The female role is whatever the female wants it to be.


01. ‘Somethin’ Bad About To Happen’ - Miranda Lambert feat. Carrie Underwood
02. ‘Boom Boom Boom’ - John Lee Hooker & ZZ Top
03. ‘Cold Hard Bitch’ - Jet
04. ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ - Garbage
05. ‘Bourbon Street’ - Jeff Tuohy
06. ‘Hey Mama’ - David Guetta & Nicki Minaj feat. Afrojack & Bebe Rexha
07. ‘I’m An Albatraoz’ - AronChupa
08. ‘Roundtable Rival’ - Lindsey Stirling
09. ‘Crank It Like A Chainsaw’ - Family Force 5
10. ‘Bombshell Blonde’ - Owl City
Bonus Track: ‘Bad Reputation’ - Joan Jett

Playlist for the Fake AH Crew’s chainsaw wielding badass


Music Monday

SummerThing By Afrojack Ft. Mike Taylor

I dig this song. I’m guessing you’ve heard it by now–it’s been out since last month. But new music comes to Nebraska a little later than the coasts. It has that summer jam vibe–as we look to eke out the last days of summer I can’t help but like this one.


Creamfields 2015 💕
Best weekend of my life so far! I wish I could come back and do it all again today but I am 100% ruined from 3 full consecutive days of getting on it and dancing like a fool all day and night! THANK YOU CREAMFIELDS! WE LOVE YOU ❤️ over and out till 2016 😆

music tag thing<3

“You can kinda tell a person’s personality by the music they listen to, hit shuffle on your music playing device and write down the first 20 songs that play and tag some of your favorite people to do it.”

i was tagged by the wonderful: dragonflyhowell (thanks beb <3)

1. soap by melanie martinez

2. oblivion by bastille

3. latch by disclosure ft sam smith

4. about a girl by nirvana

5. all day by kanye west

6. hey mama by david guetta ft nicki minaj, rexha, and afrojack

7. girls / girls / boys by p!atd

8. omen by sam smith

9. control by halsey

10. polly by nirvana

11. cant feel my face by the weeknd

12. nirvana by sam smith

13. in bloom by nirvana

14. like i can by sam smith

15. pity party by melanie martinez

16. girls like girls by hayley kiyoko

17. lithium by nirvana

18. hurricane by halsey

19. i slept with someone in fall out boy + all i got is this stupid song written about me by fall out boy

20. sippy cup by melanie martinez

sooo that’s me i guess!! (im surprisingly not as emo as i make it seem like i am yooo) 

i’ll tag: aurellialester alwayswatchingyoutubers tyrahanks psychotroye heyo-m theycallmedimondo a-splitting-of-the-mcr ladysunshine05 kickthepaulie phaneva and literally every1 (not even kidding if you see this and want to do pls do and then tag me so i can see it i s2g <33)

(you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to i understand that im rlly annoying by doing these tags all the time (shhh) but yeah <33)

164 new photo’s added to our FB photo album: Hardwell’s Carnival 2015 at Ushuaïa Ibiza

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Off To The Races / Hey Mama - mashup by t-mashups

Creamfields 2015 Live Sets

Creamfields 2015 Livesets

Creamfields is one of UK’s (if not the) biggest festivals. It takes place during the bank holiday which was this past weekend. People are still talking about how incredible this festival was and I can’t blame them from these sets and photos. It looks like it was one for the record books. For those of us who were unable to attend, we were able to be couch ravers and stream it. Although, if you…

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