after 5 6 years!!!

I’ve been thinking about creating doujin regarding Aruani with ch88 fact.
After the war, 5-6 years later, Armin ,turns 20, releases Annie out of the crystal. He takes her to see her father and then they go exploring the world for 7-8 years with titan power until the time has come…

Hiveswap release date? Farther than you think. 3/28/17.

Welp, January has come and gone and still no Hiveswap. My prediction for the release is a bit farther than most people’s.

Why 3/28? Let me explain.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Hussie is extremely sentimental.

It’s not a coincidence that [S] Collide was released on 10/25/16, exactly two years after [S] Game Over was released. And it wasn’t a coincidence that Homestuck ended on 4/13/16. It also wasn’t a coincidence that Volume 10 was released on 6/12/16, exactly seven years after Act 5 started and Karkat was first properly introduced.

And do you remember when the Omegapause started? 7/28/15. And when did it end? 3/28/16.

This brings me to my next point-

On the 26th of January, Hussie mentioned how the bug testing of Hiveswap will take “several more weeks”, and 3/28 is definitely “several weeks” away from the 28th.

Now for some “Hussie Logic”-

The resolution of [S] Terezi: Remember signified the end of the second to last segment of Homestuck. And from the day the comic updated on 3/28/16 to 4/13/16 was the last real segment of Homestuck. So for Hiveswap, it would make sense to release the beginning of what will sort of be ‘Homestuck 2.0′  on the anniversary of the start of Homestuck’s end.

Other possible release dates for Hiveswap could be


But the last three are unlikely.

I predict that Hiveswap will be released on 3/28/17.

Things for which I'm grateful to INFINITE

1. having a perfectly sensible, meaningful group name.

2. giving their fans wonderful, meaningful name.

3. always singing live, performances to concerts.

4. ALL the members singing live.

5. being caring towards their seniors, friends, each other and fans.

6. being humble, even after 5 years.

7. top-notch fanservice.

8. naming an album after INSPIRITS.

9. the concept of the infinity logo changing with every comeback.

10. giving their best even when they’re not feeling their best (Woohyun performing with injured shoulder, Hoya performing with ankle sprain, Sungjong performing with scoliosis).

11. absolutely amazing and cool album titles (First Invasion, Evolution, INSPIRIT, Over The Top, Paradise, INFINITIZE, New Challenge, DESTINY, Season 2, Be Back).

12. subunits that reflect the members’ strengths and artistic choices.

13. going all out on their variety shows and making us laugh.

14. proving you can dance AND sing at the same time.

15. being sweet to fans, even sasengs.

16. loving fanboys as well as fangirls.

17. improving and evolving with every comeback.

18. having mind-numbing teasers which are treats for eyes and ears and           leaves us begging for more.

 19. performing brilliant remix versions of their songs.

  20. killing every dance battle/competitions with their performances.

  21. using fan gifts and reading fan letters.

  22. saving the year-end music shows with their brilliant performances.

  23. releasing gorgeous original japanese songs as well as japanese versions.

  24. always being polite towards everyone.  

All done with my first day on my new job. I’m super tired, especially thanks to the 2 hour drive each way, but things went well and every one I interacted with, even the security guards, were extremely welcoming and friendly. My mentor for orientation met me in the lobby and we took an immediate liking to each other, and she told me that I’m going to be perfect for the job and I’m going to love it. So after 5-6 years of nothing but crappy things happening to me, I really do think that I’ve turned a corner and life is about to get much, much better for me.

Things in No.6 that need to be answered (but havent been)

1. Nezumi’s real name.
3. Has Shion’s father gone back to No.6? (Going from Beyond).
4. (This is mostly a headcanon) Are there actually more than 6 cities? (I mean, there MUST BE MORE than just 6.)
5. What has become of the city after 3 years?
6. More about the forest people please.


How old is Anders? I’ll make a semi-educated guess.

I hate math but I’m silly and it drives me nuts not having a better idea of how old Anders is. A lot of this is based on my guessing, so please do not imagine that I believe my results to be canon or accurate. 

SO! In World of Thedas Vol 2, it says “he turned twelve” when he set the family barn on fire and his father got scared and called the templars and Anders was taken away.

So we start at 12 years of age. Then it says he “made his first attempt to escape less than 6 months after arriving.” (~12.5 years) And that “after his first try, Anders made no recorded attempts to escape for more than a year. (~13.5 years) But the second time Anders slipped away from the Circle, it took the templars three weeks to find him, the next time, it took over a month.” (~14 years)

Then, “in the years when Anders and Karl were together, Anders made no attempts to escape the Circle.” And after Karl was sent to another Circle shortly following their Harrowings, “Anders endured several more years…before making his final escape.” That doesn’t mean some of his failed escape attempts didn’t occur during that time, just that it took that long to make his final escape. 

So, assuming the Harrowing doesn’t happen until you’re an adult (and assuming that Thedas/Ferelden considers an adult to be 18). That would give him the ages of ~14-18 to have been with Karl. 

But then we have the vaguely worded  “Anders endured several more years…before making his final escape.” So I’ll make a guess of another 4 years. This is where my math gets really hypothetical. So now we are up to 22 years old. 

It says his second-to-last attempt earned him a year in solitary, and “shortly after emerging from solitary confinement, Anders escaped again.” Which would be his final escape, when the templars catch him, and then he is recruited to the Grey Wardens by the Warden-Commander/Hero of Ferelden, which happens in 9:31 Dragon. Hooray, a specific year to work back from! 

So, based on my incredibly faulty math, Anders would likely be at least 22 years old by the events of Awakening. Putting his birth year at 9:09 Dragon. Probably. Maybe. 

And based on that wild stab in the dark for his age, he’d be about 32 years old in 9:41 Dragon when the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition start.

Anders having a birth year of 9:09 doesn’t sound too off the mark. Alistair is born 9:10 and Cullen is born 9:11, so he’d be around their age, which doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. 

Food for thought. This was fun to try to figure out, anyway. :)

EDIT: With some more insight/information, I have updated my estimate of Anders’ age to 42 in DAI!

mirai nagasu: 20102016

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Hey, I hope you're doing well I'm not studying medicine in uk and I was wondering how does specialisation work in U.K.? Like how many years does it take? Because in America, pediatrics for example, is 3 years in the same hospital. Is it the same in Britain?

So here you graduate after 5-6 years of med school, then you do 2+ years as a junior doctor where you rotate around different fields. After that you specialise which usually takes about 5-8 years depending on the specialty, unless you want to become a GP (general doctor) which takes 3 years. x


Accordion book about the Permian period. Silkscreen printed with 6 colors. After 5 years, I have finished creating an accordion book for every period of the Paleozoic ( although I grouped the Ordovician and Silurian into one book)….phew! 

Before I tackle the Mesozoic (which thankfully is only three periods long), I am now planning a Kickstarter to have thePaleozoic books professionally printed. So stick around for more news on that. I’m currently working on the rewards for that and I’m also waiting to get a shipping estimate from the printer.

Top 10 Songs

Real and True sunbeam @gloryhalleloujah tagged me the other day to list my top 10 songs at the moment! Heeeeeere we go!

1. “Chanel” - Frank Ocean
2. “I Give You Power” - Arcade Fire
3. “Green Light” - Lorde 
4. “Third of May” - Fleet Foxes (im still shouting that they’ve FINALLY returned from the war after SIX (6) years)
5. “Turn On Me” - The Shins
6. “Went Away” - The Maccabees
7. “Slide” - Calvin Harris ft. ya boy Frank
8. “No Frauds” - Nicki Minaj ft Drake and petit wayne
9. “Honey Sweet” - Blossoms
10. “Primadonna Girl” - Marina and the Diamonds 

Defo do this if you’d like to! I’ll tag some you too I really want to know what everyone is listening to! @gentleantics @starsinherbones @hotgirlwizard @glitteryandroid @alveronian @softbrobarnes @nialljames @shitchristmas @carswinky

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(2/2) my mom then came in and tried consoling me, i was a mess, this was during the weekend so when monday came i wanted to punch my friend and my ex crush in the face, i was so angry, and my friend was bragging about it all the time, and by that time it was somewhat in between getting on zoloft? Im not sure, that period of my life was a blurr (that being it was last year) but anyway, after like 5-6 months my friend and i reconciled and i realized how big of a dick my crush was

I mean, that sucks, and these situations are never easy, but I’m glad you and your friend worked it out! (and that guy does sound like a dick, you can do better!!) 


Manchester by the sea

favourite scenes list :)

Description “copied”

This scene deals with different kinds of guilt stemming from their shared tragedy. While not explicit, Randi probably hasn’t talked at all with Lee for the 5-6 years after the fire. After seeing him return to Manchester and the way he carries himself, she realizes he has not moved on at all and still carries the full weight of the burden.

She feels guilt for the way she had to treat him and cut him off to personally move on with her life. Randi still loves Lee and desperately wants to apologize so he can regain some semblance of a life again.

However, Lee bears the responsibility of a litany of poor choices (partying late, using drugs, forgetting the fireplace screen, going out for beer to sedate his cocaine high, remembering halfway through his walk and guessing it’ll be okay) that are responsible for the death of their three children. For Lee, he cannot accept the apology because he knows he is directly responsible and believes he DESERVES all the pain he feels. Since he was not charged with a crime, he gave himself a self-imposed life sentence of enduring his guilt alone and completely forgoing any pleasure in life.

For him, accepting Randi’s apology to ease his burden would devalue the importance of his children’s lives and that is why he cannot accept it. He doesn’t want to be rude and punish Randi more so he attempts to deflect by claiming “there’s nothing there” in regards to his pain. She refuses to believe him. Lee finally begins to drop his façade and admits she does understand him. His grip on his suppressed emotions are starting to slip and before Randi could press him further, he leaves.

skylanders headcanon:

boomer and ghost roaster don’t do really any skylander work anymore, so they just kinda screw around and stuff

imagining these two guys after 5-6 years of heroism and then just being like “okay we don’t need you bye” really spoke to me

like, these two, college aged guys

one’s a short pyromanic

the other’s a depressed skeleton thing


i think about this a lot tbh

it’s weird to think that Luke was starting out, playing in shopping centres when he was 14 and when Ben was 21…..but Luke now still isn’t 21 himself???? Luke’s 21 year old self will remember playing madison square garden and travelling the world but Ben’s 21 year old self remembers a 14 year old Luke practicing in his room every night with a lil high pitched voice wishing he could be just like his idols

You know, I like to imagine that Yuri was always that kid in high school everyone kind of looked down on. Not necessarily bullying, they just underestimated him. Also he was that kid no one really knew. Like some people knew he was ice sating but they thought it was just a stupid hobby, or he sucked in it, and none of them cared about it really. 

And after like 5 or 6 years they just walk around town facing Yuri’s Eros posters everywhere, they turn on the news and see Yuri’s performance, Yuri with Victor, and it seemed like the proud Japanese TV couldn’t talk about anything else.

And some of them are like: “Yuri Katsuki, that name is familiar.” And they get out there pictures and have to face with the fact that the literal sex god from that Eros performance and the most talked topic in Japanese media is their old classmate


1. My name is Sonja.
2. I’m 18 years old.
3. In less than three months I’ll turn 19.
4. I don’t want to turn 19.
5. After the summerholidays my final highschool-year starts.
6. I want to be a teacher.
7. I’ll go to university in Denmark.
8. My subjects will be German, Danish, and English.
9. I’m so excited already.
10. I have blue eyes.
11. My natural haircolor is blonde/brown.
12. I like my dyed hair BUT it pisses me off to dye them new so often.
13. So I’m trying to get my natural haircolor back.
14. I feel kinda sad about it.
15. My favorite band is Coldplay.
16. I hope to see them live one day.
17. I’ve seen many other bands live though.
18. I’ve been at “Wacken Open Air” last week, which is the biggest heavy metal-festival in the world.
19. I’m going to see The Script live in September.
20. And The 1975 in April next year.
21. These two are one of my favorite bands, too.
22. I love John Green.
23. I haven’t seen “Paper Towns” until now but I will next week.
24. I love chocolate, if you want to make me happy, buy me chocolate.
25. I don’t like tomatoes or ketchup. Neither in combination with chocolate.
26. In December I’m going to travel to the Dominican Republic with my dad and two of my aunts.
27. I’ve been there before and I’m so excited!
28. We will celeberate Christmas and New Year underneath the palmtrees.
29. I suck at math.
30. People say I’m a good writer.
31. I’m on my best way of my recovery.
32. I cut myself for more than 4 years.
33. Today, I’m clean for 1 year, 3 months and 24 days.
34. I am proud of myself.
35. I’ve had a really hard time.
36. My mother died when I was 10.
37. My best friend died when I was 12.
38. I got bullied at school.
39. I’ve been in mental hospital 2 times.
40. I’m going to meet with some of my friends from there this summer.
41. I like drawing but I suck.
42. I like singing.
43. But I also suck at singing.
44. I have A+ in music-class, which makes me proud af.
45. I’m not so active on Tumblr anymore.
46. And I don’t know how to feel about it.
47. Btw, I know German and Danish as first tongue.
48. I live in Germany but I’m on a Danish Highschool… In Germany.
49. I live 7 minutes (by car) away from the German/Danish border.
50. Denmark feels like home to me.
51. I can’t see very good in the dark, which pisses people off.
52. I love flowers.
53. I need money, a lot.
54. I’m hungry right now, just as always.
55. People say I’m helpful.
56. I can burp… Very very loud, long and it’s quite disgusting.
57. I laugh a lot.
58. I like going for looong walks.
59. I love living close to the seaside, the ocean feels like home, too.
60. I’m very loyal.
61. And I hate lies.
62. I’m not a good liar.
63. My favorite animals are cats.
64. I’m quite funny - sometimes.
65. Other times I’m just annoying.
67. I’ve never been in love.
68. I want a baby someday.
69. I still like chocolate.
70. Most of the time, I’m very organized.
71. I have 16.000 songs in my iTunes-libary.
72. I’m music-obsessed.
73. I have my own car.
74. I love driving.
75. I’ve visited some countries in my life, which are: Germany (obviously), Denmark, Austria, England, Spain, Greece, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Egypt.
76. I like taking smaller photos (for Instagram).
77. I love to help others.
78. I’m a good listener, but only if I’m in the mood.
79. I only have a few friends, but they are the best I could wish for.
80. I have the most wonderful favorite person in the world.
81. I don’t have any siblings.
82. I’m a lefty.
83. I have a fat cat called Leo.
84. Some people like me, others don’t. There’s mostly no in-between.
85. I thought finding so many facts would be harder.
86. I’m proud of everyone who struggles with something or not. I’m proud of EVERYONE.