Ultra 2017 livesets

Day 1:



Don Diablo

Armin van Buuren


Live Stage;



Day 2:


Sam Feldt

Dash Berlin

Steve Aoki


Above & Beyond


Axwell /\ Ingrosso

Ultra Worldwide:

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano 

Laidback Luke

Nicky Romero


Day 3:



Fedde Le Grand



David Guetta

A State Of Trance:

David Gravell

Vini Vici

Aly & Fila

Andrew Rayel


Armin van Buuren


(When more sets will be uploaded, I’ll update this list)

anonymous asked:

UO: This Noisey photoset looks like outtakes from his last one for Observer. Which itself looked like outtakes from his BTY photos. It's all one look, and why is it all morose? It's pop music. If you put all the solo Louis pics next to each other, it looks like a trail of misery. It's like they think serious face + sportswear or Don Draper = het, and that's a priority.

The Louis that emerges from these photos is undeniably beautiful– older, more mature, and in a good way, seemingly, completely in control of his own destiny. It doesn’t matter what his narrative is, or what the papers say. He is alone. There is no one else in the photos. He has chosen to model in a way that panders to no one– he’s not afraid, he doesn’t care who judges him. The colors are intense, saturated, and bold. The close-ups are of a person who is confident and knows who he is. Take him or leave him. That’s what I love about them most of all.

The photos remind me, in a way, of Harry’s Rolling Stones shoot, which also showed a confident, self-defining artist, resistant to the narrative of the accompanying words. The album was about relationships with women? Whatever, man. He’s going to model a vintage woman’s silk blouse with a velvet jacquard suit, languorously beckoning from an open car.

Check out Louis’ BTY Spotify playlist. It is full of songs that defy authority, call out the bullshit, point out the hypocrisy of people who hang out with you for money.

What about BTY’s lyrics? It’s about surviving damage, when damage is all that’s on offer.

His collaborator, Bebe Rexha, is one who understands about not receiving credit where credit is due. She was not credited on her first big hit– “Hey Mama” with Niki Minaj. David Guetta and AfroJack told her she only had a tiny part of the pre-chorus when her voice was all over the song. Her lawyer later got them to credit her. And this was her first hit– it would have been her breakout hit, and she was not credited.

Listen to BTY closely. We all know what Louis has gone through. It’s a banger, and it’s going to be a big hit. It has stories to tell, and they’re not pretty.