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Bungou Stray Dogs Ideal OVA Spoilers

So first, my Japanese isn’t quite good enough for an anime/manga series like BSD because we know that this requires a higher level of Japanese. So I reread the manga translation by beloved @dazaiscans after watching to fully understand.

So the whole OVA basically goes after manga chapter 40 with a few minor differences. And that’s what I’ll only be pointing out here. If you prefer the whole story, you can just read the manga itself since it’s the same. 

Some have also been asking if it’s already uploaded somewhere, I’m not sure about that but I heard that it might get posted this weekend. The one I have is what I bought as I happen to be in Japan currently.

So you may want to wait for the video itself or if you don’t mind, spoilers are under the cut!

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Some people think that sakura was being arrogant and stupid when she said she caught up to sasuke and naruto,but she didn't mean she was as strong as them but that she was on equal footing,no longer staring at their backs.Why do people think sakura is overconfident,prideful,stuck up bitch?After chapter 40 something she's been nothing but selfless.even before she was only twelve,I imagine most twelve year olds were little entitled brats so they need to build a bridge and get over part one sakura.

Yep, that part always gets so easily misconstrued. 

I really don’t know why so many people actually think that Sakura was actually saying that she had caught up to Naruto and Sasuke in terms of power. Half of the chapter was about her remembering how upset and frustrated she was at herself for always having the two of them fight her battles for her while she could only stand and watch them from behind:

She even makes it clear that at some point, she gave up on ever trying to reach Naruto and Sasuke’s level of skill because the two of them were just too incredible - they kept on getting stronger and stronger, and keeping up with them would have been a near impossible task for even the most talented of shinobi:

So right there, she made it explicitly clear that reaching their level of power was never the point of this speech.

But when Sakura finally had enough chakra stored up to unleash the Byakugou Seal, it was a statement that she was no longer gonna just stand back and let Naruto and Sasuke do all the fighting; she was gonna stand right there with them, side by side on the battlefield, and fight together. Sakura even explicitly says it herself, how “this time, we fight with our backs to each other!!:

So why so many ignorant Sakura haters keep on spouting this absolute nonsense regarding how Sakura was apparently arrogant enough to actually believe that she was equal to Naruto and Sasuke in terms of skill, is beyond me.


After 40 chapters of the story self sabotaging itself there is, finally, some development. It was really frustating to see the manga teasing with a big change or decision and then regretting at last minute and going back to status quo.
The fact that Kae chose Mutsumi also was a good thing. He and Nishina were the only ones that accepted and loved Kae before her appearance change for who se was.

Mikayuu Heacanon #4 (I think)

Yuu’s woken up and isn’t currently demon possessed, and they’re walking, this being relatively soon after the Chapter 40 Incident—and then Yuu stops walking and stares at Mika and Mika’s like ??? and Yuu says, “I just realized that in all the commotion, I’ve never had a chance to really look at you now…”
Mika shuffles a bit, and Yuu just stares at him for like a full minute, taking in absolutely everything, down to the most minuscule detail, and then he just whistles and says, “Damn, did you bribe puberty?”
And Mika blushes and just stands in silence for a moment, before he smiles and then starts laughing and laughing until he’s doubled over—and that’s when the Squad knows that he really is the Mika Yuu used to talk about.

From a submission…

I just came off a couple glorious weeks reading TPB and literally thanked the Universe for its existence and the timing with which I finally let it into my life. Can’t thank you enough for that remarkable gift of a story. Can I be the embarrassing weirdo to ask a sex-focused question about the it? I mostly feel ok about it only because the evolution of their physical intimacy was used as such an effective story-telling element (and also cause it’s tumblr and we’re all not NOT a little fixated on sexy times, right? RIGHT??). But given that, how do you see their sex life developing/ playing out both after the end of chapters 40 and 41 and onward and how it reflects on their evolution as a couple? 

Oh yay I’m glad you liked it so much!!  And also: not weird at all!  Or if it is, I don’t want to know…

I feel like it’s very safe to say that after chapter 40, they go back to his place and screw their pretty little brains out, which I hope they start doing on the regular after the story ends.  One aspect of using sex in the way I did in the story - as you said, as an element of showing how they evolve with each other - is that I ended up finishing the story and feeling like every time they knocked boots it was really ~laden with meaning~, which of course it was cause they were physically communicating a lot of things they couldn’t get their mouths to say, but the tradeoff to that is that until the end of Chapter 40, each time they’re doing the nasty, it’s fairly fraught and not particularly… what’s the best word?  Relaxed?  Fun?  Maybe it edges towards being a bit more fun on the ship when she visits him, but even then that entire night is spent in a strange limbo of familiarity and newness.  I’d like to think that for their sakes, after chapter 40 they probably stare into each other’s eyes and say all types of over the top gross things two people stupidly in love say, and from there hopefully transition into a sex life that is more… just easy, I guess.  Doing the do for the sake of getting some and connecting with each other, and happily scratching that itch with a partner they dig and find attractive, rather than it being overly profound, if that makes any sense.  Still somewhat profound, but I would like to imagine they do it on the couch just for variety, or in the kitchen, or in the shower, or run back to his place for a quickie between classes, and let some of their playfulness with each other come through in how they physically relate.  I would want them to end the dynamic of speaking to each other solely through the way in which they have sex, and instead learn to actually communicate with each other, which I tried to point to in the epilogue.  One commenter on that last bit put it really nicely: they get into bed together, they don’t fall into bed, and I still really like that distinction, and would like to imagine it’s the direction they continue to head in.

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Can you give us the fluffiest GureShin headcanons that make your heart melt and give you the most feels? :3 (I think we need it after chapter 40 ;_;)

I WILL TRY but the spoilers broke me so don’t expect too much lmao

  • whenever Shinya feels down Guren makes sure to visit him. He can’t do it openly though so he always thinks of a really shitty and obviously fake excuse to come over several times a day… Guren knows that Shinya is feeling better once the teasing starts again
  • the first time Guren said “I love you” Shinya just stared. He couldn’t do anything else, he was just so happy that Guren finally said it. The silence afterward made Guren uncomfortable and he got ready to leave but then Shinya hugged him and everything was fine again
  • they are still playing video games with each other. And Guren wins every single time, no matter how much Shinya practiced beforehand. Shinya is furious and just can’t understand why and Guren will never tell him that he is not the only one that practices 
  • their first kiss got interrupted which had both of them on edge around each other for, like, a week - which resulted everyone they knew coming over and asking each of them separately whether they are okay and what happened. When both of them were confused about that, they got told by everyone that they were always around each other and seem so in tune which just wasn’t the case lately. (and now Shinya and Guren were both embarrassed to death lmao)
  • neither of them is very fond of presents. Shinya could get everything he wants simply because he is a Hiiragi and Guren doesn’t need them. So whenever it’s someones birthday they usually settle with the other one staying over for the night playing video games and hugging a lot
  • sometimes Shinya can convince Guren to relax a bit. Whenever that happens it’s usually Guren lying on the couch his head in Shinya’s lap and Shinya reading a book. They are comfortable around each other and trust that the other one will always have their back so they can even afford to fall asleep on each other in the middle of the day




Tokyo Ghoul:Re connection to the Nutcracker Ballet story

Hey remember that Nutcracker Ballet story you see in Christmas? With that wonderful orchestral music and ballet dances and all that glorious winter beauty? I fukkin love it. It’s beautiful. (Currently playing the Waltz of Flowers)

Thanks to yaoilover-posts for giving me the idea, I’m starting to think that Ishida made Tg:Re have a connection to the Nutcracker Ballet ever since the Nutcracker Case. When I first heard of the Nutcracker ghoul, I thought about that wonderful Nutcracker Ballet I used to watch, but I didn’t know that it actually have a connection to the actual Nutcracker Ballet until now.

The Roles

I believe in TG:Re, the Nutcracker ghoul obviously plays the role of the Nutcracker, Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, And Shirazu plays the role of Clara and Fritz.

Nutcracker ghoul plays the role of the Nutcracker because of the name she’s given. 

Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy because in Chapter 38, she called herself the “Fairy of the Château”. Château is a French word for “Castle” or “Big House”. In the Nutcracker story, the Sugar Plum Fairy owns a castle and is the ruler of the Land of Sweets. And guess what? Saiko likes eating sweets.

Now for Shirazu, I have a lot to explain so my thoughts might get jumbled up. He plays an important part of the nutcracker story. Again, Shirazu plays the role of Clara and Fritz

Clara because she’s the main character who have the a relation to the Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy. Shirazu seems more accquainted to Saiko (Sugar Plum Fairy) than Urie and Mutsuki and he seems to be more involved with the Nutcracker ghoul. He even became the first to encounter the Nutcracker ghoul by accidentally dropping his drink and making Nutcracker look at him.

Clara was given the Nutcracker as a special gift. In Tg:Re. Shirazu was given a quinque made from the Nutcracker ghoul’s dual kagune and it’s a “special” quinque because it’s a chimera quinque. 

In the Nutcracker story, Clara went to see her Nutcracker and fell asleep with it and then she started to dream about it. In TG:Re Shirazu was sleeping and had a nightmare that involves the Nutcracker ghoul.

He also had hallucinations of the Nutcracker ghoul like what happened in the most recent chapter of TG:Re. Dreams and hallucinations are both illusions. Most of the Nutcracker story is about Clara’s dream.

Shirazu also plays the role of Fritz because in the Nutcracker story, Fritz broke the Nutcracker. In TG:Re, Shirazu exterminated the Nutcracker ghoul. 

The Events

In the Nutcracker Ballet, only three specific events occurred. The Party Event, The Battle Event, and the Dance Event.

The Party Event is where Clara’s family had a party on Christmas Eve, inviting their friends as well. 

This is just like in Tokyo Ghoul:Re chapter 31.5. In that chapter, it’s Christmas, the Quinx squad had a day off, and they invited other CCG investigators to their house.

The Battle Event, is when the Nutcracker and his army of toy soldiers fought the Mouse King’s army. During that event, the Nutcracker was captured by them but the Mouse King has fallen.

This can relate to the Auction incident in Tokyo Ghoul:Re where the CCG investigators are the mice and the Nutcracker and the other ghouls fighting them are the toy soldiers. Nutcracker was exterminated and was captured by the CCG in order to make her into a chimera quinque.

The Dance Event, involves Clara and the Nutcracker traveled to the Land of Sweets where they met the Sugar Plum Fairy, and there was a lot of ballet dancing involved. 

This doesn’t relate to Tokyo Ghoul:Re that much but it does help us explain that Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

According to floppyamon maybe the dance event will portray future events after chapter 40. Saiko will probably be captured by Aogiri and Shirazu with his Nutcracker quinque will travel to where Saiko (Sugar Plum Fairy) is captured and try to save her and have no choice but to face his fear and use his quinque. I think we’ll see Shirazu’s childhood flashback by this.

So yes, Tokyo Ghoul:Re does have a connection to the Nutcracker Ballet ever since the Nutcracker Case and thank you yaoilover-posts for pointing it out :3

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The sex scene in 2x04 Claire is cradling Jamie against her chest like a mother does and she's rubbing his hair and kissing him. It was perfect and beautiful, Jamie needs his wife's tenderness

Oh this scene. So gorgeous - it put to screen some of my very favorite passages from Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber - without either Jamie or Claire saying a word:


“Do you think Jenny’s right?” I asked later. “Do men really want to come back inside? Is that why you make love to us?” A breath of laughter stirred the hair by my ear.

“Well, it’s no usually the first thing in my mind when I take ye to bed, Sassenach. Far from it. But then…” His hands cupped my breasts softly, and his lips closed on one nipple. “I’d no just say she was completely wrong either. Sometimes… aye, sometimes it would be good, to be inside again, safe and… one. Knowing we cannot, I suppose, is what makes us want to beget. If we cannot go back ourselves, the best we can do is to give that precious gift to our
sons, at least for a little while…”

- Outlander, Chapter 30, “Conversations By The Hearth”


We bashed into some piece of furniture and both lay still. Jamie’s hands were locked on my breasts, fingers digging bruisingly into the flesh. I felt the plop of dampness on my face, sweat or tears, I couldn’t tell, but opened my eyes to see. Jamie was looking down at me, face blank in the moonlight, eyes wide, unfocused. His hands relaxed. One finger gently traced the outline of my breast, from slope to tip, over and over. His hand moved to cup the breast, fingers spread like a starfish, soft as the grip of a nursing child.

“M-mother?” he said. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. It was the high, pure voice of a young boy. “Mother?”

The cold air laved us, whirling the unhealthy smoke away in a drift of snowflakes. I reached up and laid the palm of my hand along his cold cheek.
“Jamie, love,” I said, whispering through a bruised throat, “Come then, come lay your head, man.”

The mask trembled then and broke, and I held the big body hard against me, the two of us shaking with the force of his sobbing.

- Outlander, Chapter 39, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”


“Were ye afraid for me?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I thought it was too soon.”

He laughed softly in the dark. “It was; I almost killed myself. Aye, I was afraid too. But I woke with my hand painin’ me and couldna go back to sleep. I was tossing about, feeling lonely for ye. The more I thought about ye, the more I wanted ye, and I was halfway down the corridor before I thought to worry about what I was going to do when I got here. And once I thought…” He paused, stroking my cheek. “Well, I’m no verra good, Sassenach, but I’m maybe not a coward, after all.”

- Outlander, Chapter 40, “Absolution”


“And yet"—he turned me toward him, hand closing gently over one breast—"yet when I think of you wi’ my child at your breast… then I feel as though I’ve gone hollow as a soap bubble, and perhaps I shall burst with joy.”

He pressed me tight against his chest, and I hugged him with all my might.

“Oh, Claire, ye do break my heart wi’ loving you.”

- Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 6, “Making Waves”


“Sometimes I want to ride you like a wild horse, and bring you to the taming—did you know that? I can do it, you know I can. Drag you over the edge and drain you to a gasping husk. I can drive you to the edge of collapse and sometimes I delight in it, Jamie, I do! And yet so often I want"—my voice broke suddenly and I had to swallow hard before continuing—"I want… to hold your head against my breast and cradle you like a child and comfort you to sleep.”

- Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 17, “Possession”


“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”

His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.

“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”

- Chapter 17, “Possession”

You guys can tell me Mika is a bit possessive/obsessive with Yuu, I’ll give you that, but you can’t blame him for it.
Mika really has no reason to trust the humans with Yuu, he literally hasn’t had a chance to see the good in them except for when Shinoa and the squad protected him from the Moon Demon Company.
And even more now after chapter 40. He decided to trust Yuu and see how things would work out and he found himself with Yuu stabbed by Guren/Mahiru. He got all the other kids killed and now he has the chance to protect Yuu, I would be a little possessive too if I was left with just one person who I could call family. Anyway that’s just my opinion :)

There’s a theory going around based on this post (in the comment section by Ortho24) about Tokyo Ghoul being three series as thesis - antithesis - synthesis:

Another possibility (unless otherwise stated by Ishida) is that Re: will be roughly as long as the first part (or maybe shorter), but that there will be a third act. The whole story, as seen from Kaneki’s point of view, would have a thesis / antithesis / synthesis[1] structure:

Thesis (Tokyo Ghoul): one-eyed ghoul Kaneki sees the ghoul vs human issue from the ghoul side

Antithesis (Tokyo Ghoul Re:): CCG agent Haise sees the problem from the human side

Synthesis (part 3): Kaneki-Haise tries to reconcile humans and ghouls.

Personally I think TG is only going to end with :re, but the three-series theory is interesting to consider, especially with all the loose ends still remaining even after 40 chapters. Plus, I wouldn’t mind if TG went on for longer (Y)

Could we please take a moment to appreciate this scene?
And I am not going with the obvious reasons here. Getting Rukia back into the series was the best thing Kubo possibly could have done, but I am not talking about getting her back after a hell of 40 Chapters without her.
It’s the way how she got back.
For IchiRuki-Shipper like me (and possibly for all Bleach-Fans) it was the most likely way for Ichigo to get his power back: because of Rukia, just like how it all started.
But if we dug deeper into this there are so much more things about this!
To get Ichigo Kurosaki to being a Shinigami again was a task (nearly) the whole Gotei13 agreed on. Yamamoto wanted it and so it was an important step for the headcaptain of the whole Gotei13. It was nothing to take easily, the person to do it would have not been choosed randomly.
So, why would he give this task to Rukia? She may have been a Vicecaptain already, but there were at least 3 Captains (Toshiro, Byakuya and Kenpachi) with her on this mission. Still Rukia got the task to stab him, to give Ichigo his powers back. Why would they do that?
There are three possible way things could have went.
First: Urahara wanted her to do it. Since he invented the sword it is possible it was his instrucion to let Rukia do it, and we all know how he appreciates this.. THING going on between these two. Why would he do that? Probably because he knows what she means to Ichigo. But the Headcaptain would always have the last word about something as important as that, so he must have at least accept Uraharas instructions.
Second: Yamamoto himself wanted Rukia to do it. That would mean he knew what Ichigo and Rukia meant to each other and he knew, getting his power back would not have been half as good if somebody else would have done it. Plus, he must have trusted Rukia to do that… More than all the other Captains who were instructed to go with her, more than every other Captain in the whole Gotei 13. Because he knew how important it was to Rukia and that she never would have failed at this.
Third: Rukia herself asked to do it. That would mean she herself finally realised what Ichigo meant to her, or at least what it meant to get him back in her life, to help him one more time. But even if she would have asked to do it herself, Yamamoto still would have to appreciate it, since he would not give this to a random shinigami who asked to (and let us face the truth, there are enough Shinigamis in the Gotei13 who would love to have the opportunity to stab Ichigo with a sword, even if the blade wouldn’t cut him :D).

So, the outcome of all this?
The Gotei 13, especially the headcaptain himself and Urahara wanted her to do this. They wanted her to do it because they must have known what they mean to each other. It was important for them to have Rukia stab him with this sword. They would never choose the shinigami to take that task easily or randomly. It was well thought-out to let her do it.

At this point we can’t deny the whole Gotei 13 itself is an IchiRuki-Shipper. And that is awesome.

Natsu & Happy Work File (from Monthly FT Magazine)

  • Catch winged fishes > Success
    (Volume 1 omake)
  • Destroy the “Daybreak” book in Everlue’s mansion > Failure
    (Volume 2)
  • Find Slimming Mushrooms > Unknown
    (Volume 3 omake)
  • Help Galuna Island by destroying the moon > Not accepted
    (Volume 4-6)
  • Exterminate mice > Unknown
    (Volume 4 omake)
  • Attract customers to Tomekko restaurant > Unknown
    (Volume 7 omake)
  • Take down a secret magic fraternity in Lupinus > Success
    (Volume 9, chapter 69)
  • Perform at the Scheherazade Theatre > Success
    (Volume 9, chapter 70)
  • Stop thieves > Success
    (Volume 9, chapter 71)
  • Capture the escaped convict Velveno > Cancelled
    (Volume 16)
  • Serve customers at 8it land > Success
    (Volume 16)
  • Destroy Oracion Seis > Success
    (combined mission with other guilds)
    (Volume 16-20)
  • Unknown (during day of the fateful encounter) > Unknown
    (Volume 16 omake)
  • Unknown (before the S-Class promotion trial) > Unknown
    (Volume 24)
  • Job in Shirotsume Town (during Lucy’s birthday post time-skip) > Unknown
    (Volume 30)
  • Getting rid of monsters (after GMG) > Success
    (Volume 40, chapter 341)
  • Saving the Sun Village > Success
    (Volume 40-41)