Wyoming ≠ Wisconsin (or, 10 Things I Learned at the 144th Annual General Meeting of the American Fisheries Society)

This is me petting a skate at the Aquarium du Québec during the Larval Fish Banquet at AFS 2014. This is also how my face looks when I am overcome with pure and unadulterated joy. 

1. Fisheries biologists enjoy beer. A lot. 

2. Most of the residents of the western United States do not speak french. However, they will try when given the opportunity. 

3. People (n=4) from St. John’s, Newfoundland are delightful, generous and unexpectedly stylish.

4. You can put a PIT tag receiver on top of a seal’s head to quantify seal piscivory and predation rates on smolts. And it is the coolest thing to ever happen ever.

5. I lack a basic understanding of US geography.   

6. Newfoundland has hilariously tiny brook trout and Atlantic salmon.  

7. Boise, Idaho is properly pronounced as Boy-SEE, not Boizee. Rookie mistake.

8. Laval University is very, very far away from downtown Québec City, especially when on foot. 

9. People who live near Boulder, Colorado (n=2) are either; 1) high as a kite and wearing a sarong, or 2) really nice guys wearing cowboy boots. 

10. Fish are awesome, and I want to work with them FOREVER. 

I was not kidding about the seals. Austen Thomas at UBC has the coolest PhD project in the entire world. 

March 3rd, 2014.

I am currently waiting for hear from AFS Germany on my acceptance to their program. I have been accepted by AFS-USA… now is the wait. I am trying to distract myself with things, I have my German sister visiting us from Cologne and my Swedish exchange student here for 4 more months. Whenever I think about my exchange, I get more and more giddy inside. I can’t wait!