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Dear butt,I butt you. You have a nice butt. You make me butt. You should butt. Someday I will butt. You + me = butt. If I saw you now I’d butt. I want to butt you. I would build a butt just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be butt. We could butt under the stars. Love, butt (P.S. butts.)

that’s the most beautiful letter i’ve ever read

a-frozen-lake-deactivated201307 asked:

Tag you're it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to 10 of your favourite blogs and tell them they are it! ♥

[[Just answering for Jamie this time. xD]]

1. I like to play the guitar, but I don’t own one because I can’t afford it. So I sometimes go to a music store to sit and fool around.

2. I might be turning into a coffee shop kid.

3. I have absolutely no idea what I want to go to school for. Probably Cryptozoology, though.

4. I love my little sister and we have a strange relationship.

5. I think penguins are hilariously adorable. 

In honor of a-frozen-lake following me

((here’s my latest Jack Frost persona poem! I’m open to critique :) ))

Spider vein cracks breed heart attacks


I’m on thin ice

again, pumping adrenal

liquid like that of this

permafrost pool.


Treading frozen eggshells,

composure cracks in bare

foot tracks, fear compressing,

clotting every pore.


One step more, the grand

finale, my glacial stage gives

way for the bow – a tumble

into nature’s searing womb.


Numb consumes these phantom

limbs, clawing forth from my form,

vision blurring through cracks in

eyes, fading to black.