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Seriously, stop attacking babies

No one should be attacked for their appearance, but it’s just more callous when the person being slammed is a baby. This post by the homegirl auradacity-of is so on point and true. I saw people loving and reblogging pictures from Afropunk turn around and mock a damn baby with an afro.

This has been ongoing. Before Blue Ivy had the full head of hair she has now, I remember some people saying she wasn’t cute. I had to unfollow several people on tumblr who kept going on about how ‘ugly’ Blue Ivy was. These are probably the same people who went for Gabby Douglas and her hair. Too bad Gabby’s hair wasn’t “laid” to the heavens while she was winning Olympic medals.

A while back, I made this post when I was furious that I had to check a friend (no longer a friend now) for insulting a mutual friend’s baby after she posted some pics on facebook. She had a really rough pregnancy and was just happy that her baby was healthy and was starting to speak. This was a big deal for her and she wanted to share. In response to the picture, this ex-friend posted and I quote “that baby is ugly”. She then went on a rant about ugly babies and how they should never be seen.

What is the objective in publicly telling a parent that their baby is ugly other than to inflict pain and hurt? What kind of person does this? What kind of person takes time out from their day to insult a baby’s appearance? Yet I see it all the time, especially with Black babies. If you’ve been mocking a baby’s appearance lately, ask yourself why. Take a step back, sit down if you must, evaluate your actions and ask yourself why you think that is okay. Is slamming babies your responsibility? Are you the arbiter of infant cuteness? Is your goal to tell the world that the way a baby looks doesn’t fit your baby beauty standards? What do you want the baby to do? Get a makeover? Botox? Plastic surgery?

No one comes for white babies with this level of vitriol and venom, and they should not. Why would anyone insult a baby? The thing is that even if you’re a baby, when you’re Black, then anti-Blackness means you too are not off limits, and it’s sad that it’s fellow Black folks doing this for the most part. I saw a picture of Blue Ivy’s face superimposed on a package of hair relaxer on facebook. People were ‘liking’ the picture and posting “lol” and “lmfao” like it was funny. As Aura astutely noted, some of those people laughing at a baby’s afro are the ones who love Afropunk photos. How do you support Afropunk and then laugh at a Black baby with an afro? Figure that one out, but Iyanla needs to leave Ferguson and fix these people ASAP. Maybe they’ve forgotten what their hair naturally looks like.