90′s: Grunge vs. Glamour 

For our first of many fashion posts, Angela and I wanted to do looks that were inspired from one of the most influential decades in fashion history: the 90’s. I know that when I personally think of 90’s fashion, the first thing that pops into my head is the insanely popular 90’s grunge look. This movement compelled teens across the country to ditch pink and pop for plaid and punk in hopes of proving to their parents and the rest of society that they were all wildly complex, misunderstood individuals (an ideology that resonates with teens of all time periods).

 However, we shouldn’t forget about the many other influential looks of decade, especially the somewhat opposing side of teen angst that also dominated during the early years of the decade: the privileged - but not exactly preppy - look (the preppy look would gain momentum after the release of Clueless in 1995). 

 The icons at the forefront of this style were the actors on Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1990. Much like Gossip Girl, this series depicted the teen dream, and therefore, influenced the fashion choices of girls and boys across the country. Viewers tuned in to the show each week, knowing full well that whatever printed baby doll dress or scrunchie their favorite SoCal rich kids were sporting would undoubtedly be a new trend. 

 Since Angela and I find that both extremes, while quite different, were both incredibly influential to how fashionable youth of today dress, we tried to showcase both 90’s looks, while also making it our own.

Erin’s Grunge Look-

T-Shirt: Joyspent Band Tee

Skirt: American Apparel (http://store.americanapparel.net/button-front-denim-a-line-skirt_rsadm320?c=Medium%20Stone-Washed%20Indigo)

Plaid Shirt: Clothing Warehouse Secondhand Shop

Shoes: Forever 21

Earrings: Urban Outfitters

Angela’s Glamour Look-

Babydoll dress: American Apparel

Shoes: Asos

Scrunchie: Target

While it’s great to look to trends as a means of inspiration, never forget to be yourself, wear what makes you feel good, and make your look your own.

For details on how we achieved our individual makeup looks for this post, stay tuned for a 90’s: Grunge vs. Glamour makeup tutorial on our youtube channel :)

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Black Power isn’t just glorifying large afros and thick curves. It’s glorifying the woman, her curves, her hobbies, her greatness, and most importantly her pride. Black woman are constantly being talked down to for wanting to start trends, to change lives, and to be themselves. If you are a black woman, don’t be afraid to be yourself. I don’t care what they’re telling you out here. You are a queen who faces two very hard battles each day: being a woman and being a minority. Remember, you have the most important weapon of all. Your pride.  

Model: gabbie0113

Photography: jaseminedenisephotography | Instagram | Facebook

Get Devine Organic to Afropunk!

It’s crazy to me that I am vending at Afropunk. Devine Organic is something I started because for once I wanted to invest in something for me. Something I can work with and make  grow. I was a natural hair blogger and one of my posts discussed how there were no really affordable natural hair products with all natural ingredients. I started Devine Organic to provide what was needed. 

Last year I saw pictures of Afropunk on Tumblr and I made plans with my friends to go. I googled the fest and found that they were looking for vendors and I took a chance. I am so glad I did. 

Devine Organic is run by me, Dee. I am make everything myself, I package and ship it all myself, and I am the one you talk to when you order your products and there is an issue. 

As a one woman army taking on Afropunk I need help. The vendor fee is $800, I have to travel to NYC, I need to order enough inventory to make enough product to sale at the festival. Financially I don’t think I can do it on my own. I’m hoping to raise $2500 to assist with ordering supplies and paying for help.

Get Devine Organic to Afropunk



AFROPUNK Announces Inaugural Atlanta Festival + Additions To NYC Line Up

AFROPUNK FEST, the world-renowned festival, has announced the lineup and more details for the AFROPUNK Atlanta Festival to take place Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th at Atlanta’s Central Park. Featuring performances from D’Angelo and The Vangaurd, Flying Lotus, Santigold, Death Grips, Trash Talk, Danny Brown and more, the inaugural edition of AFROPUNK Atlanta will aim to do for the ATL community what it has done for the Brooklyn community for the past 10 years. Tickets will be on sale starting Wednesday, July 8th with details on a chance to volunteer for an earned tickets through the AFROPUNK ARMY coming soon. AFROPUNK will work closely with partners to provide low barrier volunteer activities and projects for youth to complete in exchange for a ticket to the festival. The AFROPUNK ARMY will create awareness for organizations in need, provide access to an engaged pool of valuable resources and help deliver a sustainable impact to communities.+

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SKIRT: Francesca’s SHOES: Payless BLAZER: Modcloth SHIRT: H&M NECKLACE: Forever21

Red white & navy! I’m a sucker for a nice striped top (sadly horizontal stripes aren’t so cute when you have a larger bust, and the neckline is high…). I learned my lesson. Either way I thought it was cute enough to post. I REALLY love this scallop skirt. One of my favorite things I own. You need to buy it.

Interesting things to come!! I’ve gotten quite a few cool proposals. Also I’m going to have a youtube channel and attempt to do some tutorials! What kind of stuff would you guys like to see?