made up?” 

“No, let them film. They’ll come get you when they need to do their outro. Just come lay here with me because we haven’t cuddled in weeks.” You said pulling Joe closer to you. 

“Yeah I know, I’ve really missed you. Sorry I’ve been a dick.” Joe said kissing your forehead. 

anonymous asked:

i know ur not a dating advice thing, but just a rant... i started dating this guy, saw each other 2-3 times a week, pretty intense for a couple of months - i wanted to make it officially a 'relationship'. advice from my friends/sister etc said we were already in a relationship but without the label but he was like 'i dont have time for one' and 'im so busy' etc. after that i ended it and now he actually puts more effort into talking me and he immediately responds? wtf???? whats his angle??

Men start treating you better when they realize you’re not going to put up with a subpar relationship, but trust me, that’s only temporary - especially considering he didn’t want to commit to a formal/exclusive relationship in the first place. As soon as he feels he “has you” again he’ll go back to the behavior that drove you away from him.

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Could you write a 2d x reader insert where the band comes home from tour early after being gone for a year and surprises reader?

You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t miss 2D to death, even though it was being a little cliche of you. Sometimes you wondered why you never actually left with the band to go on their tours, even if they were just small ones for a few weeks instead of the year long ones. The only couple of conclusions you could ever come to were that you’d be the one to stay back to watch over the house as well to avoid being a distraction for your boyfriend, 2D.

Yes, you faced timed him at least once a day, it just didn’t satisfy your craving for him; the craving to be able to hug him, feel his warmth. You missed it with a burning passion so extreme, it might as well have been driven from the fiery pits of Hell. The thing that you got to you the most was the absence of him in bed. You mostly missed the days when he’d cradle you close to cuddle, keeping you warm as you fell into a deep slumber.

Ever since, it proved a burdensome task. It made you lonely, impulsive, and more postulate for his voice. Just like nights previous, you laid restlessly on your bed, hearing the heavy rain as it came crashing down outside of your nearly pitch black bedroom, a dim moonlight your only source of light. You were caught up in your thoughts, creating various ideas for new song lyrics you could write in your free time - which you seemed to have a lot of.

You were so devoted to the brain storm to notice the sudden presence of the azure haired man that held a special place in your heart. He hadn’t told you that the band was arriving home that night in an effort to surprise you, making the reunion all the more heartwarming. He held a bag of your favorite takeout food in his hands, standing at the foot of the your guys’ bed to look down at you in the moonlight.

A soft smile appeared across his face as he listened to you hum a soothing melody of a song that he had written you while on tour. He continued for only another minute or to, taking in the fact that he had finally made it back to you. He whispered out to you. “I’m finally home, baby,” he informed you, immediately snapping you out of your day dreaming state. You shot up to sit, not hesitating to flip on your lamp and look up at you. “I’ve got some take out.”

“2D!” You didn’t hesitate to express and launch yourself at him to pull the man into a rather strong embrace. You caused him to fumble back a little, but he managed to balance himself and hold you close, the take out being completely fine. “I didn’t know that you would be back this early!” you smiled at him and gave him a warm his on the lips. He put the food down on the bed, fulling sunken into the kiss, his arms wrapped around your waste.

After a good while, you guys pulled away, smiles still on your face. “I wanted to surprise you,” 2D admitted. “I’ve even got some of your favorite food,” he started to take out the food and revealed it to be (F/F), just like he always used to bring you late at night. .

"You really know how to make me happy.”
“It’s what I do!”


so if y’all follow @elitaxne and @ask-dr-knockout Im going away for the weekend for some chillin like a villian hang times! FOR ONCE im going to AZ not for family things which is nice.

S E C O N D.

i WILL be on tomorrow, until later. then after that, will be a V E R Y smol brief hiatus until I come back on sunday NIGHT 

just letting y’all know whats up 8)

anonymous asked:

Heya Pax, hope you're feeling a bit better after last week :) I just wanted to ask if in MbA, we're gonna see Otayuri as a couple or if they'll stay friends until the end of the series with the ending being that sometime in the future they will be together ??

Hey Anon, 

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

As far as Otayuri, they’re going to have their own spinoff of MbA called ‘You Wish’.  I’m hoping to get it going by next month.  

It’s gonna be awesome :)


What is my LIFE in the next few weeks????

Tonight im at work 4-10
Work 6am-11 tomorrow, at AN for 2 until????
Saturday AN + MEAT WASTED after with @r0ckets-cat
sunday AN and temporary death coma to prepare for
Monday 4-10 work
Tuesday 4-10 work
Wednesday 6am-???noonish? Work
To london for 4pm and back home to WEDDING PACK
back to london for meeting galore/rehersal dinner
saturday wedding hangover recovery day
SUNDAY 4 HOUR DRIVE to muskoka for honeymoooon
Sweet sweet vacationing till friday, back to work for saturday 6am


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I'm 98% certain I have ADHD after taking the past couple months to actually /live/ in my symptoms instead of trying to self manage and talking to a few ppl with ADHD. I have a doctor's appointment today and I know they'll probably just refer me to a psychiatrist but I'm also really worried I'm going to completely draw a blank when it comes time to describing my symptoms even though I've been practicing talking about them for weeks now... ugh any advice? I feel weird writing them down...

I always blank when I am talking to doctors about the symptoms I experience. Feeling awkward writing them down is definitely understandable, though. 
I wrote my symptoms down as a blog post to refer back to later, it made me feel better than having just a piece of paper with me. 

Otherwise, explain to them that you have a lot of struggles but it’s hard to think of what they are when it comes to talking to people about it - it is so much of your day-to-day that it’s hard to separate normalcy from symptoms. 

Imagine J coming to you before he leaves after Deran’s stunt Part 2

When you and J had reached the station, you decided to headed South to San Diego where you had a couple of friends that would likely let you crash for a couple of days. A week later you and J had a small apartment above the corner store your friend’s parents owned. It wasn’t entirely the best but it was enough to get by until you could both afford something better.

You’d been fending off phone calls from your parents, they were at least aware that you weren’t kidnapped. They were still incredibly pissed that you had taken off, but there wasn’t much that they could do now that you were 18. J, on the other hand, had only called Smurf long enough to let her know that he was alive.

You had managed to get a job at a diner down the street and were walking home when you saw Baz’s Jeep parked on the street.

“Shit,” you mumbled before running up the steps and in the apartment.

J was leaning against the counter, Baz and Pope standing in the middle of the kitchen area. Nothing was broken and they seemed to be having a calm conversation but you knew with Pope being there that Smurf was behind their arrival.

“Good she’s here, let’s go,” Pope said picking up J’s bag by his feet and walking out the door, Baz following closely behind.

“J? What’s going on?” You asked.

“Smurf tracked my phone. She sent them to bring us home,” he said picking up another bag by his feet. Your bag.

“And we’re just supposed to go? What if I don’t want to go back home?” You asked rather angry. Who were they to decide what you were going to do?

“They want me back home. I only left because of Deran, and Smurf has straightened him out, let’s just go back to our old lives,” J grabbed your hands.

“I’m not going back,” you said, your mind made up. Your parents were pissed and wouldn’t be accepting you back. “There’s nothing back there for me anymore.”

“Don’t be so hard headed, let’s go.” He pulled you towards the door.

“No.” You grabbed your bag from him and took a step back. “Goodbye J,” And you turned around heading further into the apartment.

You heard the door shut behind you, and with it, your heart shattered.

Mini Update

Hey guys Mod Ghost here!

Over the next week or so I’ll have a little more free time than I have these past couple of weeks so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more things posted and uploaded for you guys ^w^ Today and quite possibly tomorrow I’m not going to be very responsive thanks to an 11,000 word assignment I’ve only partially started that I need to finish so if I don’t post anything during these two days that’s why (someone please kick me for procrastinating with it I need to get this done in just over 24 hours) but after this I’ll be back to a healthier posting schedule for a while and I really look forward to it! :3

Until then though I’ve gotta work my butt off so wish me luck! <3

- Ghost

xmiss-mysteriousx  asked:

hello ! i'm transitioning from a vegetarian to becoming vegan. do you have any tips during the transition? what are your favorite go to meals that are inexpensive? thank you so much :)

Hey that’s awesome! I’m against counting calories but it may be a good idea to track your calories and nutrients for the first couple of weeks on CRON-O-Meter, just to make sure you’re meeting all you energy and vitamin targets (I lost a bit of weight when I first went vegan because I didn’t realise how little I was eating despite being full after meals) and get familiar with plant-based nutrition-you can easily get everything you need in a vegan diet, but it’s a different way of doing things so you may need some ‘vegaducation’ 😉

For a cheap breakfast: oatmeal, scrambled tofu on toast/burritos, vegan pancakes, baked beans on toast (I sometimes like to make my own tomato sauce and use cannelloni beans), jam and tahini/peanut butter on toast, fruit salad and soy yogurt w nuts/seeds, muesli, chickpea omelettes 

Lunch/dinner: lentil/vegetable soups, pumpkin/potato dahl curries w rice, black bean burritos w guac, homemade vegetable sushi, lentil chilli, ratatouille, vegan shepherd’s pie, vegetable pizza w vegan cheese, mujaddara, vegetable stir fry w noodles, pesto pasta, buddha bowls (heaps of cheap recipes and ideas online :) ) 

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If possible, may I have get a one shot with Jin, you were childhood friends, and you haven't seen him since they debuted,( only a couple texts here and there ) but since he had the week off he decided to meet up with you, and probably confess, and extra stuff c; by the way love your writing ❤️ hope I didn't confuse you

Here I Am – Jin

Characters: Seokjin X Reader
Rated: L for Lame and I know it

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

Your mom used to say that nothing good comes after midnight.

No matter which day it is, no matter how much you drink or didn’t, no matter if it’s raining or snowing; it’s like an unspoken rule to the law of the universe. It was true until now. You will always remember the time you found yourself on the other side of the city, shoes missing with your best friend by your sides and not remembering anything from the night before. Or maybe that one time you went bowling with your friends and without even a drop of alcohol in your veins, the whole thing crashed in a wild party for animals with people fisting and punching each other.

In all, it’s a good damn lesson considering all the other things that have happened. So when there’s a knock on your front door at exactly thirteen minutes past midnight on a Saturday night, you know that nothing good will come out of it. It’s not even like you expect anyone and it’s not like there’s a party you should be at right now.

Scratch that, that’s a damn lie, but you wouldn’t admit that to yourself. Of course there’s somewhere that you may or may not should be at this exact moment, but it’s nothing important. Nothing that should make you dress up and wear high heels just for the sake of him.

It’s probably your sister, trying to drag you along to the party because ‘It’s actually pretty nice and you’re too young to die of boredom in your apartment’. But when you swing the door open a few moments later, you can literally feel your heart dropping to the bottom of your stomach.

He’s here, all tall and broad shoulders, standing on your doorstep like he’s been there the night before. And it takes your breath away because, even through all the pictures flowing on internet, not one of them does him justice. He’s pretty lips and pretty eyes, with just the ghost of eyeliner around the corner and rosy cheeks that are probably caused by the warm weather.

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⚡️ Carmilla Movie Update⚡️

What is happening with the Carmilla Movie?  (EVERYTHING!)

When is it shooting? Is the script finalized? When exactly will it be released on VHX? Will it be on other platforms as well? When can we expect the behind the scenes to begin? Is production financing still ongoing? Have you sold the movie?  What are you allowed to tell us?

These are all great questions! We appreciate the patience and know we’re working hard as hell behind the scenes to pull all the pieces together and get shooting as soon as we can.

We got GREAT news last week - we were successful in our funding application and now have the green light to go to camera in a couple weeks. Woo!

We prefer divulging production details when we’re 100% sure they’re finalized,  and we’d hate to tell you we’re shooting X day to X day only for that to change afterwards. That said, below is a general update of all the behind the scenes shenanigans, and we’ll update you as much as we can as we enter official pre-production next week and principal photography soon after.

We couldn’t have done it without your enthusiasm in the pre-sales and add-ons going towards the film. Your generosity and drive is making this movie happen and we can’t wait to bring it to you!

  • Writing began in January, and we’re now into the fifth draft of the feature. It goes to actors this week, as we move towards production drafts and revision pages incorporating their feedback like we did in Season 3.
  • We’ve scouted a dozen locations with many more to check out. More than a single setting?! What is this sorcery?!  We actually found a pitch perfect one last week. Cross your fingers it works out. Are we going to see Laura & Carmilla’s apartment? Mayhaps…
  • The pre-sales of the movie is set to account for 30% of the total budget. We are just shy of our goal and your continued support helps us more than you know! If you haven’t already pre-ordered the film, we lovingly encourage you to check out the different bundles available!
  • We’ve got a new distribution partner on board in addition to Vimeo’s VHX and we can’t wait to divulge more about what’s happening leading up to the release week!
  • Our projected fall 2017 release on VHX remains the same.
  • Director Spencer Maybee is back on board to give you more of the Carmilla Series flava-flave that we’ve all come to know and love.


- Carmilla HQ