I just realised I’ve never posted any pictures of Chai with her eyes open, which is odd because I think he has the biggest, most alien eyes of any of my geckos! She’s just usually so grumpy to be disturbed that she clamps them shut while she’s out. Afts are normally more calm & chill about being held than leos, but in my experience if they aren’t handled from a young age they take a lot longer to warm up to you, even if unhandled leos are more flighty & fast at first.

I think Chai is finally at the “I don’t hate you, I just find you really, really bothersome” stage, which has taken a while to get to, I think she’s just a particularly grumpy madam.  

extranuts  asked:

Hey! Could you give some advice to someone that wants to own an African Fat Tail? Please and thank you!

Hi! Here is a really good caresheet for AFTs (my only extra recommendation is to maybe mist a little more often. they can get chapped lips and have not-so-good sheds, misting once a day and making sure their humid hides are always nice and moist are really helpful!) 

and an ask i answered about handling!

also, here’s a good list of information about common health problems with leos and AFTs (be warned, there are some graphic/sad photos)

hope these help!


Indy is my African Fat Tailed Gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus). When I purchased her it was from someone in my state who was selling off the few geckos they had for cheap and her purchase was one out of pity. She was not given the proper humidity while in her previous owners care and was thin and missing the majority of her toes. This is what improper husbandry looks like, and this is the kind of permanent damage it does to an animal. I was told she was a “bad shedder”, but with proper humidity she has had perfect sheds with me every time. She will never get her toes back; but she can serve as a important reminder to check your animals when they finish shedding, and provide them with the correct humidity to do so.