afrofuturist sciences

Mark your calenders everybody! September 21st is the day that I’m going to launch my campaign to rsise funds for my afrofuturitic,mystery,scifi novel “Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings Of Saturn”.

Years ago, I did this sketch of Basadenyaa (or ‘Gecko Girl’), a superhero from the cartoons in my Theonite Series (so, a fictional character from my own fictional universe).

In keeping with the reversed racial hierarchies in the world of Theonite, most of Duna’s classic superheroes are black women (with the occasional token man or non-black woman allowed into the pantheon). Within that pool of iconic heroes, Basadenyaa is the obvious Spiderman analogue–the snarky, put-upon nerd with a heart of gold, who can scale walls and do lots of cool acrobatics. Younger and more accessible than her godlike contemporaries, Basadenyaa is the favorite hero children all over Duna, including Daniel Thundyil, and Kente Ekwenzi, who first appears doodling her while he is supposed to be working.

The method of Photoshop coloring I was using back when I drew this doesn’t work very well, and the place-holder symbol on her chest is completely wrong. Also, she’s supposed to have goggles in the original design that I can’t find (honestly, Kente’s stupid drawings are probably better than this one), but I thought I would post it anyway, just for fun.

Love this picture and the fact that the man in the big powerful exoskeleton suit with the big macho gun is a Black man. There desperately need to be more Black men as heroes and dashing leading men in American movies, television and literature. I like Shonda Rhimes - love her actually and admire her (!!) - but (no shade) I could do without the interracial couple centered fiction. Show me a handsome, intelligent, capable Black leading man who is ready and able to save the day and the Black damsel in distress and I’m in!!