after 5 hours of work

Don’t invalidate people’s struggles because you’ve been through worse. If someone is tired after working for 5 hours and you worked for 7, it doesn’t mean that they’re not allowed to be tired. It doesn’t mean they can’t feel what they’re feeling just because you’ve had it worse.


I found what I’d been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else


A Month of Spook - (7/31)

YAY JUMPSCARES! - Dan and Phil play: Five Nights At Freddy’s 2

Bambam Smut - Soaked Wet

Genre: Smut

Pairings: Bambam x You

Words: 2274

Warnings: Dirty Talking, Cum Play, Fingering

Summary: Your argue with Bambam turns into something more interesting.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t a request or anything, I just have a lack of posts about GOT7 and decided to write a smut since I had some time.


You just finished your work on your laptop, after spending almost 5 hours straight in front of the screen. You were tired and sick of so many effort put in just a school work, and you were internally screamming at how hard life was. But on the outside you seemed just normal. At least that was what your boyfriend thought as he was laied on the sofa next to you, cuddling with his long legs tangled on your short ones, as you finally finished your boring duty. You were both really silent, and the only audible sound in the room was your typing on the keybord and the movie playing that was playing on the television, which Bambam was paying close atention to.

You sighed as you closed your laptop, Bambam looked instantly up to you.

-Are you done? - He asks interlocking his fingers with yours as he reached for your hand, laying his arm over your waist.

- Thank God, yes I am. - You got up, leaving the heat of his embrance, making him look at you in disaproval.

- Where are you going? - He asked, following you with his eyes as you walked to the kitchen.

- I am going to get us something to eat, aren’t you hungry? - You asked from the kitchen.

He hummed in response. You took some food out of the fridge as you started to walk in circles on the kitchen, prepairing the meal for both of you. Then you notice your boyfriend didn’t took out the trash as you kindly asked him to. You left the dish you were holding on the sink to rub your eyes with both hands. You were too stressed and exausted, and there was still some trash to take out.

- Bambam, didn’t I ask you to go take out the trash? I know it’s your day off but I have been working like crazy too and you haven’t been helping to keep the house! I clean, I cook and once I ask you to do just one simple job, you ignore me and left it undone. - You went to your room to get some shoes and to put on a bigger sweater. It was a really cold night outside. 

You came back to the kitchen and grabbed the bag to go dump it in the nearest trash can. You noticed as you left your house that it was starting to rain, and it seemed like it was getting worse at every step you took. When you were trying to fit the key in the whole to get in again, after dumping the bag, you were already dripping wet and freezing. Your hands were so cold that you could not even complete the simple task of opening the door.

After a little bit of struggling, the door opens, not because you managed to fit the key, but because your boyfriend noticed your struggle from inside and came to help you.

Bambam looked at you with big eyes, as he was not expecting to see you wet and freesing like that. The movie caught his attention while you were out and he didn’t even noticed it was rainning outside, so he felt really bad seeing you like that.

You pushed him away and entered, going straight to your room, still mad at Bambam for not helping you with the house and complainning that it was the worst day of your life.

- Jagi, wait! I am sorry, I didn’t knew it was rainning, are you ok? - He went after you and knocked softly on the door, feeling guilty for what just happened to you.

- No. - You respond from inside, taking the soaked sweater from you and tying your messy and wet hair into a bun.

Bambam opened the door and stepped in, swallowing the apologetic words he was about to say as he noticed you were just in your underwear.

He bit his lip and gave you a smirk as he followed every curve of your body with his hugry eyes.

- I am going to take a shower. - You left him in the room, watching you walk from behind as you made your way to the bathroom, not having any of his shit.

- I don’t think so. - He grabbed your wrist as you were about to close the bathroom’s door and pulled you to him, placing his warm hands on your wet waist as he looked at you with intensely eyes. - Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?

- Not now. I am tired, I am stressed and it’s cold as fuck. - You tried to pull him away, but it turned out a failed attempt since he gripped your hips even more strongly.

He then leaned, without a warning, for a kiss, a slow but really hot kiss. Even though he was fully dressed, you could feel the heat comming from his body, pressed to your almost naked one.

- You are just giving me more reasons, let me help you relax and warm you. - Your boyfriend twisted you around and started to kiss your neck as he slowly massaged your boobs with his needy and desperate hands.

You knew when he was acting like this, horny like this, you couldn’t do anything about it, just enjoy. Bambam started to run one of his hand down your body, as the other kept giving love to one of your boobs and his mouth whispering dirty things in your ear, causing your breath to lose control. 

-Spread your legs, baby. - He wispered leaving wet kisses in your neck making you start moaning softly as he got his hand closer to your womanhood.

As you didn’t obey, Bambam left your boob and placed it between your thighs, spreading them gently to givve him more room to work with. He sneaked his hand inside of your panties and started to caress your folds causing your moans to be more frequent as you arched your back to his touch, accidentaly touching his crotch with your but. He left a little grunt as he entered two fingers in you, punishing you for what you did.

- Don’t try to tease me, Jagi. You know I’ll win. - He smirked as he bit your earlobe, making you shiver.

-No, not now… - You whined as he started to finger fuck you slow and good, begging for him to stop but holding his arm to keep doing it.

Your moans increased volume as he sped up the rythim, and he giggled secrely at how loud you were getting by him just using his fingers.

-Your moans are so sexy. - He bit his lip as he pulled you closer to him with one hand in your waist, to calm his thirst for you. - I want to see you when you are doing those beautiful sounds. - Bambam twisted you around again and gave you a more rough kiss as he was still shoving his fingers inside of you.

He then stopped, making you cry a little at the sudden stop, leaving you hot and bothered and looking at him in the eyes to understand what was going on.

He smirked at you and slapped your ass winking at you. Then he started walking to your bedroom, never leaving his eyes off of you.

-We are not going to do it in the hallway, are we? -Bambam laied in bed, looking at you with lust on his eyes as you made your way to him, hovering over him and straddling him as you enjoyed one of the best kisses you have ever shared.

He grabbed your but with both hands and you started to grind on his lap to tease him, but your little action ended up getting you two even more turned on.

He raised one hand to your nape feeling your wet hair from the rain.

-You are soaked wet. - He laughed between kisses.

-It’s because you made me go outside when it was rainning. - You complained stopping the kiss.

- No, it’s because your body wants mine. - He changed his voice into a super husky one, sending stimulations through your nerves as you kissed him again, in hurry this time, managing to rip Bambam’s shirt out of him.

He flipped you both, so you were now under him as he took off his shoes and pants fast as he could, so he could go back to kissing you. Bambam positioned himself between your legs, making you moan when you felt his member, still covered by his boxers, pocking at your enterance as he leaned to kiss you.

He started to kiss the parts of your boobs that your bra didn’t cover, and then unhook it with you help, to start massaging them one more time and kissing them softly. 

He couldn’t take anymore foreplay so he slid down to your body, leaving kisses on your stomach and then in your thighs, finally taking off your panties.

-Do you miss my fingers? - He winked as he looked at you from between your legs. - I can make you forget about them with something better.

He took off his underpants and started to rub his dick in your pussy, who was already really lubricated from your wetness, helping to him slide it really easily.

-If you keep on being like this I will lose control… - He sighed closing his eyes and laying his head back.

You moaned his name when you felt him entering you, not too fast but not too slow either, amazing as your boyfriend always made sure to do it.

You supported your legs around his waist, putting some preassure on his back to make him go deeper on you, and making it more pleasurable for both of you.

-You…are perfect… - He struggled to say by the amount of pleasure he was feeling and the sounds that you were making that were sending him over the edge.

He then took your legs off his back and spread them open entering you again, faster this time. And it felt three times better, somehow, at every hump he always make it feel even better then the last one. You were now both sweaty and you were screaming his name like crazy next to his ear as he left more hickeys and love bites on your neck.

-Baby… if you keep moaning that loud the neighbours will complain… - He wispered, never stopping his rhythm.

-Fuck the neighbours. - You respond as you pulled him away and made him lay on his back, getting on top of him.

He looked at you in the eyes, surprised by your sudden wish in dominating him, since he was always on top. He smiled, and looked up and down at his perfect sight right in front of him. You grabbed his dick making him let out a whimper, and positioned the top of it in your entrance has you slid down, taking him all really slowly.

-Y/N… you are making me go insane. - He started to hump you faster, since your teasing rhythm was too much for him.

You wanted to keep your dominance so you put both hands on his stomach, getting support from there and making him stay still, unable to move as you rode him and swing your hips around his pulsating member. By this time the neighbours had enough reasons to complain about.

-I am…I am… - You tried to explain it to your boyfriend but the pleasure was so intense that you couldn’t say more then two words without starting to moan again.

You sped up, jumping more roughly on him as you felt yourself closer, the moans turned into screams of his name, you noticed he wasn’t too far away as well, since he was now a moaning mess like you.

- Baby… - You came all around him as you went to heaven and got back into your room in a matter of seconds

You couldn’t do anything but smile at how good your day ended, and how good Bambam made you feel. But he wasn’t finished so you got off of him and positioned yourself between his legs as you slid your hands up and down his cock, licking and sucking his tip.

- Y/N … stop…I will… - He tried to push your head away as he felt himself close, but you kept going, you were still hungry as you didn’t finished cooking, so you decided to wait for your boyfriend’s meal.

Bambam groaned and laid his back down, his chest coming up and down in exhaustion as you took all of his cum in your mouth.

- You know you are the best, right? - He pulled you up, next to him, and covered you both with the warm blanket as he brought you closer to him, to feel your skin touching his, smiling as he played with your hair.

-Yes I know. I just caught a cold because you forgot to take out the trash and I will most likely struggle tomorrow hidding all of the marks you just left on me. I am really the best. - He laughed at your sudden sarcasm and gave you a soft peck.

- I love you so much Y/N… I am sorry if I am not always the perfect boyfriend, I know I don’t deserve you but I promise tomorrow I will go shopping for the house. - He made a cute pinky promise.

- You are the perfect boyfriend. Sometimes I am just too demanding…- You caressed his cheek.

- No you are not. You are the best girlfirend anyone could ask for. - He kissed your forhead and grabbed you thightly. - I wish we could stay like this forever.

You both just fell asleep right there not that long after, and woke up the same way, in the arms of each other.


Hope you liked it ! It’s so hard to write this stuff about your biases, I feel like dying right now :P

If you want to send me some requests I write for EXO, BTS, B.A.P, GOT7, Monsta X and Infinite of whatever you’d wish (reactions, smuts, mtl’s, scenarios, fluff, ships etc.)



anonymous asked:

My manager is an asshole. I never ask for breaks and I asked her if I could sit down for 5 minutes to eat after working 7 hours. She yelled at me because "I work 14 hours and never get breaks blah blah blah." Like yeah, but you get to sit sometimes, I don't. We're totally dead and I just want 5 minutes. Not even like 5 minutes straight, but just consecutively. I know I should complain to upper management and that this breaks OSHA code but I don't wanna cause problems because I'm new.

The Best Of Me Is You

Title: Fingers crossed- Billie Ellish 

 Trying this AU that i thought about at 1 am and didn’t let me sleep until 3 i swear i’ve wanted to try out angst for a while so tell me what you think

au based on the last couple-ish episodes of Season 1 of decendants of the sun And i hope you guys like it Ari xxx

When you’re dating a Captain of a United States Special Forces Unit, you have to get used to a lot of things. 

Will Solace was used to his boyfriend, Nico, being gone for weeks without a word. He was used to their dates being interupted by a call for a mission. He was used to worrying to his wits and promises of a quick return. 

Because Will knew somewhere out there Nico was saving the lives of millions. He was a hero that was keeping the peace in some distant country. 

When you’re dating a Captain of a United States Special Forces Unit, you have to know that they might not come home one day. 

That was something Will could not get used to. 

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Only Us (Part Five)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1917

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

“Get the fuck out!” My Dad yelled as a glass shattered on the wall. I flinched in my room hating the sound. I swallowed turning my stereo up as I sat on the floor my homework expanding around me.

“Shut up!” My mother shouted back over the stereo.

“You slept with him didn’t you?” My father yelled as I glared at the door as sound escaped from it. School today had been a drag and I had worked for 5 hours after school and was almost done with my homework. I glanced at the clock. 8:21. And my parents were fighting—again. It was a daily thing for them.

“So what if I did?” My mother yelled. The carried on for a moment before silence I realized that they were probably on the floor. I shook my head my eyes squeezed shut. I looked up pushing my books off my lap walking toward my window to go to the roof. I stopped suddenly looking at the my window that was webbed…again. Sorry. Roof? It read. I rolled my eyes a smile on my face throwing the window up running up the stairs.

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koritoprime  asked:

Every new Wayne tech. Employed that found out about the hidden super computer in between floors 69 & 70 , behind 5 layers of encryption, just gets told that thats just where he keeps all the digital copies of his families pictures

Imagine some wiz kid 20 year old smarter than any one got his double Ph.D at 15 and got the dream job at Wayne Tech. And for a month it bugs the shit out of him that it takes twice as long to get from floor 69 to 70 than to between any other two floors. He find out he blue prints are password encrypted so he cracks that finds out bam there’s a floor between the official floors. He has to walk his skinny nerd ass self up 70 floors to find an unmarked door locked with a pass code, hand scan and voice recognition. All to open a door made of battle ship steel. 

Now he ain’t letting this go, no way, no sir. Takes him nearly 6 months to break that door. Then he’s in and fucking super computer! the most encrypted shit this guy has ever seen. He spends nearly a year on it, he spends his 21st birthday in there. He get off work rides the elevator down to floor 70 gets off and walks to the secret floor and spends hours down there, sometimes he spends all night and rolls up his little sleeping bag after getting 2 hours of sleep between 5 and 7 and goes to work. Finally! FINNALLY! he cracks it and…..

it’s a slide show of Damian Wayne glaring at the camera all over the world. Oh look Big Ben and a ten year old boy looking very pissed off. Our hero leaves sure both that he wasted over a year of his life and that his boss is totally insane. 

Clumsy Feet | Taeyong

Requested by @kookiexdae: Hi I was wondering if I could request a Taeyong scenario in which you two meet as trainees and you have difficulty dancing and he helps you out and then bc he likes you asks you out or something like that? fluffy plz thank u <3

Genre: Fluff | honestly think there’s like little bit of angst at the beginning?

Word Count: 1969

Warnings: None (unless you’re counting my crappy writing that will possibly make all of you go blind from reading it)

Creds to @megan1tuan for reading this and giving me the confidence to post this haha

Originally posted by taeyonghi

Beads of sweat ran down the back of your neck and drenched your t-shirt as you tried and failed once again to complete the set of fast foot steps. You blocked out your dance teacher’s screaming, making it muffled like you were underwater. You already knew everything she was saying anyways. How you should be working harder, you weren’t improving whatsoever, and you’d end up being kicked out if you performed like that at the monthly evaluation that was coming up. You knew. She had screamed that in your ear at least a hundred times by now.

You didn’t even have to look up to know that all your fellow trainees were looking at you with pity. You hated that. Being looked down upon or with pity made you feel horrible. But you knew they only did that because they knew how hard you worked, and how little all your work did.

                                                      -   -   -

12:00, midnight. You were exhausted and frustrated with yourself. You’ve been staying behind after everyone else to put in extra practice every night. And every night, you felt like you were getting worse instead of improving.

Right now, you were trying to do the entire dance routine perfectly. The monthly evaluation was at 7:00 in the morning and you were not going to allow yourself to get kicked out of SM because you couldn’t perfect one dance routine.

Taeyong passed by the practice room you’re using and peeked in through the window in curiosity when he heard loud music playing. He thought he was the only who practiced late and the idea of someone else being so dedicated as to practice to midnight like him made Taeyong excited.

Seeing you dancing hard in front of the mirror, he admired your determination to get the routine down. But he really couldn’t deny the fact that your dancing was rather messy. Taeyong remembered to a time about a week ago when Jaehyun and Yuta talked about how bad of a dancer you were and laughed at a video that one of the girl trainees had taken during practice. Taeyong had felt horrible when he saw Jaehyun and Yuta, two close friends of his, making fun of another trainee. But he knew that you weren’t as bad of a trainee as people made you out to be. Taeyong had heard plenty of other things about you too. How you were always complimented for amazing vocal and rapping abilities. And how you wrote great lyrics for songs that you made yourself. Taeyong hated to think that all of your talent could end up wasted just because you were a slower learner when it came to dance.

He opened the door quietly and slipped into the practice room. You paid no attention and continued dancing.

Your steps were muddled and messy but it wasn’t too terrible. Taeyong figured that if the teacher had spent a bit of extra time on doing the steps, you would have it down. Now the main problem was your coordination. Your arms and legs seemed like they didn’t even belong to you. Flopping and not strong and graceful.

While focusing hard on dancing, you feel as though you were being watched. Like someone was burning a hole through your back. You lifted your head up and spotted Taeyong standing behind you. You could feel your mouth opening in surprise. Taeyong was an extremely popular trainee, what with his rapping, vocals, dancing, and amazing visuals. Girls would always giggle about him and other cute boy trainees during break.

You had seen him dance before and was amazed by his skills. Every move of his was sharp and powerful. Not wanting to look weak, you straightened your back and turned off the music. “Why are you here?”

Naturally, Taeyong put on his cold exterior in response. Without missing a beat, he coldly replied with seemingly no emotion, “Your arms are a flailing mess, you keep on skipping over the same footsteps, and you’re off beat.”

Without warning, your eyebrows furrowed and tears formed in your eyes. In seconds, the waterworks started and you were quietly sobbing to yourself. You knew that everything Taeyong was saying was right. The entire time, you had been trying to keep up to the music and control your movements. Hearing him say what you had already known with such a straight, cold face made you break.

Taeyong was startled by your sudden tears. Having no experience with girls, especially crying ones, he stood silently, frantically wondering what he should do. Deciding that a crying girl was no different from a crying boy, Taeyong approached you the same way he did with his younger trainee friends. Quietly, he stepped forward and gently pulled your head towards his chest. Keeping one hand on the back of your head, he wrapped the other around your waist. As Taeyong gently stroked your hair, he whispered, “I’m sorry for being so cold. Please stop crying.”

Having not been held by someone for so long, you started crying harder. Although you had just met him, you couldn’t help feeling like his hug had a nice, familiar feeling. The two of you stood there for five minutes. Even after you stopped crying, Taeyong continued to hold you to his chest. Your arms had found their way to wrap around his waist tightly, burying yourself in his soft sweatshirt stained with your tears.

“Are you feeling okay now? I’m so sorry, I was too harsh with you. I know that we’re having the monthly evaluation tomorrow so would you like me to help you with the dance routine?” Taeyong asked as you withdrew yourself from him.

Smiling through your tear stained face, “That would be great. Thanks.” You were surprised by how different Taeyong was acting now from before. Although still skeptical about how you felt towards him, you gladly accepted his offer. He was considered one of the best dancers out of the trainees for a reason.

After that, Taeyong was much gentler to you and showed his real side; a soft, cuddly, little teddy bear that was willing to do anything to help. The two of you spent hours going over the entire routine and he was extremely patient in helping you with parts that you found difficult. The way he taught you was so much better than the dance teacher. Part of it was because he had you do the moves slowly at first and then build up your speed, but another part was that he made the atmosphere light and comfortable. Even though he knew that you only had a limited amount of time before the evaluation, he made jokes and gave you breaks. You were so grateful towards him. You knew that Taeyong could have easily passed by you and gone back to catch some sleep. But instead he took time (lots of time) to help you out. It was one of the sweetest, if not the sweetest thing that someone had done for you since you’d become a trainee.

                                                      -   -   -

“Yes, Y/N! You did it!” Taeyong swooped you up in his arms, a move that caught you off guard for a moment. Once getting used to his warm arms around you, you laughed as he twirled you around. After working together on the dance routine for 5 hours, the sun was rising and you had finally been able to complete the entire routine without any mistakes.

High-fiving one another, you were both grinning ear to ear and standing there looking at each other. Realizing that the moment was getting rather awkward, Taeyong looked past you to see the sunrise. He couldn’t help but think that you looked so beautiful with the sun’s warm rays glowing behind you; it made you look like an angel.

“Hey Taeyong, you okay there?” You waved your hand in front of his face. He had been staring at you with a faraway gaze for a bit now and it was starting to creep you out. Although you really couldn’t deny the heat rising in you, heading straight for your face. Shaking his head a bit to get rid of those seemingly unnecessary thoughts about you, Taeyong gave a small smile back.

“Sorry, seems I sort of drifted off a bit from staying up so much.”

You felt a pang in your chest at his words. You knew that you were the reason he was so tired and out of it. Noting the small fall in your smile, Taeyong grabbed you by the shoulder and shook you gently. “It’s alright. It’s not your fault that I’m tired. I wanted to help you, didn’t I?” He reassured. “Hey, let’s go to McDonalds! We have some time before the testing and you need some good ol’ food in that tummy.” Taeyong followed by poking you gently in the stomach, eliciting a giggle from you.

Over an extremely unhealthy meal that a trainee definitely should not be eating, Taeyong and you spoke about the most random of topics. From your pets, favorite colors, funny trainee stories, to what words rhymed as you guys tried to form a rap together. You found yourself having much more fun that you’d experienced in a long time. Taeyong was very enjoyable company and had many interesting facts that he eagerly shared with you. And in the course of a simple short hour, you found out more about him than you ever thought you would.

Despite wanting to spend the entirety of the day with him, you knew that it was time to return to the SM building. The hands on the clock were quickly approaching six o’clock, the time when trainees were supposed to gather to prepare for the evaluation. Taeyong and you walked briskly back to the entertainment building as you chatted about your life back home. Taeyong almost wanted to burst out laughing at the animated expressions and hand movements you made to accompany your enthusiastic voice while you gushed about funny experiences, your friends, and how you became a trainee. He found them extremely endearing and unique to you.

Stopping in front of the sliding glass door of SM, Taeyong held your wrist to keep you from entering the building. His joyful expression had turned into one of nervousness. He fiddled a bit with his fingers.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You laughed gently at his sudden change in personality.

Taeyong gave himself a small, You can do it! in his head before clasping his hands together. “Okay, so I know we haven’t known each other for that long,” He started slowly.

“Only like…” Pausing for a second, he counted on his fingers slowly. “Six hours.” He grinned at you. “But I really like your personality. You’re funny, sweet, energetic and so much more. And I admire the way you’re so driven with all of training. And honestly, I think I’m getting ahead of myself, but would you consider going on a date or two with me? Because I really want to know you more and spend more time too cause you-”

You interrupted his cute ramble and your heart seemed to pump faster as you spoke. “Of course.”


“I said, I’d love to go on a date or two with you.” And more to yourself than him, you mumbled, “And maybe be your girlfriend later.”

His face lit up like a little kid on Christmas day, not only from you agreeing, but also because he managed to catch what you said to yourself. You guys smiled goofily at each other for a minute before you remembered that the clock was ticking and you really did need to get into the building. Quickly, you squished his cute little cheeks and gave a small peck on his nose before hurrying into the building.

“Wish me good luck on my evaluation!”